Sunday, July 28, 2013

Steam show day

It was another perfect day outside. Weather is gorgeous. I got up and headed down to the iron and steam show. I have never been in that area before. Found some public hunting and fishing areas on the way out there. There were a lot of people fishing off the shore as well as some boats out on the water. Definitely going to have to do a little investigating out that way. The name of the place sounded familiar as well. I believe it is the place with the public shooting range people at work talk about. I thought it was further away than that.

 They had a working saw mill they were running off of a steam engine at the show. It was perfect weather to kick back and watch the different events. There was a huge flea market there. I came away with a few cast iron skillets and a cast iron corn bread pan. One of the old timers gave me a cornbread recipe to try. He also said to heat the proper amount of Crisco for the recipe in the skillet until it melts, pour it into the other ingredients and mix, then sprinkle some corn meal on the greased skillet and the cornbread wouldn't stick. Says it gives it a nice texture as well.

Waited too long to leave. I was going to grab some barbeque off one of the vendors there, but, they sold out. No problem, I hit the grocery on the way home and picked up some pork chops for the grill. Some corn on the cob and baked potatoes, and all was set. Had strawberry shortcake for desert, so, now a nap sounds pretty good.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


I thought last week was bad when a town messed up and demolished the wrong house. Homeowner came back from vacation to an empty lot. You would think someone would have checked the address.

It's Christmas in July

The gun auction was awesome...... I picked up three pistols and had a real hard time not picking up a m1 carbine. There were a few other guns I bid on, but I let go at the limit I had set earlier. I just about picked up a motorcycle and sidecar. I had a heck of a time not getting it. It is an auction, so you need to decide immediately, which doesn't help. It was an Enfield motorcycle decked out military style. It had the sidecar along with built in ammo canisters for storage. It was way beyond cool. If I had known how cheap it was going to go, I would have grabbed it. I just sort of froze,  and for too long as it was sold. She went for $1800. Owner said it developed a knock on the way to the show and he was sure it was just a bad gasket. Without hearing it run, I was a bit timid as far as going for it. That, and a lack of storage at present. She could have lived under a tarp temporarily until I found room, but, like I said, auctions move fast. I did get the Challenger I went for. It is immaculate. I have never seen one this pristine. Has box and paperwork. Doesn't even look like it has been fired. The Walther I picked up because it was dirt cheap and I just couldn't let it go at their giveaway price. The huntsman is a little rough finish wise, but at $150, it was a steal. It can always be reblued.   I now have an extra magazine for the one I shoot, and I can reblue it, and use it for trade later down the line.

 Tomorrow will be the Classic Iron and Steam show in Warrick county. I have never been to that one, but I am told it is great and that there is a really huge flea market that usually has some interesting items.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Finally got around to doing a refi on the house. Sign the papers tomorrow. Knock fifteen years off the loan and the payment only goes up sixty a month. May as well take advantage of the economy being in the tank. The weather is incredible. Seems more like spring than summer, and I am still scheduled off for the weekend. The county fair is going on, and, the neighboring county has their steam and iron show with a flea market as well. Gun auction Saturday. Should be a great weekend.

I see Obama is focusing on the economy now. One would think he could accomplish more talking to congress instead of running all over the country berating all the republicans  and blaming Bush for all his woes, and there are many,  many woes. Apparently, all problems reside with the house not rubber stamping his spending like a drunken sailor. If only he could have control over both houses of congress, he could fulfill his destiny (of completely dismantling the republic). If only the republicans could just ignore the "fake scandals" ( his exact words) and see things his way, all would be awesome and the economy would flourish once more. Maybe this set of campaign speeches is just what this country needs. Maybe this is just the right amount of mud slinging to get this country back on track.
He does have one point, I do need to talk to my congress critters again. I thank Coats all the time  when he sticks up for our rights. I also berate Donnelly the useless democrat every time he votes his party instead of what is right. If you don't voice your opinion to your reps, how are they to know how their people really stand on things? The Friends of the NRA banquet is next week, and some of the politicians make their way out there. I do love living in a red state.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A genuine two day weekend on the horizon

At work, we are actually running at a decent pace, verses the totally insane rate we usually run. Only nine hour days and rumor of a two day weekend, if no emergencies arise. It is also the week of the county fair with a big tractor pull Friday, and, a gun auction Saturday. My Lugar may get a companion. They have a few decent guns I want to check on. There is a broom handle and a couple enfields. They have some cowboy guns as well, so just have to see how the prices hold. Weather is suppose to be nice, so hopefully people will choose the outdoors and the guns won't get ridiculously high.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yes, please sign up. Look, you don't even have to be fluent in English to take advantage of Obamacare.  We, being the screwed up democratic government, made a website in Spanish so you don't even have to be bothered to learn the native language. Please hurry and sign up for Obamacare and take some more money from the tax paying populous. Don't worry, Michelle's hubby is trying to beat another amnesty through, but those mean old republicans are not cooperating. Be sure to vote Demorat when you get your green cards. Heck, why wait, just go to the polls and vote anyway. We will keep striking down voter ID laws so as not to alienate you (pun fully intended)   : )

Sunday, July 21, 2013

McCain should get a D

A D next to his name signifying demorat. McCain should give serious consideration to changing parties. He would fit in well with the demorats. He not only backs the amnesty nonsense that the dems push, he now backs restricting the second amendment rights of Americans. Why do they claim the stand your ground laws need repealing. Repealing is what they mean when they say they need "looking at". No, Trayvon shooting Zimmerman because he was following at a distance wouldn't be standing his ground. Shooting Trayvon while Trayvon was on top of him bashing his head against the sidewalk was self defense plain and simple. It amazes me how ignorant politicians can be and how they can twist things to try and get their antigun laws in place. Sort of on par with Bloomberg and his ilk heading over to the theater shooting ceremony to further his rhetoric. A bit out of New York's jurisdiction, but, there is a podium for him to spread his socialist venue. I once voted for McCain, actually more like voting against Obama, but now I regret just not voting for either. I sincerely hope McCain is done running for president so he can't put me in the predicament again of choosing between a democrat and him, democrat lite.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Dear Obama and Holder

Dear Obama and Holder, you racist scum sucking bigots. Holder, I don't hate you because your black. I absolutely loathe you for your part in fast and furious as Obama looked the other way and kept you on for another four years of hell. I hate you for the fact that your actions resulted in the deaths of agents working for their country. I hate you for the fact that despite your education, you buy into the Zimmerman deal and try to prosecute on a federal level, instead of talking sense into the masses and calming the situation down. I hate you for using tax dollars to bus people in to picket for the arrest of Zimmerman. I hate you on many levels Holder, but color has nothing to do with it. If you want to see a bigot, find a mirror. If you want to see two, take Obama with you. 

Obama, you ass hat. You could have been Trayvon. Really. You would have jumped an armed Latino (notice Latino and not white bonehead) and smashed his head into the concrete. You wouldn't have just stopped and waited on the police. You would have jumped him. You blame gun violence for Trayvon being dead. You are right in one aspect. Had Zimmerman no gun, the headlines the next day would have been on some worldly event. But toward the back of the paper, probably the Obits, would be a blurb of some Latino being mugged and killed having his head bashed in. You are totally right. Get the legal guns out of there. It makes it hard on the thugs. Had Trayvon simply waited for the police to show up and shown them his residence, the whole incident would have ended peaceably. At that time, he could also file a complaint on Zimmerman following him. Yes, black people can file complaints too, just like us crackers. If Zimmerman had pulled the gun to detain him, Trayvon could have gotten him on brandishing a weapon. Trayvon could have run. What is Zimmerman going to do, shoot him in the back? He could have walked to his house and let Zimmerman bring the police to the house and try to explain why he suspected a resident. Houses were being burglarized in the neighborhood by young blacks. That was the description of the perps. So, yes, I suppose all the people on the watch would pay more notice to the black people walking by. Had they said the burglars were white, he probably would have been looking for white people that were walking around late at night.

As far as white people locking their car doors when you walked by back thirty five years ago, you were in Chicago. The murder capitol of the world. You know, the place you called a model for gun control. It may have more to do with the fact there are a lot of blacks that don't like whites. It may have something to do with the fact that anytime something bad happens (picture Rodney King, and the current Trayvon events), not all blacks, but the black bigots go out looking for white people to make an example of. That isn't profiling because they are black looking to pummel whites. That's different I guess. You hit some real rural areas, and the blacks get the same treatment from white bigots, but one is just as wrong as the other. You would think in this day and age, the racist shit could go away, but people like you won't let it. You instigate more trouble. There is NO reason to take the trial federal because you don't like the verdict. Of course, can't miss the opportunity to use Trayvon's death help further the  gun control agenda. Now the stand your ground laws need looking at? What needs looking at may be the locking up until proven innocent event with Zimmerman. Maybe the fact that an officer lost his job because he didn't arrest Zimmerman because there wasn't enough evidence to convict. Yes Obama, there are things to look into, gun control and stand your ground are not among them.

I am not racist. I don't like Obama or Holder. I have a lot of legitimate reasons not to like them. Black has nothing to do with it. Had the primaries gone better, I would have voted for Cain. Not because he is black, because he had a good business sense. Because he had some different ideas. He may not have had a good political background, but, he had business sense which may have helped America get back on track. The left wing media made quick work of him though. Apparently only democrats can get away with some prior inappropriate behavior with the opposite sex. Maybe it doesn't count because Lewinsky spit, who knows. I do know blacks voting for Obama just because he is black is just as ignorant as whites who wouldn't have voted for him solely because he is black. I didn't vote for him twice, not because he is black, it has more to do with him being a socialist, liberal scumbag. It has more to do with him destroying our constitutional rights. Well, time for this crabby, racist crazy ass cracker to go. Think I'll go holler at the kids to get off the lawn:)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

But shotgun Joe said it was the right thing to do........

Ah, advice from our beloved second in command. I do believe he should get off, after all, our VP said it was the right thing to do.  LOVE IT. He is making noise again about running for 2016. I may have to hold my nose and go vote for him in the primary. Definitely would rather have him as the front runner on the Dem ticket. Hillary scares me. Joe doesn't stand a chance. Scary part would be Hillary with Biden as a VP again. Need to put term limits in for VP. Biden could become a permanent democrat life insurance policy for democratic presidents. He really is a good deterrent.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Let's drum up some new demorats

Spanish language television, so Obama can get the word out to all illegals, and those too lazy to learn the language. My ancestors were German, Irish and Italian and they came here legally. They learned the language of the country. What kind of mess would this country be in if every immigrant decided to be proud of their language and not learn English as is a requirement of citizenship. There should be no press one for English. I have yet to hear press two for Italian, three for German, and so on and so on. Democrats pandering for a larger voting base. How about enforcing the laws on the books. NO AMNESTY......
2016 is looking grim. I was hoping Obamcare, immigration reform and gun control would put the hurt on the democrats, but, the Republicans are going all out on abortion laws. Mourdock lost and we are stuck with Donnelly. Republicans will never learn. What chance they have is currently being flushed down the drain. With Roe vs. Wade, the courts will throw out any and all laws the republicans manage to install, but women and voters everywhere will remember. Why can the republican party not keep from knocking themselves out of the running. Stay clear of laws that are going to get overturned and cost you your career. Just too complicated for politicians. Oh well, looks like Obama will get a free ride the last half of his second term. It will only help democrats as people vote them in simply to remove the republican that voted for abortion laws. Dems don't even have to raise money to run against them. I am still not happy with Mourdock. I seldom do the primary election, but I made it to vote for Mourdock, then, he lands on the abortion grenade, and we got Donnelly. Donnelly, the guy who votes for his party, not his constituents. It doesn't boil down to abortion right or wrong, it has more to do with having the sense to know if you are unable to do something that will stick, your beating a dead horse.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

when the jury just won't see it your way, change the rules

Double jeopardy, what's that? Apparently the trial didn't go the way the left and the racists wanted it to go, so, try him again in a federal court. Comparing this case to the King case is a knock against King. Officers cuffing and then beating a suspect after he is restrained  is wrong. The officers somehow were found innocent, which was also wrong, and later convicted by federal court as should have been the case. This is one black youth against a Hispanic\white individual. If someone had me pinned and beating my head against the concrete, I would shoot him. I won't wound him so he can continue pummeling me or take my gun, I would shoot to kill. The racists are the ones threatening to riot and loot to get their way. The racists are the ones who won't accept a verdict by the jury and leave it at that. Why doesn't Holder just cut to the chase and have the DOJ lynch Zimmerman and be done with it. The reverends of violence (Jesse and Sharpton) are stirring the pot. Reverends, what a joke. Must be a different form of religion than I was raised with. The revs should go to Chicago and try and stem some of the violence there instead of causing riots down in Florida. Oh, wait, that is black on black and black on white crime. Somehow that seems OK with the reverends.

Took longer than I thought it would

I guess the jury of his peers wasn't good enough for the masses. Smash some windows, burn some flags, degrade the police for reasons only the maniacs know why. All that's missing are a few innocent "crackers" getting mauled "for Martin" and some big box stores being relieved of some entertainment equipment. Not sure how the looting helps even things out, but it is a usual aftermath occurrence. As far as the inevitable random attacks that are bound to come up ,unlike  Zimmerman following and confronting with reasonable suspicion, any acts of violence that get perpetrated by rioters will be random and on some innocent "cracker", probably by a mob versus one on one. Ah, the media is getting what they want, just a lot slower than what they hoped for. Maybe Sharpton and Jesse can spare some time to get the riots rolling full blast. The DOJ can help foot the bill as they did when they helped bus in the protesters to get Zimmerman arrested to begin with.  Wonder if the officer who lost his job when he didn't arrest Zimmerman to begin with because there wasn't enough evidence to back up a case will get his job back.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


All the media mudslingers couldn't get the verdict they tried so hard to manufacture. My favorite media  slant is the picture of Martin when he was about twelve next to the picture of Zimmerman as he looks today. Maybe Obama can try using an executive order to help out. After all, Martin could have been Obama's son, as he said in a press release back when he opined as to the guilt of the white guy. I don't think it would have gotten as blown out of proportion as it did if the media would have reported he was only part white. The same percentage white as our president. Heck, Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic. Not only did Zimmerman wind up being railroaded for a couple years, he may as well leave the country as I can already see some mob doing "justice" to him somewhere. Can't believe the riots haven't exploded yet. Will be nice when the media moves on to something else.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Louisville Day today

I headed out Louisville way for the day. Hit the zoo since the weather was perfect and I could use the exercise. Afterwards, it was off to Cabela's. The new must have worn off as I could park front row and the store was pretty empty. The gun library was a little depressing. They had a krag that had been cut off poorly, the stock looked like someone rounded the cut off end on a pedestal grinder. They wanted just short of a grand for it. Maybe if it was a pristine rifle, or a rough but genuine carbine, but not a hacksaw cut down. They had a couple overpriced broomies on display. The silly ropes were down so you could actually walk around the gun counter and see what they had. Being in Kentucky, I would have to have them send a pistol to a FFL in my area if I bought one. I really wish Uncle Sam could fix the law so you could buy a handgun in another state as long as you are not a felon. It is an added expense and pain having to ship a gun. If I was a real menace and wanted to shoot up an area, I could take a gun along. The law is silly and outdated. In todays high speed world, background checks are quick enough that state lines should be meaningless for gun purchases. They had a horribly butchered enfield rifle they wanted almost six hundred for. I could just buy one at the next gun show for $250, cut the stock down, paint (not reblue) the metal and save myself a few hundred bucks. Not impressed at all. The Hammond store was much better both on price and quality. Their help up north was also top notch. Probably just stick with going to Whitakers in the future. The ammo section was fully stocked which was surprising. I am stocked up on just about everything as I usually am, but a lot of stores are running a little bare.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rainy day

Rain on and off made for a perfect movie day. Headed out to see World War Z in 3D. Not too shabby. Definitely like the zombie pile ups going over the walls. Suppose to be nice tomorrow, so I may head up to Indy or over to Louisville. Still undecided. Like to hit the Indy zoo and maybe  a museum. Or, I can hit Louisville Cabela's and maybe hit a cave on the way back. Haven't really gotten a lot done on vacation, but I am well rested and just enjoying not having to be anywhere or having to do anything. Just a lot of relaxation. Garage is really shaping up nice. Have most of the pegboard up. Hope to get the tools sorted out and organized. Already have a lot more room out there.

Monday, July 8, 2013

No, that isn't racism at all

I am sure he will meet with all the women, then maybe any Hispanics. Asians, and any other non male white folk ,and, if there is time, maybe the crackers. Why a black caucus? Why keep perpetuating the silly racist crap? Why not meet with congress as a whole if that is what is required? Apparently it is only racism when whitey is doing it. In this day and age, you would think some of this nonsense would go away. Immigration is simple. Send the ones that are here illegally back across the border after letting them serve a little jail time. NO AMNESTY.... As far as the voting laws, the issue has nothing to do with race. It is a simple matter of having everyone show an ID at the polling places. It is a no brainer. I have to show mine at the bank, liquor store and anywhere I write a check. What is the big deal? Why do they have to make it into a racist situation. We don't want illegals voting. It is not a black thing. It is not a latino thing. It is to verify that Americans and only Americans are showing up to vote. Why on earth can politicians in general screw up and complicate the simplest of tasks. Just imagine if any president, ANY president only wanted to meet with only the white males of congress. There would be riots in the streets. Racism is wrong no matter who is perpetrating it. The president always manages to sink a bit lower than I give him credit for. I would say I lost a little more respect for him, but that would insinuate I have any respect for him to begin with.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Busy busy busy

Made the mistake of traveling to Whitakers gun store today. You never go on a weekend. Their parking lot was full. The liquor store across the street was full. The vacant lot on the other corner was full. I went in on count of the drive to get there, but I did not stay too long. Way too crowded. The gun shows have been less crowded, so I figured the stores would be back to normal. Nothing I couldn't live without on the shelves. Got home and knocked the grass down in between rains. Hoping the weather improves soon. Hard to believe it's summertime with all the rain and dreary skies. Hit the Harley shop and drooled some more. They had a Heritage with white wall tires that wanted to come home with me. Maybe sometime down the road. Thinking of putting a shed in the corner of the backyard to accommodate a bike. That, and putting up the six foot fence.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Well rested anyway

Kind of a waste of a nice day. Woke up almost as tired as I was when I went to bed. Just laid about and rested up most of the day. Feel a whole lot better, except for wasting an entire day of actual nice weather. Think it was just too many hours for too long. Hope to stick my head out the door tomorrow and do something a little more productive. At least the neighbors got a great day for setting off their fireworks. Last year, they had a ban on them as the draught had everything way to dry for safely setting them off. Spike would be happier without them. Hoping on getting him in to the groomers while I am off work. He is a bit on the shaggy side. Cuts down on the dust bunnies everywhere, and he definitely feels better. Usually goes into hyper mode after his haircut.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I made it. Vacation. No alarm clocks. No set schedule. Just some fun and relaxation. Only a three day week this week and I still racked up thirty three hours. Just relaxing with a pizza, some beer and Woodstock playing on TV. Some vintage Who, back when Keith Moon was still tearing up the drums. Not sure what is up for tomorrow. May try to get some garage time in if the weather permits. May go down town and check out the festival. Not much for crowds, but a huge fan of food. I believe they are suppose to have some form of an air show down by the river. Hope everyone has an enjoyable Independence day.