Thursday, May 30, 2013


It's Indy 1500 weekend, and I have to work. Looks like I may be making the Sunday trip. Usually try and do Saturday so I can use Sunday to catch up on chores and just chill out a little bit. May just use one of my personal days for Monday and hit the range for a bit. Hope to score some magazines for my AR10. See if prices are back to normal again or not. The stores around me have fully recovered as have the prices.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Because they are more important than the rest of us
I thought this was already law. Feinstein has had a permit for years. Most or all Chicago politicians can carry. Guess they just want to make it national. The gun control they all push is just for us common folk.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What took so long?

They are finally trying to recall politicians over the antigun legislation. What on earth took so long?
I would have thought it would have been immediate. I am just glad to see it happening and hopefully successful. I doubt they could do it out east. Too many liberals out there. Waiting to see how Illinois does as their federal deadline (June 6th I believe) looms over having a gun permit available to the public.

Didn't make the final cut

Jury duty day. I did make it to the first draft, but, I wasn't one of the few picked for the trial. It was a simple DUI case. They pick double what they need, question one and all, then choose their jury.  I am good for two years now though. Managed to get home by eleven, so it was an interesting day. New grill is great. I did not realize how bad the old one was until I used the new one. Burners must be completely shot on the old one. It was almost ten years old, so I did get my moneys worth out of it. BBQ ribs today with corn on the cob and baked potato. Cooks a lot quicker and more controllable as well.

Did get around to building my TV shelf above fireplace. I love it. It moved the TV away from the front room window so I can now open the windows and it lights the room up better. Makes the room look bigger too. Need to trim out the fireplace yet. They tiled around it with plain white tiles when they built house. I am going to brick it and run case moldings around it. Built a shelf under the TV for cable box, DVR, and receiver. This weekend is the Indy 1500. I am hoping on getting weekend off, but not counting on it.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shot day

Not for me, but Spike is now up to date on all his shots and his teeth are gleaming once again. While he was away, I was able to get some fence maintenance done along with cutting some planks for a new big screen stand. I am going to try it over the corner fireplace as it looks to be a perfect fit. It will also free up some living room space and it will be out from in front of the living room window. It is all pieced together and ready to nail. Tomorrow I will move the Vette and get the air nailer and compressor brought around to make quick neat work of it. Got the neighbors gate put back together as well. One of the storms did a number on it. She had the same builder that did my original fence. They should never have been allowed to build fences. Subdivision is less than a decade old and quite a few people have already replaced their fences, including digging post holes to depth and using concrete on the posts.

Stayed on course today and got a lot of work done. Wanted to hit the range, but I got some projects knocked out. Treated myself to a case of the old fashioned bottled coke, with sugar. Home Depot carries it by the case now. It is pricey, but I don't buy it all the time. Still haven't quite decided on safe yet. Didn't make it out to the gun store, but I can probably hit it Tuesday if they are closed for Memorial day. I lucked out and have jury duty Tuesday, oh joy. Almost made it through the timeframe without having to go down town. Have to go check it out beforehand so I know where to park. It will be something different to do I suppose.

Friday, May 24, 2013

He still has no clue

Finally got a response back from Obummer and his ilk on reprimanding Feinstein. Not sure at all about the part where WE agree on anything. I haven't agreed with anything Obama has done or his anti gunning cohorts in crime. Shall not be infringed negates everything him and Feinstein are trying to pull. I don't understand how anyone above a third grade education could possibly have trouble understanding the second amendment. It is short and directly to the point. It has no mention of hunting. It doesn't say only flintlocks and muskets only. Maybe we can send a third grader down there to interpret for the democrats. As far as Feinstein, the part of charging her with treason or at least removing her from office is on account of her not following her oath to uphold the constitution. The WHOLE constitution, not just the bits that fit her and all liberals agendas.

Whitakers guns is back in full swing....

Finally was able to hit the barber today. I was beyond shaggy and was more in the sheepdog category. The barber closes before I get home when I work late, and has short hours on Saturdays which I have been working.

After the barber, off to Whitakers to check out their wares. They are back to fully stocked. One complete aisle of AR's, both upper and lower shelves filled with every configuration you could want. They also had Magpul magazines at the normal $15 price again. So, I couldn't resist picking up a couple magazines. I was contemplating buying a box of them and putting them up for the next round of stupidity. I can set up a booth at the gun show and sell them at triple the price next time the nitwits bring up the ban, or, Hillary gets in after Obama. 

I could not leave without buying my AR10. They actually had the one with the 24 inch bull barrel that I have been waiting for. Have to pick up a couple extra mags for it at Indy next weekend as they did not have any in stock. I do have the one that came with it, but, more is better.

Still have three days left. It is almost like a vacation. I am getting use to the one day weekends. Hopefully get out to the range tomorrow. I can throw some iron sights on it for right now. Probably scope it out like the other one.

Have the Vette battery charging. Take her out and blow the cobwebs off tomorrow. Weather is suppose to be cool and sunny, then turn to rain tomorrow night. Make the most out of tomorrow. Went safe shopping some more today. Found a couple strong possibilities. Was looking at a cannon gun safe as I really like the features and the reviews looked good. When I went in to order it, the display models handle (including the shaft it mounts to) rattled in and out. I realize a display model gets abused, but, short of dropping it on it's face, the locking mechanism shouldn't rattle. So, I am back to a browning. I have one that I love, they are pricey, but they are really nice. The gun store has them a little high on price, but, delivery into the house is  $50. Movers want $300 to pick safe up and move it into house, so it will balance out. I am trying to find out if they are going to get any theftguard models in. They have the hammered finish to them instead of the gloss and the price is a little cheaper. Will go back tomorrow and see if store owner is in so I can talk it over with him and see exactly what he has and what is on the way.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What a great day

Everything ran great. I finally got the number one hot job that has been a nightmare from it's design out the door. Then, I find out that the boss is letting me take Friday for my birthday which turns a three day weekend into a four day weekend. What to do, what to do, what to do. Tomorrow will be trying to acquire my new gun safe and a trip to Whitakers to see what kind of new toys they have. Going to dig the garage out a bit and do a little reorganizing. It is going to be a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A possible three day weekend on the way

Hopefully, the holiday weekend will be three days instead of two. Boss said if we work eleven hour days all week, we may get Saturday off. Over halfway there and looking forward to it. Will still get  close to a sixty hour week and still get a long weekend. Just makes for long days. Still busy, so I don't think I will get Friday off this week, but maybe next weekend. Next weekend is Indy 1500 weekend, so it would be nice to get an extra day on that one. If I can get next Friday off, it would make two long weekends in a row.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The new immigration law radically increases high skilled worker visas to the US. When we have massive unemployment and college grads who are saying they can't get work and pay off their loans, why would we do this. Would it not make sense to radically cut the work visas or eliminate them all together to force companies to hire American graduates thus reducing unemployment and giving a young person a chance to learn a trade.

They are going to increase the lower level visas as well so farmers can have self importing slave labor. How convenient. Hotels can hire immigrants at a fraction of what an American worker would cost. If they are going to let lower skilled workers in, it should be people that have been waiting in line to enter, not those hiding, waiting for the next amnesty. But, before that happens, unemployment should be reduced. Cut visas for the lower skill jobs and fill them with people who are unemployed and have low or no skill. Again, unemployment goes down. People don't want to do the jobs, cut their benefits. Unemployment is for people looking for work, not those who don't wish to.

They are going to make citizenship hinge on the border security though. When you read the bill, it basically says there must be a plan for border security. It doesn't have to be in place, you just have to have a plan. The fine they have been talking about.....$500. WOW. A whopping $500 fine for illegally coming to the country and hiding out until the demorats get an amnesty program through. They have also expanded the anchor baby program up to family status now.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Relaxing day today

Hit the gun show this morning when it opened. Had a few nice rifles, but I resisted the urge. A couple Krags showed up. One rough and highly overpriced, the other, nice, but the stock had been sanded smooth and redone. Guy has a carbine at home, but doesn't want to part with it. I was hoping the gun safe dealer would be there. Seem a bit heavy and awkward to haul around, but he usually has a half dozen safes on display. Figured I would check and see if he wanted to drop one off by my house on the way back to his store if we could come to an agreeable price. Saw a nice M1 carbine, but the guy wanted the price of two for the one he had. Then again, his enfields were marked for about $500 each. I would be surprised with his prices if he sold anything at all.

Before leaving for the show, I made some homemade spaghetti sauce in the crockpot. Let it simmer all day. Beats the jarred stuff by quite a bit. Have enough to freeze some for an easy meal some time down the road. Back to work tomorrow. Should at least get two days off next weekend with  the holiday weekend. Hope to get my birthday moved  to the Friday before the Indy 1500 show. Be nice getting a couple long weekends in a row. It is doubtful, but one can always hope.

Friday, May 17, 2013

I am officially a relic now

The curio and relic license has a definition of the relic part as 50 years or older. Yeah, I am now officially a relic. I was suppose to be off today for my birthday, but, we are still swamped at work, so, I moved it a couple weeks down the road. I did have something waiting in the mailbox though. Another Jury duty notice, yeahhhh. Notice number four. So far, when I call in, there has been no court so I haven't had to show up. Hopefully I don't have to go in and I should be safe for a while. May 31st is the end of the period of time for this round.

Hoping on getting a little breather at work so I can get my safe delivered. Work has been unreal. Money is good, but it doesn't leave time for doing anything. Work tomorrow, but don't have to go in until seven, so that isn't too bad. Knocked the lawn mowing out today, so that is out of the way. May go to the range for a bit Sunday if it isn't raining too bad. Next weekend is the holiday weekend and I am hoping on getting Saturday off.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


All the idiotic gun laws they try and pass through congress, and again, I have to ask why. This story is of a local idiot that basically shut down a part of town earlier in the week. My question, WHY. Why was he not in jail. He had already, within the last year, been pulled over with a stolen gun. He was out on bond, ON BOND, from a previous kidnap situation earlier this year. The news latches on to an AR being in the house. He had threatened police officers at one of the altercations where he drunkenly crashed his vehicle into a tree with a locked and loaded rifle in the passenger seat. How can someone like this be out and about? Why do we need new gun laws when you have people like this trampling MANY laws, and still walking about? I don't understand how people like this are released out into the public over and over again. Bloomberg and his idiots want to disarm me and other law abiding citizens while they let nutjobs like this roam freely creating chaos wherever they go. Why do they have to wait until they kill someone before maybe doing something. And when all is said and done, it will be the guns fault. Not the fact that the system lets these people out over and over again.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Poor Holder

He literally gets away with murder, or at least accessory to murder through fast and furious, and Obama retains him for another term. Press didn't seem to have too bad of a problem with that. Ironically, he is seated next to what passes for a president at the meetings to come up with gun safety. Press doesn't have a problem when the second amendment is getting stomped and used as toilet paper. Now, however, we must fire Holder. He allowed the government to actually take records from the press. Violating freedom of the press, oh my, now we MUST do something. One of the amendments in the bill of rights that counts has been trampled. While I certainly don't condone what the DOJ has done, I am quite enjoying watching the press whimper as their rights have been violated. Anxious to see how they react when Obama does absolutely nothing, nada, zilch about Holder other than an empty promise to look into it and supposedly make sure it doesn't happen again. Wonder how well they are going to take it. May actually get a little actual reporting out of some of them now. Maybe a little, ever so slight, reverence to Obama will diminish just a smidge. One can only hope.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.

 Had a pretty good time at the NRA auction. Caught most of it. Got up at 3AM to get work out of the way. They had some nice guns for auction, but the prices went ridiculously high.  A couple Henry rifles went a little higher than I was willing to go. Was looking at an old high standard .22 with original box, but, it went for almost three times it's worth. They did have a really nice 03A3 smith corona with sling, but, I already have a few 03's in the safe along with an 04, so I let it go. It didn't go at too high a price.

 I did win some ammo for the Swedish Mauser though. They had lots of ammo and components. It was unbelievable what people were bidding on .22 ammo. They had about fifty bricks of .22 and were getting double to triple it's normal store value. If I run out, my .22's shall sit until ammo comes down to normal prices. Haven't figured out what has caused the scarcity of it to begin with, but I won't pay twice (or more) of what it is worth. They had a tremendous amount of ammo and components. Wish I could have gotten there earlier. There were many items I would have bid on at the silent auction had I gotten there early enough to get near it. They laid it out poorly. The gun auction was going on directly in front of the silent auction so crowds were standing in front of the silent auction preventing people from seeing and bidding freely. Next local Friends of the NRA banquet is in August at the 4H center. That is the big one.

Whitaker's is getting back to normal on both guns and ammo. They are back to selling bulk ammo by the case as well as no limits on anything but the .22, when they can get the .22 in. Their AR rack is back up to about a third of what it is normally and gaining daily. Probably going to go ahead and get my AR10 when I find it. They get them in, just not exactly what I am looking for yet. They never marked their prices above normal during the mayhem.

Friday, May 10, 2013

One more day, maybe

They scratched Sunday off the list, maybe. I won't count on it until I exit the building tomorrow. Heading in at 4AM tomorrow so I can salvage a bit of the friends of the NRA event. The luncheon will be over, but I hope to hit part of the estate gun auction. I love gun auctions. Wish I hadn't had to work when the last club meeting was held. They probably had a list of the guns that will be there. They usually have a silent auction beforehand, but I will probably miss that as well.

Some good political moves this week. A bill is on the floor to give a tax break to people who purchase a gun safe. Actually trying to pass something sensible as far as gun safety. Who would have thought.  May get to write off the new safe I am getting. Also in the works, Senator Coats and a couple others are working on a bill to get rid of the free cell phone program. Free meaning paid for by the working people. Doesn't stand a chance in a democrat controlled senate, but, hopefully that will change next year. Still, we at least have one senator who is trying.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting a bit ridiculous

Overtime is nice, but this is getting ridiculous. Have thirty six hours in already and it's only Wednesday. They put me on the Saturday list and told me not to make plans for Sunday. We really need someone in management who has a clue how to schedule work. They let the job sit the week I was on vacation untouched. Nobody could figure out how to grind it. Stuff is extremely hard. I am now grinding it with a green silicon carbide wheel. Twelve inch long shaft .622 diameter with .100 inch of spray weld on it. They require the diameters to hold .0002 tolerance on the size across the shaft. Oh, and can we have them yesterday? There are only seventy five of them. They took my second and third shift guys and assigned them to another department. Now, they are having a hard time trying to figure out why it is taking so long to get jobs through the grinding group. Does one remaining person still qualify as a group?  I have just about hit my limit of how much stupidity I can handle. Have eighteen years in, nineteen is looking iffy.

 The monsoon took a break today, so I was able to get the grass cut just before the sun went down. Only been back a few weeks and I am ready for another vacation. A permanent one. The club has their friends of the NRA banquet this weekend, which I already bought tickets for, and it looks like I am not going to make it. Having an estate gun collection auction before they pick the winning guns of the event. I will be working. Winner need not be present for the prizes, but I was really looking forward to the auction and games. They have it every year and I usually win something. They always have some really cool gun prizes. They have a BBQ going on and some shooting games as well. May see if I can go in at 4am on Saturday so I can get off in time to catch the tail end of the drawing.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


It has been nice out all week, and now that I get a weekend off, it's cold and rainy all day. I did get out to the home improvement center and get a quote on new countertops. Not bad at all. Getting the under mounted molded in sink with it.  Probably stop back in tomorrow and put in my order. Just had to pick out a color. Took some sample chips home to try. Going to get a slab cut for in front of the fireplace too. Way too many colors to choose from. Hoping on a nicer day tomorrow so I can get some things done outside and in the garage. Got the weedeater running again, then ran out of line for it.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Finally heard back from Donnelly

Apparently, like a good little demorat, he believes our immigration system is broken. In my letter, I pointed out how the system is not broken, it is ignored. By giving amnesty again (as they did in the 80s) all they do is send the message that if you sneak in and hide long enough, you too can become a citizen. It encourages and rewards illegal unscrupulous behavior. If you were a Mexican, what incentive is there to go through legal channels. If you went to a movie, were standing in the ticket line, and people were walking past you and right in to the movie theater without paying (in droves), why would you proceed to stand in line and pay? They can't fathom common sense. Too worried about getting a fresh batch of demorats over here to bolster their voting base.

 Must have been catching up on his mail. I received two letters in the mail from him in the same week. The other one was on my gun control letter. He did so-so on that. He voted down the magazine and the AR bills, but voted for the other two. He, like most demorats, can not understand that the so called universal background check is plain and simple gun registration. The only true way of knowing that all guns are being sold legally would be to know where they all are now. What is wrong with that is, when the gun grabbers want to outlaw a gun you have, they know you have it, and where to go to get it. Look at all the local government bodies that have rushed the anti gun laws into effect. Their constituency is being given a very short period of time to get rid of any weapons that are effected by their regimes new socialist laws. If the guns are registered, they could simply look and see if you complied through the paper work, and if not, send the police to your door to take them. May as well grab all your weapons while they are there seeing as how they would now have you for breaking their firearms laws. Thus making you a felon and taking away your right to any firearms. With the liberals, it is just progressive baby steps. Coats will be getting my vote for sure. Donnelly, not a chance.

One thing I did as well right after the vote, I wrote and thanked Coats for sticking up for my rights. Figure people always write in and complain, it doesn't take long to write a simple thanks and let them know they did good. Figure if they hear the thanks enough, they may not swing the other way as the press is trying to make them feel they are losing votes. I sure hope this nonsense makes more people get out and vote the demorats out of office next year. If they lose the senate, maybe they will take the hint and back off for another decade or two. Seems they have a short memory. Of course the liberal media helps stoke the fire.

Been thinking of sending a thank you to Bloombergs little group. You know, thanking them for letting me know which senators stuck up for my rights, just in case the NRA missed one. It is mighty nice of them to let us know who voted down the anti gun laws so we can truly thank them at the polls. Even libtards have their uses. Figure they will appreciate the gesture ; )

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A full weekend off, yes

Been working ten and twelve hour days and Saturdays trying to get an ultra hot job out the door. Fortunately, the head of the shop cares more about looks than jobs getting out, so, painting the walls takes precedence over getting the job out. YES. Every once in a while the idiocy that is our management team actually does something so idiotic, it works out in your favor. Typical planning. They painted the floor a couple weekends ago, now they do the walls. I figure they will do the ceiling next. Most people with even a tiny bit of sense start at the top and work down so as not to contaminate the freshly painted surfaces. I can't believe the outfit I work for is the number one in their field. They have no ability at all to plan the simplest of tasks. Oh well, I will be enjoying the weekend. Found a little lathe mill combo on craigslist I want to check out Saturday. If the rain doesn't hit, hopefully I can get the garage straightened out a little bit.