Friday, September 6, 2013

Military show this weekend

Well, I have to work tomorrow, but, I still plan on hitting the Louisville military gun show. Just have to hit it Sunday. Lots going on this weekend, but I won't have time to do much. They have an antique iron and steam show going on not far north of here. Weather is suppose to be on the pleasant side. One more week until vacation. Plan on hitting the Friendship Indiana muzzleloader shoot. Suppose to be a huge gun show, flea market and shooting event.

Well, knucklehead still just doesn't get it. England doesn't want the war. Russia has threatened to throw in and help Syria if we do anything. The American people don't want it. Lots of members from congress have said their constituents don't want it. The UN won't back it. But, that is not enough. He still insists we must go forward. The news footage had him answering a question about how congress was worried about the fact that the majority of the US citizens are against it, the mighty O says congress should do what's right which may not be what the people want. What does it take to get this nimrod out of office. He pussy foots around the question of whether or not he will go it alone if congress rejects the strike. The reporter asked the question directly a couple times, and the mighty O claimed he thought he answered it. His typical talk in circles and not really answer any questions directly. He is planning to address the American people on Tuesday. Same day as the recall elections in Colorado. Hopefully, it will be a success on the recall leading to many, many more. Like to see one on Donnelly myself. Like to see one on Obama, but that doesn't look likely.

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