Thursday, February 27, 2014


Growing up in the 70's, I witnessed many neighborhoods getting "busted". That is, a house or two would be bought and given to a "low income family" which would pretty much drive people out of the neighborhood as best they could. As more moved out, property values dropped and more lower income would move in. It was called block busting. Drive white people out of the neighborhoods which they had lived for generations. Now, white people are villains for moving into a neighborhood. Very interesting watching the pendulum swing both ways.

My dad worked in the mills when I was growing up. I remember him telling me of a coworker who lived in Miller. Miller was, back in the 60's and 70's, a upper end neighborhood in part of Gary. The coworker tried hard to keep his house. It had devalued so badly when the area was "busted" that he owed more than he could ever get out of it, and he loved the area. He finally made up his mind to move when he was getting shot at trying to leave his driveway to go to work. Whites didn't just leave, they were literally driven out and usually lost most of what they had in the process. At least in Spike's neighborhood, if the people go to sell, they will be walking away with a fortune as the property values have skyrocketed. Excuse me if I don't shed a tear. I know, I am a racist, shame on me......

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bye Piers

Poor Piers Morgan will be hitting the road. Guess all his anti gun rhetoric really didn't go over so well. Bye Piers, England may welcome you back. They love gun control over there. Who would have thought Americans might be offended by being referred to as stupid and gun clingers. Maybe Bloomberg needs a pal. Anyway bye bye. ....

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Back to norm

Back down to normal temps (in the 30's) but the 70 degree day off was refreshing. Today was just doing chores that I put off yesterday so I could actually see some sun and warmth. Back to normal and back to work, bah humbug.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Awesome day

Woke up to a nice sunny 60 degrees outside. It actually hit low 70's at the peak of the day. It was great to be able to get out in some perfect weather. Short lived as it is suppose to cool off a bit tomorrow, but it was a nice break. I am so ready for spring.....

Friday, February 21, 2014


I read something on smart guns at work today and was going to state obvious flaws in the logic, but,

someone beat me to it. I like the bit about New Jersey outlawing and thus confiscating all the registered "dumb guns" three years after the release of the smart gun. Another reason gun registration is wrong. How long will the people put up with the liberal scum in their states taking away their rights. Glad I am a Hoosier.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

We broke 70degrees for the first time in 2014, YEAH

Got off work and found it dreary, but warm outside. So far the bad rains and tornadoes are swinging around our area and I hope they continue to do so. Suppose to be a nice weekend as well. May have to go to the club and make some empty brass. Have a Ducks Unlimited dinner Saturday at the 4H center. Haven't been to one of those before but it sounds like a fun time. Anytime you stand a chance to win more guns is a good time. One more day until the weekend.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This year the magic number was four.......

The whole mindset down here baffles me. They don't believe in salt or snow removal. The common statement down here is "well, we don't get snow and ice like they do up north so we aren't prepared for it"..... Yes, you do, you just wait for mother nature to remove it. The last real wet weather we got was over a week ago, but the cold temps stayed. The ice was still in the parking lot Sunday. They don't salt. I have bitched to management about the slick lot and having to slide into the building. We had an old timer fall late last week. Fortunately, he was alright. Did they salt? NO. We had three fall over the weekend. One got hurt bad enough he will be going in for shoulder surgery to repair torn rotator cuff. Wonder of wonders, when the safety people from down the road showed up to make a report, the parking lot was salted by the time they got there. It only took four falls with one major injury to get them to salt the lot. Last year it got salted after the first fall. The first fall was an injury so they didn't wait quite as long. Last year they didn't salt because the boss doesn't like the way the salt gets tracked down the aisle ways, it looks bad. Blows my mind the way management think. I can't wait for spring. I have had enough of the stupidity. Don't know what they would do if they got a storm like we get up in northwest Indiana where I am originally from. Heck, they had a two hour delay this morning for the schools. Why, It was cold and a little slick. Heck, by 9:00 it was up to 50 degrees outside.  Kids must have a few weeks of make up time by now with all the days they shut down and half days.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Supposedly warming up this week

Suppose to hit the 50s tomorrow with a 60s later in the week. Stubborn cold is still holding strong so I just come home and lounge anyway, but it's nice to see a little warmth in the near future. Whenever I think I have the cold kicked, it seems to regenerate itself. Been a lot of years since I had one this stubborn. The meds from the doc didn't do squat. I am definitely ready for warmer weather.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A dusting

We got a dusting of snow. Quite literally a dusting. White in the early morning, gone by midmorning. It finally warmed up just enough for some of the ice to melt. I can actually see out my truck cap and mirrors again. Snow is never too bad down here, ice on the other hand. Don't have to shovel it though. Got some house work done today. Going to hit the gun show in the AM. It's walking dead marathon today with a new episode tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Empty handed

Club night tonight, and our annual gun drawing. Came home empty handed. Maybe next year. Feeling a bit better. Hacking up smaller bits of lung than before. Last weekend was the gun auction and two gun shows. This weekend, I am off and there is one gun show down at the local 4H center. I am going. May not buy anything, but it doesn't cost much to look. Biscuits and gravy isn't bad either.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Zombie bowl

Not being a huge football fan, I am watching AMC's zombie bowl instead of the game. Back to back walking dead episodes. Flu bug won out. No gun shows. Just slept in way late and on and off most of the day. Trying to rest up for another work week. Hate missing work. Short of being dead, I usually make it in. Did buy into one of the superbowl boards at work, so I may luck out and get a few bucks tomorrow. Have to wait and see.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Yes indeed. I went to work today and it was chilly as one expects in February. I get off to find out it was sixty degrees most of today. BAHHHHH. I'm off tomorrow, but, it's back in the thirties and storm warnings. Looks like the worst of the storm is suppose to go above and below us if it stays on track. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if I didn't see anymore snow this year. Missed the gun auction. Probably try and hit both gun shows tomorrow though. Have to see how the cold is doing. May just stay in buried in blankets and try and get my ears and throat somewhat clear. I have had enough winter, come on spring.

Got a great deal on pork tenderloin. Super bowl special at the grocer. Bought a ten pound slab and split it up. Kept a little out, but most of it is vacuum packed and in the freezer already. I like my chest freezer. I can now buy bulk when I see a good deal and stock up.