Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stupid Phone

Probably more like stupid me. I can't seem to get the pictures I took at yesterdays military show to download on my computer. Have to try again later when I don't feel like whipping it against a wall. It was a really nice show. They actually had a lot of military guns at this one. usually it is more flags (original bring backs, not repos), medals, uniforms, books and just about anything you can think of. I came out of it with a stack of sixties and seventies era American Rifleman magazines. A stack of them for five bucks.  Figured it would be pretty cool to see the old articles and the surplus guns going for a few bucks.

 Did notice names change, but the evil villain (gun control ) goes on through the ages. There are articles about the Dodd committee, and Ed Kennedy with his anti gun rhetoric. One article is about congress killing the ammo registration that was put into effect by Dodd. I was in first grade when most of that went down, so I am totally oblivious to the politics of the day. I don't have the issues with the 1968 gun control act being put through. It is interesting reading the early liberals attempts at banning guns and ammo. The ammo registration has Edward Kennedy arguing that they should have included .22 ammo in the registration act. Seeing as how his son Robert was killed by a .22, I suppose I could see how he would view such a thing. Would make one heck of a stack of paperwork though. Could you imagine every single box of .22 ammo having to be logged in a book somewhere.

I found a few items I wanted, just couldn't get the prices where I wanted them. I would have liked a  early ammo can (.303 brit) but the guy wouldn't budge on price. Next show is in April. I don't think I have hit that one before. Probably lines up with the spring machine gun shoot. Next weekend is the gun auction.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Monday, I, and a great many people will be heading back to work after the holiday . Not the Fergy protesters. When you live on the government dime, you can afford to go on a seven day march. A big pile of teddy bears commemorates the brute who pummeled a police officer after assaulting a store clerk and making off with some cigars. The story which just won't die.

Friday, November 28, 2014


Went in and got my blood draw done for insurance through work. I was lucky enough to get a nurse who was skilled and nailed the vein on the first try and filled the viles in seconds. That is the way I like it. Almost tipped her on the way out. Last years draw, I felt like a pincushion. And when she did find a vein, it took a while to fill it, and she had to restab me for the second one.

On the way home, I passed menards. Not on purpose, just the way I went home. It was totally insane. The HUGE parking lot was full, the grass areas around the parking lot were full. The road way heading in was lined with parked cars on both sides. There is absolutely nothing they could possibly have that would make me even give a thought to pulling into a mess like that. What is wrong with these lunatics. I would rather pay full price for the product, or buy it online at my leisure.

I remember giving my mom a hard time every thanksgiving. My mother, my aunt, and Og's mom would all get together and go up to the mall of America on black Friday. They would get a hotel and make a weekend of it. They said it was fun. I do believe I would rather have a root canal myself, but, they always enjoyed it. Unfortunately, my mother passed away at Thanksgiving several years back. Not sure if my aunt and Og's mom still make the trip up to the mall or not. The little family I have left I usually just get gift cards for. It's easier than trying to figure out what they may want. Most of us older people have come to an agreement to just wish each other a Merry Christmas instead of handing each other  a gift card. The little ones are all grown, so Christmas isn't quite as much fun as it was watching all the little children excitedly ripping open their packages. The kids are getting to be the age where they will be having children, so it won't be too long and little ones will rule the day again.

I hit the military show, sort of. Being off yesterday, I was thinking it was Saturday, which the show opens at 8. Being Friday, it opens at noon. I was three hours early. Figure I will hit it tomorrow. I am thawing the turkey and will be cooking it soon. Have a nice relaxing day, eat too much, and then nap a bit. Tomorrow, the military show.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

The dog and I are eating breakfast and watching the parade. A day of relaxation. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

And all the haters out there...

that keep finding fault with Obama for the high unemployment rate, he finally did something about it.

It even has something for the illegals. Look, they can come out of the shadows and go to work, displacing some pesky American citizens. We will have to drop the guard a bit more at the border so some fresh illegals can come in and take over at the farms to replace those coming out of the shadows. They can snag the next amnesty in another twenty years. I like how insecure Obama is. He has to take to the road and try to find someone who will tell him he did good. He even had hecklers in Chicago, lib city USA. Even the illegals are unhappy with him, because he didn't go far enough. Two more long years to go.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hopefully, one more day.

The weekend list is out, and, so far, I am not on it. YES. Hopefully a nice four day weekend. Now, if I can only get through that one day. Ten and twelve hour days don't bother me too bad. Getting up at four in the morning does though. Not a morning person. Third shift guy should be back from vacation next week, so, hopefully I will be staying over two hours instead of coming in early. Only one week left in the year where I might not work overtime. Someone in our group is on vacation the rest of the time. Me, the last two weeks of the year : )

They have a small, but pretty cool, military show at the armory this weekend. They have one twice a year. They usually have a deuce and a half or two, along with a jeep with mounted machine gun displayed. It is like a gun show, military show and museum rolled into one. A few regulars I deal with out there. Probably acquire some more garand food while there, usually in bandoliers. Have my doctor appointment  Friday morning, so I will hit it on my way back home. Next weekend is the gun auction. I am really hoping on coming home with a broomhandle complete with original wood stock and accessories. There are a couple lugers that are looking for a home for the holiday season as well. Fine way to spend a weekend. Silent auctions are always fun too. For some silly reason, they have some BB guns and air rifles mixed in with the real guns. Fortunately, the ones I want are up before they get into the toys. Hope to have pictures afterwards.

Monday, November 24, 2014

He was found innocent as well...

I guess the real question is what is the difference, race set aside, between the Brown case and the Dillon Taylor case. With the Dillon case, no riots, no race baiting, no Al Sharpton, no Obama, no Jesse Jackson , no federal involvement. The officer in that case was called "not white", not black as he happened to be. The press down played it. The officer was quickly and quietly excused for the shooting of an unarmed white male. No big deal, no press to speak of. No feds, and no ongoing federal investigation. I don't mean to sound like the Dillon character was a saint, or innocent for that matter. I do have a problem with the double standard. I most definitely have a problem with it being OK, because only a white person was killed. Hell, it didn't even get a whole lot of attention. Neither case should be national news. NEITHER case.

Decision reached, and, he is innocent

He was found innocent. No racial profiling involved. Wonder when the riots start. Oops, sorry, that is the verdict for the honky that was shot by the black cop.
 Oops, sorry.

Much like sporting events, I really don't think the decision is going to make a difference. One way, there is a riot for the wrong verdict. The decision swings the rioters way, they will pillage in celebration. The blood will flow either way, and the media and race baiters will be there bathing in the blood.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rain galore, but no snow fortunately.

Dog didn't really appreciate the wetness. I swear he thinks I can turn it off, Turns around and stares at me and then back out at the yard. Didn't hit the club. I figure if there are people wanting to shoot targets in this weather, they can go hang the targets.
 I made a nice meat loaf for dinner along with some oven baked homemade mac and cheese. Not as good as my mom use to make, but still pretty good. Enough for a few more meals during the week. Not really ready to go in for another fun filled work week, but at least, hopefully, it will only be three days. Could easily turn into working all seven, but hopefully not. Four day weekend sounds awesome.
Probably go shooting on thanksgiving. I have to go in for a blood draw for insurance on Friday, so I figure I will eat light and do my dinner Friday night. It's one of those twelve hour fasting deals, but I don't know if a heavy meal the day before effects it or not. Every year the results come back a little worse than the year before. Tried doing away with soda and cutting down on fatty foods for one year. The following years results were slightly worse than before, so, I figure may as well eat and enjoy life since it doesn't appear diet really has that big of a bearing on the results. I still get a partial discount for doing the blood draw though.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

This is more like it

It's back in the sixties, and sunny (today anyway). Suppose to rain more tomorrow. Just a sprinkle this morning. Got out and enjoyed the weather. Work is extremely busy. I lucked out and am one of only a few that isn't working all seven days at ten hours per. I run the CNC grinders, and, this time around, it is the manual grinding side that got slammed. Hope my luck holds for next weekend. A four day weekend sounds great. I make it through Thanksgiving, I only have three weeks left to work this year.
Managed to get all my chores done yesterday and really early this morning. This evening was reorganizing the gun safes. Put hangers on the door of the safe inside the house, and some hangers on the shelf for more. All handguns now reside indoors, and organized. Want to do a full inventory with pictures for insurance reasons. Didn't realize I had acquired so many, Pelosi and Bloomy would wet themselves. Two more weeks and there is a gun auction, so, may be expanding a bit more. They have a few broomhandles and some lugers that look pretty interesting. One of the broomies has the wood stock with it. No machine guns yet, but there is still time. Tomorrow, may hit the club and help with the shoot. May be a bit wet out, but I shouldn't melt.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

When No really means Yes

Two thirds of the people voted no for giving illegals drivers licenses, but, to the liberal mind, there simply wasn't enough money spent on the campaign, so, the general public didn't know enough to vote yes. Kinda like Obama figuring the two thirds who stayed home on election day would have all voted democrat, therefore, democrats really won. Totally delusional. Be nice if they would put a poll question on all the ballots on immigration. Simple question. Should all illegals be expelled, period. No money to be spent on either view. See how the whole public votes, not just the select areas the proimmigration groups decide to poll.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


53, so far, hopefully, 54 soon : )

Alaska is red, and hopefully, Louisiana will be following suit soon. Apparently, Obama is still in denial.The 2/3 of voters who stayed home were apparently democrats in Obama's rather warped mind. Hopefully, in 2016 all democrats will stay home. Be nice if the republicans could actually find a candidate by then.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Fifty two seats so far, the republicans now own the senate, and retain the house with a little additional padding. Life is almost tolerable. Can't wait to see Obama's spin on the Republican win. I would imagine him, and the liberal media, will somehow "forget" the "everyone of my policies is on the ballot" speech. No surprise with Illinois staying blue. Of course, the  voting machines with "calibration problems" (no fraud there) probably helped a wee bit. Funny how none of the machines accidentally changed votes from democrat to republican, isn't it? Maybe it's just my cynical imagination. Hopefully the number goes up a bit over night.


I hit the polls straight from work, and, they were very busy. Awesome. Usually there is a really light turn out on non presidential elections. Throw in the fact that Donnelly isn't up for getting thrown out on his ear until 2018, and Coats isn't up until 2016, and, I am really pleasantly surprised by the turnout. Good to see people getting out to vote. Hopefully not for the blue.

Now to sit back and hope for the senate to turn red, and the house to hopefully pick up a few seats. Two years left for them to find someone to give Hillary a run for the money. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening. So, hopefully we can get and keep both houses.

Monday, November 3, 2014

One more day, I hope....

Tomorrow is the big day, I hope. Hopefully the republicans can take the senate. Obama's crew are already coming up with their reasons. Most of the seats up on the block are in red states don't you know, according to the white house cronies. It has nothing to do with Obama and his party's total ineptitude. Not that the republicans are a lot better, just a bit. Be nice to see some bills actually going through, and Obama being the sole obstructionist. The republicans still won't hold the amount of seats as to pass bills over his veto, but it will definitely show the dems for what they are, I hope anyway. One more day. Be interesting to watch. Hopefully I have a picture of Reid to put next to my picture of Feinstein when she lost her speaker role and pulled down her sign. I can almost see Obama moping now. Again, I sincerely hope.