Sunday, September 24, 2017

Gun show day

Made it out to the gun show at the armory. My buddy was there with some rather interesting stuff as usual. He has a very extensive collection of guns. I have bought a few. He reminded me of the pumpkin shoot they have at their club after Halloween. I need to check it out. They buy a bunch of surplus pumpkins for next to nothing after Halloween and, have a machine gun shoot. Kinda like Gunny has with watermelons. Sounds like a great time. He introduced me to his buddy at the show who sells full auto weapons. He will be there as well. They have several machine guns each, so it should be rather fun and educational.
House is coming along finally. Kitchen is pretty well in order. I bought some cabinet organizers I have yet to install. Dining room is finally cleaned out of empty boxes and miscellaneous items that needed sorting through. I found a tv stand I want so I can get the living room situated the way I want it. I was going to pick it up while I was out, but got to feeling pretty lousy, so I came home and laid down. Been working a lot of hours and I think I am just ran down a bit. Feeling rather tired and blah. Things to do, but no ambition to do them with. They will still be there tomorrow. Hopefully I will be up to doing them. They keep talking cutting overtime at work, but it hasn't happened yet. It is hard to cut hours when you have an over abundance of millennials for help that don't do much other than take up space. I could get more done if they would get them out of the way. Probably work less hours if I didn't have to fix what they mess up after I go home. Two weeks until I get a couple vacation days. Hopefully go to the machine gun shoot out in Kentucky. That is always a good time.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

It's a bit comical, in a sad way

I moved down to southern Indiana and absolutely love the area. I have all the restaurants, stores and conveniences I had up north, without the traffic and congestion. I love it. Don't miss the liberal agenda being so close to Chicago. Don't miss the crime at all. It is nice. The news media down here wishes they were bigger. It is very sad, to the point of being almost comical. We had a demented individual, who happened to be black, get shot and killed. This particular individual positioned himself outside a federal building and was ranting and threatening one day. The next day, he came back with a baseball bat and started taking out windows. Police tazed him, and it didn't slow him down. He went to attack, they shot and killed him. Local news tried doing the BLM bit. Built up the fact that there was a crowd forming to protest at the federal building. I looked at the pictures. Both pictures. Six people. Same six people in both pics. One laying on the ground drawing so and so's life matters in chalk on the sidewalk. Cute side note, the authorities warned the protesters if they drew on the building, it was federal property, and they would go to jail and be prosecuted. So, draw on the sidewalk. News tried their best to build up the scenario, but nada. No mob. I love this area. Most people responding in the news posts were on the side of the police and justifiably so.

Today, the DACA protesters are in the news. They numbered in the single digits as well. Eight. Four on each side of the street. Creative photos in the news tried their best to make it look like more. Hard to do with eight people. One shot, the photographer had to be on a knee shooting almost straight up so you saw one face and a few picket signs. All the signs there :)  I am so happy that we lack the protesting idiots the big cities have. It does look almost comical at times though. Liberals are too dense to realize all Trump is trying to do is get congress to do the job they are suppose to do. DACA was an Obama overreach. Executive branch isn't suppose to make laws. That is congresses job. By killing the DACA order, it throws the ball into the lawmakers arena for them to hash out. Not being heartless, but I have no soft spot on this issue. It may not be the fault of the kids dragged here, but where do you draw the line. If you grant amnesty now, you will always grant it forever. The so called dreamers, if you do the math, are the kids dragged here by their parents after the Reagan amnesty. Fat lot of good that did as they kept sneaking in. Nothing against immigrants. Come in legally. Get a permit. Get in lint. Farmer needs help, hire workers using the work permit system. Bring them in legally. They get background checked. They are checked for diseases. If they are here legally, they don't have to put up with the abuse many do out of worry about being caught. It is a win win. Enough of the amnesty nonsense. It does nothing but tell the rest of the world, go ahead, sneak in, eventually we will grant you citizenship and you don't need to conform at all. I feel sorry for the kids that were dragged here, but at some time, you have to draw a line and stand your ground.