Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I got to see my son for most of my visit to NW Indiana and my nieces as well. First time we had a whole crew going to my cousins for Christmas get together in quite a few years. Had a nice dinner at my brother's house. His girlfriend is a great cook. Was nice to visit with my brother and Vella. Could not ask for better winter weather. It didn't snow until after I was back home. My kid is still off for another week, so he got to enjoy the holidays for a change. He usually worked them before. He got in at the Ford plant a couple months back. One less thing to worry about. Did miss seeing Og while I was up there. No time for a Cabella trip either.

 Went down to Whitakers gun shop in Kentucky yesterday. It was a nice journey. They had several M1A's, but not the exact one I am looking for. Had a good day today. The sun was out most of the day and it was in the 60,s. Suppose to go back down to normal tomorrow. Might head over to the club for a little target shooting tomorrow. It isn't suppose to rain. Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back on line

Laptop bit the dust. Battled through the Christmas crowd to get a new one at Christmas sale price. Still trying to resist urge to beat the old one into rubble. It won't let me transfer my  photos out no matter how I try. It can not see it's dvd burner. It does not want to see the flash drive. Hard drive on it is dying fast. Each startup reveals more bad sectors. I usually have photos backed up on cd, but failed to do so during the car rebuild. So much for Dell. The computer isn't that old. It does have a western digital hard drive. When I use to build my own desktop pc's, I quit using western digital due to the fact they have a high failure rate. They honored the warranty, but you get tired of packing up drive, sending it back, and waiting for a replacement to arrive. Not to mention having to reinstall everything including the operating system and all the updates.

Merry Christmas everyone. Stay warm and safe.