Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Garage Power fixed

Finally got the breaker in and the power run for the 20 amp outlets. I now can use my air compressor again, and my mig welder should arrive Thursday. I have cut out the bad metal in battery area and trimmed replacement piece to fit. Tomorrow I hope to get the carpet up, and cut bad section of floor out. I am suppose to have new floor pan by Thursday. Once welding is done, I can run the new gas and brake lines. Be nice to start to reassemble some of the car. I can also start blasting under hood area and repainting it.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rebuilt shifter

Got the shifter out today. It was pretty nasty. The 43 year old rubber seals that keep dirt and debris out of shifter are deteriorated and shifter was rusty. I ordered new spring packs as the old ones had no spring left in them, so shifter just wobbled loosely back and forth instead of centering itself.  I also ordered the rebuild kit for the trans with new syncros and new rubber boots for above and below to protect shifter from contaminants.. One more week until vacation. Hope to get car to body shop to repair floor pan area and weld parking brake brackets on for me. Then I can start reassembling everything.

Went to gun show today. They had a few nice colts and a Krag for sale. I already bought a Colt Huntsman, or I would have bought a real nice woodsman model they had for a real good price. They had a few nice, but overpriced M1A'S  for sale as well.

Dropped the trans

I dropped the trans (quite literally) today. I had jack under it, and removed crossover. Went to lower jack, got her half down, and she rolled and dropped the last six inches. It didn't get any appendages, so all is good. I will be putting it back in attached to the motor so reinstall shouldn't be a problem. Ordered the new clutch kit today. I ordered new clutch fork and shifter boots too.Clutch was totally shot. Hardly any material left. Still trying to get motor in to shop. My buddy that was going to take motor to shop for me fell off his pole barn roof while clearing debris. Fortunately he didn't break anything, just bruised and sprained shoulder pretty badly. I will go see him tomorrow. Told him to call if he needs anything. He is the kid that just bought the new house.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ah, the good old days

Yeah right.  I just got my new prebent brake lines in the mail today. $168 to my door, that's  tax and delivery included. All prebent stainless steel. Remember the good old days of trudging to the auto store and buying the straight pieces of steel lines with seams and piecing them together into a Hodge podge patch work mess. All the bending trying not to kink the lines. Cutting and flaring the ends. I am happy not having to deal with the mess. I also bought new stainless fuel lines and a hardware mounting kit with all the fasteners needed for both fuel and brake lines. I will get the tranny dropped out of the way tomorrow, and start cleaning the engine compartment. I can then run the front brake lines. Hope to install power brake conversion kit next year, so having all new lines will make that an easy addition.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Between massive overtime, and the high temp and humidity outside, I didn't manage to get the motor out- until today. Wanted to pull the motor and trans at the same time, but I couldn't get the get the reach over the hood to clear all obstacles. Trans will be an easy drop. I have all the cross member bolts out. Just need to jack trans up a few inches, knock out cross member, and drop trans. First things first though, I need to get buddy with truck over to get motor to shop. My buddy loaned me the load leveler for the motor as seen in picture. That is nice. You can crank handle at different stages of pulling motor to shift angle of motor to clear obstructions. Was a bit of a pain. Couldn't get hold of anybody to help pull motor,so it was pretty interesting. Thank god for long arms. Barely cleared body with motor. Thought I would have to yank pan.

Monday, June 7, 2010

One step closer

Well, back to work today. When I got home, I was able to assemble the cherry picker Og was kind enough to load up in his truck and lug half way across Indiana for me. Thanks Og. Went to Rural King and picked up a nylon sling and a couple bolts to finish lift. Hopefully get the motor out tomorrow or Wednesday. Want to get the motor to the shop this week. If I can get it to them this week, they said they should have it done before end of month. Vacation last week of month, so I may luck out and get it back in by July.

This coming weekend is the huge car show downtown and a swap meet just north of me. Hope to find some more stuff for the Stang. May enter the Vette in the car show downtown if the weather looks good. Need to blow the cobwebs off her and give her a wax.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Off to the gun show

Went to the Indy gun show today. Met up with my brother and Og. Saw a lot of nice guns I wanted, but with work on car, I need to hold off on buying my M1A. My brother bought a nice Enfield, and a Schmidt-Ruben 1911 that were in primo shape. Then he went over and bought a bayonet for his Krag. The show was alot smaller than it usually is, but it was still a good time. I did manage to buy a dial indicator for work at a steal of a deal, but still managed to resist strong urge to buy new gun.

After show, we went to Brigids for a fantastic lunch and a great time. Finally got to meet some of the bloggers and the infamous Barkley. I can now put some faces to the blogs I read. Great bunch of people. Brigids food is fantastic. It looks great in the pictures, but the pictures don't do the dishes justice. After dinner stories were entertaining as well. Had a great time.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

And now for something completely different

After work, went to the gun store with a buddy that just bought a house in the sticks. He picked up some clays and ammo, then we drooled over some of the guns. When we got done there, we went and checked out his new house. Nice place. Three bedroom, huge living room with fireplace. He has a 2 1/2 car garage and a huge pole barn. We got done with the tour, and he breaks out the four wheelers. He has several acres and there are trails out back. We get done with the trails, and he breaks out the clays and shotguns. I made sure not to harm any of the clays : )    Did not hit a one. The way his property is setup, we broke out the guns for target practice as well. It was a real good time. Says he gets lots of deer in the woods out back, so I may have a place to go during deer season. Met a few of his friends. Good time for all. Looking forward to Indy 1500 gun show this weekend... One more day.