Friday, November 25, 2011

carpet out, wood down, ready for trimming

Stayed on track today and removed all the carpet, under pad and staples. Cleaned up area and installed the laminate hardwood flooring. Tomorrow will be installing baseboard, thresholds and running the cable into the wall and installing wall plates. Then it is just moving furniture back in and setting up the dillon press. Hope to be loading in the evening and out at the club Sunday trying out some of the reloads at cowboy town. Take the black powder out as well.

Heat vent cover doesn't quite match color wise, but close enough for now. I can sand and stain it later. It was the closest they had for a match. Busy day, but the results were worth it. Dog did his part laying on the floor as I was laying it out holding it down. Not sure what I would do without his help.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Good time to catch up with family and friends. Got a call from my son and he is doing well. He has been working for Ford for almost a year now and is working alot of overtime. Talking about getting an apartment early next year. Things are coming together for him which eases the mind quite a bit. My brother called and got to catch up with him a bit. Some friends called during the day to wish me a happy Thanksgiving and got to catch up with them as well. Pretty nice day. I whipped up some holiday chow for me and the pup.  Just a nice relaxing day.

 Tomorrow I lay the hardwood floor out in the office. I have the baseboard up and furniture out. Should be a breeze. Baseboard came out easy so I can reuse it. The builders did a nice job coping the ends and there are no splices so it will look nice when done. I picked up some shoe molding to finish it off nicely. I can finally get my reloading equipment set up properly. Hope to be loading this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to all.