Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Love my new ride

Took it out for a good portion of the day. Started out going back to the dealer to drop off the title to the old truck. While I was there, I asked some questions about some of the accessories. It has a trailer brake control. I couldn't figure out what it was. Found out they no longer have the factory remote start available for it, so, I hit an auto place on the way home and scheduled an appointment to install an aftermarket. The aftermarket comes with a steel bodied remote that includes buttons for the lock, unlock and alarm features thereby replacing the plastic fobs. Somewhere down the line I will replace the radio. Want to put in a double din so I can add a back up camera. The cheaper radios that fit the bill start at $200 and the camera I would like is about $250. The camera is pretty slick. It is a replacement for the OEM latch assembly. You simply unbolt the original latch and install the new one. The camera is on the opposite side of center as the lock so it balances well.

The year I bought has a problem with plug breakage requiring removal of the head to remove broken bits and repair damage. The dealership I bought the truck from sold it to the original owner, took it back on trade, sold it to the second owner, took it back again for a trade, then I bought it. Apparently, the second owner wound up with the gamble on changing plugs. Dealership took heads off and removed the original plugs and did major tune up for the second owner. They told me in service that it had to do with the material of the original spark plugs and not the heads. They say once you get the originals out, the replacement plugs are fine so you are back to a normal maintenance. Heck, with todays vehicles, I am probably good with the plugs for 80,000 miles. I still can't believe how long they last. Back in the 70,s, it was a very frequent maintenance procedure. Truck runs flawlessly. Love the pick up off the line.

Tonight is just kicking back and relaxing. All the amateurs will be out on the roadways tonight. The dog and I will probably just take in a couple videos, or just watch some of the walking dead marathon, and munch on some snacks. A few beverages may also be in order. Have a happy new year everyone.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Well, I kicked tires today

After kicking tires most of the day, I brought home four of them with a F150 lariat attached to them. Found a real sweet deal on a 2006 fully loaded. Four door with black leather interior. Interior is mint. Exterior has a slight scrape on the very back of the passenger quarter panel and a few small scratches here and there, but it looks great for the age. Took some persistence to get the price where I wanted it, but I got the full blue book on my trade and got them down a couple grand on the price which was already fairly reasonable. New would have been nice, but the payment would have been through the roof. Have to play with it tomorrow. It was dark by the time I got home. Want to get some pictures of the interior. It looks factory new. I am going to have to get the remote start put on. I am a huge fan of it, especially in the winter.

Came with a nice cap. Not sure if I will keep it on yet or not. Definitely keeping it for the winter. Have to see how big of a hassle it is to get on and off. Mileage will be quite a bit worse than I am use to, but I don't drive too far on the norm, and in the summer I have the Vette. Definitely has better pick up than my old SUV.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nice relaxing vacation.

Spent yesterday baking homemade bread and making manicotti with meat balls. Today was leftover day, so, it freed up time to go tire kicking. I keep looking at F150's and Sunday is a good tire kicking day as dealers are closed. If there is anything worse than a politician, it's a car sales critter. My SUV is doable, but, I really don't need the 3rd row any longer as my kid is grown and long gone. The truck bed would come in handy more than the cargo area I have now. Trying to figure out which model and new vs used. My son works for ford so I would get a huge discount, but I am leaning towards a low mileage used one to bring cost down to livable. May go test driving tomorrow as I found a couple I like and would like to see how they drive. The one is an eight foot bed with the extended cab, so it probably handles like a semi. The other is a four door with the five and a half foot bed. Figure I can get a feel for what style is more comfortable if I can keep the sales critters at bay. I can't stand the ones who have the paper work ready when you get back from driving, automatically figuring that is the one for you. If they get too bad, I will probably just wait another year and try again. I am still quite happy with what I have, I would just prefer a truck.

Friday, December 27, 2013

And free speech wins out


Well, it probably had to do more with people boycotting the show and their products than free speech, but whatever works. Welcome back Phil.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Just got back home from up north. Went up to visit with my brother, son and friends. Started off at my brother's new house. It is an awesome layout. several acres of land with a pond. Natural berm in the far back. Pole barn and a three car garage. One heck of a nice setup. He has worked very hard over the years and it is great to see him getting something back from all his labors.

He has a couple friends staying with him while their house closes. They are both excellent people and cooks. I now have to suffer my own cooking, but it sure was nice eating homemade meals I didn't have to fuss with. Very enjoyable stay. We got to meet up with Og and family for a bit. Og just redid the kitchen in their house and it turned out very nice. We then went around the local gun stores to see what new treasures were available. My kid joined us on the second day.  Finished out the trip with a stop at my Aunt's house for the holiday dinner. Homemade lasagna. It doesn't get much better than that. My cousin was actually able to make it this year. It's his house, but work usually pulls him to some other area of the country. Got to check out his little man cave he installed in the basement.

Back home and relaxing now. Picked up spike from the doggie day care. He actually managed to stay clean. I actually escaped having to give him a bath. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.....

Friday, December 20, 2013

Cooking with gas.....

The delivery crew was here bright and early with my new gas range. Eight AM, which was awesome as it freed up the rest of my day. Told the delivery guy to call when he hit my driveway so I could put hyper dog outside. He does best when he doesn't know people are in the house. He forgot and rang the door bell. I put Spike, my white dog, out in the yard. He wanted in with the company. After they got the range hooked up and left, I went out and retrieved my now black dog. Head to toe mud. I wound up leaving him outside while getting the bath set up for a hose down and laid out towels. Next, wrestle dog into a towel and run him to the tub so the house doesn't get too messy. He did somehow get mud on the bathroom wall, not sure how. Once done, I swear a peke out of the bath can beat a greyhound in a race. He does laps around the house to dry off. He does occasionally stop at my leather couch to help soak some of the moisture off of him and give the sofa that wet dog smell.

After his bath, and my second shower, I got some Christmas stuff done, then, off to the gun show. Yes, it starts early Fridays, and I was off. It was really hard not buying anything. There was a nice enfield with bayonet and sling priced low as well as a Colt huntsman that was also priced low. I am saving for tomorrows auction. They have a Luger I have my eyes on as well as a couple nambu's. A few others I am watching, but those are the main ones I am looking at. They are at the beginning of the auction, so I shouldn't be there too long tomorrow. If I don't win any of the bids, I will probably be hitting the gun show and picking up the enfield. I called my one buddy from work who relishes the huntsman I have and told him about the low priced one at the show. It comes complete with holster. If he doesn't pick it up, I will. It is priced way too low. It would be a good investment. Tomorrow should be an interesting day.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ahhhh, done for the year.

Finished off the last day of work for the year. New range is coming first thing in the morning so I will be able to actually enjoy most of the day without waiting for a delivery person. Old range is clean and ready to move. Spot in garage is cleared out and ready. Gas and electric are ready. Time for a little relaxation before the holiday hoopla. Tomorrow is preview day at the auction house. Get to go see a whole lot of guns, knives and assorted other goodies.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Well, at least Coats stepped up to the plate.

Senator Coats voted against the budget deal. He will be the only, repeat, the only, incumbent congress critter who will get my vote. Buchshon and Donnelly both did the typical fold and go with the dimorats. Apparently, Donnelly is too stupid to realize the only reason he is there is Mourdock committed political suicide with the abortion issue at the last election. Unfortunately, it will be some time until we can remedy that situation. Would love to have a recall on the nitwit. One can only kick the can so far down the road. Sooner or later, the bill must be paid.

Wow, almost like I knew what I was doing....

Procrastinated as much as I could. I finally came home and ran the gas line for the new range today. I measured several times before drilling hole through wall, and, it actually came out exactly where I wanted it. Just off the floor enough to tighten pipe where the elbow cleared the floor. I even remembered to put the trim ring on before screwing pipes together. What really shocked me was I was able to use all standard length pipes to hit the perfect custom fit. I thought for sure I would be taking a pipe into work tomorrow to shorten and recut the threads. Tomorrow I simply need to convert the 220 outlet to a 110 and I will be ready for the new range. Shouldn't take but a half hour or so. Need to run the clean cycle on the old range before disconnecting it. It's a nice range and I am sure someone will get some use out of it. One of the guys at work was interested. I told him I would trade for a plane electric range. I want to use an old range in the garage for powder coating. I could use this one, but it's really too nice to use for that. Once you use it for powder coating, you aren't suppose to use it for food. If he doesn't want it, I am sure one of the neighbors will. Tomorrow is the last work day for the year. I pushed the range delivery from December 26 to Friday since I am ready ahead of time and got Friday off. Saturday is the gun auction. Things are looking up. It will be so nice to have a gas range again. Curious to see how the convection part works. Probably take a bit of getting use to.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Now that's fast..........

I ordered a chest freezer last night from Lowes. I have been putting it off for some time, but when I go up for the holidays, I return with a years worth of pierogi. These are not regular store bought pierogi, but home made pierogi. One limitation has always been freezer space, but not anymore. Anyway, I ordered it yesterday evening online and selected free delivery. They tell you at the end, the store will call and schedule a delivery date. I am sitting down to eat dinner today and the doorbell rings. It's Lowes with my freezer. Luckily, I had already cleared the spot out for it so I would be ready later in the week. It' sitting there purring away. Now I can stock up with meat when they have their bulk sales. The butcher runs specials on quantities of meat. My one buddy told me about the ziplock vacuum bags. I have been using them for a couple months now and they are nice for eliminating freezer burn. Helps reduce space as well. It will be nice not having to stuff everything into the side by side.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Relaxation day

Started off the day making breakfast and having a cup of coffee. Then, it was off to the gun show. They had some interesting items, but next weekend is the gun auction and I am saving up for it. After doing some research, I finally picked out a new range. When I moved down here, the house came with an electric range. It is a nice self clean smooth glass top model, but, it's electric. Took advantage of the holiday and picked out a nice gas convection oven with five burners and a griddle that swaps with the fifth burner grate. I am looking forward to having a gas range again. I not only prefer gas, but it comes in handy during power failures. They don't happen often, but when they do, they are usually a few days at a time. I have lanterns and a gas fireplace, so I can survive rather comfy during power failures, but it will be nice being  able to use a range instead of having to use a grill in winter.

From there, I was off to Home Depot for some black pipe, fittings and electrical supplies. Have to run a gas line as the construction crew didn't bother putting a shut off back there. Have to convert the 220 outlet to a 110 as well. As luck would have it, I can tap a pipe on the other side of the wall where the oven resides. Just pop a hole and run the line.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Ahhh, bonus day

It doesn't get a whole lot better. Big bonus check today, gun show tomorrow and a whole weekend off. Only five work days left in the year and a big gun auction and another gun show next weekend. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. A little bit of new snow coming down out there, but not as bad as last weekend.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Look, New York isn't the first to do the gun confiscation.....


The comment section is rather humorous in spots. Rather enjoyable bit.

That's our president, unfortunately.....


The dunce starts his presidency with an apology tour. He bows (literally) to other people of power. He shakes hands with a fellow dictator. He then has a smiling like an idiot photo shoot at a funeral. NO CLASS. What a piece of work. Behavior like his is totally inexcusable. People voted for this twice??????? Next serious engagement, Michelle should take the kids and leave Obama at home, they are more mature.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Keeping our skies free from terrorists and armed monkeys


What on earth has our society devolved down to. Schools expelling kids for playing cops and robbers and such. Now, it's armed sock puppets on airplanes. These people need to be forcibly neutered to prevent breeding more liberals mentally challenged offspring to further dilute the gene pool. If this passes for good judgement, there is really no hope left for the future. These people need to be put in their place.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Typical liberal twisted perspective, and the way Obama typically operates. If I am in possession of a bald eagle feather, even if I found it on the ground, I am going to jail. If I have a windmill farm, I can now legally kill as many eagles (and an unlimited number of ducks, geese and other wild game) as occurs. But, it's green. It is earth friendly. Wonder if they can sell the feathers and meat. They can make a processing plant on site and sell wild game meat and feathers. Hell, the windmill does the grinding for you so you now have ground fowl, feathers and all. The plant can run on windmill power.: )You would think that they could put a whistle of sorts at the top where the blades are to detour the fowl. It is far enough up that you should be able to generate a noise at a level to alert wild life, but not reach the ground. It is still up to debate if you really save anything at all on a windmill farm after the cost of construction and maintenance. Just another Obama green clusterfrick. Wish we could have the billions of taxpayer dollars he has squandered on alternative energy that has gone down the tubes. Gambling with one's own money is one thing, taking long shots with taxpayer's money should be illegal.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rare sighting...

I can't believe it. I have finally seen one. I have lived down here five and a half years now, and today, I actually laid my eyes on a real snow plow, and it was actually plowing a street. I heard they had some, but up until now, I haven't seen any or much evidence of their work. It seemed to be plowing a street that had already been plowed, but maybe he only knows how to make right hand turns.

Did manage to hit the store and replenish my road salt supply. One 5 gallon container I had managed to turn into a solid brick over the summertime. I used up most of the rest I had yesterday. Hit the grocery for a couple items while I was out. Figure I will stay in the warmth of the living room the rest of the day.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Majorly annoying day

I moved down to the Indiana/Kentucky border five years ago from northwest Indiana right on the lake. I enjoy the area down here and the weather. The people are friendly. What is an annoyance is a simple snow and ice storm. The guys down here say that us northerners are use to snow, but not ice. NOOOOOO. We got plenty of ice along with our snow, it is just the simple fact we didn't solely rely on god to warm the surface of the earth up to remove it. We have plows and use salt. We used more than a half dozen small trucks to try and service a whole county.

They predicted snow for today on yesterdays news, and, they immediately cancelled all schools for today, yesterday while it was still warm outside. A lot of businesses shut down. I went in to work as did most of the workers. UPS canceled service today. My mail man chickened out. The boss decided at noon to cancel second shift. We had to complete our shift while the snow piled up, but second shift could stay home. An hour before quitting time, he was wishing he had allowed us to go as well. This is a regular snow. Nothing huge, but it's a full fledge panic. If they lived up north, they would have to hibernate like the bears. Apparently most can't drive in it as there were vehicles in all the ditches. People spinning out down the road.

I hit the back road I take home. It wasn't serviced any better or worse than the main roads, but had less idiots, and most of the ones who couldn't drive were sitting harmlessly in the ditches out of harms way. Took my time and made it home just fine. Hit one particularly stupid and inconsiderate moron. He pulls halfway into his drive, parks it hanging into the street forcing me to stop completely so he can obtain his mail from his box. He hops in his car and much to his dismay, his car is sunk in the snow and he is stuck blocking half the road. Normally, I do the Christian neighborly thing and get out and help. But, this clown made me come to a complete stop in the middle of an unplowed sloppy road and I hoped I could get started again, just so idiot could get his mail without walking from his house. I watched him and his teenage kid try to move it and finally I just went around carefully. Once past him, it was all clear.

Got home and cleared the drive and salted it. Go inside and let spike out. The snow in the backyard is taller than he is. After letting him hop through it for a minute, I got the shovel and cleared him a path and an area to sniff. Silly dog stuck his head in the spot I was shoveling and got bonked. Fortunately he didn't get hurt. He has a thick skull. Must be part democrat. So, now just time to relax a bit and stay out of the mayhem. Sure wish they would break down and buy some proper equipment.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pleaseeeee quit talking, grow a pair and do it......

Talk talk talk,  that is all they do. You don't want to rush into something like impeachment, but lets face it, they aren't rushing, they are procrastinating. It needs to be done. The president has trampled the constitution. He has taken it upon himself to ignore some laws (freezing deportations and hindering ICE from doing their job). He has granted exclusions to certain groups of supporters so they don't have to suffer under the obamacare law, thus modifying the law at his whim and without congressional approval, for personal gain. Throw in Benghazi and threatening to attack Syria with or without congressional approval. His constant attack of the second amendment and free speech. His involvement in fast and furious and protection of Eric Holder. His multiple abuse of using congress recesses to appoint people he knows congress doesn't approve of, thus bypassing procedure. He constantly erodes separation of powers. If he was white, he would have been out long ago. The race card should not be a shield to allow him free reign. Congress needs to act now to hopefully reestablish the balance of power. The bully needs to be removed from the bully pulpit, NOW.....

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crazy weather

It was 70 today. The weather station issued an ice storm warning starting tomorrow early evening. That's some swing. May turn it into a three day weekend if it hits like they are predicting. Snow, I don't mind. Sheets of ice, not so much. We shall see. They already posted the weekend work list and I am off Saturday and that is gun auction day. I hope the storm is a lot milder than their predictions. Hard to believe from 70 to lower teens in 24 hours.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Attention Attention.... all dead beat liberal cities................the flood gates are now open

The courts have given the go ahead for Detroit to off load their debt and carry on. Isn't that just special. How long before Chicago and the whole state of California and many other blue areas line up at the trough. At this point, they would probably be further ahead bulldozing the whole city and starting over. If you wipe out the debt, you still have a burned out hulk of a city with  non working welfare recipients. There is no income. There is no tax base so there is no longer a free ride. Bail them out, and the boat is going to fill back up. The boat still has a hole in it. How long until the democrats try to use the same fix for the national debt. It's another part of that Obama change package. Three more glorious change filled years ahead. Waaaaaaaaah

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nice day at the club

Went to the club to help out at the last spot shoot for the year. Thought there were a couple more, but this is it. Absolutely beautiful out, especially for a December day. Usually have to have a bunch of wood burners going to keep warm out there. They had one going. Didn't really need it for heat, but it sure makes it smell nice. Burning wood and gun powder, perfect combo. Didn't win the golden boy up for the raffle, but did have some chili and bean soup. Free beer for the workforce too. It was a nice relaxing day and got some bonus hours in. Club meeting Wednesday, and a decent little gun and knife auction Saturday. They have a Luger that looks nice along with a couple other pistols. This is the little gun auction, the big one is the 21 of December. Not too often they have two so close together. I hope to put a few in the big one. They usually pull a good price and the commission isn't too bad. Figure it is a good way to get rid of a few dupes I have acquired over time, and see how I make out on it. Three more weeks until Christmas vacation.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Why universal background checks are BAD


This is a perfect example of what is wrong with the universal back ground checks the left keeps braying about. They keep calling it a commonsense matter. Problem is, liberals don't possess an ounce of commonsense. Universal background check IS gun registration. When you have registration, you get the kind of nonsense that they now have in New York, and will have in all the left wing socialist communities nation wide.

They are freakin nuts out there

I don't like to shop so I usually stay home on black Friday and let all the loony people have the roadways. Unfortunately, I had to have a blood draw for insurance discount and the only time to get it done is Monday through Friday while I am at work. So, I had to get it done today since I am off, so I went ahead and scheduled spike's vet appointment at the same time. Drop off wasn't too insane. Parking lot was busy, but not bad. When I went to pick him up, it was nuts. He goes to Banfield which is in petsmart. Petsmart is right next to Kohls. Kohls was packed. I had to park a few businesses over and walk to pick him up. I don't know why people think it's fun to go out and shop elbow to elbow. When I have to shop, I usually do it by mouse clicks. Kohls is one of my favorites for clothes shopping. Online only, not at the store. I wear blue jeans so I don't need to try them on. I order online, two days later, they are at my door. No driving over there and digging through the mess that is their jean department, just click my size and they appear at my door. Most of the time, the store wouldn't have my size anyhow. Tall sizes are not always available. Don't know why with all the tall people in the world, but, I have found it much easier to mail order. Ran into a few wrecks on the way home. Decided spike and I will be lounging at home the rest of the day. Just not up to dealing with the maniacs out there.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Sitting indoors relaxing for the day. Made a turkey yesterday so I don't have to spend the whole day cooking. I usually do just a small turkey breast, but I figure I can vacuum pack and freeze some of the meat for later use, so I picked up a small turkey. Don't think I will poke my head out the door today. Some silly people will be out starting their Christmas shopping today. Day should be for one and all to enjoy with their families. I refuse to patronize businesses on holidays where people are forced to work when they should be at home with family and friends.


I cook way more often than I go out to eat, and not a huge fan of fast food. I made a family favorite with a twist. Just me and the dog as what little family I have left is a few hundred miles north, but he didn't complain about the turkey, so it mustn't have been too bad. I made a cheese puff from my mom's recipe book. The only twist I did was add a little shredded bacon in with it. Bacon makes everything better. I never post a recipe, but this one is good and fast and easy to make.

Cheese puff

1 cup flour (says to sift flour, but guys don't sift or ask for directions)
1/2 tsp salt
 1/8 tsp pepper
add 2 eggs and a 1/2 cup milk, beat until smooth
add another 1/2 cup milk and mix thoroughly, mix 1/2 cup shredded cheese in by hand. Cheddar is my favorite, but you can use anything. This is where I also mixed in some shredded bacon. It made a huge difference.
Melt 2 tablespoons butter in 9 inch square pan. Pour batter in. Sprinkle a minimum (more is better) 1/2 cup shredded cheese on top. Bake for 30-35 minutes at 400 degrees. May cook a bit faster if using dark nonstick pans.

Hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sorry Obama, but.........................

I really enjoyed watching the sign come down. Obama says he needs Pelosi in there to get things done.  Funny how the reach across the aisle thing died after the election and now the republicans are considered an obstruction to him getting anything done. I sincerely hope I never see that sign go back above that door again. Obama is in worse shape than I gave him credit for if his success hinges on Pelosi. Just thinking of the damage he could unleash with control of both houses of congress is enough to make one cringe. Republicans are obstructing...... Letting illegals become citizens......taking guns from law abiding citizens........
.........Obamacare....................... letting Iran develope nuclear capabilities by removing sanctions....................... I am sorry, I really hope the republicans can hold the idiot back for a few more years. I sincerely hope Obama doesn't succeed in any of his plans.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hate to see it go

The crippling economy has been tough. The company I work for has been expanding every year, up until now. I moved down to southern Indiana when they closed the machine shop in our plant in Alsip several years back. They allowed me to retain seniority and vacation when I transferred down, so that was awesome. The plant up there kept going, but the work on the molds came down here, and I followed the work. Now, they are forced to cut back and have decided to shutter five facilities, including the one in Alsip Illinois. It was our show piece for years. The company I worked for, before being bought out by the present one, had it's headquarters there, and it is state of the art and massive. Probably a very smart move from a financial point as Chicago area taxes are down right ludicrous, but my heart goes out to all the workers losing their lively hood. Some of which are the ones who I worked with and had to go to the main plant after our shop was shut down, so this is a repeat for them. It was the second shop I worked at. Learned a lot there and worked with a lot of highly skilled people. Really hate to see it go. More of that change Obama promised. We use to grow at an unbelievable rate. Use to that is.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Will it be so great this time next year?

Liberals are ecstatic. They continue to erode separation of powers and corrupt the balance the founding fathers wisely installed so many years ago. Today, somehow, the senate used it's "nuclear option" to make the minority party not count. Wonder how they will enjoy that come 2014 when they become the minority party of congress. Typical short sightedness of the libtards. How do they succeed in rewriting the rules by simple majority anyhow? There should be no "nuclear option". The three branches need to function as they were intended to. What passes for a president continues to bend the rules to suit his cause with little to no opposition from any branch. Now the senate will be able to help useless do more damage untethered by set protocols. One more year of this nonsense. Hopefully, even the idiots will have had enough of this change and we can oust some of these demorats. They probably haven't even thought of how bad they just screwed themselves with their shortsighted change of the rules.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

All kinds of crazy weather today

Woke up to cool and  rainy, like heavy loud beat the ground to mush rain. Once the dog made his quick and brief sniff routine, it was time to cook breakfast. Finished eating and headed out to the grocery. Rain had stopped and it had warmed up considerably, even a little sun. Get out of the store, the traffic signals are holding almost horizontally and the sky is black and rain is back and also horizontal. Cut the chores short and head home. After putting groceries away, the dog needs out. I let him out, rain gone and sky clearing again. Head back out to check out a truck I saw online. Sky blackens again and rain starts intermittently. Check out trucks and head to consignment store to pick up a couple things. Weather gets windy and rain picks up harder. I head back home again, put stuff away and sit for a bit and watch Heart concert. Get up to let dog out. It is now Sunny and in the seventies. Weird weather all day. Lucked out so far. Heard there were tornadoes spotted all around us. Didn't hit our area, just all around the area. Hope to continue missing them.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Inglourious Basterds

After watching the movie again, and, having watched the scurrying demorats, I have an idea. In the movie, some of the Nazis are given a choice. Die by baseball bat, or, get a swastika carved into their foreheads for all to see. So they can never deny which side they served. Now, I won't be quite so barbaric. I propose all demorats who voted for obamacare, which was every last lowlife one of them, while chanting yes we can, be forcibly restrained and have I VOTED FOR OBAMACARE tattooed in the middle of their forehead. That way, even the simpletons who don't bother to listen to the debates, yet head out to vote, can see who voted for the POS and the demorats can't pretend they had nothing to do with it. The democrats are already starting to line up with the republicans to strip parts of obamacare, and they should not be allowed any credit for patching what they passed. It would be grand to be able to make sure everyone remembers all involved with the debacle. Some, like Pelosi, come from such socialist areas, there is no cure. But others come from areas which still retain some gray matter and may decide to reward the democrats with a swift career change. I hope for change of a different sort in 2014. May we take back the senate, pleaseeee.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A little math.....

So far, roughly 100,000 have signed up for Obama care. I have lived in Indiana my whole life, so, I tried to compare that number to a population size. That number matches the total population of Hammond Indiana and throw in Highland's (a little town adjoining Hammond) total population. Five of those people live in DC. Five. FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama, being the fool that he is, is flying here and there and everywhere, selling his failed bill. Flying around in air force one, trying to sell something no one wants. I would like to point out that DC's population is 630,000 people. Six times the total that have applied so far. How about Obama stays home and tries to sell his wares locally before going on a road trip. Heck, he may even stop by his office in the evening and do some work. He may be able to sit down with all of congress, not just the dimocrats, and come up with a budget. Heck, we would be saving a ton just having air force one parked for a bit. Millions have lost their insurance due to his bill, but one hundred thousand sign up. Hmmmm. I do believe I have had enough change. Sure hope people are smart enough next year to reward all the dimocrats that were chanting yes we can while jamming this Obamanation down America's throat. Instead of looking at what they can do, they should have worried more on what they should do.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Last of the nice weather?

Only a one day weekend this round, but, it was in the 60's and it's November. I really don't think there will be another 60's weekend for a while. They said we might see a dusting of snow Tuesday, yuck. Need to move a little further south. It was a nice day.

Got out and enjoyed the weather for a bit, and then kicked back and watched some of the Band of Brothers series on HBO. Saw on the news, the last few living veterans of the Doolittle raid had a get together for the 70th anniversary of their mission. Only four of them left, and only three fit to travel. It still amazes me what they did back in WWII. The technological breakthroughs and the way people came together. The way industries at home changed over to support the war effort. The way the nation pulled together in a concerted effort is just amazing. The rapid advancements made in weapons and transportation. Radars debut. The first semi auto rifle, which I am lucky enough to have a garand, was a major advancement from the trusty bolt action. Not too many people left from that great generation. I hope they have great reunion and can enjoy a few more to come. Hats off and many thanks to all vets everywhere.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013



How on earth does Chistie qualify as a republican? Come on. Even the head demorat congratulates him. Not to mention, Obama failed to back the dem opposing him. If 2016 is a choice between him and Hillary, I will not be voting that year. I will be at home curled up in the  fetal position whimpering uncontrollably.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

So SO gun show

Parking lot was packed, but the show wasn't too crowded. Maybe everyone brought two cars : )  Nothing I couldn't live without. I picked up a couple more AR mags. I found some mag puls for twelve bucks a pop. Figure when Hillary gets in in 2016, I can sell some of them for a ridiculous amount of money.

Weather wasn't too bad today. Got some chores caught up. Shot over to Lowes and picked up some more LED light bulbs. I had a socket go out on my ceiling fan last month. I picked up a new fan light kit with LED lighting and installed it a couple weeks back. It is as bright as the four forty watt bulbs that it replaced, but only burns twelve watts all together. Rather impressive. Probably put one in the bedroom as well. I like the fact that I don't have to change bulbs out all the time. The LED bulbs I picked up today I am putting in some of the other rooms in the house. Didn't think to pick up a couple for the outdoor lights. They go out all the time.

Two day weekend is still not long enough. Better than one, but, still not long enough.

Decent Saturday

Weather was soggy, but still had a fun day. Put on my monkey suit reserved solely for weddings and funerals. I live in blue jeans. I head out to my buddies wedding. Typical lack of planning, I didn't google it ahead of time and I manage to arrive at the very last minute. I no sooner sit than the ceremony starts. Wedding went well and headed over to the reception. My buddy is a real cutup. The guests walking into the reception are greeted by a mooning scarecrow. I meant to get a picture on the way out, but forgot. They had a wall of pictures with the usual questions to and answers from the bride and groom. They were hilarious. They do make a great couple. Terrific sense of humors and they compliment each other well.

Sat with a group from work and got to meet their spouses. Also met some of the people that have left where I work to go to a company downtown. It was great catching up with them again. The one kid who left flew a model plane through the shop with a farewell banner attached to the tail. I wish I had had a smart phone so I could have gotten a video of it. He waited until minutes before end of shift in case someone in charge had an issue with it. Fortunately, the bosses don't arrive as early as we do, so it was a good laugh.

Didn't hit the gun shows yesterday, so, I will be off shortly to check out the shows. There is a spot shoot at the local catholic church that a lot of the people at work attend. May head that way to check out the fun. Weather is still cold, wet and gloomy, but just make the best of it.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Two day weekend

I managed to get out the door without getting drafted, just barely. A couple other guys were recruited, but I lucked out. I figure everyone should get at least one two day weekend a month.  Just relaxing a bit this morning. Have two gun shows to go to in town, and then a wedding to attend.

Back to using the original non-stick pans. I picked up some cast iron pans a while back at a flea market. Took a while to season them well. They work great now. Takes a bit of getting use to, but they work out great. Just can't scour them and have to remember to oil after each use, but if you keep them up, things don't stick and no scouring needed. Great for cooking in the oven as well. Hope to get a cast iron dutch oven at one of the flea markets.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Maybe, just maybe

There is a good chance I will get a two day weekend this weekend. YES. Have a gun show at the armory and the weather has been wet, but warm. Have a wedding to go to Saturday. Tried talking some sense into him, but, he is in love : )  They make a good couple. Buddy of mine from work. I got to meet his wife to be at the club when he brought her out. She's a good shot. We played around at cowboy town for a while. Hope to get out to the club for a bit if the weather isn't too atrocious.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Gee, who would have seen that coming......

Why on earth can republicans not just knock the  sh*t off. Idiots in Texas did their usual "lets ban abortion" nonsense again. Guess what, the court over turned it. I called that one as the protesters were picketing and the republicans were ignoring them. Bet the voters won't forget come election time. No matter which side of the argument one resides, the court IS going to overthrow it period. The only thing these idiots did was commit political suicide. Mourdock ring a bell. Republicans lost two senate seats and still don't get it. I am not saying what is right or wrong, just that it is beyond the control of the executive and legislative branches, therefore, leave it alone. It's a freebie for the democrats. Throw the abortion question out there and the republicans knock each other out of the way to land on the grenade. The democrats just sit there and gleefully watch. Would not shock me in the least to see Texas turn blue. It would sadden me, but not surprise me.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why can he not lead?????

Now is the time for immigration reform..... Really???? How about sitting down with congress NOW and getting the budget done. Work on reducing the spending so the debt ceiling can begin to shrink. You know, instead of waiting for the last minute and kicking it down the road again.

How about fixing Obama care instead of trying to throw attention away from the mess and trying to let future dimocrats into the country. Repealing would be good, but making it somewhat functional may be a start. What Obama doesn't understand is the people logging in are not necessarily for Obama care as they are likely trying to stay legal by signing up to avoid the fine. Kind of like I pay my taxes so the IRS doesn't haul me away, not because I like giving my hard earned cash to the government to be doled out to democratic voters for free cell phones, cable, housing, food stamps, spending cash, and utilities.

Here is a fresh thought. How about using this non election year to make a law requiring a photo ID at the poling place to prevent demorats from voting over and over and over and over  voting fraud. There is absolutely no reason not to do it. No legitimate reason.

As for the immigration reform, let ICE do their job unhindered. If you really think it is broken, how about just putting a question on the 2014 ballot asking all of America if they feel amnesty is in order. You know, poll the whole populous, not just the unemployed welfare recipients and illegals that have the time to picket. The rest of America is busy working and paying taxes with no time to picket. Give us a say. Reagan already gave amnesty once. It did not work. DON'T REPEAT MISTAKES.....

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Laziness wins out

Sleep in, or, get up early and go to the Indy gun show. Sleeping in won out. Worked yesterday and been feeling a bit ragged lately, so, I decided to relax a bit. Did manage to get some cleaning done and make a vat of chili with corn bread on the side. Watched movies and snacked on chili most of the day. Weekend after next is gun show weekend down here. There are two that are close together. Starting to hit the point where I have just about everything I want anyway, but I still love to look and occasionally find something interesting to add to the collection.

They finally had their insurance meeting at work. I didn't make out to badly. Being single, my insurance only went up ten dollars a month. Married people got a hike. They also added a working spouse punishment. With Obamacare, a lot of employers are implementing an extra cost if your spouse is employed and chooses to use our insurance. Our company charges an extra hundred dollars a month. They did add another tier to our groups to choose from. It has minimal coverage and high deductibles, but, it offers young people an inexpensive option. I get the best coverage as I am not exactly a youngster anymore. Any problems I occur won't be cheap. Didn't get as ugly as I feared.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

No surprise at all.....

Really not surprised at all by the republicans caving. If you are going to threaten, follow through. All they accomplished was getting negative press and giving the dems something to throw at them at election time. They should have just called their bluff. Run over the cliff. Put the pedal down and floor it. Put a bill to the senate, then move on to other business. Leave the ball in their court. If they don't wish to discuss it like grown adults, move on to other business until the senate counter offers. By counter offer, it means a little give, not the usual dem "we are not going to negotiate " BS.

They had a campaign when the tea partiers started up. They mailed tea bags to congress. I had a similar idea. Everyone mail the republicans who voted to pass the bill a couple of "rocky mountain oysters" with a note telling them to grow some dangly bits. Both of our senators voted for the bill. POS Donnelly didn't surprise me, being a demorat and all, but I expected better of Coats. Buchson on the other hand, voted no. The only Hoosier representative to represent.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Missed the machine gun shoot

Had to work yesterday, so, I didn't go to the shoot this fall. I did manage to go to the local antique steam show at the fairgrounds one county over. Stupid GPS put me in the middle of nowhere. Pulled over to look at a map, and a trooper happened by. He pulled over to see if I had a problem, then gave me an escort most of the way to the grounds. It is really out in the boonies and hard to find if you don't know where it is.  Huge flea market, great food and all sorts of old steam engines and steam powered equipment. An operational saw mill powered by a steam engine. It was a great time. Yesterday afternoon, I took my buddy from work over to his dads to drop him off. His dad was smoking meat and I had gone in halves on a sizable pork tenderloin. Absolutely perfect. Not only is it tasty, it makes the house smell great. I wish there was an air freshener that made the house smell of bacon and smoked meat. Now, it is time to get the housework done so I am ready for another fun filled work week. It was a short weekend, but good overall. All the windows are open and a nice cool breeze blowing through the house.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hmmm, how times and opinions change

I was wondering if memory served me. I have seen a snippet many a time on the web, but here is the whole speech.


 Senator Obama did in fact speak out about the debt ceiling, and, it is both disgusting and humorous to read the hypocrisy of his speech. Now, I worked on the south side and lived in northwest Indiana while useless was a senator. It was seldom he was in the senate, and most of the time, when he was there, he voted present, not taking sides on issues. Spent most of his congressional time running for president. This speech would be a good read for him. The debt has increased significantly since he gave it. Most of the increase has been since he has had the helm.

 It amazes me how most Chicagoans think. One of my coworkers and I would always talk at lunch. He was always slamming Obama for being useless and never in the senate doing his job. Come election time, he, like a lot of the people at work, voted for useless. Why? Well, he is a democrat and they always vote democrat. I miss my family and friends, but I really don't miss anything to do with Chicago and their liberal mindset. Voting for him solely because of his party line was ludicrous. Lots of people just vote by hitting the same party button at election time. No research. No real thought. Just vote party like your mommy and daddy did and your grandparents and all the other good little lemmings.

I have held my nose and hit the button for a few democrats over the years. This last election, I voted for one who was fighting for the constituency against a hostile takeover. Evansville was trying to annex our area against the citizens wishes. He fought for our cause by our side. He lost in the election, but he did have my vote and I will remember his name in future elections. It is hard to find a politician that is willing to actually put him or herself out there for the people. If voters actually put thought into their decisions, we would be in better shape. Obama is there because people voted for him because he is black. Because he was a democrat. Because he promised change with no laid out plan short of a chant. Hitler use to do that rather well. Watch some old war footage, then watch Obama and his fans. Not a notable difference. I always research all candidates in my district and vote on their accomplishments. Most of the time, I vote republican or independent, but, I do vote for a democrat once in a blue moon when there is one worth while. No, I did not vote for Donnelly.......

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hey Obama, I found 750 billion dollars a yearand growing annually you can easily cut........


Oh, never mind. You decided not to help the families of the deceased military heroes and close monuments. Sorry, missed that. Still haven't figured out the savings of having more armed guards shuttering the places as opposed to the fewer number of rangers running them. Must have to be a democrat for that to make sense. I just can't do it. I love my frontal lobe too much. Before cutting veteran benefits, how about cutting free housing, free phones, free chow, free utilities and making people work and pay their share of taxes? Just a crazy thought, but what do I know. I voted for the loser two elections in a row. Of course, the biggest loser won.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Well, at least I recieved a discount.

Went to buy groceries after a long day at work. Got to the register and the kid running the register finishes up. She looks at me and asks me if I am a senior. Now I know it was a rough day at work, but, I have another fifteen years until I hit that stage, and I am not in a hurry. Apparently, she was so sure I was a senior, she had already entered it and didn't know how to undo it. She was apologizing and you could tell she was embarrassed. I told her not to worry. She can call me ugly too if that comes with an additional ten percent discount.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rain, rain and more drizzling rain.....

No range day today. It is gloomy drizzling on more than off rain. Did hit the gun show and picked up a book on the Garand and an arisaka with mum intact really cheap. Got there early enough to get the biscuit and gravy breakfast at the kitchen there. Not too bad. Came home and made a vat of chili in the crock pot, along with some cornbread with a can of cream corn mixed in. Corn bread turned out great. I got the recipe off of the net. It is simple and uses the cheap jiffy mix cornbread mix which made it really easy. After some chili and some cornbread, a nap was in order. All in all, a pretty nice day despite the weather. Suppose to rain all day tomorrow as well, but, I have some housework I need to get done so it all works out. May help me stay on task.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Aaaaah, the weekend

It's the weekend, and I am off. YES. I managed to get a box of ammo for the Webley and the M1 carbine. Weather permitting, it is a range day tomorrow. Taking the henry out as well as I scored some .22 ammo as well. First stop in the morning, the local gun show at the 4H center. Next weekend is the fall steam show in Warrick County. It's cool. They have a working sawmill, a huge flea market and awesome BBQ. Ribs, pulled pork and chicken. What more can you ask for. They are spoiling me with forty hour work weeks. I have never worked just forty hours before. Boss says we are about to get slammed with work again. Enjoying the off time while it is here. Seems weird having so much free time.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

She's got gun.......

Not.....How many of the real cop shows do they show the strips that let the air out of the tires? Why did they let her rip through the capitol? Why did they report she had a gun? Why did a bunch of cops have to blow away mommy and hope the kid is OK? They actually applauded this act of stupidity heroics? From what I saw, it couldn't have been handled worse if they tried. All the police, and they couldn't use the strips or block her in? Really? Not saying the nutjob was in the right by any means, but an unarmed woman with a baby in tow gets blown away. Awesome job guys. Awesome. They did say they are working without pay today, so, I guess they got paid their worth.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

No surprise there


Wow, I must be a little psychic, not. Unfortunately, I would have bet money against anyone who said they wouldn't get paid. The government is plain sick. More of a parasite as it feeds off of it's host. When common folk get "furloughed", they are left to fend for themselves and consider themselves lucky if they get their job back. Must be really stressful. Be out of work with full pay. May have to wait on the paycheck, but, it's coming. Lot better than most people in this economy get. And to watch them on the media is a joke. Yes, it is an inconvenience, but you still have a job. You will get paid in full to sit on your butt and relax or do whatever you want. No unemployment. No partial or no pay. Paid in full. Sorry, not shedding tears here. At least they are paying the military this time around so their families don't have additional hardships to deal with. Hard enough dealing with a spouse serving their country without having to wait for the pay to make ends meet on the home front.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The government shut down is finally here. We are finally on the right track. Now if they can only shut off the food stamps, free housing, free phones, and the other real drains on the economy we can get somewhere. Put lifetime limits on the amount of government aid one can get before he or she is kicked to the curb to fend like the rest of us do.  Maybe we can taper back the borrowing from China while we are "shut down". I love how the republicans get slammed with all the blame.

 Wouldn't it be nice if we could live like the government? Couldn't you imagine just going in and quitting your job? No need to worry about money. Just charge everything. What about running the card up? No problem, just get a new one. How great would it be to have a card like the government? Just keep having the card raise your limit. No need to ever pay back the money, just kick the can down the road.

If we had any real news media, they would already be harping on the debt, instead of skewering the republicans for trying to get the senate to actually cough up a budget, listen to the people on Obama care, and try to spend in our means. It is never going to happen. They will cave, and, with the way the news media twists it, the republicans will once again take the heat. The people that get their news from the little commercial blurbs between their reality shows, will think the republicans are just being  hateful racists against the first black man in the white house. Hopefully, the shut down will last for a while, and they can get some semblance of a budget in place, but, most probably not.

 As for the furloughed federal employees, not our problem. I don't think any of them were too concerned when NAFTA killed a bunch of jobs and sent them overseas. Whirlpool pulled their local plant and headed to Mexico last year. It devastate the area. Do what us common folk do, suck it up, and go look for work to get by on. Your gravy job will be back. Probably with back pay as most government jobs come with perks us commoners could never even dream of getting.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just too darn ugly not to own at least one


Picked up a Webley at the gun show yesterday, along with an ultra cheap .22 plinker for cowboy town. Webley came with six rounds of .38 S&W ammo. Quite a cute little round. Meant to get a picture of it next to a .38 special for comparison. The S&W round is about the length of the brass of the special. Have to see about finding some ammo for plinking. Guy I bought it from has the holster, the lanyard ring and a lanyard for it. I have to go by his shop sometime during the week to pick them up. I guess his wife isn't doing too well. He is closing shop soon and relocating to Nashville so she can be near family. I will miss seeing and talking to him. He is an older vet and has a lot of military supplies and guns. He worked in the armory when he was in the service and is a wealth of info and just fun to talk to. His kid runs the store as well, and he has odd items and antiques. It is between my house and the grocery store, so it is a fun stop off point along the way. I bought a Vietnam footlocker there a while back along with a M14 stock. His prices are extremely reasonable, and it is always interesting to see what he has. He just got a grenade launcher with dummy grenades for the garand.

Back to work tomorrow. Only five days until the weekend though : )

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Not a bad day at all

I got up early and hit the gun show at the club. It is usually just a few club members selling a few things, but, it only cost a buck to get in. How can I go wrong? There were a lot of tables and a few vendors I deal with quite regularly.  I scored four hundred additional rounds of ammo to feed my garand, or 03. I picked up a Webley WWII revolver to add to my collection, as well as a cool little .22 caliber cowboy gun to plink with at the range. From there, I headed up to meet a friend from work at the local tavern for lunch. I have been by there many times, but never stopped in. The food is great and the waitress was a blast. From there, I headed over to my buddies house out in the country to check out his bow. Bows have changed dramatically from the ones I played with as a kid. He was showing me what to look for when shopping and some of the more desirable features. The fiber optic site was really great. It looked like it was battery operated, but it merely collected light from the coils and directed it to the site. The new carbon fiber arrows are so light. The technology of new archery equipment is just incredible. May get to go dove hunting during the week. Something different to do. It is getting harder to find open places to hunt as some areas develop.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Just a little at a time

They didn't want to floor everyone with all the bad news at one time, so, they divided it up a bit. Thursday meeting was just about some of the benefits we use to enjoy. Thanks to Obamanomics, the economy sucks to put it mildly. They did away with some positions, revamped the way they figure overtime, not in our favor, and a few more perks going by the wayside. Overtime is being drastically reduced for the foreseeable future, and some people that left and were let go won't be replaced. That done, they postponed the meeting of what Obamacare means to us working folk until the early October meeting. At least I still have a job and a full time one at that. Hopefully business picks back up soon. Silly part is, the supposed global warming. A huge part of our business is the manufacture of drink cups (McDonald's, burger king and such). Since the year has been unusually cool (global warming chanters change chant to climate change), the demand was unusually low, causing a lot of machines to sit idle and stock to pile up. Add to that the higher operating costs of material, and, costs need cutting. If only they could do what the democrats do. Just borrow loads of money and keep raising your own borrowing limit.: )

At least it is the weekend. Gun show at the club tomorrow and a barbeque down town. Should be a nice weekend. Take a few guns to the club to play with. I want to take my Henry and my M1 carbine out for a bit of exercise.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Received two e-mails from HR at work today.... Wahhhh..... The first is a non explanation of what Obamacare is, the second, a meeting tomorrow that will be discussing what Obamacare may do to for me. My rates haven't gone up nearly as much as some people I know in recent years. Our copays have gone up nominally, but the rates aren't too bad. I have a bad feeling Obama's "affordable care" is getting ready to make mine not so affordable anymore.
Another thing I am not wild about, that seems to be becoming common place, is the way my insurance added a "discount" a couple years back. The way the discount works is, you give blood each year and they do their workup on it. They then set goals for you to reach in order to qualify for the rate discount. If you don't meet the goal, or don't participate, you pay the higher rate.  The discount isn't so much a discount as everyone's will go up, but if you don't meet the goal, yours goes up more. Doesn't seem like a discount to me.
Seems like the older generation anymore is getting shafted at each turn. I have always maintained insurance and have stayed somewhat healthy, but, now that age related issues are starting to surface, now they are coming up with qualifiers for a lower price. I sure would have enjoyed such discounts when I was younger and less problematic, medically that is. First, they threaten social security, push the retirement age for my generation up, and threaten it's very existence when I reach that age, then, they start messing with the insurance we already have. Sometimes wish I was born a generation or two back. Seems like there isn't a whole lot to look forward to anymore. Definitely glad I am not just starting out as I believe the younger generation will have it much, much worse.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Why one and not the other?


Earlier this year, local churches of different denominations wanted to display crosses, each made by a different church, displayed along the Ohio river. It was to show diversity and solidarity among the churches. Thanks to a couple of people filing a complaint using the argument of separation of church and state, the court system ruled against the crosses being displayed on public property. What I thought was spectacular, was the fact that a whole bunch of local businesses down by the river allowed the group to use their property to display their crosses. It aggravated me that the pettiness of  a couple people could spoil such an event that was going to be put on by multiple church organizations of different religions, but, technically they were right. Petty, but legally right. Now, can someone explain to me how the following is deemed alright, because I just don't understand how it can be proper when the above was not.


I have a hard time trying to swallow the part about Islam being woman friendly, and a peaceful religion to start with. How on earth can the government justify having this on government property. I find the double standard quite offensive. Christianity has to walk on egg shells and stay off of public land, but, if it has to do with Islam, we all have to show tolerance? Why? Seems really lopsided to me. I really hope they get enough negative feedback, that they remove this atrocity from public land, but, I highly doubt it.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beat that dead horse, bathe in the blood of the dead


Didn't take long for numbnut to start flinging poo again. Chicago has gun control pinhead. The other shooting was on a military base by a nutjob that should have set off bells and flashing lights on any sort of background check. But, the military cleared him. They cleared him after he shot at a neighbor and in a separate incident, shot at construction workers. He was on meds and in therapy. What laws do you want pinhead. He should have been in jail, on multiple occasions. In actuality, if they would have jailed him on his first offence, he wouldn't have been able to shoot at the construction workers, or do a mass shooting. Heck, it they threw him in after the second act of idiocy, the mass shooting wouldn't have happened. They gave him an honorable discharge. WTF......They should jail the doctors who were treating him and decided not to jail him. Eight years of this mentally challenged individual. Unbelievable. Heck, shotgun Joe should be smiling, the last nutjob used a shotgun.

Maybe if we got Obama some stationary or some assorted cards


Yes, it was a deplorable, cowardly act, but, we DON"T need to get involved. Send a sympathy card and call it good enough. We do not need to police the world. We don't invite foreign governing bodies over to take care of our incidences, they can handle their own. We could send Obama over there in a couple years. He can be president in his homeland. Hell, half the battle is won for him over there. They are already a gun free zone. What more could he want. If Americans were hurt, they knew the risks when they went there, period. If you go into a volatile environment, you are going into trouble. You are accepting the risk. No need to start a war over it.

See, gun control really works.........NOT


For those that are not aware, the country is a gun free zone. If you need the police, they are a bus ride and a couple hours away. Just leave a note next to your fresh or not so fresh corpse and they may or may not get the perpetrators. Either way, it won't matter to you anymore.


And here we have a picture that makes Bloomberg, Rahm, Obama, Feinstein and their like drool. They wish they could have a public destruction of all firearms so they too can have the peace and tranquility like they have in Kenya, Mexico, Chicago, New York and other gun free zones.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Rain, rain and more rain.....

Got up early and headed St. Louis way. Supposedly, it was a slight chance of a little rain in the morning. Wrong. It rained all day. It was a light drizzle on and off at first after arrival. Made it through most of the exhibits before the full blown storm hit.

Afterwards, I hit the Cabela's in St. Louis. It is really quite nice. It is about 3/4 the size of the Hammond one, but it is built into one of the biggest malls I have ever been in. They had some really cool guns, but, not being a contingent state and having Illinois in between there and home, I came home with no guns. They had several Springfield trapdoors and some nice broomies. I could have used my curio license to purchase, but I don't like having anything when traveling Illinois. Don't need to look for trouble. I generally try to stay clear of that state. Not having a FOID card (seeing as how I live in a free state), I wasn't sure of the proper transport protocols.

Oooh, a military grade assault weapon

Well, that should take gun control clear out of the picture. After all, since the feds banned machine guns years ago, apparently, the shooter must have imported it with his drug shipment. It amazes me how people still think gun control is doable when you have a place like Chicago. Chicago, land of gun control, and, it sounds like this shooting gives them back their murder capitol of the world title. For a bit, New York (you know, Bloomberg's little piece of hell) was in a dead heat for the title, but, I believe Chicago just pulled back in the lead. There are still a few months left, so Bloomberg's peaceful gun and sugar controlled residents may get their title back, maybe. Send Bloomy out in style. Not even sure a shooting in Chicago is news. It happens more than just once daily. Maybe a few more gun laws would fix it. Funny how the article points out all the gang members in the immediate area. So the police know the gang members. Why do they tolerate gangs? Would it not benefit them to work on eliminating the gangs? You know, maybe actually prosecuting them. The ones who are convicted of murder could be executed immediately, setting an example for others. Oops, that's right, the death penalty is only for civilians killed by the thugs, not for the thugs themselves. Sorry. Forgot, democrats don't like dealing a death sentence to a murderer. Just let them out of the overcrowded Illinois jails to kill more innocent people. Much better. This should get the antis chanting again. Yeahhhh


Upon reading article again, they accidentally mention  "Though gun violence has long plagued the city’s impoverished neighborhoods, offenders almost never use military-style weapons."

 Really. Wow, someone should let Bloomberg, Obama, Feinstein and the rest of the forth Reich know immediately. Maybe Obama can rescind his order to destroy military weapons instead of allowing CMP and other groups to reimport them for sale to the public. Maybe they can quit the assault weapon BS.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Because the second amendment was just way to long


Why else would the people on the left rewrite it to fit into their text books to teach upcoming generations what it really means. Thank goodness we have liberals that can twist and contort things into perspective. How else would they justify their views? Be nice if politicians had the stones to take up action on this type of brainwashing. I am a bit shocked they didn't put in there that it only applies to muzzle loading weaponry. I am glad I am not a young person as I hate to think what America will look like a few generations down the line, if there is anything left.

Boring day today

Actually did some chores today. Refinanced the house a couple months back, so, today I trudged downtown, found the assessors office, and filed my exemptions again. Forgot about the silly metal detector or I would have left all change, my knife, and many other things at home or in the car to expedite the matter. That is what gripes me about the mass shootings. How do the whack jobs manage to get a gun past security, and I, simply trying to do paperwork, get to empty pockets, take off belt, and still get frisked because of the beep. Must be all the metal slivers I picked up through the years. Hell, I had absolutely nothing on me. How do the idiots get weapons past security?

Well, after that fiasco, I headed over to the barbershop and actually got in. Most of the time, the benches are loaded with older gentlemen waiting in line. Most of them I believe are there more for company than anything else as they really have nothing to cut. Today, only one person, so I was able to get in. One of the old fashion barber shops. Not too many of them around anymore. Since most of their clients are older, their hours of operation pose a problem. I can usually only get in while on vacation, or in the rare occurrence I get a Saturday off. After that, I did my groceries and just vegged out most of the day. Thinking of doing St. Louis tomorrow. I have been trying to get out there for a while now. Would like to see Grant's Farm. We went there when we were little kids, but I was too young to really remember it much. May check out their Cabela's while I am out there. It is smaller than the Hammond one, but bigger than the little shack they built in Louisville.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

About time


Thank god I am not the only one who feels that way. I think it is downright lunacy to disarm military personnel on a base. Thankfully, the right came out for a demonstration in favor. Fully expected the antis to be out in full force. Probably still in shock that there wasn't an evil AR involved, although the liberal press had mentioned one early on. They never let facts get in the way of a good story.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Well, the left is making pretzels out of the facts again


I have been hoping congress would eventually do away with the absurdity of not being able to purchase a handgun out of state. I frequent Whitaker Gun store in Kentucky, and I can only bring home long guns and shot guns. Handguns I have to send to an FFL and that takes until Sunday, as the one they use goes there weekly, adds to the expense, plus the wait time. Well, the left has figured the nut case was able to buy the gun out of state since it wasn't a hand gun, so, how long you figure until they change the law to NO guns out of state? Don't concern themselves with how the data base didn't catch his past infractions. No concern as to why he wasn't serving time for shooting at construction workers. Serving time for shooting at neighbor. No concern as to how he got a shotgun into a federal facility. No concern for allowing military personnel to carry their service weapons so they can defend in case of a lunatic or terrorist. No, it's the loose gun laws. It's not having their gun registry universal background checks in place. If the federal government is so inept, it allowed a psycho to work for them with clearance, how is a back ground check going to help. They discharged him over his psychotic behavior, then hired him as a contractor and gave him clearance. Oh well, just have to start buying my guns in state I guess. It's a shame. Whitakers is freakin enormous and prices are extremely good. If I were truly a psychotic nutbag, I would simply take one of my many handguns with me to use in some heinous crime. How is stopping an out of state sale suppose to do anything constructive.

Made the voyage down to Whittakers gun store today. I couldn't resist picking up a Golden Boy. They had it on sale at a more than reasonable price, and I have been wanting one for years. They also actually had bricks of .22 for sale. So, I came home with one of each as they only allowed one brick per customer. Tomorrow will be a plinking day, weather permitting. Haven't been to the club in a while. May take some of the cowboy guns out as well.

Latest news

The evil black gun was not, repeat, was not the culprit in the latest tragedy. Apparently, the idiot that shot up the navy yard was a fan of shotgun Joe. Yes, as Joe Biden suggested, the nut job used a shotgun. A shotgun he somehow legally acquired at a store, not, again, repeat not a gun show. He bought it legally through a store. A store, not a gun show you pin headed anti gunning knuckleheads. None of your rhetoric would have made an ounce of difference. The only thing that would have helped would have been that the current background check system would have shown his criminal background and red flagged him. Why didn't it? That should be the question. He lost his job at the military because of a couple illegal discharges of firearms incidents. One of which was shooting at vehicles of construction workers. While construction workers have on many occasions raised my blood pressure, I have to date resisted the urge to shoot at them. Why was he not jailed for this offense? Why did this not scream attention when they called his gun in? We don't need to change the laws, we need to fix what apparently is broken. I would still like a legitimate reason for them disarming all military personnel on a base. They are trained professionals after all and having them armed may have prevented this as well as other shootings. It is a bit ridiculous for a military base to have to call in police.

Monday, September 16, 2013

One of my favoriet NCIS episodes

The team was tracking a serial killer. Flash to the end of the episode, and, they do what I wish would be done in real life. The serial killer smiles and tells Gibbs he is now going to be a household name and will live on forever. In the background, the TV shows that a man was captured and is in custody, but, his identity cannot be released, the end, no fame. If in real life, the media could not live to bathe in the blood of victims, relishing the gore. Yes, it is important to catch the killer. Yes, it is important for investigators to get to the bottom of those involved. We, the public, do not need the name of the sicko. Don't make them famous. Take some of the glamor out of it that other sickos feed on.

 I did jury duty a few months back. I had to go through a metal detector to get into the court room. How does anyone get through a military installation with a weapon?  How does a military installation not have armed personnel everywhere? They are trained military personnel, right? The military had to call in police? The whole thing makes no sense at all. Prayers go out to all families. Do wish the media could filter some of the fame though.

Spike is back home

He was creme colored with light tan spots when I dropped him off. He also smelled pleasant. Was being the key word. I don't think he missed any smell or puddle they might have had in the yard. He down right reeked. In other words, he had fun. After riding home with my head out the window for air and a quick dog bath, all is back to normal. He had fun. They have a kiddie pool with water for them to play in, along with dog toys of all shapes and sizes. He was very happy to see me though. Quite anxious to get home.

I wanted to go to Grants Farm today, but they are only open on the weekends this time of year. Sure am glad I checked before heading that way. A few hour drive to hit a closed attraction would not have been fun. Did find the lifetime of a Garmin. Five years. At least it got me home before dying. I hit it today to find something. It powered up, then, went dark and won't power up again. Stone dead. At least I got home with it. It has been replaced by a Magellan product that was on sale at a reasonable price. It came with free map and traffic updates for life. Apparently, they all include the free lifetime updates now. You use to have to pay for them. This one has traffic built in which I am anxious to see how it works. Not sure what is up for tomorrow. May just be a day to recoup a bit.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hell to get old

Started the day by going to Clifty Falls National park. Not sure when my body went to hell, but it sucks. I tried taking a trail down some steep stairs and my knees just can't do it anymore. For some reason, heading down the stairs is harder than going up. Went down a ways, but the knees were complaining loudly and I didn't want to get in a position I couldn't get our of. May see if the elastic supports they sell help any. After I left there, I tried heading to the war bird museum. A museum of old historic war airplanes. Garmin stuck it to me again and took me to an alley in the middle of nowhere. I turned it off and went to my not so smart, smart phone. It uses google maps. It led me to an old subdivision. Unless someone meant little model planes, I do believe high tech got me again. Third try. I went to their website and hit the direction tab. It triggered a map function on a different app on my not so smart smart phone. This time, it took me to an office complex. At this point, I was ready to go back to the muzzleloader show and put the phone and garmin out on the target range and turn them into itty bitty chunks of plastic. At this point, being a man and incapable of asking direction, I said heck with it and headed home, after a stop at the pathetic excuse of a Cabela's that Louisville has. It is one story and the gun section is pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. I am spoiled. I am used to the one in Hammond Indiana. A full size real Cabela's, not Cabela lite like down here. I asked the guy why it was so small. He said they are trying to put more of them out there faster, thus they are getting a bit smaller. Seems kinda backward to me. Won't go out of my way to go there again.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I find it hard to believe any one group can be so freakin disconnected with reality


IF the recall failed, it would have been PROOF in their eyes the country is ready for gun control. BUTTTT, since it went the other way, it is the evilllll NRA and those nasty inbred southern bible hugging, wife beating gun clingers knowing how to manipulate the politicians. REALLY. You would be hard pressed to even see much of the recall in the media. It was hardly mentioned in most media as it didn't go their way. Secondly, the anti-gunners contributed more overall money than the NRA did. Most was given by Bloomy, who I was really hoping would have spontaneously combusted at the outcome of the vote. It never ceases to amaze me how the left can twist, contort and skew things so horribly that they get people believing their rhetoric.

Bang bang

Lots and lots of black powder smoke. It was awesome. Went to the muzzle loader shoot in Friendship Indiana. It is going on all week. Lots of old and new muzzle loaders there for purchase and just looking at. There is a huge fleamarket with a little bit of everything.

They had the above shooting area with targets up on the hill, and, they also had a nice long range. Sure wish they were closer to home. Lots and lots of shooting tables. Too many to count. And targets galore at all different distances. I was surprised there weren't more people out today. Vendors were a little depressed. The weather was absolutely perfect for it.

Found a really nice old Harley there among the antiques. It was one of the vendors and not up for sale. I just couldn't resist a few pics though.

Tomorrow, maybe a little cave exploring, or, a trip through Louisville. Have to decide tomorrow.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sorry guys, Obama doesn't need your vote anymore


Gee, probably regretting voting him in again now, aintcha. You union guys pissed the bed, now sleep in it and be quiet. Unfortunately, union drones stuck us with the smelly mess too. Sucks when reality sets in. I will be watching close to any congressional scum who may vote to alleviate any pain from the union scum who voted the democrats in. They thought it was good when it didn't effect them. Let them wallow in the muck they thought was so good.

Vacation at last

Tomorrow is the huge flea market, muzzleloader shoot, antique and gun show all in one. I am finally able to make it. It goes on every spring and fall. The people at work hit the spring one, but I am usually swamped at work in the spring, so, I miss that one. Did get a lot of information on where to eat and what areas to hit first as well as the areas the junk resides so I can stay clear of the Chinese import junk. Probably hit Cabela's while I am in the area. Vacation time and the weather couldn't be nicer. Turn the AC off and open the window time.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blip, just a itty bitty, blip

The recall was a huge success. Since it was against the liberal media, it is a very small blurb on the news. Apparently, $360,000 is half a million according to CNN. That is the amount contributed by the NRA. The way it was said was almost like the NRA bought the election. Funny how they left out Bloombergs $350,000 contribution to the left to try and buy his way. New York mayor contributing to a Colorado election, don't see any legitimate reason other than trying to buy his way. Sorry Bloomy, all your money, and the people were able to vote their own way anyhow. Maybe if you bribed each individual voter you may have better luck. Felt a little unreal at just how little the media said on such a huge event. Some news channels didn't even mention it at all. Two senators get ousted in a recall and nothing. If it had gone the other way, there would be a news media feeding frenzy. In reality, it would have been even greater if both Bloomberg and the NRA could have sat it out and let the people have the victory without the bribe money flowing on all sides. I do believe they had the momentum going to pull it off on their own, but, Bloomy would have been there, so, you need an equalizer. The equalizer is the NRA. A group of citizens banding together as a group to try and battle a billionaire trying to buy his way.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

And another one bites the dust

Morse goes down in history, but, he now has company as Giron joins the ranks of democrats that just don't listen to their constituents and thus get their walking papers. Thank you Colorado. You gave me a little hope. I may be tired at work tomorrow, but I will have that nice warm feeling inside knowing there are still people out there willing to stand and fight. Two senators at the same time. History made twice. Wow. The democrats are on fire.

History is made

Colorado democrat is first senator to be successfully recalled. He gave his concession speech already. One down and hopefully being followed by a fellow demorat. She only has 25% of her votes in, but is already down a ways, and hopefully stays down. Maybe they will get the message? Thank you Colorado, Thank YOU. Now if more follow suit, maybe we can get our country back on track.
Democrats making history, yessssss.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Military show this weekend

Well, I have to work tomorrow, but, I still plan on hitting the Louisville military gun show. Just have to hit it Sunday. Lots going on this weekend, but I won't have time to do much. They have an antique iron and steam show going on not far north of here. Weather is suppose to be on the pleasant side. One more week until vacation. Plan on hitting the Friendship Indiana muzzleloader shoot. Suppose to be a huge gun show, flea market and shooting event.

Well, knucklehead still just doesn't get it. England doesn't want the war. Russia has threatened to throw in and help Syria if we do anything. The American people don't want it. Lots of members from congress have said their constituents don't want it. The UN won't back it. But, that is not enough. He still insists we must go forward. The news footage had him answering a question about how congress was worried about the fact that the majority of the US citizens are against it, the mighty O says congress should do what's right which may not be what the people want. What does it take to get this nimrod out of office. He pussy foots around the question of whether or not he will go it alone if congress rejects the strike. The reporter asked the question directly a couple times, and the mighty O claimed he thought he answered it. His typical talk in circles and not really answer any questions directly. He is planning to address the American people on Tuesday. Same day as the recall elections in Colorado. Hopefully, it will be a success on the recall leading to many, many more. Like to see one on Donnelly myself. Like to see one on Obama, but that doesn't look likely.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

His Credi-what


Would he not have to start with some credibility in order to lose some. I am hoping we sit this one out. We have already endured enough war for a while. If one hostile group of rebels wants to clash with another set of extremist, go for it. Let them kill each other off. At least they are leaving us alone and thinning their own numbers. If congress is smart, which they are not, they will say no, thus making it Obama's war. Obama has already made up his mind, he just doesn't want to shoulder the blame for any retaliation he and his ilk have planned. They aren't even sure which group was responsible for the gassing. Any whacked out group that would strap bombs to their family members and suicide bomb places is just as apt to gas a group of their own to bring in help for their cause.

Friday, August 30, 2013

A three day weekend with no particular place to go

Last weekend was a blast and very busy. This weekend is a little relaxation and hopefully get some things done in the garage. There is a fair with a tractor pull and a demolition derby, so, a little fun mixed up in there. Some cow parts will probably find their way onto the grill as well. Probably still be mooing lightly when they come off the grill.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thank goodness


Obama is finally taking a bite out of gun violence. Maybe now we will see a reduction of the thugs holding up gas stations with Garands. Holding up banks with Mosin Nagants. No more will the air waves be talking about the mass shootings from the gun nut and his K98. Way to go Obama, you really took a bite out of crime. On the bright side, my gun collection should be worth more than my 401K. Well, not sure about the bright side. Maybe if numb nut would concentrate on the economy rather than his imaginary gun problems, my 401K would be worth something.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Prime example.....


.....of what is wrong with the expanded background checks the left pushes for. What is legal today can imprison us tomorrow when they suddenly change their minds. Feds taking records from seller and going to the purchasers and demanding the legally purchased and owned products back. Confiscation, what the left swears they are not trying to do. I keep looking at the M14's at the machine gun shoot, but, the ATF may decide they are next. Don't think they would reimburse me do you? Prime example of why gun registration is very, very badddd.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to more of a norm

Today was a bit less hectic than yesterday. Machines are all back up and running well again. Much less stress. Find out tomorrow if it is going to be a two or three day weekend. Need to fill the propane tanks again. I want to run a gas line out back for the grill. Just have to get around to it. Gas meter is on the side of the house so it is not a short easy run. Not too thrilled with going in the crawl space. Too fat and not as flexible as I once was. May have to break down and hire a plumber. Plan on hitting the range this weekend. Picked up some ammo for my M1 carbine while in Indy, want to go turn some of it into brass.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The price of a three day weekend

The weekend was perfect. Friday off as an extra day at the car show, and a beautiful weekend. Then, there was Monday, wahhhhh.  I take one extra day off and the world ends. I get in this morning to one of my machines broke down and some chowder head had a pry bar and two by four over there where he had been trying to "fix it". Sheesh. I am use to the nonsense when I am gone a week, but a day????? One disaster after another today, but, hopefully a three day weekend ahead. Not a good start for the week, but, hopefully it will improve a bit. I did manage to get the machine functioning again. Can you believe it didn't involve a big pry bar and a two by four? It is much easier to fix if they would learn to just leave it until I return. At least then I just have to fix what broke and not what they did as well.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Indy day today

Got up bright and early and headed north. Gunshow and see my brother and Og. It was a terrific day. I got there fairly early and covered the show quite thoroughly. Managed to get out of there without buying anything that goes bang:(  I saw a couple I was tempted by, but, I bought my steering column for the Mustang yesterday, so, I stayed in my budget and didn't give into temptation. I did buy a few tools though. A couple of the kids at work who are still in their apprenticeship and low on funds are still buying their tools. I ran into a booth that had name brand depth mics at give away prices. Picked them up and will pass them along for what I paid for them. All except for the nice little small based Starrette, which will keep my large base mic company. I did manage to acquire a box of ammo for my M1 carbine and picked up another mag for the AR. I am quite anxious to take it out for a little exercise. After going through the show once, my brother and Og showed up. I put the stuff in the car, and, hit the show again.

 After ogling the guns and accessories, we headed to Broad Ripple for some munchies and conversation. My brother is in the process of moving into a nice house out in the country and brought me some pictures to check out. It's a really nice spread. Has several acres backing up on farmland. May have to hang out on the deck during deer season :)  The place looks great. I haven't made a blog meet in some time. It was a lot of fun. It ended too soon, but it's a long drive home.

Og informed me my brake lights were on the entire ride over as he was following me from the show. Ford changed a brake switch out once while it was under warranty and apparently, the replacement is a little out of whack. My brother is thin and dexterous enough, he kindly got down under the dash and was able to rig it enough where I could get home. Tomorrow, after work, I will have to try and stuff my fat a$$ down there and adjust it. It fixed the speed control as well. Speed control hasn't worked in some time, so, that tells me I have been driving around with my brake lights stuck for a really long time. With the lights coming on, the switch was keeping the speed control from coming on. Sure liked having the speed control for the long voyage home. Lots of speed traps down 41, and it's a lot easier setting the speed and keeping out of trouble. Many thanks to Og and my brother.

Got home to a dog who was spinning at the back door and ready to go out. After a little out time and some kibble with scraps of turkey on top, and a dab of vanilla ice cream on the side, he was ready for his evening nap. It was a fantastic weekend and I don't want to go back to work, but, all good things must end I suppose. Holiday weekend coming up. YES.....