Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rain, rain and more drizzling rain.....

No range day today. It is gloomy drizzling on more than off rain. Did hit the gun show and picked up a book on the Garand and an arisaka with mum intact really cheap. Got there early enough to get the biscuit and gravy breakfast at the kitchen there. Not too bad. Came home and made a vat of chili in the crock pot, along with some cornbread with a can of cream corn mixed in. Corn bread turned out great. I got the recipe off of the net. It is simple and uses the cheap jiffy mix cornbread mix which made it really easy. After some chili and some cornbread, a nap was in order. All in all, a pretty nice day despite the weather. Suppose to rain all day tomorrow as well, but, I have some housework I need to get done so it all works out. May help me stay on task.

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