Saturday, December 14, 2013

Relaxation day

Started off the day making breakfast and having a cup of coffee. Then, it was off to the gun show. They had some interesting items, but next weekend is the gun auction and I am saving up for it. After doing some research, I finally picked out a new range. When I moved down here, the house came with an electric range. It is a nice self clean smooth glass top model, but, it's electric. Took advantage of the holiday and picked out a nice gas convection oven with five burners and a griddle that swaps with the fifth burner grate. I am looking forward to having a gas range again. I not only prefer gas, but it comes in handy during power failures. They don't happen often, but when they do, they are usually a few days at a time. I have lanterns and a gas fireplace, so I can survive rather comfy during power failures, but it will be nice being  able to use a range instead of having to use a grill in winter.

From there, I was off to Home Depot for some black pipe, fittings and electrical supplies. Have to run a gas line as the construction crew didn't bother putting a shut off back there. Have to convert the 220 outlet to a 110 as well. As luck would have it, I can tap a pipe on the other side of the wall where the oven resides. Just pop a hole and run the line.


  1. It's always good when you have the skills to do the job yourself. You've not posted on the Mustang is it?

  2. It has been sitting. I have the drivetrain all together. I need to get a quote for getting a frame rail replaced. Hope to get that and the paint next year. Just been too busy with massive overtime this year to do much with it.