Monday, December 28, 2020

Making progress

 I had new gutters and down spouts put on the house. Got a fantastic deal. Guy two doors down from me does seamless gutters for a living. He is somewhat retired, as in he now has young people doing the work while he schedules and supervises. I was very impressed with his workers. They were young, but worked very hard and steady. Not a whole lot of millennials out there that are dedicated. It looks fantastic. He only installs 6 inch gutters. Old ones were beyond wore out. Splitting at the seams and had many wounds from branches falling on them over the years. He installed gutter guards as well. All the mature trees drop leaves and seeds faster than I can clear them. 

I also hit the bank this morning and secured funds for building the garage. Hope to get ahold of the builder and have him come out and inspect site and advise as to which size the city will allow. I have a few plans and quotes, but have to make sure they will be permitted. A lot of big ticket items hit this year. The furnace finally died  at the end of summer. The blower assembly was unsalvageable. The AC unit was eighteen years old. The furnace, out of the 1980s. They earned their keep many years ago. I had a high efficiency furnace and AC installed. Highly doubt they will give decades of service like their predecessors did, but, had to buy new. Did the water heater a while ago, so, as far as utility room, all is new. Did new windows when I moved in and redid the kitchen. Now, I am ripping the stapled ceiling out of the bar downstairs so I can install the drop ceiling and gain access to electrical wiring. I have brand new LED light panels to drop in when I get the grid up. Should brighten it up really good. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Finally moving forward

 Been a long time since I have been on here. This year has been a complete horror show to put it mildly. Spent a lot of time and money in 2019 doing house repairs and maintenance not worth writing about. I am finally nearing the end of the maintenance issues. Tree guy is suppose to be out this month (though he is running out of month) to remove the maple tree in the front yard. It signed it's death warrant when it dropped a big branch on my Mustang in the spring taking out the deck lid, spoiler and putting a dent in fender and top. It takes months to get a tree guy down here. I gave up trying to free up cash and pay outright for the garage. Every time I was ready, the house would eat something big. Last items were furnace and AC unit. House should be running out of things to break, I hope. So, I got off my tail and hit the bank and lined up a home equity line to do the build. Once the tree is down and the weather breaks, I hope to get it done. I have the next two weeks off, so I hope to get some indoor projects wrapped up. Ordered the grid for the new drop ceiling going in downstairs bar area. Want to gain access to the wiring  for the main floor so I can add outlets and replace some shady wiring upstairs, but it is currently blocked by the staple up one foot ceiling tiles currently in the downstairs bar. Drop ceiling will also allow me to add better LED light units where I want and need them instead of where the previous owner installed little one light bulb units.

Suppose to be in the fifties Monday, so I hope to hit the club for a bit of target practice. I bought an AMT automag 3 pistol from a guy I work with. It shoots 30 carbine. Was told it is VERY loud. I You tubed videos of it. It throws huge fire balls out the front. Nice long carbine cartridges in a pistol, lots of flaming powder exiting barrel. 😁 Still haven't taken my 9mm AR I built a few years back out to the range. I put some cheap iron sites on it for now. Hope to take them both out early in the week. 

Tired of being cooped up. Ready for the Rona nonsense to end. Been a horrid year. All steam shows, gun shows, flea markets and car shows were cancelled. Extremely depressing year. No Frog Follies this year. No machine gun shoot. SO ready for an improvement. Unfortunately, Biden is 2021's curse. I am going to try and just enjoy watching the senile POS on TV sniffing little girls hair and doing the utterly goofy stuff he usually does. Hopefully 2022 will see the republicans get a super majority in the senate and take back the house. Do believe I will take a break from watching news and try to enjoy hobbies and not get too depressed. Three long work days and hopefully relax a bit.