Sunday, October 16, 2011

Missed the machine gun shoot.

Was a little under the weather yesterday, so I skipped the machine gun shoot. There is always the spring shoot. Felt a little better today, so in the afternoon, I went to the one at the armory. Bumped into a buddy from the club that went to the shoot. He informed me of the nice krag and the 1914 Enfield he found there. He bought the P14 and said he would bring it to the next show so I can see it. I have a Winchester numbers matching 1917 with matching bayonet. I have not been fortunate enough to come across a P14 though. The krag he said was in mint shape, but he could not buy it as the seller required a FFL or C&R licensee in order to sell. He said it looked brand new and the guy was only asking $700. Naturally they had my garrand ammo as well. I will definitely make the spring shoot.  I did pick up a swedish mauser at the local gun show, so day wasn't a total waste. Hope to get my carpet out of office this week and the hardwood down so I can set my reloader up permanently in there.

I also finished the little kit percussion cap pistol I bought last month at a show. It didn't turn out too badly. First time I blued anything. I decided to go with a brown finish. I am all set in case of pirate invasion. After shooting percussion pistol, I will revert to the glock to finish the rest off  : )  Weather has been fantastic. Managed to get my driveway sealed last weekend and it looks great. Probably throw another coat on next year. It rained mid week and you can no longer see the crack when it gets wet. Hopefully it will keep water out of crack and prevent further damage.

Monday, October 3, 2011


I come home from work to find my FFL curio &relic license in the mail box. Yeahhhh. It came in time for the machine gun shoot.  Tomorrow I will make copies and mail copies out to some of the companies I found on line. It will put me on their mailing lists and set me up where when I see something, I can just order it as they will have the license on file.

I also made it down to the gunstore and traded my .357 that I won at an NRA benefit in on a RL550B dillon reloading press. I set it up for .38 RNFP for cowboy town. Weather is perfect. Want to take the black powder revolver out as well. It's a blast to shoot. My brother built it from a kit when he was younger and gave it to me to play with. He did a heck of a job finishing it. Looks and functions flawlessly.  I want to get a kentucky rifle to play with as well. They sell them in kits. Figure it will give me something to play around with over the winter. Plan on putting hardwood floor down in office as well over the winter. Setting the reloader up in there and don't want it in a carpeted room in case of a powder spill. Don't really want to vacuum up gun powder.

Busy weekends coming up. This weekend is the big festival downtown and the 4H center gunshow. The following weekend is the machine gun shoot. Then comes the Indy 1500 gun show. October is a busy month.