Thursday, January 31, 2013

Maybe it is time to tweak one of the ammendments

After looking at all the press about school shootings and seeing all the copycat wannabes out there doing heinous senseless atrocities, I change my mind. We really do need to change one of the amendments. We need to change the freedom of the press to hold those accountable for the atrocities they cause society as a whole. For far too long, the press has been free to slant facts and incite volatile behavior to their point of view. An attrocite in a school and lots of kids killed. The press makes sure the killer's name is known world wide and makes him a martyr for the twisted minds out there that only dream of fame and don't care what they have to do to get it. Not a shooting goes by that the press isn't drooling and fanning the flames. They could do their job and show that most of the shootings in the nation happen in places like New York and Chicago where gun control is the most stringent, but again, that doesn't spin the truth into what the press wishes to convey. They could show Mexico, a place where guns are illegal to all, is rampant with murder and crime. They could show how the riots in England (another place that got rid of those nasty guns) ran rampant and the police were overrun and ineffective in stopping the chaos leaving the citizens defenseless and vulnerable, but again, that does not show the view the press wants people to see. It is time for the ammendment to be tweeked. We can make it where if there is a copycat crime, we hold any and all media that made the original criminal famous thus inticing the new whackjob to perpetrate his crime. Can't lock up all the blood thirsty reporters, no problem, jail the editor and owners of the media involved. Make the media accountable for the results of their never ending glorifying the nutjobs. Run the worst of them into bankrupcy with fines and court costs. Maybe after a few fall, some of the media may get the message and get back on track. The press should have no problem with this suggestion as they help push to have the second amendment tweeked or revoked. Bet there would be wider support for holding the media responsible and tweeking their constitutional right than they are going to get with messing with the second amendment.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today's Chicago Trib states......

"Senator Richard Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, sharply challenged LaPierre, saying the city of Chicago in his home state is "awash in guns." He cited the murder there on Tuesday of a 15-year-old girl who was an honor student and majorette and had marched in Obama's inaugural parade last week.
"Just a matter of days after the happiest day of her life she's gone," Durbin said. "We have guns everywhere, and some believe the solution to this is more guns. I disagree."

How do Chicago politicians breath with their heads so far up their nether regions. The only thing I can figure is Democrats breathe methane instead of oxygen. This particular mentally challenged Chicago Democrat  (much like Obama)n doesn't understand that gun control does not work. Just look at the idiotic statement above.  Chicago has the harshest gun control in the nation, but, "we have guns everywhere" is uttered in the next sentence. If gun control works, why is the girl  dead. Because gang bangers and whack jobs don't care about laws. Not just gun laws, any laws. Guns will never disappear. Never ever ever. You may strip law abiding people of their guns and make outlaws out of the rest of us legal gun owners, but bad guys will not turn them in. I would like to see them lead by example. Strip them of their armed guards. Take security and metal detectors away from the fed buildings they work in. Take away their personal right to carry firearms. We can just declare it a gun free zone and they should be just fine. Think of all the money we could save.

Feinstein has a permit and carries. You know, the ditz that is pushing so hard for gun control. Google it. Apparently only the lowly taxpayers don't need protection. If you check, I am almost positive the Chicago politicians are also allowed to carry, which is bull.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Congress is ready to tackle immigration reform

Can't we just fast track it. We can just implement the 1986 Reagan era immigration reform plan and kick the can down the road yet again. It would save time and give the same useless results we got back then. If it worked, there wouldn't be any illegals here now. All it does is send the message that if you sneak across the border and wait long enough, you will be made a citizen. The next hoard can start crossing now so they can seek amnesty in about 25 years or so. It really screws over any people that are going through  the expensive and legal process of immigrating to the USA. The politicians are more worried about gaining the votes of the ILLEGALS than doing what is right. Securing the border and making Identification and verification at the polling places makes more sense. Deporting illegals promptly and documenting the deportation where repeat offenders can be punished for their CRIME of entering illegally makes more sense. I would like to see them make polling places require ID's which would prove citizenship. Doing away entirely with the electoral college would also be a great move so everyone's vote actually counts. It would make every state count, not just the swing states. They could also legislate English as the official American language and require immigrants to speak and be able to write in English as a requirement for citizenship. With the high unemployment rate, it would make way more sense deporting illegals so as to open jobs up for real American citizens. Most of the jobs that they say they need Mexican labor for are farm related. If the wages were sustainable, American people would be doing the jobs. As is, they are low paying jobs they can't get labor for, thus they use illegals who they can pay slave wages to. I would rather pay a higher price for food and know it is going to help employ an American worker as opposed to enslaving an illegal immigrant.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cabela weekend

One of the guys from work wants to hit Cabela's this weekend. I haven't hit the one in Saint Louis yet, so it will be interesting. I found a triumph chopper frame, tank roller assembly available locally, so, it looks like I will have a new project to work on. I hope it is still available Friday. Been watching a rough looking triumph motorcycle on fleabay as well, so it may be the engine donor. Should be a nice weekend. Armory has a gun show going on as well.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ferdinand gun show

Got up and headed to Ferdinand for a little gun show. I have driven by the town many times, but this is the first time I stopped off there. It's a little bitty farm town right by Santa Claus Indiana. The gun show was small but decent. Got a maglite for a really good price. Ammo, guns and magazines were pretty high. Not as high as Indy, but high. Saw a nice m1 carbine for a reasonable price. Some really nice black powder revolvers and flintlocks as well. Have to time my summer cave excursions up with their gun show so I can take full advantage of the time. Next weekend is the one at the armory downtown. Think I shall be taking my extra AR along and see what I can get out of it. I am hopeful the assault weapon ban will fail and AR's will continue to be available. Still want an AR 10 somewhere down the line. Figure I can get a little extra money while they are going for an outrageous price. Obama may have killed our 401Ks. He may have decimated our economy. He may wipe his ass with our constitution. But,,,, he did dramatically increase the value of  gun collections and ammo everywhere. No one person has been responsible for more gun sales.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Indy 1500

Got up late (about 7:30 my time) and headed for Indy. Arrived about 11:45 Indy time. The line was around three sides of the building. One of the vendors I talked to said the line started forming at  4:30 AM. Obama did a heck of a good job promoting it. Line moved decently and I made it in the room in about half an hour.It was interesting when I got close to the fairgrounds. It was gun appreciation day today and there were some people with picket signs about, that were dressed up in costume. Saw Ben Franklin rallying for the second amendment.

 They actually have AR's if you are willing to pay the going rate. Saw one just like the one I have that I am going to sell. They had it tagged at $1700. The magpul mags that were $14 are now $40. I did see a nice 1889 Schmidt Rubin to put in my collection, but, I was able to hold off for now. I want to get another safe before getting anything else. They aren't very popular, so he will probably have it next show. He might be willing to come down a bit then as well.  I have found the safe I want, I just have to decide if I am going to do the floor in the living room first. I want to put hardwood down and then put the safe on it. Beats trying to move the safe again to put flooring down. Hit Lowe's tomorrow and see what they have. I think they still have the Pergo I put down in the office. I can continue it down the hall and through the living room. I figure the AR will cover the cost of the safe.

Friday, January 18, 2013


I should be able to write off my NRA contributions if the pantywaste in the whitehouse can now have a cheerleading group and have them take tax exempt donations from libtards everywhere to fund his anti gun and other socialist projects. This just floors me.  Two terms, two, people elected him TWICE.......

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Indy 1500 weekend

I am off for the weekend and it's Indy 1500 weekend. YEAHHHH. Probably won't buy anything huge since I am looking into purchasing another safe as the first one is overflowing. But, you never know. I may run into something I just can't leave behind. Want to take my AR and see if I can get any decent offers out of it. May pay for most of the safe. This one will be a medium size. Hope to get it in the office, but not sure I will be able to maneuver it in there. If it doesn't fit in the office, it may live in the living room. Suppose to head to the club tomorrow with one of the guys from work. Get to try out my new hunting rifle.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How low can he go

Obummer has to drag a few kids on stage as decoration for his latest gun control spiel. The news should drop by my club when they are having their spot shoots and ask kids their opinions on guns. The little ones coming up  so proud with their crickets to shoot at the .22 section of the event. The youth taking hunter education classes so they can go hunting with mom and dad. One of the guys at work took his little girl rabbit hunting for the first time this year. She was thrilled.
The violence in the school was an act of violence carried out by a deranged loon. The guns were legally owned by the mother. No amount of background checks would change this. The mother did not lock her guns up away from her mentally challenged kid. Another act of idiocy which cost her her own life. Tragic, but not going to be fixed by more gun control. This is mainly to get rid of the gun shows.
 Outlawing high capacity magazines. How many millions are out there. You can outlaw them, but criminals will still have them. You can't make them disappear. You can only keep law abiding people from being able to use items we have already purchased and use. You only succeed in making law abiding gun owners criminals.
 Wasting millions of tax dollars on more studies of gun violence accomplishes nothing but increasing our already overwhelming debt. How many left leaning studies must we be forced to fund. Send Obama back to Chicago where he would fit in nicely. They love him. They voted him in twice. Heck, they may kick Rahm to the side and make him mayor. He can be in that friendly gun free atmosphere you can only get in Chicago or Mexico.
The white house accuses the NRA of picking on Obama's daughters. Completely twisted view as only a democrat can twist to their advantage. All the NRA was trying to convey to the non mentally challenged (non democrat), was how Obama, and politicians in general, send their kids to rich private schools with armed security and then ridicule the idea of armed guards in the public schools.
I still don't understand why they can't have a couple officers in each school. You don't need armed guards. Every police station has officers that shuffle papers and do clerical work. If you place a couple in each school doing what they are doing at the station, you have a couple armed police officers on hand should anything come up. Meanwhile, they are still doing what they would be doing at the station and the taxpayers are not out any additional money. But, that doesn't satisfy the gun control nut jobs. It is too simple of a solution.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Balancing the budget-the easy way

Couldn't we just do away with congress altogether. Back when I was in school (many many moons ago) I was taught about separation of power. You had (had being the key word) the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government to balance the power. It seems with Obama's regime, this no longer matters. The white house has decided that Obummer can use executive power to implement any gun control that they come up with. They can bypass congress altogether. Isn't that just wonderful. Don't need to have congress write and vote on a bill. Don't have to wait for it to go through the house and senate and then hit his desk. Why pay all the congress critters when the mighty O can handle everything single handedly. Rewriting the declaration of Independence as needed. Maybe he can just hack off the whole bill of rights part all together. Apparently we don't need the Judiciary part either. Heck, if the bill of rights doesn't mean squat and can be changed on the fly, why do you need judges to interpret the law. If the law doesn't fit the big O's need, change it.Wonder how the mighty press would feel should he ever tire of the Freedom of Speech part. Of course, why do away with the press when they bend and twist the facts to make you look good and justify every obamanation (misspelling intended) you do. We can just get him a throne and shut the house and senate down. Shut down the Supreme court while your at it, more money. Lots of money to pay the bills. He can single handedly raise the debt ceiling and our taxes so he has wealth to redistribute. Four more years of this IDIOT. Just upped my lifetime NRA membership to endowment lifetime and wrote my congress critters again for what good that will do. I am starting to think they can't read. For all their bad mouthing of the NRA being an evil entity, it is nothing more than an organization of tax paying US citizens. It is not like the lobbyists of big oil companies or other big conglomerates. It is an organization of American citizens for the protection of our second amendment rights.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years

Hope everyone had a safe New Years Eve and a Happy New Year. Trying to psyche myself up to going back to work tomorrow. Got up early and started the crock pot up. Making corned beef with cabbage, potatoes,carrots and onion. Not St. Patricks day yet, but it sounded good. Makes good eatin most of the week as well. Happy new year all.