Monday, December 31, 2012

picked clean

Went to the butcher shop today to pick up some t-bones. There is a small gun store on the way. I dropped off to check out their wares as I usually do. They are pretty much picked clean. I figured they would be out of AR's, but the handguns were down to a few .22's and the single action cowboy guns. Don't know what caused the run on handguns. Sales people said it was their busiest day since they opened the store a couple years back. Their AR's disappeared long ago as everyone elses had. Sort of weird seeing all the empty spaces everywhere. Not much coming in either. They said there are massive backorders on everything. Not sure when or what will be coming in. Their ammo shelves were picked pretty clean as well.  Looks like full blown panic kicking in with some people. Glad I am well stocked on everything I need for some time in the future. I still have a couple bricks of the primers I use the most. A few thousand of the popular bullets I load. I always buy them in bulk as I get a better deal on them and it cuts shipping costs way down. Just need to pick up a couple cans of powder and I am probably good through part of 2014. Don't imagine the panic will last too long. Doesn't mean I wont be on the lookout for deals, but not really expecting to find any for some time to come. Clerk behind the counter said that the magpul magazines are getting several times their normal price in online auctions right now. They can't get them in either. I have more than I will ever need. I have several, which I consider plenty, and have bought them over the last few years. One here, one there. I like the smaller capacity mags anyway as it lets me use a standard rest. Be nice if a small portion of the panicking people would contact their congress critters and try to avoid the newest attempts at gun control,but, they wont. Latest bill they are trying to push through has a cute part in it. It would make guns like the AR, M1A, M1carbine, SKS and all high capacity mag guns the equivalent of a class 3  weapon. Cutest part would be when you have to register your grandfathered weapons and pay their gun tax on them. Current tax on a machine gun is $200 per gun.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


For what it is worth, here is a link to a petition for impeaching Senator Feinstein. While it will go nowhere, it would send a message that gun owners are watching and how they feel. Unfortunately, gun owners and other conservatives are reluctant to get involved. Left wingers will picket and march for what they believe in. For the most part, it will be too much trouble for most people to act or pass on this link to others. The antigunners petitions for more gun control got several times the signature the pro rights ones did on the last link I posted a few days back.It really does not take much to register and vote on the site. But, there are people who can't get out and vote and rely soley on Wayne and the NRA to stand up for our rights. But, for what it is worth, here is a link.

Well, I can at least get close now

Went to the club today to try out my new rifle. I did manage to get most of the way back there, and then the tires started slipping. I managed to get out and will just try another day. It is very icy and the range is quite sloppy. I do miss my explorer. Four wheel drive with all terrain tires makes a huge difference. I keep debating on trading in my Freestyle on a F150 or a Silverado with four wheel drive. I don't have to haul people around anymore and the bed would make hauling lumber and such a bit easier. Did  pick up a burrito for dinner while out that way. The club is just off the college end of town. Lots of special little restaurants aimed at the college kids. Meant to hit the coldstone ice cream place on the way back, but I forgot. Wanted to hit the blog meet today, but wasn't sure how the roadways would be. They have been yapping about more snow,sleet and rain on the news. Figured I would play it safe and stay close to home. Few more weeks and I will head up for the Indy 1500. It should be down right packed to capacity with the latest government foolishness going on. The firearms dealers should send Obama a complimentary firearm for sending all the business their way and making 2012 their best year yet. The more they holler gun control, the more guns hit the streets. If only a politician had the mental capacity to learn or think before they acted. My favorite story was one of the gun buy backs in Chicago put to good use :)

 Still have a couple days before going back to work. First day back will be the club's meeting day. Figure I can take my rifle along and walk back to the range if it isn't too nasty. February meet will be their yearly gun raffle. Not bad. Dues are $120 a year. They give you a dozen tickets you can sell for ten dollars each, or do what I do and fill them all in and turn them in. So, you get a years membership for free, or ten chances to win prizes. Can't beat it. You have to put in eight work hours a year as well, but I do way more than that. The shoots are a lot of fun to work, and they supply food and beer for the workers.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well, I got out today

Picture from inside Cabela's. They have some beautiful displays there. Can't wait for the one in Louisville to open in the spring.

I actually left the house today. The subdivision looks like a disaster zone, but once you get out of the subdivision, things are pretty clear. I hit the gun store that I have the credit at and picked up a scope for my Ruger 77/44 . I picked up a Leupold VX1. From there, I headed out to the club to try it out. No luck there. I got as far as the driveway heading into the club. A four wheeler or a snowmobile might have made it. Looks like I will have to wait a little longer to try it out. Club meeting is Wednesday, so the care taker will probably have it dug out by then. I will give it another try Saturday. Going to load some .45 tomorrow so I will have something to shoot in my cowboy guns. I didn't realize how close the .45 colt and the .44 rem mag are in size. Picked up a few boxes of ammo for the new rifle. Will look for some used brass at the next show.

Picked up the latest Resident Evil DVD for some climate controlled entertainent. That and a pizza should make for a pleasant evening.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Who ordered this mess

Unfortunately, the weatherman was dead on. We got hammered pretty good, for down here anyway. I had to dig a path for Spike to go out. He jumped in and was up to his head in the snow and couldn't go anywhere. Managed to get the driveway dug out and made a path for the neighbors dog to get out. I don't have to be anywhere today, so, I am going to stay in the warmth and relax a bit. It is just good knowing the truck is ready should I need it. They have no idea what a snow plow is out here, so, I will let others wallow around on the streets thus clearing a pathway. I am so glad I made it home before this stuff hit. The new rifle is just going to have to wait a couple more days to get some rounds through it. Thought I moved far enough south, but, I guess not. I keep looking down toward Texas way and have not ruled it out. Spent a month down there back in 81 and really enjoyed it. Don't think they see too much of this white stuff down there.

Shot a picture of my new Hoosier deer gun. Og was kind enough to help me make my selection. Was going to get a lever gun, but, after having feed issues with the one I have and reviews showing the newer Marlins are prone to jamming, I felt the bolt action was more dependable. Last thing you need when you are out hunting is the gun to jam. Hope to get out and pick a scope up tomorrow if the weather lets up. Plan on using the $200 credit from the AR I won to buy a scope for this rifle.The AR, if I choose to keep it, will get a low end set of optics in the future. Not really in a hurry for anything for that. I am actually contemplating taking advantage of the unprepared desperate people running around scarfing up all the black guns before the ban. If someone wishes to offer me a big wad of cash for the AR I won, I may be persuaded to part with it. I really like the long barreled varmint guns like the one I built better anyway. If things do calm down without some ignorant legislation barring AR's, I will get the AR10 that I have wanted but haven't gotten around to getting yet.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Back home again

That was one of the best trips back home yet. No snow or ice. Windy and cold, but I can deal with that. My aunts lasagna was excellent as always. Throw in homemade cookies and bundt cakes and it is rather hard to stay awake for the ride home. Had breakfast with the Og clan yesterday morning. The oglet is getting big. Haven't seen her in a few years. She is into fencing now and doing extremely well at it. Hit the Og homestead and visited for a while. It was great catching up and actually not being in a rush to try and get everywhere in a short amount of time. Next year I may add a day or two. Og and my brother are thinking of coming down for the machine gun shoot this year. I am going to go up in the Huey this coming spring. It looks like a blast. Need to get a cheap video camera so I can get some shots of the pit from overhead.

Picked Spike up from doggy day care. He had a blast. Going to have to use them from now on. He did require a bath IMMEDIATELY after getting home. He was a little ripe. Must have found something special to roll in. But he was in high spirits. He has been napping pretty heavy since I got him home. During the summer, they have kiddie pools the dogs can play in. It's really a great setup. Lots of play yards sectioned off for different size dogs.

 I made a big vat of chili and pan of cornbread to munch on for the holiday. Probably take the rifle out to the range tomorrow and try it out. Definitely sleeping in a bit tomorrow. Always have a hard time sleeping away from home. Feeling pretty wiped out and ready for bed.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

First full day up north

I started the day picking up my son and hitting Blythes gun store out Valpo way. Blythes is officially an AR free zone. Not because they followed Dick Sporting goods lame move of pulling them off the shelf, but rather they were all bought out. I was looking for a decent deer rifle for Indiana anyway, so it didn't matter. They didn't have what I was looking for and I received a call from Og. Og and my brother were heading out for brunch and over to some more gun stores. After some good food and good conversation, we hit Blythes in Griffith where Og helped me find a decent rifle and helped me out in choosing a decent scope. My son bought his first 1911 there as well today. Complete with zombie logo laser grip. It was hard walking out without a broomhandle as they had several that were very decently priced hanging on the wall, but I got my deer rifle so we will call that good for now. The bonus at work was the best I ever received. The rest of the bonus is hitting the savings. After Blythes, we were off to Westforth sporting goods. Og pointed out a decent optic sight for the AR. I have a credit for one at the store down south, so I can have them order it for me when I get home. Next up, Cabela's. Hit Cabela's looking for the scope for the deer rifle. After some more expert advice from Og, we found a decent priced Leupold scope. Unfortunately, the counter was beyond busy, so I will order it online and just have them ship it. I can use the iron sites at the range until it comes in. It was a very nice day, and I really appreciate all Og's help. It really help to take someone knowledgeable along. Looking forward to getting it out to the range. Og pointed out the special antlerless season starts December 26th. May get to try out the rifle pretty soon.

My son has to work tomorrow, but suppose to meet up with my brother and the Og clan for breakfast. Haven't seen the Og wife and Oglet in a very long time, so that will be nice. Suppose to hit my Aunts house in the evening for some homemade lasagna, garlic bread and all sorts of holiday fare. My son and his girlfriend will meet up out there when they finish up at work. I have to watch out, I could get use to all the homecooked meals.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Armed guards in the school???

What is wrong with these idiots. One lunatic takes his mother's guns and goes postal in a school. The closest they can come is armed guards in the school and taking all guns away from law abiding citizens. Is there any common sense left in the country at all. One very simple precaution that would be free. Officer friendly. I have been out of school a few decades now, but, when I was in school, there was officer friendly. He occupied a small room just like the school nurse. He was a police officer. He had a gun. He typically gave the anti drug discussions among other things. You figure every town in the US has a police department. Every police department has police personnel that answer phones and do paperwork and such. What would the harm and cost be to assign one room in the school a police officer or two who could do the same paper/phone work that needs doing thus being on site should any problems surface. It doesn't necessarily have to be a gun wielding maniac. It could be students getting violent, parental confrontations. It isn't always life threatening situations. Taxpayers wouldn't be out a dime more than they are paying now and it would address the security issues in the schools. Instead, lets ban all AR's and bitch slap the NRA and all of us who make up the NRA. If politicians could put away their personal agenda and address the real problems, something can be accomplished.

The movie theater is another nobrainer. Years ago ( not that long ago) theaters were designed where you walked into the theater and sat down. The fire doors were under the screen in the front. The entry door was in the rear. The seats were in between. Modern theaters are designed where you enter from the back, walk to the front, loop around to the middle and climb up to the seats. If a fire, or another idiot with a weapon enters, you are now held captive as the only way out is down to the fire doors, or down over and back toward the entry doors. It reminds me of a real life game of space invaders. These theaters were designed by idiots. If you go back to the theater of the attack, the fire exit used by the deranged maniac is probably still not alarmed if you open it as he did to get his gear. Instead, blame the guns. Most of the instances were easily preventable, but are still problems as the anti gunners use these instances as fuel for the fire. If they want to honor the innocent, they could bench the gun rhetoric, and actually look for a plausible solution. If you are truly anti gun, go live in Mexico or Chicago. They are gun free zones.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am done for the year.....

I am officially off work until next year. I was going to work half a day tomorrow, but, I decided not to. If the storm isn't as bad as all the hype, I will head north tomorrow morning. Packed my bag for the trip. Just need to drop the dog at the doggie day care and head up. Hopefully be drooling over the gun library at Cabela's at this time tomorrow. I want to check out their smokers while I am at it. Guy at work recommended the electric model as you can cold smoke with it allowing you to do cheese as well as meat. I was hoping the weather could hold a couple more days. I have the cooler by the door. I intend on stocking up on perogi's from the meat market while I am up there. I cleared a spot in the freezer for them. The ones in the freezer section don't come close to the homemade ones.

I get back, I may look into doing some horse trading. The masses are going through a feeding frenzy on black guns. I may have to see how much the masses are paying. May look into selling the AR that I won and buying something else. Right now, they are in high demand and they are paying a high price. I like my varmint AR and not much for the tactical design. Not really after getting rid of it, unless some desperate individual is willing to fork out a big wad of cash. Most of the local stores sold out the day of the shootings and are getting overwhelmed with orders. My next gun is probably going to be a scoped out deer rifle. Just have to figure out what the best one is for the Hoosier side of the line. I have rifles I can use on the Kentucky side of the border.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Anyone interested, Guns America sent this link for signing a petition to numb nut about his latest gun control schmutz. Typical Illinois politicians answer for everything. Not sure he will be able to read it unless someone puts it on a TelePrompter. By the way, Connecticut has an assault rifle ban already. Did a lot of good. The guns were his mothers. If they were in a safe, chances are, things would have been different. If I had a mentally handicapped or emotionally damaged son (as he is being portrayed), I would not have guns laying about where he could have access to them. Still haven't figured out what happened to the second shooter they chased through the woods and brought back in cuffs. Or how the rifle that killed most of the kids walked itself back to the car while the shooter offed himself in the building. Sure would be nice if the loons just turned the guns on themselves first sparing the rest of the world their insanity.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The last Saturday I have to work this year...

It wound up being an eleven hour day, but she's done and I am home. Probably only going to work four days next week. I am leaning hard at taking Friday as a personal day so I can get up north before dark. Give me a little more time to visit with everyone. May get in early enough to hit Cabelas before they close. Have to drop by the Griffith meat market for a cooler full of pierogis. They make them in house and they are delicious. Might have to throw in a Beggars stuffed pizza as well. Down here, they have no idea what a pierogi is. On the other hand, there is no shortage of smoked critters down here. The smoked deer meat will soon be getting passed around the lunch room at work. One guy got an electric smoker and smokes his own cheese. He offered to smoke some cheese for me next time he does a batch. I told him I would give him some pierogis on my return from my trip home. Have dinners lined up all next weekend. Get up tomorrow and hit the gun show at the armory. Suppose to catch up with a couple buddies from work. Heading over to their house afterwards to do some shooting. He built a berm in his backyard. Have to pick up some tannerite for some good old noisy fun. Going to take my Krag to the show. One of the guys I always talk to, and usually buy things from, likes krags and would like to see it. I am not parting with it, just let him check it out.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

About freakin time

Looks like Illinois may actually join the rest of American society. Even if it did take the feds dragging their ignorant butts kicking and screaming through the judicial system to do it. Chicago will probably still play their games, but, this may free the rest of the state. The normal part of the state. I live in southern Indiana now and it would be nice to be able to carry in Illinois, and even nicer, go to their gun shows and purchase without the FFL nonsense. At least being able to buy a gun and carry it through the state without worry of being pulled over. They have a nice auction house in southern Illinois I wouldn't mind checking out if I can pay and carry my gun home. Maybe they can get rid of the FOID cards and all the other nonsense over time. Congratulations Illinois citizens. It looks like you may now enjoy the second amendment for the first time in many many years. You can actually defend yourselves against thugs.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's the mini weekend, yeahhh

Finally off for the remainder of the weekend. Tomorrow is the 4H center gun show, then it's out to the club to shoot for a bit. I finally reworked the wedge on the 45LC Uberti open top and got the barrel fit properly. Cylinder spins free and cycles proper now. Go down to cowboy town and exercise it for a while tomorrow. May see what sites they have at the show for my new AR. I can always use the gift card from the gun store on ammo or other range items.  If the weather is too crummy, I can fire up the Dillon and get some more ammo loaded. Want to load several hundred rounds of the 45LC, then switch over and run some .38 and .357.  When on vacation, I am going to try to load some 45acp. I haven't loaded anything for a semi auto yet. I bought lead bullets so I can load some for the wild bunch shoots at cowboy town. My buddy from work loves my Smith and Wesson 1911. He is in the process of checking trying to get one. A kid at work has a Springfield 1911 with a 3 1/2 inch barrel for sale he is trying out. He really wants a five inch barrel like I have. The shorter barrel would make a nice carry piece.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Truck's got new shoes

Nothing like a new set of tires to make the truck drive like new again. Didn't realize how bad they were getting. A little rain and it got squirrely. At least I got them before winter sets in. Right now I am just enjoying a little global warming. May go outside and empty some aerosol cans to help extend the warmth. 
Made hotel reservations for the Christmas holiday. Thinking about taking a personal day on the twenty first and heading up a bit early. Be nice to visit with family and friends. My son and his girlfriend have a new apartment they want me to check out. He also bought his first motorcycle and wanted me to see it.  Be nice to hang out with my brother again.Hope to catch up with Og while I am out and about. Have to make a stop at Cabelas and Blythes sport shop. They may be over their limit of guns and I may have to relieve them of one or more of them.
Finish off the holiday trip with a stop at my Aunts house for some homemade lasagna that is almost as good as mom's was, and meet up with the rest of the family. Fingers crossed for no ice storms or lake effect snow nonsense until I escape back south again.
Once back, I don't go back to work until the 2nd of January. May head up Indy way and hit a museum or the zoo. Have to wait and see how the weather holds. This warm weather could just stick around all winter as far as I am concerned. Oh well, back to work tomorrow and a couple more weeks until vacation time

Saturday, December 1, 2012

So much for house cleaning

I didn't have to work for the weekend and planned to clean the house. Fortunately for me, my buddy from work called and we went to the range instead. I tried out his AR and we fine tuned the scope on my AR. God I love that scope and rifle combo. Holding tight groups at the hundred yard and able to see the hits extremely easy. After shooting at the range for a while, we moved over to cowboy town to play for a while. Took out the Uberti 45 colt 1866 lever action for a little distance shooting. Blew the cobwebs out of the army open top and schoefield as well. I need to load some lead .45 acp so I can shoot my 1911 out there. I have the die sets and components. I just need to load some. They have a whole slew of new targets out at cowboy town. They added steel buzzards to the list of targets to choose from. No zombies yet. My buddies fiancee showed up for a little at the end. She really enjoyed shooting the rifle. Don't think she liked the 1911 too much. Just a little too much kick for her. But she did really well with the lever action on the 100 yard targets. She was having a really good time. It gets dark way too early this time of year. You have to stop shooting a half hour before dusk. All in all it was a great day.

I hit the gun store to check out sights for the new AR. He didn't really have what I wanted. He had a nice scope, but I am leaning towards a red dot sight. The red dot he had was priced at $480. Quite a bit more than I was thinking of paying. I will do some searching and figure out what I want. The $200 credit is only good at that gun store, but he can order whatever I want. Just have to decide what I want. My buddy had a front grip that turned into a bipod. I liked it, so it will be going on my shopping list.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Spot shoot day

Went to the club to help out with the spot shoot today. It's a good time. Get to smell gunpowder and watch people having a good time. It also helps wear down some holiday calories. Hung targets all day. It's easy work hours and get to catch up with some of the club members you don't see at the meetings. I got my work hours in long ago, but it's still nice to just hang out, help out and talk to the other members. I did find out there is a $200 credit towards sights on the AR I won. I just have to figure out what I want on it yet. No hurry. I know the guy at the gun store, so the credit will be there when I decide. He can order something if he doesn't have it. Only one more spot shoot left this season. They will start up again early March, so I use that as a sign of spring coming. Took the AR's along, but it was already getting dark when the shoot let out and you have to stop shooting a half hour before dark on the range side. That was a quick vacation. Fortunately, only four weeks until the next one. Probably be some white stuff on the ground by then though.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday prepping

I checked out a new place a guy at work recommended to board Spike while I am away for the holiday. Looks nice. Each unit is separated by a wall and has it's own dog run. The sleeping quarters is indoors and heated, and the run is outdoors, but a roof keeps the weather out. There is a flap seperating the indoor from the outdoor so he can go out whenever he wants. Probably won't want to come home. If it works out at Christmas, I will use them in the summer as well. They have a nice play area set up with a kiddie pool for the dogs and lots of running room during the summer months. Prices are extremely reasonable. What is really nice is it is separate from the big dog kennels. There are several buildings which keeps it from sounding like a dog pound when you walk through it.

Hard to believe it is only about four weeks until Christmas. No idea where the year disappeared. Didn't get to the range today. Back has been having fits. Too much heavy lifting at work the last couple of weeks. Took two of my days off before the spasms quit. Hope to get to the range tomorrow. I found the old sights for my other AR and tried them out on the new one. I have a Leupold AR scope on my other AR. Haven't quite decided what I want on this one yet. Had a couple buddies call today looking to go to the range, but the back is borderline today. Hoping it is back to normal tomorrow, or as close to normal as it gets. Kid at work got his first AR a couple weeks ago and wants me to see it. Hit the range early and then take Spike to the vet for his shots in the afternoon. Finish vacations off at the club working the spot shoot. Think they only have a couple more left after this Sunday.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Newest acquisition

And it's free. Picked up my AR I won from the clubs raffle drawing. Can't beat the price. It was the same one they gave away at the club meet a few weeks back. I guess they couldn't get hold of the original winner after multiple attempts, sooo, they drew again. My name came up. YEAH. Have to check on the gift card. It is suppose to come with a $200 gift card for sights. I am more than happy with just the gun. Also got to meet one of the club members that has a FFL license. Now I have someone close by to order guns and scopes through that I can't get through the C&R license.

Made a vat of homemade chili and some cornbread muffins. It's a good day. Tomorrow will just be the dog and myself  with a roasted chicken with trimmings. Eat, take a nap, then eat some more. Probably head to the club in the afternoon to play with my new toy. I have a set of sights I took off my other AR when I installed the scope. See if my buddies are up to blowing some stuff up. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving..

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Only ten hours Thursday (This post took a couple days as blogger didn't want to upload pics)

I got out of there with only ten hours Thursday. I had to grab my coat, close my ears and run, but I made it. Got home and did some cleaning out of the car. Aired up the spare tire. Been a while since I checked it. Good thing too as it was just about empty. I finished up as the UPS guy came with the rifle I ordered. It looks incredible for almost one hundred years old. The old Swiss rifles aren't really worth much, but I just like the way they look, and they shoot great. I now have the K11 rifle and carbine along with a K31. I have seen the zfk55 models a couple of times, but they are just a bit too pricey. Maybe one day I can add one to the collection.

Ain't she pretty. The stock is in incredible shape and the bore is perfect. Haven't checked under the butt plate yet.

The top rifle is the K11 rifle, middle K11 carbine, and the bottom, my well used and tortured K31.

Finally a day off and it starts with a bang

I am finally off for  a day and just resting up a bit for tomorrows last hurrah before vacation. I get a call from the club. I won an AR they were raffling off. If it is the same one I am thinking of, it comes with a $200 credit toward sights. You can never have too many guns. Free ones are the best. I had a message yesterday saying I had won a trip to Florida from one of the gun show drawings I entered, but that one I will believe when I check it out. It was one of those drawings you fill info out on a card on the way into a show. I need to make sure it isn't a scam or time share trick. May spend Christmas in Florida instead of the snow and ice..Now if only I can get the lotto to fall in there while I am on a roll.... I was going to go to the club and help with the spot shoot today, but I am too shot to do much. Just way too many hours this week. I believe I broke the 70 hour mark for the week and just don't feel like doing anything. Hoping on doing an eight hour stretch tomorrow and then off until the following Monday. Then it is only four work weeks until Christmas vacation. Sounds like we have enough work where we will be working six day weeks, ten hour plus per day for most of the rest of the year. Picked up some prime rib for turkey day. The local butcher had a special going, so I figured I would try my hand at cooking some prime rib. Tempted to take a personal day tomorrow and just take a whole week, but I only have one personal day left and it is nice to have one just in case of a bad snow or ice storm day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My rifle came today and I wasnt home..... Been working eleven hour days this week and today turned into a fourteen hour nightmare. Got all the machines lined out and sized out. Hopefully get off at 3:30 tomorrow so I can get my package. Year is going out with a bang. Work everywhere and more on the way. Supposedly will carry on through to next year. I am hopeful. Usually the beginning of the year is slow. I like busy, but it would be nice to hit a middle ground. Working Saturday for sure, not sure about Sunday yet. After Monday though, I am on vacation..

Sunday, November 11, 2012

One more week

Live through one more week and it is vacation time again. Actually got to work only forty hours the week before last  and fifty this past week. I feel like I am working part time. I think I will be back on ten hour plus days this coming week with a Saturday thrown in for good measure. That is more the norm. Not sure what I will be doing for vacation. I usually take some mini trips somewhere, just not sure where this time around. May head over to the fort Knox area. I noticed they have a civil war era fort there. May have to check that out and drop off at Knob Creek for a little shooting fun. Hopefully, my rifle will arrive Monday. Pictures looked great so I can't wait to see it. I ordered it through gunbroker using my C&R which saves me paying an FFl dealer. Delivery to my door is a plus. May have to check in to getting a regular FFL. Talking to a buddy at the show and he says it isn't too hard. Says he has a class 3 license and operates out of his house. Regular FFL would pay for itself with only about ten gun transfers. I have quite a few friends that use FFL's to do the paperwork for online purchases. I can save them money and have the ability to order guns I want directly from suppliers without a middle man.  Next purchase is going to have to be another safe. Just no more room. Thinking of getting a medium one for my reloading room. Have a little gun show going on today at the armory. They didn't have anything I can't live without.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The wrong democrat won

The only high point of the election was the vote to incorporate us into the City failed by a rather large margin. The productive local democrat that was out to help keep the city of Evansville from taking us county citizens into it's clutches, lost Tuesday. I voted for him. The useless piece of excrement that has plaqued the country for four years somehow managed to stay afloat after we tried to flush him from the oval office. It boggles my mind how the country can have that many mentally challenged individuals that can't reallize what a worthless piece of sh*t he is. One thing I will give the SOB. This time he is right, the last administration left one hell of a mess to clean up. I don't think he is up to the job. Four more years............ Probably still won't have a potential GOP candidate. Maybe we can get Biden in there for an additional eight years of hell. He can grab Pelosi or Clinton for vice president. Think I will just sell all my stuff and move to Mexico. Heck, they will all be up here drawing food stamps, real estate down there should be pretty cheap. No demorats either.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I actually voted for a democrat....

No, not Obama, God no....I hit the polls on the way home from work. I timed it just right. Six people ahead of me. Only took about five minutes. On my way out, the line backed up out the door. I can't believe I hit the lull. I held my nose as I voted for Mitt. Hope it makes a difference. Not holding my breath though. I also did something I am not proud of. I actually picked a democrat for a local position. Our county is currently going through what I think of as a hostile take over. The city of Evansville is having a vote on weather to incorporate us or not. Unfortunately, through channels I don't understand, the county (in which I live) doesn't even get a separate vote as to whether we want to be sucked up into the city(which I most certainly do not). The proper way would seem to be, have the county vote on whether they wish to be incorporated in one vote, then a separate vote afterwards as to whether the city wants it. Not in this case. I still don't understand the unjust law that allows them to do this. Anyhow, there is a local democrat that organized and headed a group against the reorganization. Today, I voted for him as a thank you for actually actively working towards what the constituency actually wanted over what the local government is trying to jam down our throats. No matter what their party, I have to respect the official that actually tries to help the people of his district. Too many politicians only worry about what they can get out of it. Now, just the waiting. Four more years of Obummer, or four years of Mitt. My expectations are low, just get the Chicago politician out of the white house. Maybe he can be Chicago's new new mayor.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New toy on the way

Just bought my first mail order rifle from gunbroker. Found a beautiful Schmidt Rubin 1911 rifle to keep my carbine and K31 company. Comes complete with sling. Post some pics when she arrives home. Weekend shooting fun coming up. Buddy at work just got his first AR. He ordered it several weeks ago and it finally arrived. Several of us from work are suppose to meet at the club to blow things up for a while. Work finally eased up a bit. I actually got to work three eight hour days in a row. It has been a while. It seems like working half a day. Less than a week til we can oust the louse. Also be nice to get rid of the mud slinging ads on TV.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Almost missed it

They have really cool military shows at the armory where you can buy guns, uniforms, books, models and just about anything you can think of (including a deuce and a half). The cool jeep with machine gun mount wasn't up for sale though. Never know when you may need one to cut through traffic. They didn't advertise it too well. I just happened to catch it when I went online to get the address of the Louisville gun show. It was a great time. I picked up some books and saw some really cool items. It wasn't quite as big as it was last time, but still way cool.

Next up, Louisville gun show. It was a regular gun show verses the military one I usually hit. It was still good. They had a K11 rifle there I wanted, but the guy selling it wanted about twice what it was worth. Almost picked up another Garrand. Saw a few nice mauser broomhandles there. They had two with the wood stocks. Also had some nice P08's with stocks. Had to stop by the pork booth for a pork chop dinner before heading back. They have a few good restaurants on site. Got back and did a little yard work until I ran out of daylight. All in all, a good weekend.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Another weekend off

I am off for the weekend. I got my sixty hours in in five days, so, I get to rest tomorrow. Wanted to go to the big gun show at the Kentucky Expo in Louisville. With Obummer giving the call for a new assault weapon ban, the general populous is once again going nuts. Not sure I want to drive all the way out there to see it overcrowded. Still might go, just have to see how I feel in the morning. If it is too crowded, I can always hit one of the close by caves, or the civil war fort over near Knob creek. Have to see how ambitious I feel. Feel sort of shot at present.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Decent auction

Had a great time at the gun auction. Picked up a couple cheap wall hangers for above the fireplace. They had a few rifles I liked, but others liked them just a bit more than I did. I did manage to drive the price up for them though. Had a beautiful M1 carbine and a couple decent ones. A couple garrands were there as well. All went higher than I was willing to go. Some of the prices got ridiculous. A henry .22 went for more than they go for brand new. You have to know what you are looking at because sometimes people push the prices up too far. Picked up some cool sketches at the silent auction as well. It was a pleasant way to spend Saturday. 

I was going to hit the Indy 1500, but after talking to my brother and reading Tam's blog(view from the porch), I decided it wasn't worth driving three hours north, fighting to park and waiting in line for half an hour to go to an over crowded show. Democrats are a gunstore owners best advertising. The reject in the white house mentions assault weapons ban, and the people go nuts, again. What do they expect. Obama is a Chicago politician. I grew up in Northwest Indiana. There is nothing worse than a Chicago politician. The dense SOB's can not understand gun control has no effect on crime. Chicago has the worst crime rate, and their gun laws are the most ludicrous in the country. The only ones that have guns in Chicago are the criminals and politicians. Although the last sentence was a bit redundant. Another four years, the country can be as well run as Chicago. We can have rampant gun control, tax businesses out of the country (like they flee Chicago at every tax hike). A Chicago politicians only answer for more money is to raise the taxes. It drives companies out. The more businesses leave, the higher they raise the taxes. Unfortunately, once they drive out all the businesses, all that will be left are the parasitic democrats and they are too ignorant to see the error of their ways. I don't feel bad for Chicagoans as they elect the parasitic scum to power. They must like paying a ridiculous amount of taxes for the privilege of high crime rate, high prices, and being deprived of their right to protect themselves. The big O gets in again, I do believe the country will look like  a big Chicago.

On the bright side, next weekend is the huge gun show at the Kentucky Expo center. It is on par with the Indy show for size, but, the aisles are set up where you could stand about five adults side by side and have room. It is a very nice show in a pleasant atmosphere. Throw in a few on site restaurants, and it makes for a pleasant trip.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Guns,guns and more guns

I have the weekend off. Saturday is gun auction day down the road. Just shy of three hundred firearms up on the block along with lots of really cool firearm accessories. A gun safe is among the odd items out. No machine guns on the list, but, a few M1 carbines, some western guns, and a broomie are among the items that have my interest. After tomorrow, Sunday will be the Indy 1500 gun show. Hope to meet up with my brother and Og. It is always a good time. Next weekend is the Kentucky expo gun show that is about the size of Indy's 1500. The only weird thing with the Kentucky show is most of the vendors will only sell to an FFL licensee. Usually, I am after the older collector guns, so this works in my favor. I can usually get a really decent price as the buyers are limited.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Finally, Obama emits the words assault weapons ban. I can't believe he actually let it pass his lips before the election. Being an Illinois politician, it is usually first on their mind, but for him to actually vocalize it,,,,I would really have loved to have had someone ask him to explain his remark to Russia about his wait until after I am reelected comment . That he would have more flexibility.  I was happy to see Mittens actually not reverse his stance on illegal, I repeat ILLEGAL, not undocumented workers, ILLEGAL aliens. That he is still for no amnesty. I would still like to see one with the stones to actively deport them back across the border. Not self deportation. Obama did OK without his teleprompter. It seems if you bring your own moderator along to help you out, the teleprompter is not quite necessary. Both candidates managed to not answer most of the questions in detail, but they are politicians.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Tuesday will be another Presidential debate. Obummer has promised to do more than stand there looking stupid. That should be a real chore in it self. A lost cause once he opens his mouth anyway. He claims to be prepared this time. Must have watched the VP clown show. Now he too can smile like an idiot and interrupt multiple times like his lackey. I don't have high hopes, but I am hoping on a miracle. I am hoping to get these clowns out in a few more weeks. I am doubtful as I can see the Obama signs throughout my ride home. Some of the kids at work can't see the harm he does. They see a young guy running up on stage pumping his hand like a rockstar. He is the miracle that will get them "free tuition and health care". Today's generation just makes me shudder. They don't understand it is not free. Not a big Romney fan, but at this point, I would vote for anything but the present administration. Kind of like flushing a toilet and hoping the worst of the mess goes down. You are stuck voting on the floater. Mittt is the floater that I will vote for. Unfortunately the option of a clean flush is not an option. Three more weeks til we get to hold our noses and hit the button.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Machine gun shoot day

Hit the machine gun shoot this morning. As per usual, it was freakin awesome. They had the usual boats and cars spread out with explosives (just to add a little extra bang) in the pit. I shot some video of the canon with my camera, but I am having trouble getting it to upload properly. Have to get a video camera one of these days so I can get some quality videos out there. Usually don't have trouble uploading pictures, but, blogger seems to be giving me grief today. Have to try again later with other pictures. I saw a lot of interesting guns and toys, but resisted temptation. Not sure if that is good or not. No garrand ammo this time out. They had bulk 30-06 Korean, which runs a bit hotter than the lake or the Greek, but is good. Only problem was, there was quite a bit of corrosion on the lots they had out there. So, I took a pass this time around. I still have a good stock pile and will see about ordering more from CMP. I did see something I never found before. They actually had canisters of Lake City M1 carbine ammo in clips, in cardboard, in the bandoleers. I can usually find the garrand packed like this, but this is the first time I found carbine ammo like this.

Next weekend is the Indy 1500, the weekend after, is the Kentucky Expo gun show in Louisville. I went to a military show there that was outstanding. Hopefully, my brother and Og are able to attend next weeks Indy show. It is always nice to catch up with them. Hopefully, I am not working that weekend. I am hoping on getting a timney trigger for my AR. Didn't have any luck at the machine gun shoot in finding one.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Machine guns and flame throwers

What better way to spend the weekend than strolling through a HUGEEEEE gun show. Flame throwers and machine guns all around. I checked their website and it is a go. They had to cancel the spring shoot due to damage from severe storms. They must have gotten their new bridge finished. Should have some decent pictures tomorrow. I am hoping on finding some cans of 30-06 garrand ammo. Still have some, but I always grab several hundred rounds when it's available. Surplus has to run out eventually. Been saving brass and enclips for future loading. Threw some copies of my C&R license in the truck in case I find something I can not live without. One of the guys from work called. He took a bike ride out there and we will meet up tomorrow. Lucked out and didn't have to work tomorrow. Been going in at five and out by four or five in the evening, so a day off at a show sounds like a good break.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

No big bird

I was shocked. They made it through the debate without Biden bringing up big bird. It is too bad he couldn't get his ADHD under control. I can't believe a vice president can act so childish in a public setting. All the stupid faces, the butting in. There was no moderation. Biden repeatedly broke in while it was Ryan's turn, and the moderator, more often than not, just turned it over to Joe. Somehow Joe remembered he was white today as well. His back in chains speech, he had a forced southern drawl  to his speech which I thought was both offensive and ridiculous.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tomorrow, the debate

The only thing Obama seems to have heard in his debate was the reference to big bird. A pretty decent debate (at least from the republican side) , but the only thing Obama seems to latch on to is big bird. Probably occupy most of Bidens part of the debate tomorrow.  At least it is something he can relate to. Caught part of his back in chains speech a few weeks back. Hope he does his party proud tomorrow.  Looks to be a rather entertaining evening. If Obama gets back in, I sure hope nothing happens to him. I guess it never dawned on me what a complete blithering idiot Biden is. Be down right scary having that at the helm. Obama is bad enough, but Biden.  I think his only purpose is a life insurance policy for the big O.

 On the bright side, the machine gun shoot is coming on. Friday through Sunday is the Knob Creek machine gun shoot in Kentucky. Can't beat it for a great time at a cheap price. We are still on ten plus hours a day at work, but, it looks like they forgot to put me on the weekend schedule. Now if it can just go under the radar for two more days. I am hoping to find some more ammo for the Garrand. Last year is the first year I could not find any. Hope to find a nice M1 carbine this time around. Two more days......

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Home work day

For Indiana voters, the "who is on your ballot" is finally available for 2012. I don't vote strictly by party like most. I really like this site. You put in your name and address, it tells you exactly who is on your ballot. I always print it out, fill it out, and take it to the polls. Takes a tad longer than just hitting the blue or red button, but to me, it seems mindless to vote just by party. Sometimes, if there is a particularly bad candidate in your preferred party, you just have to hold your nose and push the democrat other button hoping next round, maybe they can take the hint and a better choice appears. As far as Pres goes, I will hold my nose and choose Mitt. He sucks, but is the lesser of the two evils that were thrown out for us to choose from. The judges will be getting a big NO on retention as well.

The gun show was lack luster. Not a whole lot of anything. Next week is the machine gun shoot, so that should make up for it. I was hoping on picking up a better trigger assembly for the AR, but weren't any at today's show. Should be a selection at the shoot. Hope to get some bulk ammo for the garrand and maybe some .223 as well.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Festival day

Hit the festival for food, food and a little more food. They have a few blocks of solid food booths lining both sides of the street. Had the normal fare, and the slightly different. Brain sandwiches, chocolate covered crickets and other odd fare. I did see chocolate covered bacon. They have a couple blocks of rides and a couple stages set up with local bands playing. It was quite a nice day. Tomorrow will start with breakfast and a gun show. Next weekend is the machine gun shoot, the following weekend, I believe, is the Indy 1500 again. It is suddenly getting quite chilly out. Hard to believe it is getting to be fall already.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Range day

Hit the club for a while this morning. I got the AR sighted back in after installing the rail extension. Cowboy town is under some renovation, so I didn't get to do any shooting over there. Probably head back in the morning and shoot some bad guys. Lunch time, I will hit the festival for some food, and then off to the gun show at the 4H center. It has been a fast week off, but relaxing.

Watched the debates last night for laughs. Obummer doesn't seem to do so well when the teleprompter isn't rolling (or his lips are moving). Next week should prove hilarious. Ryan and Biden. Biden's only function is being a great life insurance policy for the President. Everyone knows if anything happens to the Pres, the other real idiot takes over. Hopefully we can hear his back in chains speech again. That went so well the first time around. Should be quite entertaining.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vacation time

Been working tons of OT for the last several weeks. Finally get a week to relax. Went to the eye doctor and got my new glasses. I can actually see again. Broke my regular glasses a couple months back, and was wearing my old back up pair. How nice it is to actually see again. Getting use to the whole bifocal experience. It takes a little getting use to. It is nice to be able to read with both eyes again and actually see distance clearly. I have a new pair of work glasses on order as well.

 Hope to go to the range as soon as the monsoon is over. They also have a huge festival going on all week down town, so I will be eating well. It is a few blocks of solid food booths running both sides of the street. All profits go to charity. May take a mini trip to St. Louis or Louisville while I am off. Right now, we seem to be getting all the rain we didn't get in the spring.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dems need more voters...

Holiday weekend coming up. I will probably head to the bank, show my ID and cash a check. I will probably drop off and pick up some beer, again showing my ID. If I smoked, I would go pick up cigs, again being asked for an ID. SOOOOOOOOOO, why  is it that Texas can not require a photo ID for people to cast a vote. The screwed up Judicial morons ruled it put an undo burden on the poor, to have an ID?????????? Really. What on earth do they use for getting their welfare handouts,food stamps and other give me's. How does anyone survive without an ID of sorts in this day and age. And what grounds can be used to deny a state that is only trying to prevent voter fraud....Especially the poor states that share a border with mexico. This country is screwed. Too many liberals in charge. Guess the Obama crowd wants to make sure they have enough padding to pull off another four miserable years of ineptitude.  I would think ALL states would have a requirement in place requiring state issued ID showing you are a LEGAL citizen. Indiana does, and until recently, I thought all states did.Wonder if I could go down to mexico and bitch enough where they would let me vote for their next dictator president. No. Probably just get my a$$ thrown in their jail for being there illegally.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Monday

It was a great, fun filled three day weekend. Then, there was Monday......ARGHHHH......I hit the gun show Saturday, and on the way in, I get a call from work where one of my machines died and he needed help programing the other OD grinder to do the job that was in the other one. I go in today to find my OD grinder down, the neighboring CNC ID decided it didn't want to be left out, so it too threw in the towel. My CNC ID grinder then decided if the other machines were getting a vacation, it was too, so it shit a battery on it's driver board. Why a bad battery on a FANUC board would disable the machine I have no clue, but it did. Lucked out and the new purchasing guru actually does his job. I gave him the battery and he headed down the road and got me a replacement within an hour. I am not use to that kind of response. Our old purchasing guy sat on PO's and orders, or just lost them. By days end, I cobbled my two machines back to working order, but, the neighboring Okuma is still vacationing. It seems like anytime I take a little extra time off, the machines decide to crash. OD is back up with limited ability until part comes in, hopefully tomorrow. Hope tomorrow improves. I am already for the weekend. Hopefully a three day weekend, but I am not holding my breath.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to the Follies

Hit the follies for a few hours this morning. Picked up a few more tools. The AC unit for the Mustang was gone. The pork chop sandwiches were very good. Weather was looking a little grim. I did time it perfectly. No sooner than I got in the car to leave, the rain came. It was a great weekend. You can't beat cars,guns and more cars. I did find out (too late to do any good) about Terre Haute's diesel extravaganza event. Have to keep it in mind for next year. I saw a crowd while coming back from Indy yesterday, but didn't know what it was. This weekend was packed with events. Not ready to go back to work....

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cars, guns then, cars again....YES

Hit the Follies yesterday, then, woke up this morning and hit the Indy gun show then back to the Follies tomorrow. It was great meeting up with my brother and Og. It was a really nice day. Got to catch up and visit, and see lots of guns and accessories. Kept it cheap today. I only bought a gun case for my AR and some smoked cheese and meats. I did manage to get out without snagging some chocolate. I checked out the bump fire kit for the AR. A couple of the kids at work keep looking at them and had some questions. I did find out that they will work with the .22 conversion kit if you use high velocity ammo and a light touch. Don't see me buying one at $400 for the kit, although it does look like a whole lot of fun. After the show, we all went to Cracker Barrel for some chicken fried steak and some great conversation. Thanks again for dinner bro and nice seeing you guys again. It is always nice to see my brother and Og.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Day at Frog Follies

Got up early and hit the road. It is only about five minutes down the street. Spent about five hours walking around over there. The place is huge. Picked up some small tools and some literature for some items of interest. Weather is perfect. It is hot, but not as hot as it usually is for the Follies, so I was able to take in alot more than I usually do. Bumped in to one of the guys from work who has been on vacation all week. It was a great time. Probably hit it again on Sunday for a while. Tomorrow is the Indy 1500 gun show.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One more work day

One more day, and then, it's Frog Follies. Best car show around. Plan on hitting it Friday. Leaning toward the 1500 table gun show in Indy for Saturday, then back to the Follies on Sunday. I always enjoy the car show. There is way too much to see in  just one day. I You never know what you will come home with.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I finally got off my tail and started the gate repair. I dug the hole for the gate post. I could only go about eighteen inches deep before I hit something metal. Not sure which utility it was. I dug with a little hand shovel knowing there are utilities in area, so no damage done. Just couldn't go as deep as I wanted to go. I cemented it and also bracketed it to the cinder block foundation so it should be really solid and not move. I put the railing around the little slab porch and rehung the old nasty small gate. Next week is the Frog Follies and the Indy 1500 gun show, so, the other two posts and the small section of fence and new gate will have to wait until the following week. They shouldn't be nearly as bad as the main gate post. Not sure how deep I will be able to go, but I can probably go deeper than the six inches the reject that installed the original fence went. I used 75 pounds of cement for the main gate post. The original had literally a few hand fulls of cement. I don't know why the original owners didn't make the company fix it originally. It never could have been solid at all at the depth and little support it had. She is beefy now. I am putting up a six foot privacy in place of the small picket that was there. Next year, I will get a quote from a company to sink all new posts around the main perimeter to replace the rest of the picket fence. I am going to make sure I am on vacations and will be measuring the holes to make sure they are the right depth and filled properly. I will make sure they know what I want when they quote it. Most of the neighborhood has problems with their fences. If the posts were put in right in the first place, there would be no problem. Most of the companies only go about half the depth they should. The post holes should be two foot deep after the six inches of gravel is placed in the bottom for drainage. Neighbor on back of me did some repair on his and found some only about fifteen inches total with no drainage and the diameter of the holes are to small.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thanks Obama

Why can't we have a political figure head that doesn't whore himself out for the votes.The big O's latest partial amnesty is a joke. I went to Lowes to pick up some supplies for some home projects. Typical luck. I get behind a family of Mexicans. Am I a racist. No. This particular family could not speak a word of English. Their daughter (which appeared to be about sevenish) had to translate to the best of her limited ability. They could not understand what a rebate was. NO COMPRENDE. Took almost fifteen minutes of them looking dumb founded at cashier for them to finally not purchase door and leave. I have no problem with Mexicans (or any race for that matter) but to allow people like this amnesty(temporary or permanent) is WRONG. If they are here illegally, it is wrong. Speak English. It is THE American language. Too proud of your nationality to learn, GET OUT. All legal immigrants are required to learn the language. It should not be a political issue. If you are illegal, get out. Actively seek out and deport them. If they have a rally, good opportunity to check status and thin the herd.. Hire illegals, put the employer in jail. Fine them heavily. Democrats see them as more votes. Again, nothing against Mexicans. I don't care if they let one in legally that meets citizen requirements for every one of them they boot out. Meet the requirements and SPEAK ENGLISH.....Ironic thing is, if Mexico catches you there illegally, they jail your butt. Chances are, you don't get cable tv in there either:)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Another nice weekend

Don't have to work, and the weather is superb. Going to try and finish some outdoor maintenance and get out to the club for a while as well. Definitely get the Vette out for a little exercise. Short week this coming week. Taking Friday as a personal day. Frog Follies starts up Friday morning and I never miss that. Also have the Indy 1500 going on. I am hoping the weather can hold out for the Follies. Going to try and get some welding done on the Mustang. May get a new steering column for it at the show.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lazy weekend

No work this weekend. I went down to the local 4H for an antique / flea market. The weather was outstanding. Should have cut my grass and done some work around the house. But, I just lounged around and made some mini-trips all weekend. Not productive, but relaxing and enjoyable. I got my picatinny rail extension late yesterday. I will install and resight my AR in during the week. Got my new indicator tips in for work. One of the new kids at work broke one of my tips, and needed a replacement. Got two this time so as to cover future accidents. I like amazon. You can find about anything on there, put it in one cart, and make one payment.

Friday, August 10, 2012

It is perfect weather

The weekend forecast is looking up. I am off for the weekend, and it is beautiful out. I came home from work and removed one of the evergreens that the drought took out. Have a couple trees that I am not sure if they will come back.  Probably work in the garage tomorrow. It seems like forever since we had a cool non humid day. It is nice to get outside and not bake for a change. Probably take the Vette out for a romp as well.  Sunday will be club day. I ordered the extension for the picatinny rail for the AR. it should be in early next week. It is about a third the price of what they want for them at the store.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

It was a really nice gun show. Met up with some of the regular vendors that display at most of the gun shows around here. There were some different vendors unique to this location as well. I picked up some more .308 for my M1A. Some bulk and some in bandoleer. Never ran across it in the bandoleer before. No luck on the picatinny rail extension. The only vendor that had one (the only one anyone had) wanted about three times the amount for it that I can get one for online. Have to order one on my next bulk ammo order. Had some really interesting items. Picked up a book from one of the vendors. Have to see if the vendor I bought the ammo from buys enbloc clips and empty bandoleers as I have quite a few.

I was going to hit Chick-fil-A on the way home. Looks like Chick-fil-A is doing extremely well. I never heard of them until the news media started all the hoopla. Checked out their website and the food looks good. The parking lot is full, people are lined up in the drive through, around the building and on the street going to the restaurant. Have to wait for another day to try it out. Glad to see they are not being hurt by the latest media frenzy. It is a true shame that freedom of speech and a person voicing their personal opinion has to stir up the dregs of society and the media has to feed the fire. Hopefully Obama gets the same treatment come November. Hopefully people line up that way at the polls to voice their opinions again. Maybe there is a small glimmer of hope for people yet. Ever,ever so small.

Tomorrow is club day. Have to go play around at cowboy town and the range. Need to mow the lawn first. Can't believe it is finally raining a bit and greening back up out there again. I don't think it is going to come back full again this year. It is only a few weeks before Frog Follies comes to the 4H center again. Year is flying by. Seems like I was just there.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Banquet was really nice

The banquet was really nice. I saw a few of the members from the club as well as most of the local politicians. Senator Jim Tomes was there. He is a member at the club as well as heading up the local 2nd amendment patriots. He always has some interesting things to say and keeps us well informed as to what is going on in the Senate. They had some really nice prizes and the auctions were really interesting. I didn't win any guns or the safe, but I did win a nice knife. The fillet of Mignon dinner was excellent. The night was capped off by a much needed rain. Managed to knock out the hot job at work so I don't have to work this weekend. They have a gun show at the 4H center one county over. They usually have some nice collectibles and old western wares.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hopefully half way through the week

They are talking about possibly working through the weekend. I don't mind, the money will be good. They still pay double for Sundays. Gives Obama more wealth to spread around. Still wish management had a clue as to how to schedule jobs.

Today was the club meeting, tomorrow, the NRA banquet. I always have a great time there. I believe some of the club members will be there. Usually bump in to some of the neighbors as well. I will take some pictures this time around. Last time I forgot my camera. It is usually a pretty nice affair.

Monday, July 30, 2012

I made it to the gun store after work and picked up a ticket to the Friends of the NRA event. Picked up a few raffle tickets while I was at it. I can always use more guns and or a safe or two. They have some really sweet prizes. It is always a fun time. They will have an auction going on as well as prize give aways. The fillet of mignon dinner isn't bad either. Have the club meeting on Wednesday this week, so a few fun things to do.  Load up the truck and get some range time in before the meeting.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Woke up feeling lousy, so I just took it easy and lounged around today. I did hear back from the friends of the NRA. There are tickets available at the local gun shop. I will stop after work tomorrow and pick one up. Gives me a good excuse to check out their inventory as well. I was hoping on getting out and doing some fun stuff today as the weather is great. Hopefully the bug has worked it's way through. Still feel kind of blah, but hopefully up to work tomorrow. Good excuse to watch some old James Bond movies and lounge with the dog.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

One day off at least

Getting busy again at work thankfully. I prefer it pretty steady. Makes the time go by pretty quick. Lost track of time and didn't get my Friends of the NRA banquet tickets for the big 4h event. Hoping I can scrounge some up. It falls on Thursday of next week. I was thinking it was a few weeks away yet.

It is actually quite pleasant outside for a change. May head up to the county fair tomorrow. Like to hit the club for a little bit and play with the AR for a while. Neighbor dropped by yesterday. His wife wants a new white vinyl privacy fence. He asked if I would like his old one if he gets a new one. It is a six foot wood fence in pristine condition. He always takes really good care of his property. Price is right. He says if I tear it down, I can have it. Have to wait and see if he is able to get the new fence at the price he wants. If I get the old one, I will get a quote from his fence guy for sinking the posts for my fence. It would work out well. I wanted to upgrade the fence a few years down the line, and with most of the materials supplied, can't go wrong. If he doesn't get the fence, I may have them quote a wooden one for me while they are in the neighborhood. I have repaired the one I have, but it is just a picket fence and the contractor didn't put it in very well. It would cut into the dog's favorite hobby of barking at everyone walking by.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Must be an election year

The poor people were not traumatized enough by some deranged loon opening fire in a Colorado theater. Obama has to use the tragic event as a photo op. I know if I was involved in a tragedy, the last thing I would want is to have to endure a visit from Obama. The anti gunners will be going ape shit. The loon could just have easily set off a pipe bomb using common parts from a hardware store. They are already yapping about metal detectors at the entrances. How about hooking up the alarms on the exit so he couldn't have left and come back in. All metal detectors do is assure that nobody has the ability to fight back if some loon does try something. Years ago, when I still lived on the border of Mordor, they had a shooting in Tinley Park in the communist community of Chicago. It was at a Lane Bryant store. The law abiding customers, who were not armed, were slaughtered like cattle. Chicago only allows it's corrupt politicians to carry fire arms. Us common folk are left to fend for ourselves.  Disarming America is not the answer. Loony nutbags will always find a way to act out there twisted scenarios on people. Taking away one's defense so said nutbags are the only ones armed is also not the answer. We live in a democracy. If someone does not wish to carry a firearm, I can respect that. In turn, I expect them to respect my right to defend myself against nut jobs.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

We finally got a decent rain

It rained hard last night and again during the day today. The grass needed it badly as do the farmers. Hasn't really cooled it off alot, but it is still much better than 110 degree we were getting. I got up and hit the auction this morning and made a day of it. The Colt huntsman and the Browning pistol both went for a decent price, so I skipped them. Jungle carbine went for $500. I already have one, but if it had gone cheap, I would have snatched it up. I could not, however, pass up the Luger. I managed to get an all numbers matching 1937 Luger, two magazines and a holster with tool for $1200. They generally go much higher. Left grip has a scratch in it and there is minor wear on the bluing, but all in all, I think it was a good deal. Most websites are listing them around $2000 without the accessories.

Metal is in great shape and everything matches. I stuck around to see the machine gun sell. It went around $6000 plus the stamps. There were some really nice deals to be made. They had a lot of old original western guns as well. They had a TNW1919 belt fed gun complete with tripod, belt , original crate, all documentation, oiler and accessories. It would have been a head turner at the range. It only went for around $3000 complete. It was definitely tempting. It is a semiauto but looks like a full auto. It shoots belted 30-06 which I usually see at the machine gun shoots.. This was one of the most interesting gun auctions I have been to so far. Some very unique pieces.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy range day

I got up, packed and hit the club. When I got there, a buddy of mine from work was pulling in ahead of me. Shortly after, another guy from work showed up. We had a great time. I got my newest scope tuned in. It's a nail driver now. I love this scope. It's the Leupold Mark AR4X12 scope with adjustable objective lens. Even as blind as I am, I can acquire the target and see it very clearly. Had to put shoot and see target up as I couldn't make out my hits from a distance. But she held really tight groups. I am really impressed by my new AR and the scope. Will be doing business with them again. Definitely want to put together an AR 10 (as well as an AR50) down the line. Did find a need to order lots more ammo. I burned through what I bought already. Knocked out the cobwebs from the savage .17 while I was out there. Got to shoot my buddy's new 9mm Ruger. He is still having misfire issues even after sending it back to Ruger for warranty servicing. This time he brought out two brands. The UMC was the one he was having trouble with. The indentations on the primers seemed deep enough where they should have gone off. Think he just got a bad batch. He brought out Winchester white box and the gun worked flawlessly. It actually fit my hand good. It ships with a carry mag and an extended grip mag. It is his first gun and he was having a great time once he found the ammo was the problem. He got to shoot my AR as well.

Tomorrow is the big gun auction. I went to the preview today. They even have a couple machine guns on the block. No M14 though. I will have a real M14 one day. They have a MAC 10 with lots of magazines and a silencer bringing the tax stamp alone up to $400. The gun alone usually goes for around $5000. They have a jungle carbine. I have one , but will watch this one. Down here, military guns don't go for what they do up north. If it goes cheap, I will have two. They have an International Harvester Garrand. One can never have too many Garrands. They have a few Nazi Lugers that I will be watching close. There is a Browning BDA .380 up as well. I have one, but my brother does not. If it goes cheap enough, I can snag it for him. There are some really nice wall hangers I would like as well. There is a M1 carbine there. If it is priced right, it has possibilities. The Monster truck show is going on all weekend too, so there is plenty to do.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bowling Green day

Got up early and headed down to Bowling Green Kentucky for the day. Hit the Corvette museum and some other local fare. Weather was nice, until the trip back. Ran into a heck of a storm. The temp dropped radically, rain coming horizontally and rather hard to see where I was going. Pulled under a bridge and waited for it to clear a little bit. It did cool it down about fifteen degrees in a matter of a few minutes.
 Hit a gun store in Kentucky on the way home and found the scope I have been looking for. The price was the best I found anywhere, including the internet. I need to get a picatinny rail extension as I can't quite get the scope eye relief set quite where I would like it. It is a really nice scope made for the AR's. It has an adjustable objective lens that is scaled. Sight in the scope at 25 yards with the lens set at 25. Then all that is needed is rotate lens adjustment to number of yards and shoot. You are sighted in. Taking her out in the morning for a little exercise. I will check Red Ghost gun shop on the way and see if he has the extension I need.

Vacation is getting down to the final days. They have a monster truck pull this weekend at the 4H center I am thinking about hitting. They also have a huge gun auction going at the aucion house Saturday. Not sure what direction I will be headed. I will go to the auction preview tomorrow to see items first hand and see if there is anything calling my name.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Went out to feed the fish this morning and found the plant I bought for the pond had bloomed. I finally found a plant I can't kill. Place it in water and it takes care of itself. Fish use it for shade as well. Also helps keep the algae down. Hard to forget to water it when it is in the pond.

Spent the day in Louisville. Went down to Knob Creek, where they hold the machine gun shoots, and checked out their gun store and the range. They are still working on repairing the bridge that was damaged in a spring storm which forced the cancellation of the spring shoot. Looking forward to the fall shoot. Hope they are done in time. Hate to see them cancel again. They didn't have the scope I wanted in stock. I will either hit cabelas or order it through them.

After Knob Creek, I hit Louisville zoo. It is a really nice zoo. Weather was perfect. Lots of walking. They had some rather interesting displays. The polar bear was having a blast diving for toys. It was great to get outside for a bit after the long heat wave we have been enduring. Not sure what to do tomorrow. Might hit the range if it is nice. If it is raining, off to Bowling Green to take in the corvette assembly line or Mammoth cave.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mini trip today

Been taking care of chores the first few days of vacation. I am planning on going to
Louisville in the morning. I am going to head over to the knob Creek gun shop and also check out the gun range. It will be interesting to see it in it's normal state. I always go during the machine gun shoots. They only charge ten dollars for a day at the range, or you can get a membership for a reasonable price. They have the scope I want for the AR in stock for a decent price. Plan on hitting the Louisville zoo on my way back. Should be a decent trip. I hit the little local zoo today just to get out in the fresh air. The heatwave has subsided quite a bit. The little zoo in Evansville isn't much to see. I am use to being up north where I would hit Brookfield zoo a few times a year. It is hard to beat Brookfield. Thursday will either be a range day if it doesn't rain, or a cave day if it does. Just have to decide between Mammoth and Merengo.

Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Vacation time

Time to kick back and relax for a bit. Probably head to Cabela's  in St Louis this weekend. Like to hit the one up in northern Indiana, but that's twice as far away. May hit the zoo while in the area. Suppose to cool off around Tuesday. Plan on hitting the range quite a bit this week. The AR is a blast to shoot. Want to check Cabelas for a scope. Have some Cabela bucks saved up. Saw a few possibilities on their website, but want to check them out in person first. Plan on hitting Mammoth or Merengo cave while off as well. Caves are always a nice way to cool off during a heat wave. Been a while since I have been there. Might head to Knob Creek to check it out while there is no shoot going on. They have a heck of a gun store on premises. Going to work on the Mustang if it gets cooler outside.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Broke in the AR

Headed to the range this morning to meet up with one of the kids from work. He wanted to try out my SKS and AR. I also brought out the Garrand, M1A, and a slew of my pistols. Two of my favorite pistols to plink with at the regular range are my Browning and Colt .22's. He really liked them. They are incredibly smooth. I can't figure out why they don't still manufacture these models as they are so enjoyable to shoot and accurate as well. He will be looking for one at the gun shows to add to his collection. His girlfriend had to work, so she wasn't able to join us today. She is looking for a carry gun, but doesn't know what she wants. I told him to line up with me and I will bring a selection of different calibers out for her to try.

He got to try out the different military guns. The AR is a real pleasure to shoot. I keep bracing for the recoil that isn't there. She shoots incredibly nice. I need to figure out what type of scope I want to put on it. Did pretty well with the iron sights. The Garrand got a good workout. We had the gong on the hundred yard line going pretty good. The SKS got some exercise as well. I don't shoot it much since I got the Garrand, so it was nice seeing someone enjoying it for a while.

The area is incredibly dry. They have fireworks bans in the effect all over Kentucky and lower Indiana. The caretaker at the club said they have had six fires started along the railroad tracks by the trains going by. The railroad now has a pickup truck on the tracks that follows the trains to put out fires and report ones they can't control. There is alot of dry brush on both sides of the tracks. The whole area is heavily wooded.  I heard they lost several acres to fire a week ago. While we were at the range, we saw smoke rising from the other side of the tracks. We were going to call it in when we heard the sirens. One of the houses in the subdivision next to the club caught fire and burned to the ground. Don't know what the cause was as of yet. Fortunately, after getting home, we got a really heavy rain that actually soaked the ground fairly well. Hope we get some more. It didn't cool it down at all, but the rain is sure a blessing. Feel sorry for the poor displaced family. Hope nobody got hurt.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fireworks ban in effect

But, that doesn't include firearms fireworks. Heading to the range in the AM, before the day gets HOT, to make some noise. My buddy from work wants a SKS. I told him I would bring mine out so he can try it out. Get to try out my AR as well. Still haven't shot it yet. Want to take the cowboy guns out to play as well. NCOWS had their shoot a few weeks back, and cowboy town is still very well set up. I have quite a bit of .45 colt ammo, but am low on .38. Need to reload some more. It has been so hot, I really need to take advantage of the time and reload so I have plenty when the temps subside a bit. Off tomorrow, work two days, then vacation time.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Half way through already

Work Monday and Tuesday and get Wednesday off. Makes for a nice short week, or two miniweeks in one. Spike is up and about and back to normal again. They knock him out for his dental, and this time, it took a real long time for him to recoupe from it. He is good for another year now. We got rain all around us yesterday. It keeps going around us. I give up on the lawn. It's toast. They have a watering ban in place as well as a fireworks ban. Everything is extremely dry.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vet day

Took Spike in for his check up, shots. While I was there, I picked up a couple of small koi for the pond. The plant I put in the pond last week is doing well. Spike is really out of it. He is usually hyper and flying through the house. Especially after an outing. The shots and meds really knock the energy way down. He is on his bed napping pretty heavily at present. Tomorrow, I will hit the range for a while if the temps back off a bit. It is still over a hundred and stifling out there. Think Spike and I are just going to take it easy and munch on some pizza for the rest of the day.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Two day weekend

I picked up a roll pin at Ace hardware on the way home from work. It was still snug, but I got it in with no damage. They don't leave much to grab to get pin started. The gun is complete now. I will  strip the upper and clean it. Hope to get it out to the range tomorrow if the weather is at all tolerable. They keep predicting rain, but it keeps missing us. Looking forward to having two days off.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's here

I arrived home from work to a package on my stoop. My upper has arrived. I managed to get it assembled. All except for the bolt release. The roll pin they sent is a tad to thick. I tried putting it in, but it was trying to sheer so I stopped and removed it. I will pick one up from work tomorrow. For now, I put everything together and just looped a twist tie through roll pin hole to hold the release in place. I can remove tie and push pin in tomorrow evening. I still want to strip the upper and clean it before firing. I just couldn't wait to put it togeather to see how she looked and felt. I installed flip sights for the time being. I want to pick out a scope for it, but need to figure out what exactly I want. Sights flip out of way, so they will be good back up anyhow.

Hopefully, it will make it to the range this weekend. With the temps hovering around 107, range day may have to wait a little while. We shall see.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My upper is on it's way...

Just checked the tracking on my upper that was back ordered. It is on it's way and will be here by Thursday evening. My magazine, ammo, bipod and sights are here waiting for it. Should be trying it out Saturday. Looking forward to putting together my first AR. Next one is probably going to be an AR10. Got the front pond trimmed out nice and some mulch and plants in. Trying out a water plant in the pond. See how that works out. Hopefully get a couple fish back in this weekend. Dog has his vet appointment for his shots and dental, so, I will pick up a couple fish while I am there.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Short, but productive weekend

Managed to stay focused on yard work. Had to work Saturday so it was only a one day weekend. I cleaned out the pond in the back yard and refilled it. Then I tackled the one in the front yard. It was extra nasty. Got it all cleaned out and refilled. Replaced the dead pump and cleaned the filters. See how it does during the week. Hopefully add a few fish next weekend. Have to see if the little kids stay away from it or not. Have a couple real little kids that wander where they shouldn't. Had to remove things that were tossed in. That was last year. I am hoping they are old enough to keep their hands off my things now. They don't mean any harm. Their parents just don't watch them the way they should. Way too small to be wandering the block unattended. Got the weeds under control and picked up a couple loads of mulch. Still have to lay the mulch down,but the heat got the better of me after all the cleaning. Have to save some of the fun for tomorrow. May not have enough fun at work and need a little more when I get home. Last full week before vacation starts. Have to work this week and the following. But the following has Independence Day right in the middle. Planning on hitting Mammoth cave on vacation. Haven't done that in a few years. I am going to try and get back on the Mustang during vacation as well. All the mechanical items are in order. Just need to weld in floor panel and frame support. Then I can start reinstalling interior and get her out on the road.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not as fast as I hoped

Got hold of the company I bought the AR from. The gun is on back order, hopefully to be shipped in a couple weeks. They send a UPS tracking number out immediately, so it appeared it was shipped. Looks like they are getting overwhelmed again due to the November election getting closer. No big hurry, just good to know it isn't lost in shipping. Have to work this weekend anyhow. Ammo should be here by the weekend. Picked up a magpul mag at the local gunstore for about the price they run at the shows.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


My new upper is already showing shipped and is scheduled for Wednesday delivery.... That is extremely quick. Hopefully be trying her out before the weekend.

Chore day

Spent the day cleaning, paying bills and other non fun related activities. Then, I sat down and ordered my first upper along with some sights and other small accessories. Still not sure how to scope it out yet. Reviews show that they tend to ship very quickly, so, I am hoping to have it by midweek to the weekend. Do need to get a magazine for it as they did not have the magpul mags that everyone recommends. I was going to go back to the gun show to pick up a couple, but time got away and the show was over. All in all, I will have under $600 in it when done. That is with the lower receiver I bought at the last Indy show. The show here in town had the same lower receiver for the same low price as I paid in Indy. Next one will be an AR10 which takes a different lower all together. One full week, then a holiday week, then VACATIONNNNNN.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nice gun show

The gun shows are starting to get better and better. They had a lot of new vendors and collectors there today. Hopefully, they will be regulars. There were a few collectors that had old military guns and accessories for sale. My buddy was there, but only brought a few AR's to sell. He usually has some old time WW2 pistols and various rifles from his collection out. I did buy a couple of books while there. I thing I am getting close to picking out my first AR upper. Way too many choices on options making it really hard to choose. Hope to hit the club tomorrow and make some brass to load.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

One big chore down

Got off on time today and went straight to work on the gutter in the back yard. Dug the trench, buried the drain pipe rerouting water thirteen feet from house, and relaid the paver blocks over the trench. It makes the patio area look a whole lot neater. Hope to replace pavers with concrete next year. Still trying to figure out the exact size and shape I want it.There is a small pond off the patio. I am thinking of making it bigger and putting koi in the back yard next to the patio. Give Spike something new to bark at. Hope to keep going this weekend and get the back gate done. Have a gun show and car show this weekend as well, so it should be a busy weekend.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Armory show weekend

Hump day already here and just about gone. Gun show at the armory this weekend. Hope to pick up some ammo for the M1A and check out what they have. One of the guys I talk to always sets up  a great display of WW2 memorabilia. He usually has some very interesting things for sale. Keep meaning to line up with him and join his gun club. They are set up for machine guns. He has a few machine guns he takes out there when they have their shoots.They have a machine gun shoot after Halloween to help eradicate all the pesky left over jack o lanterns.

Need to get the fence posts sunk this weekend too. It is still nice out and would like to finish project before it gets too hot out. Naturally, most of the utilities run right through the eight foot span I need to sink the posts.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

What a gun show

I hit the big military / gun show at the Freedom hall in Louisville this morning. It was HUUUUGE. Lots of really interesting items. There were a lot of antique guns all over. Real guns and periphenalia of western days. Guns from all eras of war. Uniforms, duffle bags and anything you could think of. Saw some really nice Garrands including both the C and D sniper rifles. I finally laid my hands on an unmolested Krag rifle. He had it marked $600 but I got him down to $500. Serial number shows it was manufactured January of 1903. Doesn't look bad for 109 years old.

My buddy at work warned me not to bother with the show because most vendors only sell to people with either an FFL or C& R license. So I remembered to take my C&R license allong and got to use it for the first time. I think that helped out on the price break. There were a few really nice M1 carbines for sale as well, but I didn't pick one up this time around. I was hoping on picking up some bulk .308 ammo for the M1A while I was there, but I didn't see any. It took a good five hours to see everyting. Definitely going to be watchng for the next show. They had some great food there as well. Parking was a breeze. I love driving through Kentucky. It is always a scenic drive.