Thursday, October 17, 2013

No surprise at all.....

Really not surprised at all by the republicans caving. If you are going to threaten, follow through. All they accomplished was getting negative press and giving the dems something to throw at them at election time. They should have just called their bluff. Run over the cliff. Put the pedal down and floor it. Put a bill to the senate, then move on to other business. Leave the ball in their court. If they don't wish to discuss it like grown adults, move on to other business until the senate counter offers. By counter offer, it means a little give, not the usual dem "we are not going to negotiate " BS.

They had a campaign when the tea partiers started up. They mailed tea bags to congress. I had a similar idea. Everyone mail the republicans who voted to pass the bill a couple of "rocky mountain oysters" with a note telling them to grow some dangly bits. Both of our senators voted for the bill. POS Donnelly didn't surprise me, being a demorat and all, but I expected better of Coats. Buchson on the other hand, voted no. The only Hoosier representative to represent.

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