Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beat that dead horse, bathe in the blood of the dead

Didn't take long for numbnut to start flinging poo again. Chicago has gun control pinhead. The other shooting was on a military base by a nutjob that should have set off bells and flashing lights on any sort of background check. But, the military cleared him. They cleared him after he shot at a neighbor and in a separate incident, shot at construction workers. He was on meds and in therapy. What laws do you want pinhead. He should have been in jail, on multiple occasions. In actuality, if they would have jailed him on his first offence, he wouldn't have been able to shoot at the construction workers, or do a mass shooting. Heck, it they threw him in after the second act of idiocy, the mass shooting wouldn't have happened. They gave him an honorable discharge. WTF......They should jail the doctors who were treating him and decided not to jail him. Eight years of this mentally challenged individual. Unbelievable. Heck, shotgun Joe should be smiling, the last nutjob used a shotgun.

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