Friday, December 6, 2013

Majorly annoying day

I moved down to the Indiana/Kentucky border five years ago from northwest Indiana right on the lake. I enjoy the area down here and the weather. The people are friendly. What is an annoyance is a simple snow and ice storm. The guys down here say that us northerners are use to snow, but not ice. NOOOOOO. We got plenty of ice along with our snow, it is just the simple fact we didn't solely rely on god to warm the surface of the earth up to remove it. We have plows and use salt. We used more than a half dozen small trucks to try and service a whole county.

They predicted snow for today on yesterdays news, and, they immediately cancelled all schools for today, yesterday while it was still warm outside. A lot of businesses shut down. I went in to work as did most of the workers. UPS canceled service today. My mail man chickened out. The boss decided at noon to cancel second shift. We had to complete our shift while the snow piled up, but second shift could stay home. An hour before quitting time, he was wishing he had allowed us to go as well. This is a regular snow. Nothing huge, but it's a full fledge panic. If they lived up north, they would have to hibernate like the bears. Apparently most can't drive in it as there were vehicles in all the ditches. People spinning out down the road.

I hit the back road I take home. It wasn't serviced any better or worse than the main roads, but had less idiots, and most of the ones who couldn't drive were sitting harmlessly in the ditches out of harms way. Took my time and made it home just fine. Hit one particularly stupid and inconsiderate moron. He pulls halfway into his drive, parks it hanging into the street forcing me to stop completely so he can obtain his mail from his box. He hops in his car and much to his dismay, his car is sunk in the snow and he is stuck blocking half the road. Normally, I do the Christian neighborly thing and get out and help. But, this clown made me come to a complete stop in the middle of an unplowed sloppy road and I hoped I could get started again, just so idiot could get his mail without walking from his house. I watched him and his teenage kid try to move it and finally I just went around carefully. Once past him, it was all clear.

Got home and cleared the drive and salted it. Go inside and let spike out. The snow in the backyard is taller than he is. After letting him hop through it for a minute, I got the shovel and cleared him a path and an area to sniff. Silly dog stuck his head in the spot I was shoveling and got bonked. Fortunately he didn't get hurt. He has a thick skull. Must be part democrat. So, now just time to relax a bit and stay out of the mayhem. Sure wish they would break down and buy some proper equipment.

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