Thursday, October 31, 2013

Maybe, just maybe

There is a good chance I will get a two day weekend this weekend. YES. Have a gun show at the armory and the weather has been wet, but warm. Have a wedding to go to Saturday. Tried talking some sense into him, but, he is in love : )  They make a good couple. Buddy of mine from work. I got to meet his wife to be at the club when he brought her out. She's a good shot. We played around at cowboy town for a while. Hope to get out to the club for a bit if the weather isn't too atrocious.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Gee, who would have seen that coming......

Why on earth can republicans not just knock the  sh*t off. Idiots in Texas did their usual "lets ban abortion" nonsense again. Guess what, the court over turned it. I called that one as the protesters were picketing and the republicans were ignoring them. Bet the voters won't forget come election time. No matter which side of the argument one resides, the court IS going to overthrow it period. The only thing these idiots did was commit political suicide. Mourdock ring a bell. Republicans lost two senate seats and still don't get it. I am not saying what is right or wrong, just that it is beyond the control of the executive and legislative branches, therefore, leave it alone. It's a freebie for the democrats. Throw the abortion question out there and the republicans knock each other out of the way to land on the grenade. The democrats just sit there and gleefully watch. Would not shock me in the least to see Texas turn blue. It would sadden me, but not surprise me.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why can he not lead?????

Now is the time for immigration reform..... Really???? How about sitting down with congress NOW and getting the budget done. Work on reducing the spending so the debt ceiling can begin to shrink. You know, instead of waiting for the last minute and kicking it down the road again.

How about fixing Obama care instead of trying to throw attention away from the mess and trying to let future dimocrats into the country. Repealing would be good, but making it somewhat functional may be a start. What Obama doesn't understand is the people logging in are not necessarily for Obama care as they are likely trying to stay legal by signing up to avoid the fine. Kind of like I pay my taxes so the IRS doesn't haul me away, not because I like giving my hard earned cash to the government to be doled out to democratic voters for free cell phones, cable, housing, food stamps, spending cash, and utilities.

Here is a fresh thought. How about using this non election year to make a law requiring a photo ID at the poling place to prevent demorats from voting over and over and over and over  voting fraud. There is absolutely no reason not to do it. No legitimate reason.

As for the immigration reform, let ICE do their job unhindered. If you really think it is broken, how about just putting a question on the 2014 ballot asking all of America if they feel amnesty is in order. You know, poll the whole populous, not just the unemployed welfare recipients and illegals that have the time to picket. The rest of America is busy working and paying taxes with no time to picket. Give us a say. Reagan already gave amnesty once. It did not work. DON'T REPEAT MISTAKES.....

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Laziness wins out

Sleep in, or, get up early and go to the Indy gun show. Sleeping in won out. Worked yesterday and been feeling a bit ragged lately, so, I decided to relax a bit. Did manage to get some cleaning done and make a vat of chili with corn bread on the side. Watched movies and snacked on chili most of the day. Weekend after next is gun show weekend down here. There are two that are close together. Starting to hit the point where I have just about everything I want anyway, but I still love to look and occasionally find something interesting to add to the collection.

They finally had their insurance meeting at work. I didn't make out to badly. Being single, my insurance only went up ten dollars a month. Married people got a hike. They also added a working spouse punishment. With Obamacare, a lot of employers are implementing an extra cost if your spouse is employed and chooses to use our insurance. Our company charges an extra hundred dollars a month. They did add another tier to our groups to choose from. It has minimal coverage and high deductibles, but, it offers young people an inexpensive option. I get the best coverage as I am not exactly a youngster anymore. Any problems I occur won't be cheap. Didn't get as ugly as I feared.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

No surprise at all.....

Really not surprised at all by the republicans caving. If you are going to threaten, follow through. All they accomplished was getting negative press and giving the dems something to throw at them at election time. They should have just called their bluff. Run over the cliff. Put the pedal down and floor it. Put a bill to the senate, then move on to other business. Leave the ball in their court. If they don't wish to discuss it like grown adults, move on to other business until the senate counter offers. By counter offer, it means a little give, not the usual dem "we are not going to negotiate " BS.

They had a campaign when the tea partiers started up. They mailed tea bags to congress. I had a similar idea. Everyone mail the republicans who voted to pass the bill a couple of "rocky mountain oysters" with a note telling them to grow some dangly bits. Both of our senators voted for the bill. POS Donnelly didn't surprise me, being a demorat and all, but I expected better of Coats. Buchson on the other hand, voted no. The only Hoosier representative to represent.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Missed the machine gun shoot

Had to work yesterday, so, I didn't go to the shoot this fall. I did manage to go to the local antique steam show at the fairgrounds one county over. Stupid GPS put me in the middle of nowhere. Pulled over to look at a map, and a trooper happened by. He pulled over to see if I had a problem, then gave me an escort most of the way to the grounds. It is really out in the boonies and hard to find if you don't know where it is.  Huge flea market, great food and all sorts of old steam engines and steam powered equipment. An operational saw mill powered by a steam engine. It was a great time. Yesterday afternoon, I took my buddy from work over to his dads to drop him off. His dad was smoking meat and I had gone in halves on a sizable pork tenderloin. Absolutely perfect. Not only is it tasty, it makes the house smell great. I wish there was an air freshener that made the house smell of bacon and smoked meat. Now, it is time to get the housework done so I am ready for another fun filled work week. It was a short weekend, but good overall. All the windows are open and a nice cool breeze blowing through the house.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hmmm, how times and opinions change

I was wondering if memory served me. I have seen a snippet many a time on the web, but here is the whole speech.

 Senator Obama did in fact speak out about the debt ceiling, and, it is both disgusting and humorous to read the hypocrisy of his speech. Now, I worked on the south side and lived in northwest Indiana while useless was a senator. It was seldom he was in the senate, and most of the time, when he was there, he voted present, not taking sides on issues. Spent most of his congressional time running for president. This speech would be a good read for him. The debt has increased significantly since he gave it. Most of the increase has been since he has had the helm.

 It amazes me how most Chicagoans think. One of my coworkers and I would always talk at lunch. He was always slamming Obama for being useless and never in the senate doing his job. Come election time, he, like a lot of the people at work, voted for useless. Why? Well, he is a democrat and they always vote democrat. I miss my family and friends, but I really don't miss anything to do with Chicago and their liberal mindset. Voting for him solely because of his party line was ludicrous. Lots of people just vote by hitting the same party button at election time. No research. No real thought. Just vote party like your mommy and daddy did and your grandparents and all the other good little lemmings.

I have held my nose and hit the button for a few democrats over the years. This last election, I voted for one who was fighting for the constituency against a hostile takeover. Evansville was trying to annex our area against the citizens wishes. He fought for our cause by our side. He lost in the election, but he did have my vote and I will remember his name in future elections. It is hard to find a politician that is willing to actually put him or herself out there for the people. If voters actually put thought into their decisions, we would be in better shape. Obama is there because people voted for him because he is black. Because he was a democrat. Because he promised change with no laid out plan short of a chant. Hitler use to do that rather well. Watch some old war footage, then watch Obama and his fans. Not a notable difference. I always research all candidates in my district and vote on their accomplishments. Most of the time, I vote republican or independent, but, I do vote for a democrat once in a blue moon when there is one worth while. No, I did not vote for Donnelly.......

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hey Obama, I found 750 billion dollars a yearand growing annually you can easily cut........

Oh, never mind. You decided not to help the families of the deceased military heroes and close monuments. Sorry, missed that. Still haven't figured out the savings of having more armed guards shuttering the places as opposed to the fewer number of rangers running them. Must have to be a democrat for that to make sense. I just can't do it. I love my frontal lobe too much. Before cutting veteran benefits, how about cutting free housing, free phones, free chow, free utilities and making people work and pay their share of taxes? Just a crazy thought, but what do I know. I voted for the loser two elections in a row. Of course, the biggest loser won.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Well, at least I recieved a discount.

Went to buy groceries after a long day at work. Got to the register and the kid running the register finishes up. She looks at me and asks me if I am a senior. Now I know it was a rough day at work, but, I have another fifteen years until I hit that stage, and I am not in a hurry. Apparently, she was so sure I was a senior, she had already entered it and didn't know how to undo it. She was apologizing and you could tell she was embarrassed. I told her not to worry. She can call me ugly too if that comes with an additional ten percent discount.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rain, rain and more drizzling rain.....

No range day today. It is gloomy drizzling on more than off rain. Did hit the gun show and picked up a book on the Garand and an arisaka with mum intact really cheap. Got there early enough to get the biscuit and gravy breakfast at the kitchen there. Not too bad. Came home and made a vat of chili in the crock pot, along with some cornbread with a can of cream corn mixed in. Corn bread turned out great. I got the recipe off of the net. It is simple and uses the cheap jiffy mix cornbread mix which made it really easy. After some chili and some cornbread, a nap was in order. All in all, a pretty nice day despite the weather. Suppose to rain all day tomorrow as well, but, I have some housework I need to get done so it all works out. May help me stay on task.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Aaaaah, the weekend

It's the weekend, and I am off. YES. I managed to get a box of ammo for the Webley and the M1 carbine. Weather permitting, it is a range day tomorrow. Taking the henry out as well as I scored some .22 ammo as well. First stop in the morning, the local gun show at the 4H center. Next weekend is the fall steam show in Warrick County. It's cool. They have a working sawmill, a huge flea market and awesome BBQ. Ribs, pulled pork and chicken. What more can you ask for. They are spoiling me with forty hour work weeks. I have never worked just forty hours before. Boss says we are about to get slammed with work again. Enjoying the off time while it is here. Seems weird having so much free time.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

She's got gun.......

Not.....How many of the real cop shows do they show the strips that let the air out of the tires? Why did they let her rip through the capitol? Why did they report she had a gun? Why did a bunch of cops have to blow away mommy and hope the kid is OK? They actually applauded this act of stupidity heroics? From what I saw, it couldn't have been handled worse if they tried. All the police, and they couldn't use the strips or block her in? Really? Not saying the nutjob was in the right by any means, but an unarmed woman with a baby in tow gets blown away. Awesome job guys. Awesome. They did say they are working without pay today, so, I guess they got paid their worth.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

No surprise there

Wow, I must be a little psychic, not. Unfortunately, I would have bet money against anyone who said they wouldn't get paid. The government is plain sick. More of a parasite as it feeds off of it's host. When common folk get "furloughed", they are left to fend for themselves and consider themselves lucky if they get their job back. Must be really stressful. Be out of work with full pay. May have to wait on the paycheck, but, it's coming. Lot better than most people in this economy get. And to watch them on the media is a joke. Yes, it is an inconvenience, but you still have a job. You will get paid in full to sit on your butt and relax or do whatever you want. No unemployment. No partial or no pay. Paid in full. Sorry, not shedding tears here. At least they are paying the military this time around so their families don't have additional hardships to deal with. Hard enough dealing with a spouse serving their country without having to wait for the pay to make ends meet on the home front.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The government shut down is finally here. We are finally on the right track. Now if they can only shut off the food stamps, free housing, free phones, and the other real drains on the economy we can get somewhere. Put lifetime limits on the amount of government aid one can get before he or she is kicked to the curb to fend like the rest of us do.  Maybe we can taper back the borrowing from China while we are "shut down". I love how the republicans get slammed with all the blame.

 Wouldn't it be nice if we could live like the government? Couldn't you imagine just going in and quitting your job? No need to worry about money. Just charge everything. What about running the card up? No problem, just get a new one. How great would it be to have a card like the government? Just keep having the card raise your limit. No need to ever pay back the money, just kick the can down the road.

If we had any real news media, they would already be harping on the debt, instead of skewering the republicans for trying to get the senate to actually cough up a budget, listen to the people on Obama care, and try to spend in our means. It is never going to happen. They will cave, and, with the way the news media twists it, the republicans will once again take the heat. The people that get their news from the little commercial blurbs between their reality shows, will think the republicans are just being  hateful racists against the first black man in the white house. Hopefully, the shut down will last for a while, and they can get some semblance of a budget in place, but, most probably not.

 As for the furloughed federal employees, not our problem. I don't think any of them were too concerned when NAFTA killed a bunch of jobs and sent them overseas. Whirlpool pulled their local plant and headed to Mexico last year. It devastate the area. Do what us common folk do, suck it up, and go look for work to get by on. Your gravy job will be back. Probably with back pay as most government jobs come with perks us commoners could never even dream of getting.