Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Had a really good day. Weather was in the 50's and sunny. Went back to the club and shot some more at cowboy town. Met some of the people that shoot at the cowboy shoots. It was a good time. Couldn't shoot at the rifle range because it was actually full. I have never seen so many people out without an event going on. I think everyone had the same idea as the weather is suppose to go down hill from here. Suppose to be pretty chilly tomorrow so I will hit range again. Cooler weather should mean some room at the range. Happy New Year.

Friday, December 30, 2011

My Truck is back home

I am finally safe from the zombie attacks running rampant through the area. Hornady stepped up to the plate and filled the void. Now if only they had the silver bullets for werewolves in stock. Had to special order those.

I couldn't resist buying a box. Went to the gunstore to pick up ammo on the way to the club and the owner was putting these up on the shelf. Picked up some ammo and headed off to the range. When I got there, I bumped into one of the engineers from work who was out with his brother and a couple of his little kids. Kids were siting in their rifles Santa brought them. I was talking to the guy from work and we were talking about what we each had brought out. I mentioned my Garrand and one of the little kids came at a run from the other side of the range. I found out he is really in to the old military rifles. I showed him the Garrand as well as the O3A4 I brought out. He wanted to see an enfield, but I had not brought any out. Told the dad to let me know when they were coming back out and I would bring more military rifles out.

We went out to cowboy town for a while and I let them try out the little .22 single action six shooter. They loved it. The .22 doesn't have the power to trip the targets, but you can still hear the plink which they enjoyed. I told them they could try the .38 if they wanted, but they were afraid it may have too much recoil. I will have to do some loads using the cowboy load formula, which has almost no kick to it, so the kids can try the other guns out. They are around seven years old, so they are still a little small. The engineers brother liked the club so much, he filled out an application on the spot.

I finally have my truck back. They said they fixed the speed control. I wont know if it works until my next Indy trip. The speed control would work for a long while and then just cut out and would not reset. They said the brake switch was causing that and changed it out. They worked on the remote start and it seems to be working now, so that is great. As for the transmission, they could not get it to rev without engaging like it was doing for me. They did do the fluid change and filter change which is a ridiculous $360 job and requires them to split the trans case open as there is no drain on it. It is in the manual to be done at 60000 miles, so to keep the warranty in place, I had it serviced. I will see how it does. If the trans gives me anymore problems, it will turn into a chevy pickup truck. I just hope it runs alright so I don't have a car payment for a while. Hope to get a few more years out of it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Three days and counting

Dropped my truck off on Monday morning and they are still working on it. Good news is they found the problem with the speed control and fixed it. Apparently the switch on the brake pedal was bad and was kicking it out and not letting it reset. They changed it out. They also serviced the trans. I will never ever ever purchase a vehicle with a CVT trans in it again. Ford discontinued it thank God. To have it serviced,which is to change fluid and a high pressure filter, runs a little over $350 and is recommended every 60000 miles. They are looking at the speed control. They are having trouble servicing it as the dealer I purchased truck from brand new threw an aftermarket POS system on it instead of a genuine Ford unit which I had ordered. I am happy with the dealer down here as they are at least attempting to fix it. They originally told me that aftermarket items installed by dealer were not covered by warranty. The dealer that sold me the truck new assured me that it was covered. I am very pleased with the dealer down here. They are not sure about transmission problem I was having and are suppose to take it out for a test run again tomorrow now that service has been done and see if they can feel problem. Internet says this is a common problem with the CVT transmission, but the Ford web site does not show anything and people on web say that there is suppose to be a class action lawsuit coming on it as Ford does not recognize a problem.If the trans is ok, I will keep it for a couple more years and then trade in on F150. If trans keeps having issues, it will turn into a Silverado. Been driving Fords for many years now, but if they fail to fix and or recognize flaws and make right, I will go another way.Hopefully get the truck back tomorrow.Have a stripped down Ford Fusion as a rental. I miss my truck. Want to go to range and the truck would be much easier to load. Weather is suppose to be in the fifties the rest of the week with no rain until Sunday.

No matter what, I will be hitting the range tomorrow. Need to drop by bank and take care of some things as well. My old bank was shut down by the feds and I don't like the bank they picked to take over the assets of my old bank, sooo we are in the process of changing banks. Which also means changing direct deposit, setting up online bill pay again, contacting anyone getting autopay out of old account and switching to new. What a pain.. I am also going to check out refinancing the house through them. Sounds like I can cut the loan down in both length and monthly payments. The interest rates are way down from when I got the loan. Ran the calculator on it , and it looks like I will be saving a couple hundred a month.Be able to manage mortgage through my online bank account as well. Plus they give a minor percentage off their banking customers.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to all

Due to some truck problems, I am celebrating close to home this year instead of up north as I usually do. My son wound up having to work this year and my nieces wound up going elsewhere, so there would have been fewer faces to see if I had made it up.  Still would have been nice to see my brother, family and friends. Did break down and cooked up a roast and stewed some veggies for a festive dinner. Made my mom's cheese souffle. Been quite a while since I had it. Next time I am going to add some chunks of bacon. I did have some hungry eyes on me while  eating...

Couldn't help but give him some meat and veggies with his food. Weather has been warm but wet. Probably head to the club tomorrow to burn up some ammo. Suppose to be in the fifties and dry. Maybe I will bump into some of my buddies. A few of them bought guns for their spouses, so maybe they will be out playing with their new toys. Still have another week off, so hopefully the weather holds out for a while yet. This is my kind of winter, no white stuff falling from the sky.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new years.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yeah, It is vacation time

That's it. Off until next year. Thirteen days.... Tomorrow, I will finish up the reloading bench in the office. Just need to drill the  holes to mount my new dillon press. Furniture is all back in and situated. Hopefully be reloading some .38 lead ammo tomorrow and emptying it in cowboy town Thursday. Weather has been a little damp, but none of the white stuff has fallen as of yet. We usually last until sometime in January without snow, so hopefully get some decent range time in. Going to mail out some copies of my C&R tomorrow as well. I found a nice Krag at one site and a nice Schmidt Ruben K11 on another that doesn't look like a beaver has been nibbling on it.

Truck is acting up, so a trip up north for Christmas is out this year. It must have realized it is paid for now. It is acting like the trans is starting to slip a bit. Fortunately, I bought the extended warranty, so if it needs a new trans, it will be on Ford this time around. Having them fix the speed control and remote start while it is in the shop. Dealer I found is pretty decent. They will give me a loaner from Enterprise rental while my truck is in the shop. Probably drool a little over the new F150's while I am there. Use to check out the Explorer but they ruined it this year. Most people like it. To me it looks like they copied some of the ugly Cadillac features for the front. Not to mention going to front wheel drive and unibody. New Mustang looks pretty cool too. Just paid off the truck, so I am not in the market for quite a while. I do enjoy looking at the new models and if you are having your vehicle serviced, the salesmen usually don't tag team you in the lot while you are checking the cars out.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

1 1/2 days to go

Only a day and a half left to work this year. Really looking forward to some down time. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas season.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


The truck is finally mine. Mailed Ford the last payment today. Hopefully the last payment for a longggg time.  I got the trim work all done in the office, but been so busy at work, I have yet to get all the furniture set back up again. Hope to get the reloading gear set up and running soon. Went from no overtime to six day weeks, ten to thirteen hours a day. Payday should be good. A few more weeks and it is vacation, so the OT is a good thing.