Friday, November 29, 2013

Why universal background checks are BAD

This is a perfect example of what is wrong with the universal back ground checks the left keeps braying about. They keep calling it a commonsense matter. Problem is, liberals don't possess an ounce of commonsense. Universal background check IS gun registration. When you have registration, you get the kind of nonsense that they now have in New York, and will have in all the left wing socialist communities nation wide.

They are freakin nuts out there

I don't like to shop so I usually stay home on black Friday and let all the loony people have the roadways. Unfortunately, I had to have a blood draw for insurance discount and the only time to get it done is Monday through Friday while I am at work. So, I had to get it done today since I am off, so I went ahead and scheduled spike's vet appointment at the same time. Drop off wasn't too insane. Parking lot was busy, but not bad. When I went to pick him up, it was nuts. He goes to Banfield which is in petsmart. Petsmart is right next to Kohls. Kohls was packed. I had to park a few businesses over and walk to pick him up. I don't know why people think it's fun to go out and shop elbow to elbow. When I have to shop, I usually do it by mouse clicks. Kohls is one of my favorites for clothes shopping. Online only, not at the store. I wear blue jeans so I don't need to try them on. I order online, two days later, they are at my door. No driving over there and digging through the mess that is their jean department, just click my size and they appear at my door. Most of the time, the store wouldn't have my size anyhow. Tall sizes are not always available. Don't know why with all the tall people in the world, but, I have found it much easier to mail order. Ran into a few wrecks on the way home. Decided spike and I will be lounging at home the rest of the day. Just not up to dealing with the maniacs out there.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Sitting indoors relaxing for the day. Made a turkey yesterday so I don't have to spend the whole day cooking. I usually do just a small turkey breast, but I figure I can vacuum pack and freeze some of the meat for later use, so I picked up a small turkey. Don't think I will poke my head out the door today. Some silly people will be out starting their Christmas shopping today. Day should be for one and all to enjoy with their families. I refuse to patronize businesses on holidays where people are forced to work when they should be at home with family and friends.


I cook way more often than I go out to eat, and not a huge fan of fast food. I made a family favorite with a twist. Just me and the dog as what little family I have left is a few hundred miles north, but he didn't complain about the turkey, so it mustn't have been too bad. I made a cheese puff from my mom's recipe book. The only twist I did was add a little shredded bacon in with it. Bacon makes everything better. I never post a recipe, but this one is good and fast and easy to make.

Cheese puff

1 cup flour (says to sift flour, but guys don't sift or ask for directions)
1/2 tsp salt
 1/8 tsp pepper
add 2 eggs and a 1/2 cup milk, beat until smooth
add another 1/2 cup milk and mix thoroughly, mix 1/2 cup shredded cheese in by hand. Cheddar is my favorite, but you can use anything. This is where I also mixed in some shredded bacon. It made a huge difference.
Melt 2 tablespoons butter in 9 inch square pan. Pour batter in. Sprinkle a minimum (more is better) 1/2 cup shredded cheese on top. Bake for 30-35 minutes at 400 degrees. May cook a bit faster if using dark nonstick pans.

Hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sorry Obama, but.........................

I really enjoyed watching the sign come down. Obama says he needs Pelosi in there to get things done.  Funny how the reach across the aisle thing died after the election and now the republicans are considered an obstruction to him getting anything done. I sincerely hope I never see that sign go back above that door again. Obama is in worse shape than I gave him credit for if his success hinges on Pelosi. Just thinking of the damage he could unleash with control of both houses of congress is enough to make one cringe. Republicans are obstructing...... Letting illegals become citizens......taking guns from law abiding citizens........
.........Obamacare....................... letting Iran develope nuclear capabilities by removing sanctions....................... I am sorry, I really hope the republicans can hold the idiot back for a few more years. I sincerely hope Obama doesn't succeed in any of his plans.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hate to see it go

The crippling economy has been tough. The company I work for has been expanding every year, up until now. I moved down to southern Indiana when they closed the machine shop in our plant in Alsip several years back. They allowed me to retain seniority and vacation when I transferred down, so that was awesome. The plant up there kept going, but the work on the molds came down here, and I followed the work. Now, they are forced to cut back and have decided to shutter five facilities, including the one in Alsip Illinois. It was our show piece for years. The company I worked for, before being bought out by the present one, had it's headquarters there, and it is state of the art and massive. Probably a very smart move from a financial point as Chicago area taxes are down right ludicrous, but my heart goes out to all the workers losing their lively hood. Some of which are the ones who I worked with and had to go to the main plant after our shop was shut down, so this is a repeat for them. It was the second shop I worked at. Learned a lot there and worked with a lot of highly skilled people. Really hate to see it go. More of that change Obama promised. We use to grow at an unbelievable rate. Use to that is.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Will it be so great this time next year?

Liberals are ecstatic. They continue to erode separation of powers and corrupt the balance the founding fathers wisely installed so many years ago. Today, somehow, the senate used it's "nuclear option" to make the minority party not count. Wonder how they will enjoy that come 2014 when they become the minority party of congress. Typical short sightedness of the libtards. How do they succeed in rewriting the rules by simple majority anyhow? There should be no "nuclear option". The three branches need to function as they were intended to. What passes for a president continues to bend the rules to suit his cause with little to no opposition from any branch. Now the senate will be able to help useless do more damage untethered by set protocols. One more year of this nonsense. Hopefully, even the idiots will have had enough of this change and we can oust some of these demorats. They probably haven't even thought of how bad they just screwed themselves with their shortsighted change of the rules.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

All kinds of crazy weather today

Woke up to cool and  rainy, like heavy loud beat the ground to mush rain. Once the dog made his quick and brief sniff routine, it was time to cook breakfast. Finished eating and headed out to the grocery. Rain had stopped and it had warmed up considerably, even a little sun. Get out of the store, the traffic signals are holding almost horizontally and the sky is black and rain is back and also horizontal. Cut the chores short and head home. After putting groceries away, the dog needs out. I let him out, rain gone and sky clearing again. Head back out to check out a truck I saw online. Sky blackens again and rain starts intermittently. Check out trucks and head to consignment store to pick up a couple things. Weather gets windy and rain picks up harder. I head back home again, put stuff away and sit for a bit and watch Heart concert. Get up to let dog out. It is now Sunny and in the seventies. Weird weather all day. Lucked out so far. Heard there were tornadoes spotted all around us. Didn't hit our area, just all around the area. Hope to continue missing them.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Inglourious Basterds

After watching the movie again, and, having watched the scurrying demorats, I have an idea. In the movie, some of the Nazis are given a choice. Die by baseball bat, or, get a swastika carved into their foreheads for all to see. So they can never deny which side they served. Now, I won't be quite so barbaric. I propose all demorats who voted for obamacare, which was every last lowlife one of them, while chanting yes we can, be forcibly restrained and have I VOTED FOR OBAMACARE tattooed in the middle of their forehead. That way, even the simpletons who don't bother to listen to the debates, yet head out to vote, can see who voted for the POS and the demorats can't pretend they had nothing to do with it. The democrats are already starting to line up with the republicans to strip parts of obamacare, and they should not be allowed any credit for patching what they passed. It would be grand to be able to make sure everyone remembers all involved with the debacle. Some, like Pelosi, come from such socialist areas, there is no cure. But others come from areas which still retain some gray matter and may decide to reward the democrats with a swift career change. I hope for change of a different sort in 2014. May we take back the senate, pleaseeee.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A little math.....

So far, roughly 100,000 have signed up for Obama care. I have lived in Indiana my whole life, so, I tried to compare that number to a population size. That number matches the total population of Hammond Indiana and throw in Highland's (a little town adjoining Hammond) total population. Five of those people live in DC. Five. FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama, being the fool that he is, is flying here and there and everywhere, selling his failed bill. Flying around in air force one, trying to sell something no one wants. I would like to point out that DC's population is 630,000 people. Six times the total that have applied so far. How about Obama stays home and tries to sell his wares locally before going on a road trip. Heck, he may even stop by his office in the evening and do some work. He may be able to sit down with all of congress, not just the dimocrats, and come up with a budget. Heck, we would be saving a ton just having air force one parked for a bit. Millions have lost their insurance due to his bill, but one hundred thousand sign up. Hmmmm. I do believe I have had enough change. Sure hope people are smart enough next year to reward all the dimocrats that were chanting yes we can while jamming this Obamanation down America's throat. Instead of looking at what they can do, they should have worried more on what they should do.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Last of the nice weather?

Only a one day weekend this round, but, it was in the 60's and it's November. I really don't think there will be another 60's weekend for a while. They said we might see a dusting of snow Tuesday, yuck. Need to move a little further south. It was a nice day.

Got out and enjoyed the weather for a bit, and then kicked back and watched some of the Band of Brothers series on HBO. Saw on the news, the last few living veterans of the Doolittle raid had a get together for the 70th anniversary of their mission. Only four of them left, and only three fit to travel. It still amazes me what they did back in WWII. The technological breakthroughs and the way people came together. The way industries at home changed over to support the war effort. The way the nation pulled together in a concerted effort is just amazing. The rapid advancements made in weapons and transportation. Radars debut. The first semi auto rifle, which I am lucky enough to have a garand, was a major advancement from the trusty bolt action. Not too many people left from that great generation. I hope they have great reunion and can enjoy a few more to come. Hats off and many thanks to all vets everywhere.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


How on earth does Chistie qualify as a republican? Come on. Even the head demorat congratulates him. Not to mention, Obama failed to back the dem opposing him. If 2016 is a choice between him and Hillary, I will not be voting that year. I will be at home curled up in the  fetal position whimpering uncontrollably.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

So SO gun show

Parking lot was packed, but the show wasn't too crowded. Maybe everyone brought two cars : )  Nothing I couldn't live without. I picked up a couple more AR mags. I found some mag puls for twelve bucks a pop. Figure when Hillary gets in in 2016, I can sell some of them for a ridiculous amount of money.

Weather wasn't too bad today. Got some chores caught up. Shot over to Lowes and picked up some more LED light bulbs. I had a socket go out on my ceiling fan last month. I picked up a new fan light kit with LED lighting and installed it a couple weeks back. It is as bright as the four forty watt bulbs that it replaced, but only burns twelve watts all together. Rather impressive. Probably put one in the bedroom as well. I like the fact that I don't have to change bulbs out all the time. The LED bulbs I picked up today I am putting in some of the other rooms in the house. Didn't think to pick up a couple for the outdoor lights. They go out all the time.

Two day weekend is still not long enough. Better than one, but, still not long enough.

Decent Saturday

Weather was soggy, but still had a fun day. Put on my monkey suit reserved solely for weddings and funerals. I live in blue jeans. I head out to my buddies wedding. Typical lack of planning, I didn't google it ahead of time and I manage to arrive at the very last minute. I no sooner sit than the ceremony starts. Wedding went well and headed over to the reception. My buddy is a real cutup. The guests walking into the reception are greeted by a mooning scarecrow. I meant to get a picture on the way out, but forgot. They had a wall of pictures with the usual questions to and answers from the bride and groom. They were hilarious. They do make a great couple. Terrific sense of humors and they compliment each other well.

Sat with a group from work and got to meet their spouses. Also met some of the people that have left where I work to go to a company downtown. It was great catching up with them again. The one kid who left flew a model plane through the shop with a farewell banner attached to the tail. I wish I had had a smart phone so I could have gotten a video of it. He waited until minutes before end of shift in case someone in charge had an issue with it. Fortunately, the bosses don't arrive as early as we do, so it was a good laugh.

Didn't hit the gun shows yesterday, so, I will be off shortly to check out the shows. There is a spot shoot at the local catholic church that a lot of the people at work attend. May head that way to check out the fun. Weather is still cold, wet and gloomy, but just make the best of it.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Two day weekend

I managed to get out the door without getting drafted, just barely. A couple other guys were recruited, but I lucked out. I figure everyone should get at least one two day weekend a month.  Just relaxing a bit this morning. Have two gun shows to go to in town, and then a wedding to attend.

Back to using the original non-stick pans. I picked up some cast iron pans a while back at a flea market. Took a while to season them well. They work great now. Takes a bit of getting use to, but they work out great. Just can't scour them and have to remember to oil after each use, but if you keep them up, things don't stick and no scouring needed. Great for cooking in the oven as well. Hope to get a cast iron dutch oven at one of the flea markets.