Friday, November 29, 2013

They are freakin nuts out there

I don't like to shop so I usually stay home on black Friday and let all the loony people have the roadways. Unfortunately, I had to have a blood draw for insurance discount and the only time to get it done is Monday through Friday while I am at work. So, I had to get it done today since I am off, so I went ahead and scheduled spike's vet appointment at the same time. Drop off wasn't too insane. Parking lot was busy, but not bad. When I went to pick him up, it was nuts. He goes to Banfield which is in petsmart. Petsmart is right next to Kohls. Kohls was packed. I had to park a few businesses over and walk to pick him up. I don't know why people think it's fun to go out and shop elbow to elbow. When I have to shop, I usually do it by mouse clicks. Kohls is one of my favorites for clothes shopping. Online only, not at the store. I wear blue jeans so I don't need to try them on. I order online, two days later, they are at my door. No driving over there and digging through the mess that is their jean department, just click my size and they appear at my door. Most of the time, the store wouldn't have my size anyhow. Tall sizes are not always available. Don't know why with all the tall people in the world, but, I have found it much easier to mail order. Ran into a few wrecks on the way home. Decided spike and I will be lounging at home the rest of the day. Just not up to dealing with the maniacs out there.

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