Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nice day at the club

Went to the club to help out at the last spot shoot for the year. Thought there were a couple more, but this is it. Absolutely beautiful out, especially for a December day. Usually have to have a bunch of wood burners going to keep warm out there. They had one going. Didn't really need it for heat, but it sure makes it smell nice. Burning wood and gun powder, perfect combo. Didn't win the golden boy up for the raffle, but did have some chili and bean soup. Free beer for the workforce too. It was a nice relaxing day and got some bonus hours in. Club meeting Wednesday, and a decent little gun and knife auction Saturday. They have a Luger that looks nice along with a couple other pistols. This is the little gun auction, the big one is the 21 of December. Not too often they have two so close together. I hope to put a few in the big one. They usually pull a good price and the commission isn't too bad. Figure it is a good way to get rid of a few dupes I have acquired over time, and see how I make out on it. Three more weeks until Christmas vacation.

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