Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just too darn ugly not to own at least one


Picked up a Webley at the gun show yesterday, along with an ultra cheap .22 plinker for cowboy town. Webley came with six rounds of .38 S&W ammo. Quite a cute little round. Meant to get a picture of it next to a .38 special for comparison. The S&W round is about the length of the brass of the special. Have to see about finding some ammo for plinking. Guy I bought it from has the holster, the lanyard ring and a lanyard for it. I have to go by his shop sometime during the week to pick them up. I guess his wife isn't doing too well. He is closing shop soon and relocating to Nashville so she can be near family. I will miss seeing and talking to him. He is an older vet and has a lot of military supplies and guns. He worked in the armory when he was in the service and is a wealth of info and just fun to talk to. His kid runs the store as well, and he has odd items and antiques. It is between my house and the grocery store, so it is a fun stop off point along the way. I bought a Vietnam footlocker there a while back along with a M14 stock. His prices are extremely reasonable, and it is always interesting to see what he has. He just got a grenade launcher with dummy grenades for the garand.

Back to work tomorrow. Only five days until the weekend though : )

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Not a bad day at all

I got up early and hit the gun show at the club. It is usually just a few club members selling a few things, but, it only cost a buck to get in. How can I go wrong? There were a lot of tables and a few vendors I deal with quite regularly.  I scored four hundred additional rounds of ammo to feed my garand, or 03. I picked up a Webley WWII revolver to add to my collection, as well as a cool little .22 caliber cowboy gun to plink with at the range. From there, I headed up to meet a friend from work at the local tavern for lunch. I have been by there many times, but never stopped in. The food is great and the waitress was a blast. From there, I headed over to my buddies house out in the country to check out his bow. Bows have changed dramatically from the ones I played with as a kid. He was showing me what to look for when shopping and some of the more desirable features. The fiber optic site was really great. It looked like it was battery operated, but it merely collected light from the coils and directed it to the site. The new carbon fiber arrows are so light. The technology of new archery equipment is just incredible. May get to go dove hunting during the week. Something different to do. It is getting harder to find open places to hunt as some areas develop.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Just a little at a time

They didn't want to floor everyone with all the bad news at one time, so, they divided it up a bit. Thursday meeting was just about some of the benefits we use to enjoy. Thanks to Obamanomics, the economy sucks to put it mildly. They did away with some positions, revamped the way they figure overtime, not in our favor, and a few more perks going by the wayside. Overtime is being drastically reduced for the foreseeable future, and some people that left and were let go won't be replaced. That done, they postponed the meeting of what Obamacare means to us working folk until the early October meeting. At least I still have a job and a full time one at that. Hopefully business picks back up soon. Silly part is, the supposed global warming. A huge part of our business is the manufacture of drink cups (McDonald's, burger king and such). Since the year has been unusually cool (global warming chanters change chant to climate change), the demand was unusually low, causing a lot of machines to sit idle and stock to pile up. Add to that the higher operating costs of material, and, costs need cutting. If only they could do what the democrats do. Just borrow loads of money and keep raising your own borrowing limit.: )

At least it is the weekend. Gun show at the club tomorrow and a barbeque down town. Should be a nice weekend. Take a few guns to the club to play with. I want to take my Henry and my M1 carbine out for a bit of exercise.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Received two e-mails from HR at work today.... Wahhhh..... The first is a non explanation of what Obamacare is, the second, a meeting tomorrow that will be discussing what Obamacare may do to for me. My rates haven't gone up nearly as much as some people I know in recent years. Our copays have gone up nominally, but the rates aren't too bad. I have a bad feeling Obama's "affordable care" is getting ready to make mine not so affordable anymore.
Another thing I am not wild about, that seems to be becoming common place, is the way my insurance added a "discount" a couple years back. The way the discount works is, you give blood each year and they do their workup on it. They then set goals for you to reach in order to qualify for the rate discount. If you don't meet the goal, or don't participate, you pay the higher rate.  The discount isn't so much a discount as everyone's will go up, but if you don't meet the goal, yours goes up more. Doesn't seem like a discount to me.
Seems like the older generation anymore is getting shafted at each turn. I have always maintained insurance and have stayed somewhat healthy, but, now that age related issues are starting to surface, now they are coming up with qualifiers for a lower price. I sure would have enjoyed such discounts when I was younger and less problematic, medically that is. First, they threaten social security, push the retirement age for my generation up, and threaten it's very existence when I reach that age, then, they start messing with the insurance we already have. Sometimes wish I was born a generation or two back. Seems like there isn't a whole lot to look forward to anymore. Definitely glad I am not just starting out as I believe the younger generation will have it much, much worse.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Why one and not the other?

Earlier this year, local churches of different denominations wanted to display crosses, each made by a different church, displayed along the Ohio river. It was to show diversity and solidarity among the churches. Thanks to a couple of people filing a complaint using the argument of separation of church and state, the court system ruled against the crosses being displayed on public property. What I thought was spectacular, was the fact that a whole bunch of local businesses down by the river allowed the group to use their property to display their crosses. It aggravated me that the pettiness of  a couple people could spoil such an event that was going to be put on by multiple church organizations of different religions, but, technically they were right. Petty, but legally right. Now, can someone explain to me how the following is deemed alright, because I just don't understand how it can be proper when the above was not.

I have a hard time trying to swallow the part about Islam being woman friendly, and a peaceful religion to start with. How on earth can the government justify having this on government property. I find the double standard quite offensive. Christianity has to walk on egg shells and stay off of public land, but, if it has to do with Islam, we all have to show tolerance? Why? Seems really lopsided to me. I really hope they get enough negative feedback, that they remove this atrocity from public land, but, I highly doubt it.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beat that dead horse, bathe in the blood of the dead

Didn't take long for numbnut to start flinging poo again. Chicago has gun control pinhead. The other shooting was on a military base by a nutjob that should have set off bells and flashing lights on any sort of background check. But, the military cleared him. They cleared him after he shot at a neighbor and in a separate incident, shot at construction workers. He was on meds and in therapy. What laws do you want pinhead. He should have been in jail, on multiple occasions. In actuality, if they would have jailed him on his first offence, he wouldn't have been able to shoot at the construction workers, or do a mass shooting. Heck, it they threw him in after the second act of idiocy, the mass shooting wouldn't have happened. They gave him an honorable discharge. WTF......They should jail the doctors who were treating him and decided not to jail him. Eight years of this mentally challenged individual. Unbelievable. Heck, shotgun Joe should be smiling, the last nutjob used a shotgun.

Maybe if we got Obama some stationary or some assorted cards

Yes, it was a deplorable, cowardly act, but, we DON"T need to get involved. Send a sympathy card and call it good enough. We do not need to police the world. We don't invite foreign governing bodies over to take care of our incidences, they can handle their own. We could send Obama over there in a couple years. He can be president in his homeland. Hell, half the battle is won for him over there. They are already a gun free zone. What more could he want. If Americans were hurt, they knew the risks when they went there, period. If you go into a volatile environment, you are going into trouble. You are accepting the risk. No need to start a war over it.

See, gun control really works.........NOT,0,2223583.story

For those that are not aware, the country is a gun free zone. If you need the police, they are a bus ride and a couple hours away. Just leave a note next to your fresh or not so fresh corpse and they may or may not get the perpetrators. Either way, it won't matter to you anymore.

And here we have a picture that makes Bloomberg, Rahm, Obama, Feinstein and their like drool. They wish they could have a public destruction of all firearms so they too can have the peace and tranquility like they have in Kenya, Mexico, Chicago, New York and other gun free zones.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Rain, rain and more rain.....

Got up early and headed St. Louis way. Supposedly, it was a slight chance of a little rain in the morning. Wrong. It rained all day. It was a light drizzle on and off at first after arrival. Made it through most of the exhibits before the full blown storm hit.

Afterwards, I hit the Cabela's in St. Louis. It is really quite nice. It is about 3/4 the size of the Hammond one, but it is built into one of the biggest malls I have ever been in. They had some really cool guns, but, not being a contingent state and having Illinois in between there and home, I came home with no guns. They had several Springfield trapdoors and some nice broomies. I could have used my curio license to purchase, but I don't like having anything when traveling Illinois. Don't need to look for trouble. I generally try to stay clear of that state. Not having a FOID card (seeing as how I live in a free state), I wasn't sure of the proper transport protocols.

Oooh, a military grade assault weapon

Well, that should take gun control clear out of the picture. After all, since the feds banned machine guns years ago, apparently, the shooter must have imported it with his drug shipment. It amazes me how people still think gun control is doable when you have a place like Chicago. Chicago, land of gun control, and, it sounds like this shooting gives them back their murder capitol of the world title. For a bit, New York (you know, Bloomberg's little piece of hell) was in a dead heat for the title, but, I believe Chicago just pulled back in the lead. There are still a few months left, so Bloomberg's peaceful gun and sugar controlled residents may get their title back, maybe. Send Bloomy out in style. Not even sure a shooting in Chicago is news. It happens more than just once daily. Maybe a few more gun laws would fix it. Funny how the article points out all the gang members in the immediate area. So the police know the gang members. Why do they tolerate gangs? Would it not benefit them to work on eliminating the gangs? You know, maybe actually prosecuting them. The ones who are convicted of murder could be executed immediately, setting an example for others. Oops, that's right, the death penalty is only for civilians killed by the thugs, not for the thugs themselves. Sorry. Forgot, democrats don't like dealing a death sentence to a murderer. Just let them out of the overcrowded Illinois jails to kill more innocent people. Much better. This should get the antis chanting again. Yeahhhh,0,352520.story

Upon reading article again, they accidentally mention  "Though gun violence has long plagued the city’s impoverished neighborhoods, offenders almost never use military-style weapons."

 Really. Wow, someone should let Bloomberg, Obama, Feinstein and the rest of the forth Reich know immediately. Maybe Obama can rescind his order to destroy military weapons instead of allowing CMP and other groups to reimport them for sale to the public. Maybe they can quit the assault weapon BS.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Because the second amendment was just way to long

Why else would the people on the left rewrite it to fit into their text books to teach upcoming generations what it really means. Thank goodness we have liberals that can twist and contort things into perspective. How else would they justify their views? Be nice if politicians had the stones to take up action on this type of brainwashing. I am a bit shocked they didn't put in there that it only applies to muzzle loading weaponry. I am glad I am not a young person as I hate to think what America will look like a few generations down the line, if there is anything left.

Boring day today

Actually did some chores today. Refinanced the house a couple months back, so, today I trudged downtown, found the assessors office, and filed my exemptions again. Forgot about the silly metal detector or I would have left all change, my knife, and many other things at home or in the car to expedite the matter. That is what gripes me about the mass shootings. How do the whack jobs manage to get a gun past security, and I, simply trying to do paperwork, get to empty pockets, take off belt, and still get frisked because of the beep. Must be all the metal slivers I picked up through the years. Hell, I had absolutely nothing on me. How do the idiots get weapons past security?

Well, after that fiasco, I headed over to the barbershop and actually got in. Most of the time, the benches are loaded with older gentlemen waiting in line. Most of them I believe are there more for company than anything else as they really have nothing to cut. Today, only one person, so I was able to get in. One of the old fashion barber shops. Not too many of them around anymore. Since most of their clients are older, their hours of operation pose a problem. I can usually only get in while on vacation, or in the rare occurrence I get a Saturday off. After that, I did my groceries and just vegged out most of the day. Thinking of doing St. Louis tomorrow. I have been trying to get out there for a while now. Would like to see Grant's Farm. We went there when we were little kids, but I was too young to really remember it much. May check out their Cabela's while I am out there. It is smaller than the Hammond one, but bigger than the little shack they built in Louisville.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

About time

Thank god I am not the only one who feels that way. I think it is downright lunacy to disarm military personnel on a base. Thankfully, the right came out for a demonstration in favor. Fully expected the antis to be out in full force. Probably still in shock that there wasn't an evil AR involved, although the liberal press had mentioned one early on. They never let facts get in the way of a good story.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Well, the left is making pretzels out of the facts again

I have been hoping congress would eventually do away with the absurdity of not being able to purchase a handgun out of state. I frequent Whitaker Gun store in Kentucky, and I can only bring home long guns and shot guns. Handguns I have to send to an FFL and that takes until Sunday, as the one they use goes there weekly, adds to the expense, plus the wait time. Well, the left has figured the nut case was able to buy the gun out of state since it wasn't a hand gun, so, how long you figure until they change the law to NO guns out of state? Don't concern themselves with how the data base didn't catch his past infractions. No concern as to why he wasn't serving time for shooting at construction workers. Serving time for shooting at neighbor. No concern as to how he got a shotgun into a federal facility. No concern for allowing military personnel to carry their service weapons so they can defend in case of a lunatic or terrorist. No, it's the loose gun laws. It's not having their gun registry universal background checks in place. If the federal government is so inept, it allowed a psycho to work for them with clearance, how is a back ground check going to help. They discharged him over his psychotic behavior, then hired him as a contractor and gave him clearance. Oh well, just have to start buying my guns in state I guess. It's a shame. Whitakers is freakin enormous and prices are extremely good. If I were truly a psychotic nutbag, I would simply take one of my many handguns with me to use in some heinous crime. How is stopping an out of state sale suppose to do anything constructive.

Made the voyage down to Whittakers gun store today. I couldn't resist picking up a Golden Boy. They had it on sale at a more than reasonable price, and I have been wanting one for years. They also actually had bricks of .22 for sale. So, I came home with one of each as they only allowed one brick per customer. Tomorrow will be a plinking day, weather permitting. Haven't been to the club in a while. May take some of the cowboy guns out as well.

Latest news

The evil black gun was not, repeat, was not the culprit in the latest tragedy. Apparently, the idiot that shot up the navy yard was a fan of shotgun Joe. Yes, as Joe Biden suggested, the nut job used a shotgun. A shotgun he somehow legally acquired at a store, not, again, repeat not a gun show. He bought it legally through a store. A store, not a gun show you pin headed anti gunning knuckleheads. None of your rhetoric would have made an ounce of difference. The only thing that would have helped would have been that the current background check system would have shown his criminal background and red flagged him. Why didn't it? That should be the question. He lost his job at the military because of a couple illegal discharges of firearms incidents. One of which was shooting at vehicles of construction workers. While construction workers have on many occasions raised my blood pressure, I have to date resisted the urge to shoot at them. Why was he not jailed for this offense? Why did this not scream attention when they called his gun in? We don't need to change the laws, we need to fix what apparently is broken. I would still like a legitimate reason for them disarming all military personnel on a base. They are trained professionals after all and having them armed may have prevented this as well as other shootings. It is a bit ridiculous for a military base to have to call in police.

Monday, September 16, 2013

One of my favoriet NCIS episodes

The team was tracking a serial killer. Flash to the end of the episode, and, they do what I wish would be done in real life. The serial killer smiles and tells Gibbs he is now going to be a household name and will live on forever. In the background, the TV shows that a man was captured and is in custody, but, his identity cannot be released, the end, no fame. If in real life, the media could not live to bathe in the blood of victims, relishing the gore. Yes, it is important to catch the killer. Yes, it is important for investigators to get to the bottom of those involved. We, the public, do not need the name of the sicko. Don't make them famous. Take some of the glamor out of it that other sickos feed on.

 I did jury duty a few months back. I had to go through a metal detector to get into the court room. How does anyone get through a military installation with a weapon?  How does a military installation not have armed personnel everywhere? They are trained military personnel, right? The military had to call in police? The whole thing makes no sense at all. Prayers go out to all families. Do wish the media could filter some of the fame though.

Spike is back home

He was creme colored with light tan spots when I dropped him off. He also smelled pleasant. Was being the key word. I don't think he missed any smell or puddle they might have had in the yard. He down right reeked. In other words, he had fun. After riding home with my head out the window for air and a quick dog bath, all is back to normal. He had fun. They have a kiddie pool with water for them to play in, along with dog toys of all shapes and sizes. He was very happy to see me though. Quite anxious to get home.

I wanted to go to Grants Farm today, but they are only open on the weekends this time of year. Sure am glad I checked before heading that way. A few hour drive to hit a closed attraction would not have been fun. Did find the lifetime of a Garmin. Five years. At least it got me home before dying. I hit it today to find something. It powered up, then, went dark and won't power up again. Stone dead. At least I got home with it. It has been replaced by a Magellan product that was on sale at a reasonable price. It came with free map and traffic updates for life. Apparently, they all include the free lifetime updates now. You use to have to pay for them. This one has traffic built in which I am anxious to see how it works. Not sure what is up for tomorrow. May just be a day to recoup a bit.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hell to get old

Started the day by going to Clifty Falls National park. Not sure when my body went to hell, but it sucks. I tried taking a trail down some steep stairs and my knees just can't do it anymore. For some reason, heading down the stairs is harder than going up. Went down a ways, but the knees were complaining loudly and I didn't want to get in a position I couldn't get our of. May see if the elastic supports they sell help any. After I left there, I tried heading to the war bird museum. A museum of old historic war airplanes. Garmin stuck it to me again and took me to an alley in the middle of nowhere. I turned it off and went to my not so smart, smart phone. It uses google maps. It led me to an old subdivision. Unless someone meant little model planes, I do believe high tech got me again. Third try. I went to their website and hit the direction tab. It triggered a map function on a different app on my not so smart smart phone. This time, it took me to an office complex. At this point, I was ready to go back to the muzzleloader show and put the phone and garmin out on the target range and turn them into itty bitty chunks of plastic. At this point, being a man and incapable of asking direction, I said heck with it and headed home, after a stop at the pathetic excuse of a Cabela's that Louisville has. It is one story and the gun section is pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. I am spoiled. I am used to the one in Hammond Indiana. A full size real Cabela's, not Cabela lite like down here. I asked the guy why it was so small. He said they are trying to put more of them out there faster, thus they are getting a bit smaller. Seems kinda backward to me. Won't go out of my way to go there again.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I find it hard to believe any one group can be so freakin disconnected with reality

IF the recall failed, it would have been PROOF in their eyes the country is ready for gun control. BUTTTT, since it went the other way, it is the evilllll NRA and those nasty inbred southern bible hugging, wife beating gun clingers knowing how to manipulate the politicians. REALLY. You would be hard pressed to even see much of the recall in the media. It was hardly mentioned in most media as it didn't go their way. Secondly, the anti-gunners contributed more overall money than the NRA did. Most was given by Bloomy, who I was really hoping would have spontaneously combusted at the outcome of the vote. It never ceases to amaze me how the left can twist, contort and skew things so horribly that they get people believing their rhetoric.

Bang bang

Lots and lots of black powder smoke. It was awesome. Went to the muzzle loader shoot in Friendship Indiana. It is going on all week. Lots of old and new muzzle loaders there for purchase and just looking at. There is a huge fleamarket with a little bit of everything.

They had the above shooting area with targets up on the hill, and, they also had a nice long range. Sure wish they were closer to home. Lots and lots of shooting tables. Too many to count. And targets galore at all different distances. I was surprised there weren't more people out today. Vendors were a little depressed. The weather was absolutely perfect for it.

Found a really nice old Harley there among the antiques. It was one of the vendors and not up for sale. I just couldn't resist a few pics though.

Tomorrow, maybe a little cave exploring, or, a trip through Louisville. Have to decide tomorrow.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sorry guys, Obama doesn't need your vote anymore,0,1515488.story

Gee, probably regretting voting him in again now, aintcha. You union guys pissed the bed, now sleep in it and be quiet. Unfortunately, union drones stuck us with the smelly mess too. Sucks when reality sets in. I will be watching close to any congressional scum who may vote to alleviate any pain from the union scum who voted the democrats in. They thought it was good when it didn't effect them. Let them wallow in the muck they thought was so good.

Vacation at last

Tomorrow is the huge flea market, muzzleloader shoot, antique and gun show all in one. I am finally able to make it. It goes on every spring and fall. The people at work hit the spring one, but I am usually swamped at work in the spring, so, I miss that one. Did get a lot of information on where to eat and what areas to hit first as well as the areas the junk resides so I can stay clear of the Chinese import junk. Probably hit Cabela's while I am in the area. Vacation time and the weather couldn't be nicer. Turn the AC off and open the window time.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blip, just a itty bitty, blip

The recall was a huge success. Since it was against the liberal media, it is a very small blurb on the news. Apparently, $360,000 is half a million according to CNN. That is the amount contributed by the NRA. The way it was said was almost like the NRA bought the election. Funny how they left out Bloombergs $350,000 contribution to the left to try and buy his way. New York mayor contributing to a Colorado election, don't see any legitimate reason other than trying to buy his way. Sorry Bloomy, all your money, and the people were able to vote their own way anyhow. Maybe if you bribed each individual voter you may have better luck. Felt a little unreal at just how little the media said on such a huge event. Some news channels didn't even mention it at all. Two senators get ousted in a recall and nothing. If it had gone the other way, there would be a news media feeding frenzy. In reality, it would have been even greater if both Bloomberg and the NRA could have sat it out and let the people have the victory without the bribe money flowing on all sides. I do believe they had the momentum going to pull it off on their own, but, Bloomy would have been there, so, you need an equalizer. The equalizer is the NRA. A group of citizens banding together as a group to try and battle a billionaire trying to buy his way.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

And another one bites the dust

Morse goes down in history, but, he now has company as Giron joins the ranks of democrats that just don't listen to their constituents and thus get their walking papers. Thank you Colorado. You gave me a little hope. I may be tired at work tomorrow, but I will have that nice warm feeling inside knowing there are still people out there willing to stand and fight. Two senators at the same time. History made twice. Wow. The democrats are on fire.

History is made

Colorado democrat is first senator to be successfully recalled. He gave his concession speech already. One down and hopefully being followed by a fellow demorat. She only has 25% of her votes in, but is already down a ways, and hopefully stays down. Maybe they will get the message? Thank you Colorado, Thank YOU. Now if more follow suit, maybe we can get our country back on track.
Democrats making history, yessssss.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Military show this weekend

Well, I have to work tomorrow, but, I still plan on hitting the Louisville military gun show. Just have to hit it Sunday. Lots going on this weekend, but I won't have time to do much. They have an antique iron and steam show going on not far north of here. Weather is suppose to be on the pleasant side. One more week until vacation. Plan on hitting the Friendship Indiana muzzleloader shoot. Suppose to be a huge gun show, flea market and shooting event.

Well, knucklehead still just doesn't get it. England doesn't want the war. Russia has threatened to throw in and help Syria if we do anything. The American people don't want it. Lots of members from congress have said their constituents don't want it. The UN won't back it. But, that is not enough. He still insists we must go forward. The news footage had him answering a question about how congress was worried about the fact that the majority of the US citizens are against it, the mighty O says congress should do what's right which may not be what the people want. What does it take to get this nimrod out of office. He pussy foots around the question of whether or not he will go it alone if congress rejects the strike. The reporter asked the question directly a couple times, and the mighty O claimed he thought he answered it. His typical talk in circles and not really answer any questions directly. He is planning to address the American people on Tuesday. Same day as the recall elections in Colorado. Hopefully, it will be a success on the recall leading to many, many more. Like to see one on Donnelly myself. Like to see one on Obama, but that doesn't look likely.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

His Credi-what

Would he not have to start with some credibility in order to lose some. I am hoping we sit this one out. We have already endured enough war for a while. If one hostile group of rebels wants to clash with another set of extremist, go for it. Let them kill each other off. At least they are leaving us alone and thinning their own numbers. If congress is smart, which they are not, they will say no, thus making it Obama's war. Obama has already made up his mind, he just doesn't want to shoulder the blame for any retaliation he and his ilk have planned. They aren't even sure which group was responsible for the gassing. Any whacked out group that would strap bombs to their family members and suicide bomb places is just as apt to gas a group of their own to bring in help for their cause.