Friday, November 27, 2015

Modern customer

Clerk: so what tires do you want
Me: I show ad with size and ask "do you have the white lettered"
Clerk: Yes, one side is blacked out, the other side is white outlined. Which do you want?
Me: thinking to myself, I asked for white letter, what do you think I want. What I say is " white letter out please"

After glancing over the paperwork and making sure they got the right tire and the right orientation, I catch the courtesy shuttle to my house. Five hours later, when they are due to close, I call to find out if I am going to get my truck back or not. They finally finish up and come get me. It is dark, raining and they are closing up. I am the last transaction. I pay, I go out and admire my nice blacked out tires. IDIOTS.............. It seems like any transaction I undertake anymore I get the idiots that just can't follow the simplest of instructions. It took them five hours to get the tires on the wrong way, I will not tempt fate and try and get them to correct the issue as I don't wish to be carless for another day. Still not as bad as sears. Took the Vette in there years ago and explained to the lead idiot that the tires and rims are directional and have arrows on them. Make sure they orientate them right. They only had one to do as it was a flat repair. Idiots got it on, backwards. Manager seemed put out and wanted me to explain how a round tire could possibly be on backwards. I showed the moron the arrow on the tire displaying rotation as well as the one on the rim. He got all apologetic and proceeded to have it fixed at a snails pace. I haven't used Sears since.

Got home and proceeded to fill out the rebate for a gift card. Don't lower the price on the tires, give a rebate you have to fill out. I go online and fill out info. Comes time to send copy of receipt. I go to scan it in. My wireless printer decided to pull its "offline" nonsense again. It has had a long bout of making me turn it on and off, reset it, resend info over and over. I fixed it. A six foot drop onto the concrete made me feel 100% better. A printer that you can buy brand new for about fifty bucks, and, it being the holiday season where you can get a new one almost free is not the time for cheap electronics to annoy their owners. I dug out one of my old scanners and scanned the document and sent it off. Sometime over the holiday, I will get a cheap replacement printer. It did feel quite stress relieving watching the plastic bits fly.:)

Gaining on list of things to do

Truck is in getting new tires. They have a nice courtesy service. They drop you off at home and pick you back up when your vehicle is done. Awesome. I go nowhere else for tires. They match competitors prices, so there is no need to go elsewhere.  Includes lifetime rotations as well. I also managed to get with the insurance on my roof. They are covering most of the cost of a new roof. I am covering deductible as well as some upgrades I chose to do. I am having them put a ridge vent in and getting rid of the old vent caps. Going to have them do the shed to match the house. Redo the gutters and down spouts and some trim work. Going to have them do some painting as well.  Still, saving a ton with insurance. Should have a roof within a couple weeks. Fifty year roof, so, I will be worm food long before a new one is needed again. Still have two days to relax and eat leftovers. Only three weeks left to work this year.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Made it past the first draft

Four unlucky souls got picked so far for work Friday. They asked me if I wanted to work. They had walked off before I could stop laughing. If I can make one more day, I am free and clear. Big plans for Thursday, sit back with my dog and munch on turkey and taters, take nap, wake up, munch some more. No plans on leaving the house at all. Just one more day, unless I weaken and use a personal day to turn it into a five day weekend:)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Hopefully, only two days left for the week

Won't count on it until I get out of there Wednesday. They have been known to ruin long weekends. Rain Saturday made the insurance checking out the roof out of the question. They are suppose to try again this Friday, when there is a 90% chance of rain. Maybe by spring they will have an answer. Ordered a smoked turkey through a friend at work. his dad does a heck of a job on pork butts and ribs.
The electrical gremlins are going nuts. My coffee maker died, so, off to the store where they had a great price on them. I hear a noise in the dash, my fan no longer shuts off on my truck. It kicks out hot and cold air, I can adjust the temp and somewhat reduce the fan, but, I can't shut it off. Have to look into it over the weekend. At least it isn't stuck in the off position. Would not be good without defroster this time of year. Not sure if it is the control, or, with the sound before it went, if the diverter door broke. Some kind of crunching noise in the center of dash seemingly behind radio right before failure. Always some kind of fiasco or other. Still have to find the time to get in for tires.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Work, work and work some more

Ready for a bit of down time. Wish my FMLA abuser would come back to work for more than a day or two so I could get a nice forty hour week for a change. Don't like a steady diet of no OT, but a week or two of it would be fine about now. Getting a bit on the burned out side. Still need to get work hours in at the club. As much as I would hate to, I may just buy the hours out this year. When I work six days a week, I just don't feel like hanging targets on my one day off. It has been an insane year for hours at work. We keep losing people and they don't replace them. It's nuts. I am hoping on a four day weekend for Thanksgiving. They usually like to work the Saturday after a holiday just to screw up a long weekend.

Insurance is suppose to check the roof out this weekend. Hope I make out decent on it. Neighbor across the street got a new roof after paying her deductible. I could live with that. Not counting on it, but hoping really hard. Be nice to be on the receiving end for a change. Either way, probably doing a new roof soon.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lots done Saturday

Went out and got my eyes checked and new glasses ordered. Finally got my haircut, barber isn't open late enough during work week to hit. Missed out on tires. Was going to do that today. Woke up during the night sicker than a dog. Spent most of the day in bed. Feel better now. Don't know if it was something I ate, or a bug, but I definitely feel a lot better. Just sucks missing out of a whole day of nice weather off. Dog didn't mind laying in bed most of the day. As long as I got up and let him out a couple times and fed him. Keep hoping they will throw the tires I want on sale. I did get a someone to come out and look at the roof. Don't know if that qualifies as fun or not. He did tell me there is hail damage and I can probably get some money from insurance for part of the roof, so that would be a plus. Suppose to have the agent out this week to look at it. Neighbor across the street told me he made out good, so I figured I would get a quote. I put another roof on, it will outlast me. Back to work tomorrow. Bahh.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Two whole days off

I finally get two whole days off. Not sure what I will do, but I will find something. Thought they would change their mind at the last minute. Our resident FMLA abuser came back for four days after his two week plus hiatus, and is out again. Still like to know how one makes house payments and such doing that. Guess he got an open ticket from the doctor. He is allowed two random days a month indefinitely. Twenty four extra vacation days a year. Awesome. Suppose to be stress related. I should be able to qualify for that. Just have to figure the bill pay out :)

I did manage to get all the machines back on line. Two are bandaged together waiting on replacement parts, but they are running. Starting to do the PM's on the new machine. I am replacing the lexan in the doors as it seems to be the most important item in managements eyes. As long as the machines look nice, all is well. Running is secondary, safety a distant third. Glass is more for looks. I will  never make management. Like my frontal lobe where it is. Did get all the bugs worked out on machine and it does seem to be fully functional again.

I believe I will try and get to the eye doctor tomorrow after the barber. Have to try and get as much done on my full weekend as possible. Not sure when the next one will come up. May try and get the tires for the truck as well. Keep hoping on a sale, but want to get it done before winter. Believe it will be a productive, but restful day tomorrow. Want to chill out a bit, but need to get some things done.