Thursday, July 31, 2014

I have lost hard drives over the years.

I won't but Western digital to this day as they were the worst. As in when a drive I bought new died, they sent me a new one as I had the warranty. The new drive died, and again, I got yet another under warranty. That one died shortly before the warranty ran out. That being said, I am very familiar with hard drive failures, how to replace them and what a pain it is to lose info. What I don't understand is how someone can lose a hard drive which loses certain chunks of e-mail, yet saves others. Very weird.

Funny how the ones that would implicate her and the IRS conveniently disappeared. I can't really say too much about her remarks on the conservatives as I tend to berate the liberals in much the same way. Big differences are I use my computer, not a government agency's computer. I don't work for said agency. She abused her authority by singling out conservatives and got away with it. If I were to have e-mails similar to hers on my work account, I wouldn't be working anymore. Government officials should be held to a higher standard as what they do effects all tax paying citizens. Still say her and a whole slew of people covering for her should be in a cell somewhere.

It will be a busy weekend.

Tomorrow is the Friends of the NRA banquet, which is always a blast. Then, I have a two day weekend. I figured out a cheap fixture to mount my AR lower to in order to turn the threads for the buffer tube. Picked up the material after work. Should be pretty solid, and self centering on the lathe. Should get that done this weekend along with a decent start on the magazine pocket. Only one more day to go.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

NOT on the weekend list,

Last weekend, the gun auction. This weekend, the Friends of the NRA banquet. That is always a blast. Good food and a good time. Hope to get some stuff done in the garage as well. Need to put some speakers up, run some wiring, and maybe just have a bit of fun playing with some of the machines. Need to pick up a small chunk of bar stock to make a fixture for turning the threads on the lower. At a stand still on it until then as I need to tap holes in magazine area to mount it to the fixture. Once the buffer end is tapped, should be smooth sailing on through the rest.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oh Bloomberg, you liberal twit

I watched his commercial, and, it blatantly screams FOR gun rights. The woman is with her child calling police, guy breaks in, takes kid, shoots mommy. I am sorry, but, it kinda hints that maybe if mommy had a gun, she could have aimed it at the entrance while dialing the police. You know, since criminals already have guns and don't care about the law anyhow.  Poor old Bloomberg will just never get it. He is right about one thing. We do need to contact our congress critters. Just not quite like Bloomy wants though. Thanks for the commercial Bloomberg.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Steam show and fleamarket today

Gun auction went rather late yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to go to the steam show. Got up early and headed out. It was rather steamy out even early in the morning. They had the sawmill and blacksmith set up. We had an extremely bad storm last night, so, quite a few of the vendors had called it quits. The mill wasn't running yet when it started sprinkling. I hit most of what was left of the flea market. Between the heat, humidity and the dwindling vendors, I decided to head home. I did pick up a slab of ribs to go before leaving. You get anywhere near the BBQ area and it is hard to resist. Spent the rest of the day just relaxing.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Way too much fun............

Today was auction day. It was a lot of fun. I should have done some research on the full auto section as the prices were extremely low by market value. The 50 went for 18,500. She is complete with all accessories, papers, crates and a box of ammo. They had a brand new spare barrel for sale on a different item number. The Sten went for $3900, the ruger for $8000.

I would have come home with more had the order of guns been different. A few of the guns toward the end of auction I wanted went way too high. Had I known, I would have bid on a few of the earlier guns. I did pick up one pistol I really like, and have eyeballed in the past. It looks like new, as in never fired. Has box and papers. Not a really high valued gun, nor necessarily popular, but I like it.

Chambered for .380, of which I have a lot. I have seen these every so often, but this one never hit the price they go for, or even half the price they generally go for. I picked this up and another enfield. It wasn't going for much, and it did have a pokey thing (the brits call it a bayonet, but it looks more like a pokey thing). Figured it doesn't eat anything and I picked it up for about half what they go for. I know I won one other gun, but somehow, when I went to pay, they didn't have a record of it. Maybe I will get a call when the figure it out. The gun went somewhere. My guess is they wrote the number down wrong and put it on some other bidder's winnings. It wasn't anything fancy either. Just a pistol that should have gone for more. This weekend was a bad time for them to schedule a gun auction, as far as a seller is concerned. It was great for the buyers. There was a fair, a steam show,  and a huge flea market. Flea market being the type guys like. Tools, tractors and such. There were people there, but not as many as usually come, which effected both price and popularity. Popularity being most of the military stuff didn't hit what  it usually does. Hunting rifles pretty much hit their usual target, until toward the end. A lot of people left and the last few guns went for a song.

I cleaned up in the silent auction. I almost felt guilty for the price I got the stuff for. There was so much reloading supplies that they couldn't get top dollar out of it. They actually threw a ton of brass in the regular auction to help get rid of some of it. I didn't buy any reloads. I don't know the guy who reloaded them and I am always leery of buying reloads from a stranger. Might be good, but no guarantee. I did want some lead bullets though. And there were rows of ammo cans full of them. I bid on four containers figuring I would be out bid on a couple of them and hoping I got one or two. Nope. I got them all. I am stocked for a really long time. They were $20-$25 bucks each. I bid 5 extra on the .45 as people were going after them more than the .38. 

Yes, twenty dollars, sized, lubed and ready to load, and in ammo cans. I should have bought them all. Talk about heavy.... I also picked up a big ammo can for a few bucks...

And some magazines for the carbine. Forteen all together. All major manufacturers included. Came out at about six bucks a magazine. I tried for a couple Dillon reloaders but got beat out. It was the largest silent auction they have ever had. The reload gear was one guy..... One of the guys I work with showed up at the auction. Last week, the auction house auctioned his aunt's house and furnishings. He said he talked to the auctioneers about the gun auction. They told him the one guy came in and borrowed their enclosed trailer to haul in his silent auction supplies. Said he filled it up twice. I believe it. You would have to see it to believe it. He had more reloading gear and ammo than most of the biggest gun stores I have seen.

Friday, July 25, 2014

It looks awesome

I headed down to the auction preview. It is huge......

I walk in the door and see the overflow of the silent auction part. I am in heaven. There are tons of reloading items. I shoot a lot of nonjacketed .38 and .45. There are rows of ammo cans full of bullets. all sized and lubed and ready for loading. They have a few dillons. I may pick one up if it goes cheap enough. Be nice to leave one dedicated to .38. There are cases of ammo, pallets of lead, pallets of bullets, and an unbelievable amount of brass. I was told a lot of the reloading stuff came from one man who recently passed away as well as a lot of the guns. WOW. The reloading stuff continues into the next room which is the main room housing the guns and auction. It follows the perimeter of the room. There is so much brass, they have lots being auctioned to reduce some of the bulk.

The browning .50 won't be there until the morning along with the other machine gun. I always like to see what they bring. The .50 is up to $8750 so far. There are some really cool guns as well. So far they have have a total of three hundred on the block. I will be spending the day watching and bidding:)

There is a Winchester and an Inland M1 carbine which would look nice in my safe.

A Garand tanker. The first one I have seen outside of pictures. The poor Krag next to it was butchered long ago.
Everyone needs at least one .50 cal. You just never know when the zombie apocalypse is going to hit.

There were some nice bullet boards there, but they are already pulling a couple grand a piece. They are cool, but not that cool. At least one of my buddies from work will be there. Sunday will be the Steam show and flea market. Next weekend is the friends of the NRA banquet. It is going to be a great couple of weeks.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tough choices....

It is almost impossible for me to turn down overtime, almost. I always work as often as I can. So, it was hard, but, I asked the boss to schedule someone else for Saturday this week. This weekend is the huge gun auction, the steam show/ flea market in the next county, and, the fair in my county. Lots to do and I shouldn't be bored. Tomorrow is the preview where I can check out the guns they have to auction as well as what is in the silent auction. Will post some pics tomorrow. Probably going to try and get out tomorrow with only eight hours under my belt. Weekend is going to be awesome.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

And on a most positive note.....

Bloomberg, Pelosi and other whiners won't admit it, but, much like climate change, gun control is also a lot of built up nonsense. It may amaze them to find there hasn't been a shooting there yet, nor a robbery for that matter. Could it be that law abiding gun owners aren't the problem? hmmm. It was a refreshing article though.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Finishing the grip area

                        Started out on this end by drilling hole for the pivot pin spring and detent.

Next up, mill out the material to form tabs for pivot pin.
Next up, mill the last surface for the grip panel.
Drill hole for grip. I didn't have tap on hand, so I will tap it later.
Left side mock up
Right side mock up.
Need to finish buffer tube hole (bore and tap), and the buffer retainer hole. Then I can start milling out the magazine pocket and the trigger group area.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Buffer tube end

After work, I did a bit more on the lower. Made a quick drill guide out of a scrap of key stock. Drill is quite long, compounded by the fact that the area being drilled has a radius on the side that you have to break into without the bit walking off center.

                     All lined up on the hole, just need to put the drill guide in place to keep drill true.

I just held the block up against the angle plate and drilled through first tang. You can remove block    once you break through first tang as that hole lines up the next one.

Here it is all the way through. This is the hole I was most concerned with as it is a long way down with an extremely thin drill....................

                                            can be seen here.

Here I spot faced the pocket, drilled the hole for the take down pin spring, and drilled a starter hole for where the threaded hole will be for the buffer tube. I will finish bore it to size and thread it in the lathe.

                                     A little clean up and blending of the area where the grip goes.

Same with the other side. I will place on an angle block and mill the angled area to print, then drill and tap. She will be ready for the grip at that point.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Finally got back on track

After letting it sit for too long, I did some more on my AR lower today. Finally have all the tooling I need to complete. Just lack ambition to stay the course.
First up, the bolt release slot. Have to make sure the piece is far enough up out of vise as to not knick the jaws.

                                          Next, milling out the magazine release slot.

Make sure to check fitment and adjust if needed.
While I had the right size endmill in there, I move over and milled the flats on the selector tabs. I dropped the selector in to check fitment.
Next up, the left hand grip panel is milled. You want to mill so that you finish 3/16 of an inch above center as the web thickness will end up being 3/8 when we are done. This finishes the left side, now for the right.
On the right side, I milled a shallow pocket for the head of the take down pin and then proceeded to mill the pocket for the mag release button. Now this operation involves milling the slot, and then, with the same 5/16 mill, mill a straight pocket down center of button pocket to accommodate the spring.
Once the pocket is milled, make sure to check fitment. You want this to move smooth and easy without hanging up.
Here I milled the right side grip panel to finish the 3/8 thickness. If done proper, it should be centered.
Here, the right side is done. I drilled the second hole for the trigger guard. Be sure not to drill too deep as it does not go all the way through. It is hard to see, but I also drilled a 5/64 inch vent hole up near the right take down pin. It is only 1/8 deep.
Next up on the list will be the buffer tube end. The hard part on that end will be drilling the hole for the pin that holds the bolt release lever in place. It is a small diameter (3/32) and needs to be long. I will make a drill guide out of a small piece of keystock to keep the drill from walking while drilling. I don't have a tap the right size, and don't intend to buy one as they are not cheap. I will drill and tap a couple holes in the forging where I will later mill the magazine pocket. This will allow me to bolt the forging to a piece of steel and I can then put it in my lathe where I can use a cutter to cut the threads for the buffer tube to fit into.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Boy, don't I feel silly...

Here I am complaining about illegal immigrants invading our country and the government not doing anything about it. Some papers point at it as a good start. Forty. Wow.

It's kinda like emptying a bathtub with a teaspoon, while the faucet is running full blast. We, meaning our government, chartered a private plane to ship forty illegals home for a photo-op, for both governments, theirs and ours. Here's an idea. Use military transport planes. Pack them to capacity, let one take off, load another and repeat until all invaders have been removed. Nix the taxpayer supplied care packages to boot. It is the right idea, they just need to put it in high gear.

Friday, July 18, 2014

It's been a fast three years

Got a notice in the mail yesterday. My renewal for my curio and relic license. It is much easier to renew than apply. I didn't have to go down to the sheriff station and wait to see the sheriff and have him sign off on it like I did when originally applying. Just had to mail a copy of the renewal to the sheriff station. It comes in handy at the Kentucky gun shows. Most of the booths won't sell to you unless you have an FFL. I can buy qualifying handguns in other states, and take them home.  Cool thing I found out as well, machine guns count as C&R if they fall into the age rule and are on the list. Still have to pay the $200 tax stamp, but only once. Should I get lucky down the road and find the M2 I hope to get one day, I don't have to pay a to have it transferred to a Class 3 FFL, and again to have it transferred to me (which seems kind of silly anyway). Having a Curio Relic license, I can pay the fee, pass back ground and have it transferred and shipped directly to me. Doubt I will ever get one, but, if one comes along at decent price, it would be a cool addition to the collection as well as an investment as the price only goes up over time. The auctions down here get a few machine guns here and there, but so far, nothing that really interests me as far as owning. The one next week has a 50 cal. While high on the cool factor, don't care to try and afford to buy one, afford to shoot it, have room in a safe to lock it up, and, find a place to shoot it. On the other hand, the M2 would be a comfortable shoot, the local club allows machine guns (not the 50 cal variety) and the ammo isn't too badly priced. After every Halloween, they have a pumpkin shoot at the club. They bring out their machine guns and make pumpkin pulp: ) Like I said, doubtful to happen, but I keep hoping they get one at the auction.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Usually, when I go on vacation, I pick a cheap Comfort Inn. Something in a decent area, not fancy, just somewhere to sleep while on a trip. Check this out. Full concierge service. Three swimming pools. Read the brochure, it is quite impressive. How many weeks do you think you could afford to stay here. Well, in order to stay here, if the nasty public hadn't butted in and ruined it, all you would have to do is leave the country and sneak in illegally. The government, which can't seem to find money for the veterans, was in the process of buying above hotel resort. What for,,,,,, Housing the illegal immigrants of course. A place for the people sneaking in our country to stay while awaiting seeing a judge or other arrangements. This is no joke. The only reason it got dropped is because the local citizens (legal American citizens) raised holy hell, and justly so.

I found this so unbelievable, I had to check a different media source, and:

The government was going to hire staff to run the hotel for the immigrants. What the hell. How about we go through with the purchase of this facility and house the veterans who need help there and boot the illegals directly back across the border, no pit stop, no money, no free (paid for by us taxpayers) anything. Simply send them back across the border. Maybe the ones heading this way would turn back when they saw a wave of their brethren heading back home.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Sure enough, yesterday I brag all machines in my area are running. Today, the speed control for the ID grinder wheel head went south. Managed to manually bypass a relay, hit a  few reset and change around some parameters in the controller to limp through until we can get a new unit in. I swear the machines can hear and understand. They seem to work best when you cuss at them. Set me back a few hours, but it is semi-functional. Eleven hours, and I am out of there. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit smoother running.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back into the fire....

Life is back to normal. Back to work and back to ten hour days with a seven day work week thrown in to boot. Time off was refreshing and the extra cash will be cool. We are back logged once again, but that beats the alternative. I was shocked to see all the machines still running. Usually I come back to at least one machine in need of some form of repair. This weather is crazy. It was sunny and 71 degrees, in July... This is awesome. Must be that global warming climate change. Think I will go empty some more aerosol cans into the atmosphere just to give it a boost.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Not ready to go back.....

Vacations never seem long enough. Back to work tomorrow. Hit the Harley dealership to see what the kid bought. They actually had one exactly like his old one, and one that looked close to the one he just bought. Nice weather brought out a lot of bikers. There were some nice looking ones in the parking lot. I keep thinking about getting one again, but I don't think my knees and back could hack it anymore.  Saw some antique cars out and about as well. There are a ton of old hotrods in the area, and it's always interesting checking them out. A little over a month until Frog Follies.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Only one day left

One day of freedom left before going back to work. Caught up with my son on the phone for a bit. He bought his first Harley last year after learning to ride. Sharp sportster. It was a model 72 retro which looked quite cool. Had the peanut tank on it, which while it looks cool, doesn't get you very many miles. He traded up to a Fat Bob. Should fit him a lot better as he is rather tall. Sharp looking bike. Glad to see him doing well.
It decided to rain today which gave me a  chance to concentrate on some inside chores. I made a big batch of chili and a batch of spaghetti sauce. I will package and freeze for meals down the road. Caught up on some of my chores I have been putting off. Not sure what to do with my last day off. May hit the range again for a bit. Didn't get over to cowboy town last time I was out. Still have the guns packed up. May take the luger out and try it. Have plenty of 9mm, just no 45.

Have a cool gun auction to hit in a couple of weeks. They have a M2 Browning .50 cal machine gun with tripod and many other accessories. They also have a Sten Mark III SMG with several mags and accessories. They have three machine guns so far for this auction. I always like to see what they go for. That is on top of the few hundred guns they normally have. God I hope I don't have to work that day. They have a lot of military guns up on the block. The silent auction is pretty cool as well. Never know what they will have in that. Last gun auction I went to, they had a military type motorcycle with side car they auctioned off at the half way point. They also have online auction bidding going on. What's cool is, I take my Kindle with and hook into their wireless so I can keep up with what the online bids are on items that interest me. It makes for a really enjoyable day.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lots of empty brass

I don't remember taking the scope off the AR, but it wasn't even close to being on. Like several inches off on the elevation. Had to throw a poster board out there just to see where I was hitting. Got her tuned in quick, just not sure how she got that far out of whack. Has been quite some time since I had it out. Got to shoot the M1 carbine as well. For a military gun, it has a red rider bb gun feel to it. First time I have shot one. Have to set up at the 50 yard next time as it or I didn't fare well with it at 100 yards. Of course iron sites and me being half blind probably doesn't help. Perfect day
out for it. Sunny with a nice gentle breeze. Not too many people out. Several people cycled in and out in the few hours I was there. Didn't realize I was completely out of 45 auto. Had a few boxes on my shelf, all empty brass. Not sure how they got mixed in with my new ammo. Haven't tried reloading any rimless cartridges yet. Have the dies, gages and bullets, just have to set her up and give it a try. I have a lot of brass saved up. Vacation is winding down, unfortunately. Still have a three day weekend left, but I am never ready to go back. Once you get a taste of living the life of a democrat, it's hard to rejoin the workforce again.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I guess Windows 7 worked too well

Otherwise, why would Microsoft have made windows 8.something or other. My god, what a horrendous turd this operating system is. My old computer pretty much went south. I picked up a new one at the store. Windows eight. I am just about in tears trying to get my e-mail set up. Apparently, if you don't have outlook e-mail, you will by the time they are done with you. I managed to get yahoo e-mail in there, but my internet provider e-mail won't go no matter what I do. Doesn't want to give me the normal menu where I can input the POP info. It will import the mail from it, but will not let me actually use the in and outbox of the address. It just dumps the mail in a folder. The whole tabs look is messy to say the least. The menu in the lower corner was nice. I was use to it. Now, if I click or touch in the wrong area, screens scramble and randomly shut down. So far, my favorite was XP. I got use to 7 and it wasn't all that bad. Windows 8 looks to be the new windows ME. A complete piece of unusable junk filling the void until windows 9 hits the market. May have to see if I can get my windows 7 to install on the new computer. If I wanted windows to look like MAC, I would have bought a MAC.

I hit a couple more landscape places. Found a place with really good price on bulk rock. I just have to pop the cap off of the truck so they can load it up. The bags from the stores work great for easy unloading, but cost substantially more. Want to pick it up in the truck so I can back up and offload at the separate drop locations as opposed to having it delivered and having to shovel it into wheelbarrow, roll it to location and dump. Just have to come up with a decent storage for the cap. Found a nice pulley setup on the web. Hook it to the rafters in garage, pull the cable, tie it off, and it stores your cap at the ceiling of garage out of the way. To install, just back up under it and drop cap back on, install clamps.

Only a few more vacation days left. Been doing more work than fun stuff. Going to take a break tomorrow and head to the range for a bit of fun. Got the AR ready to roll. Want to take out the m1 carbine as well. Haven't got to shoot it yet. Have several guns I have been wanting to take out. Being midweek, hopefully the range will be fairly empty in the morning. Take the cowboy guns out as well. They put up some new buildings in cowboy town and some new targets. Should be a fun day. Running low on the 45 colt ammo. Need to set up the loader again.

Monday, July 7, 2014

How do they know?

I can't seem to find a clock readout or a light sensor of any sort. How is it a smoke detector knows when it is two in the morning so it can give the low battery screech. I swear I have never had one go off in the day time. At least this time, the one that squawked wasn't one of the ones I need a ladder to reach. In their infinite wisdom, the house builders decided one of the smoke detectors would look great at the upper most part of the vaulted ceiling in the guest bedroom. That is a love joy to get to. I would move it, had they not cut a hole, put in an electrical box, and hardwired it in place. When the back up battery gets low, it honks, usually about 2AM. That one may be getting gutted and left to fill the hole. I can place one in the same room at the entry way where it would be within reach. I can reroute the wires in the attic. The one last night, a new battery didn't help. I hit the store and picked up a pack of four new smoke detectors that are white, and actually match the white ceilings, instead of the ivory ones the builder installed. It is the second detector to die, so I figure change them all and be done with it for a while. They actually thought to put the battery door on the front so you don't have to remove the whole detector to change the batteries. What a concept.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A day of porky goodness..

Headed over to the butcher shop as I was out of bacon. Picked up a ten pound box so I should be set for a while. Broke it down into vacuum bags of a pound each. Once you have real bacon, there isn't any going back to Oscar slimmer again. You actually get more meat and very little grease.  Dropped by the school on the way back to the house. The local kids baseball was selling smoked pork butts to raise money. Picked up a hot off the smoker pork butt. I actually remembered to take a heavy pan with this time. They usually put it in a flimsy tinfoil container which is both hot and not very good at keeping the juices off the interior of your vehicle. Made for an easy lunch, an easy dinner and plenty of leftover to freeze in small packets for future meals. They had the farmers market set up outside the butcher shop as well so that made for a productive run. Spent most of the rest of the day relaxing after all the work yesterday, it felt good.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Ton of chores off the list today

Got up this morning and ripped out the nonworking ceiling fan in my room and installed the one I bought yesterday. They had such a great sale on fans going, I picked one up for the dining room. It had a hideous chandelier. Had being the key word. I installed that one after doing some running around. The new fans are energy efficient models and I replaced the lights with LED's. I now have very few regular bulbs anywhere in the house. They not only save energy, I no longer have the annoying chore of chasing burned out bulbs all the time. I have been wanting to put one in the dining room for some time now. It is much more pleasant at the table with the air movement, and without the head bumping, ugly light that was there. The running around part, I picked up supplies to finish refinishing the fireplace. I installed a mantel kit a while back and picked up some bricks to finish out the opening. I had also built a platform to relocate the big screen TV up above the fireplace. Today, I finished trimming out the area between the fireplace and the TV to hide the cable box and audio equipment. It looks much better. Still need to install the decorative brick, but that should be a quick job for tomorrow. Have most of the odd jobs knocked out that I wanted to accomplish on vacation. I should be able to start having a bit of fun as my full week of vacations starts.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A prime reason for closing the borders, AND making english the OFFICIAL language of the country...

Could you imagine going to a country and living there, and not knowing the language? When people legitimately come to the country using legitimate means, learning the language is a requirement, as it should be. We are the only country I know of that not only doesn't punish illegal aliens in a very serious manner, we actually encourage them. Look at Obama and the liberal scum bussing the illegals all over the country. They are quite laughably handing them a piece of paper telling them to show up for court to determine what to do with them. Why on earth would you bus them, anywhere at all? Does anyone really believe any of them will show in court? Detain them at the border, document them well so if they show up again, you can prosecute them, then eject them back across the border. Does not matter what their country of origin is. They traveled illegally through Mexico to get here, let Mexico lock them up. If they are juveniles, so what. They made it here, they can make it back home. Sounds cold, but it is just the beginning. The message is being sent that you can dump your children across the border, there will be no end. Next thing the liberals will want is to import their parents so the family unit will be together.

The only thing broken about the system are the rejects in charge of it. Look up operation wetback. No, I am not using a racist slang term, it is what the government called it at the time, it was it's official name. They were having problems with illegals crossing over. They gathered them up, put them on ships, and dumped them way down south, not just across the border, so they would really have to travel to come back again. Everyone criticized Romney's self deportation idea. It worked back then. They were scurrying back across the border so as not to get shipped way south of their origin. It worked then, it will work now, if we had any honest politicians or leaders left, but we don't.