Sunday, November 10, 2013

Last of the nice weather?

Only a one day weekend this round, but, it was in the 60's and it's November. I really don't think there will be another 60's weekend for a while. They said we might see a dusting of snow Tuesday, yuck. Need to move a little further south. It was a nice day.

Got out and enjoyed the weather for a bit, and then kicked back and watched some of the Band of Brothers series on HBO. Saw on the news, the last few living veterans of the Doolittle raid had a get together for the 70th anniversary of their mission. Only four of them left, and only three fit to travel. It still amazes me what they did back in WWII. The technological breakthroughs and the way people came together. The way industries at home changed over to support the war effort. The way the nation pulled together in a concerted effort is just amazing. The rapid advancements made in weapons and transportation. Radars debut. The first semi auto rifle, which I am lucky enough to have a garand, was a major advancement from the trusty bolt action. Not too many people left from that great generation. I hope they have great reunion and can enjoy a few more to come. Hats off and many thanks to all vets everywhere.

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