Thursday, February 22, 2018

Taxes are done

Finally did the taxes. Hopefully much easier next year. Went as I figured. I put windows in last year. Big deal made out of tax write off. Tax write off was ten percent, up to a lifetime maximum of $200. That is two hundred dollars, total, in your lifetime. You move and do windows at new house, tough. Notice the WAS part. It expired. It is no more. I don't even get the lousy two hundred dollars toward windows. I usually manage to just miss tax breaks and incentives. It gets old. I do manage to get a refund from fed and state, and I am done for another year, so all is good.

Window got a good endurance test. Violent storm the other night shook a huge branch from the oak tree right outside my bedroom window. It dented the gutter pretty good on the way down and smashed into the window. Definitely a wake up call at one AM. I couldn't believe it didn't even crack the window. Screen got a little damage, but it is covered by window warranty. Need to call the tree guy out and get the tree either trimmed or removed. I hate to take a tree out so I am hopeful it can just be pruned of dead limbs and left standing. I am also very reluctantly going to look at removing the big maple tree in the front yard so I can put my garage up front on level land and not have to try and get it in the back yard. I hope to get the estimate this weekend if the guy is available. Weather is getting better, if not for the constant rain, which I am very thankful isn't snow.  Been an extremely easy winter. One storm with a whopping four inches of snow. I love it down here. It has been in the fifties and even hit the mid seventies in the last couple weeks. Trees are budding and the grass is already greening up.

Still working forty hour weeks. I have never done that in my life, ever. It has been almost two full months now. It is almost like having a life. It is freaking awesome. Getting use to it now. It is sure to change with the weather. Usually we get really busy about April and continue heavy through summer, when you really want off. Until then, I am enjoying the down time and trying to get some stuff done.