Monday, September 16, 2013

Spike is back home

He was creme colored with light tan spots when I dropped him off. He also smelled pleasant. Was being the key word. I don't think he missed any smell or puddle they might have had in the yard. He down right reeked. In other words, he had fun. After riding home with my head out the window for air and a quick dog bath, all is back to normal. He had fun. They have a kiddie pool with water for them to play in, along with dog toys of all shapes and sizes. He was very happy to see me though. Quite anxious to get home.

I wanted to go to Grants Farm today, but they are only open on the weekends this time of year. Sure am glad I checked before heading that way. A few hour drive to hit a closed attraction would not have been fun. Did find the lifetime of a Garmin. Five years. At least it got me home before dying. I hit it today to find something. It powered up, then, went dark and won't power up again. Stone dead. At least I got home with it. It has been replaced by a Magellan product that was on sale at a reasonable price. It came with free map and traffic updates for life. Apparently, they all include the free lifetime updates now. You use to have to pay for them. This one has traffic built in which I am anxious to see how it works. Not sure what is up for tomorrow. May just be a day to recoup a bit.

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