Sunday, November 25, 2012

Spot shoot day

Went to the club to help out with the spot shoot today. It's a good time. Get to smell gunpowder and watch people having a good time. It also helps wear down some holiday calories. Hung targets all day. It's easy work hours and get to catch up with some of the club members you don't see at the meetings. I got my work hours in long ago, but it's still nice to just hang out, help out and talk to the other members. I did find out there is a $200 credit towards sights on the AR I won. I just have to figure out what I want on it yet. No hurry. I know the guy at the gun store, so the credit will be there when I decide. He can order something if he doesn't have it. Only one more spot shoot left this season. They will start up again early March, so I use that as a sign of spring coming. Took the AR's along, but it was already getting dark when the shoot let out and you have to stop shooting a half hour before dark on the range side. That was a quick vacation. Fortunately, only four weeks until the next one. Probably be some white stuff on the ground by then though.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday prepping

I checked out a new place a guy at work recommended to board Spike while I am away for the holiday. Looks nice. Each unit is separated by a wall and has it's own dog run. The sleeping quarters is indoors and heated, and the run is outdoors, but a roof keeps the weather out. There is a flap seperating the indoor from the outdoor so he can go out whenever he wants. Probably won't want to come home. If it works out at Christmas, I will use them in the summer as well. They have a nice play area set up with a kiddie pool for the dogs and lots of running room during the summer months. Prices are extremely reasonable. What is really nice is it is separate from the big dog kennels. There are several buildings which keeps it from sounding like a dog pound when you walk through it.

Hard to believe it is only about four weeks until Christmas. No idea where the year disappeared. Didn't get to the range today. Back has been having fits. Too much heavy lifting at work the last couple of weeks. Took two of my days off before the spasms quit. Hope to get to the range tomorrow. I found the old sights for my other AR and tried them out on the new one. I have a Leupold AR scope on my other AR. Haven't quite decided what I want on this one yet. Had a couple buddies call today looking to go to the range, but the back is borderline today. Hoping it is back to normal tomorrow, or as close to normal as it gets. Kid at work got his first AR a couple weeks ago and wants me to see it. Hit the range early and then take Spike to the vet for his shots in the afternoon. Finish vacations off at the club working the spot shoot. Think they only have a couple more left after this Sunday.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Newest acquisition

And it's free. Picked up my AR I won from the clubs raffle drawing. Can't beat the price. It was the same one they gave away at the club meet a few weeks back. I guess they couldn't get hold of the original winner after multiple attempts, sooo, they drew again. My name came up. YEAH. Have to check on the gift card. It is suppose to come with a $200 gift card for sights. I am more than happy with just the gun. Also got to meet one of the club members that has a FFL license. Now I have someone close by to order guns and scopes through that I can't get through the C&R license.

Made a vat of homemade chili and some cornbread muffins. It's a good day. Tomorrow will just be the dog and myself  with a roasted chicken with trimmings. Eat, take a nap, then eat some more. Probably head to the club in the afternoon to play with my new toy. I have a set of sights I took off my other AR when I installed the scope. See if my buddies are up to blowing some stuff up. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving..

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Only ten hours Thursday (This post took a couple days as blogger didn't want to upload pics)

I got out of there with only ten hours Thursday. I had to grab my coat, close my ears and run, but I made it. Got home and did some cleaning out of the car. Aired up the spare tire. Been a while since I checked it. Good thing too as it was just about empty. I finished up as the UPS guy came with the rifle I ordered. It looks incredible for almost one hundred years old. The old Swiss rifles aren't really worth much, but I just like the way they look, and they shoot great. I now have the K11 rifle and carbine along with a K31. I have seen the zfk55 models a couple of times, but they are just a bit too pricey. Maybe one day I can add one to the collection.

Ain't she pretty. The stock is in incredible shape and the bore is perfect. Haven't checked under the butt plate yet.

The top rifle is the K11 rifle, middle K11 carbine, and the bottom, my well used and tortured K31.

Finally a day off and it starts with a bang

I am finally off for  a day and just resting up a bit for tomorrows last hurrah before vacation. I get a call from the club. I won an AR they were raffling off. If it is the same one I am thinking of, it comes with a $200 credit toward sights. You can never have too many guns. Free ones are the best. I had a message yesterday saying I had won a trip to Florida from one of the gun show drawings I entered, but that one I will believe when I check it out. It was one of those drawings you fill info out on a card on the way into a show. I need to make sure it isn't a scam or time share trick. May spend Christmas in Florida instead of the snow and ice..Now if only I can get the lotto to fall in there while I am on a roll.... I was going to go to the club and help with the spot shoot today, but I am too shot to do much. Just way too many hours this week. I believe I broke the 70 hour mark for the week and just don't feel like doing anything. Hoping on doing an eight hour stretch tomorrow and then off until the following Monday. Then it is only four work weeks until Christmas vacation. Sounds like we have enough work where we will be working six day weeks, ten hour plus per day for most of the rest of the year. Picked up some prime rib for turkey day. The local butcher had a special going, so I figured I would try my hand at cooking some prime rib. Tempted to take a personal day tomorrow and just take a whole week, but I only have one personal day left and it is nice to have one just in case of a bad snow or ice storm day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My rifle came today and I wasnt home..... Been working eleven hour days this week and today turned into a fourteen hour nightmare. Got all the machines lined out and sized out. Hopefully get off at 3:30 tomorrow so I can get my package. Year is going out with a bang. Work everywhere and more on the way. Supposedly will carry on through to next year. I am hopeful. Usually the beginning of the year is slow. I like busy, but it would be nice to hit a middle ground. Working Saturday for sure, not sure about Sunday yet. After Monday though, I am on vacation..

Sunday, November 11, 2012

One more week

Live through one more week and it is vacation time again. Actually got to work only forty hours the week before last  and fifty this past week. I feel like I am working part time. I think I will be back on ten hour plus days this coming week with a Saturday thrown in for good measure. That is more the norm. Not sure what I will be doing for vacation. I usually take some mini trips somewhere, just not sure where this time around. May head over to the fort Knox area. I noticed they have a civil war era fort there. May have to check that out and drop off at Knob Creek for a little shooting fun. Hopefully, my rifle will arrive Monday. Pictures looked great so I can't wait to see it. I ordered it through gunbroker using my C&R which saves me paying an FFl dealer. Delivery to my door is a plus. May have to check in to getting a regular FFL. Talking to a buddy at the show and he says it isn't too hard. Says he has a class 3 license and operates out of his house. Regular FFL would pay for itself with only about ten gun transfers. I have quite a few friends that use FFL's to do the paperwork for online purchases. I can save them money and have the ability to order guns I want directly from suppliers without a middle man.  Next purchase is going to have to be another safe. Just no more room. Thinking of getting a medium one for my reloading room. Have a little gun show going on today at the armory. They didn't have anything I can't live without.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The wrong democrat won

The only high point of the election was the vote to incorporate us into the City failed by a rather large margin. The productive local democrat that was out to help keep the city of Evansville from taking us county citizens into it's clutches, lost Tuesday. I voted for him. The useless piece of excrement that has plaqued the country for four years somehow managed to stay afloat after we tried to flush him from the oval office. It boggles my mind how the country can have that many mentally challenged individuals that can't reallize what a worthless piece of sh*t he is. One thing I will give the SOB. This time he is right, the last administration left one hell of a mess to clean up. I don't think he is up to the job. Four more years............ Probably still won't have a potential GOP candidate. Maybe we can get Biden in there for an additional eight years of hell. He can grab Pelosi or Clinton for vice president. Think I will just sell all my stuff and move to Mexico. Heck, they will all be up here drawing food stamps, real estate down there should be pretty cheap. No demorats either.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I actually voted for a democrat....

No, not Obama, God no....I hit the polls on the way home from work. I timed it just right. Six people ahead of me. Only took about five minutes. On my way out, the line backed up out the door. I can't believe I hit the lull. I held my nose as I voted for Mitt. Hope it makes a difference. Not holding my breath though. I also did something I am not proud of. I actually picked a democrat for a local position. Our county is currently going through what I think of as a hostile take over. The city of Evansville is having a vote on weather to incorporate us or not. Unfortunately, through channels I don't understand, the county (in which I live) doesn't even get a separate vote as to whether we want to be sucked up into the city(which I most certainly do not). The proper way would seem to be, have the county vote on whether they wish to be incorporated in one vote, then a separate vote afterwards as to whether the city wants it. Not in this case. I still don't understand the unjust law that allows them to do this. Anyhow, there is a local democrat that organized and headed a group against the reorganization. Today, I voted for him as a thank you for actually actively working towards what the constituency actually wanted over what the local government is trying to jam down our throats. No matter what their party, I have to respect the official that actually tries to help the people of his district. Too many politicians only worry about what they can get out of it. Now, just the waiting. Four more years of Obummer, or four years of Mitt. My expectations are low, just get the Chicago politician out of the white house. Maybe he can be Chicago's new new mayor.