Wednesday, October 2, 2013

No surprise there

Wow, I must be a little psychic, not. Unfortunately, I would have bet money against anyone who said they wouldn't get paid. The government is plain sick. More of a parasite as it feeds off of it's host. When common folk get "furloughed", they are left to fend for themselves and consider themselves lucky if they get their job back. Must be really stressful. Be out of work with full pay. May have to wait on the paycheck, but, it's coming. Lot better than most people in this economy get. And to watch them on the media is a joke. Yes, it is an inconvenience, but you still have a job. You will get paid in full to sit on your butt and relax or do whatever you want. No unemployment. No partial or no pay. Paid in full. Sorry, not shedding tears here. At least they are paying the military this time around so their families don't have additional hardships to deal with. Hard enough dealing with a spouse serving their country without having to wait for the pay to make ends meet on the home front.

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