Sunday, May 29, 2016

Well, that was a lot of work.

Took three trips to Menards for river rock. Front yard is just about done. I put all but the last couple hundred pounds down. Use it tomorrow to fill in the areas that look a bit light. They look good now, but fresh eyes tomorrow will probably show some light spots. I am chicken, so I took three trips. The loads were about 1500 pounds each. On the third trip, I was waiting on the guy with the forktruck. He was shaking his head. Customer he was loading up insisted on taking the full load. He had retaining wall block stacked way over the truck bed, wheels about rubbing, truck way down low. Wasn't a 350 or a 450, just a F150 like mine. Didn't see him on the side of the road on the way home, so I assume he went the other way. No way he made his destination with that load. I am just glad to be done with that job. Wasn't looking forward to it. If I can still move tomorrow, I may go back and pick up a bit more for the backyard. Did it last year, or the year before. Have a few light spots that could use a bit more. They have a great sale going on it, but it ends tomorrow. Kind of makes me have to get off my tail and get it done. Have to go back to work so I can rest:)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

It didn't rain:)

We actually got a decent day. Overcast, but no rain. Suppose to be nicer tomorrow, and then back to several days of rain. I got some yard maintenance done and did some shopping. Several things I could not find down here since moving down nine years ago. One of them, gnocchi. The supermarket up north had them in the freezer section. I finally found them down here. Vacuum packed in the pasta aisle. Use to buy them in the freezer section. May cook some up tomorrow.

 Went out house hunting a bit as well. Just driving by some of the ones I find on Zillow for now. Doubt I will do anything this year. I want to thin out some of what I have first. One I liked sold already. Not on market long. Had an attached two car garage, a detached 2 1/2 car garage, full walkout basement and over an acre backing up on woods. Older smaller home, but for me and my dog, plenty big enough. Went by a couple houses that will be open housed tomorrow. Figure I can see what the houses look like in the area I want so as to get an idea what the area is worth. It is right around the club and there are a lot of little lakes and ponds out in that area. Lots of woods and no sidewalks. Nice and rural. But, there is nearby shopping less than a few miles down the road. Restaurants, movies, Lowes and the supermarket. So you get privacy, yet there are all the necessities nearby as well. It would also still be a ten minute ride to work:) The club would be a few minutes away. It has fishing and shooting, so all bases covered.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Well, maybe the cartoons aren't that far off after all with their southern depictions.

I work just inside Indiana. Right on the Kentucky border. One bridge separating the two. I work with quite a few Kentuckians. There is the usual joking banter back and forth between us Hoosiers and the Kentuckians. Today however, I had to give a few a hard time. Yesterday, the Kentucky primaries, Hillary either won, or just barely didn't (the official count is still out it is so close). How on earth does a state that makes it's money on coal and tobacco support the one nominee who has outright stated she was going to put coal mines out of business and make coal miners jobless. Not a summary or opinion of what I think she stands for, words out of her own mouth. How screwed up does a state have to be to actually support the person killing them. The local demorats are trying to spin it in Hillary's favor. They claim Trump doesn't care for Kentucky and how Clinton will make it a priority. Wow. Still trying to figure out why Hidabeast isn't wearing an orange jumpsuit while serving time on the tampering with evidence charge while they sort the e-mal fiasco out, but, what do I know. The coal mines have been devastated. A lot of people are out of work and it doesn't stop there. A lot of local businesses that supported the industry are suffering badly. I am at a loss how on earth people that have been hurt so badly by a party, can turn around and support the very people who screwed them. Unreal. Not a Bernie fan, but I am enjoying watching him torture Hillary. An antique self proclaimed socialist is giving her a run for the money. If not for the super delegates rigging the vote, Hillary would have a bit of trouble. I am so enjoying watching her get flustered.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Man, what a relief

I was really worried. The pressure is off. Kasich will not run as a third party candidate. LOL. I suppose he is trying to stay relevant. It was a bit amusing though. We are back to the balmy, dreary rain again. Did a Netflix day today as I was off work and didn't feel up to doing much. Ready for some sunshine. Tired of this dreary mess. Did finish the new handle for my lathe and got it installed. If it isn't raining tomorrow where I can get the Vette out of the garage, I will do some more tomorrow. I have the digitals on the bed, still need to attach the scale to the cross slide. Hard to get ambitious with the dreary weather.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

One more day

And I get four off. Get Tuesday for my birthday and I took Monday as a vacation just to get a long break. Hoping it will be a bit drier than it has been lately. We have been getting tornadoes down here. Luckily they are hitting surrounding areas and not making it here yet. Winds and torrential downpours, power outages and other fun events. Ready for some sunshine. Get to go to a gunshow at the 4H center this weekend. Keep hoping my grandkid gets delivered this weekend to give me a chance to head up for a longer visit. Babies usually don't cooperate though. The mother to be is a Halloween baby, so a Friday the 13th baby would be appropriate. Would be a great birthday present as well:)

Garage is looking great. I finally got it really organized. Hope to play around in it quite a bit this weekend. I have been trying to decide on the garage in back and think I may have made up my mind. As much as I hate to, I believe I may move one more time. I am checking out houses on big lots out by the club. The drive to work would be the same. Right now, I am just looking around to see what is there. What I like is there are a lot of them out there with walkout basements, which would give me a nice shop area. Most have pole barns and decent lots, 1 to 2 acres. As far as a house, I don't need huge. A small three bedroom like I have would be fine. I am more interested in a bigger garage and or barn. Being right by the club would be a plus. If I hit the right area, I may be able to set up a small range in the back yard. Houses in the area are older, but I could get a decently updated house on a big lot with basement for about what my current house is worth. I hate moving and like my neighbors, but I would love to have a bit more property and wooded surroundings would definitely be a plus. I would also like to have a full size Bridgeport instead of a tabletop mill. Had a chance to pick up a small 6x18 surface grinder for next to nothing, but nowhere to put it right now. Probably hit a few open houses this weekend.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Stupid, stupid, stupid

What is wrong with the idiots in the RNC???? I am not a big fan of Trump, but with the idiots they chucked up this election cycle, I will vote for him. Can they suck it up and just go with the program? Hell no. Enter Mittens Romney to the rescue? Really. They are going to start a third party nomination to weaken the vote on the right so Hillary doesn't have to work so hard. What a bunch of braindead idiots. Here I keep hoping Bernie will go independent and doom Hillary. I swear the right just loves to screw themselves if they can. We didn't vote for one of their elites, therefore, it is tantrum time. I am willing to bet money that for next election, they will change the rules. My prediction is, they will mimic the DNC on their massive number of super delegates so as to be able to steer the election better. It is working well for Hillary, as it did for Obama in 08. If they had several hundred super delegates like the democrats do, Cruz would be winning. Hillary may get in, but, we just may be witnessing the birth of a third major party, and the death spiral of the republican party.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


The polling place was packed. I made fast tracks out the door right at quitting time so I could get down there before the crowd. When I got there, the line was single file and out the door. It only took about twenty minutes to get through and out. When I left, it was out the door and half way across the parking lot, and people were still coming. I got off at 3:30 today, which is unusual for me. Popular quitting time. I am so happy I shot straight over and got in ahead of the crowd.
Would have been more entertaining a bit earlier. My buddy on second shift went in on his way to work. Says some ditzy blond (she was wearing a Bernie shirt, thus the ditzy) was in line ahead of him. One of the poll workers came up and told her she couldn't be in the building with anything pertaining to a candidate. She smiled, stripped off the Tshirt and flipped it around and put it back on. I didn't know Bernie was supplying strippers. Guess his funding ran low by afternoon. This is the busiest I have seen for a primary. It was actually busier than it usually would be for the actual election. See how the numbers come in. I keep hoping Sanders will decide to run as an Independent. It would guarantee no democrat in the White House.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Ahh, primaries tomorrow

If Trump is doing well enough, I may hold my nose and vote for Bernie for the primary. Will I vote Bernie on election day? Hell no. But any nail in Hillary's coffin is worth a try. I keep hoping Bernie will run as an independent. That would kill any chance of a Demorat getting into office.  If Trump isn't pulling the lead, I will throw my vote that way. Cruz can suck it. Don't like the way they are trying to win on a secondary vote. Trump has the majority of the vote. If they steal the nomination from him, I will vote for all offices but president. Not particularly a fan of Trump, but the underhanded tactics to try and undermine his lead is despicable. It may be legal, but it is not right. If they didn't want Trump, they should not have allowed him in to start with. Allowing him in and allowing him to spend his money on campaigning only to steal it away is wrong, plain and simple. This election is going to suck as there really is nobody worth voting for. Damned if I will allow Clinton to get in office by not trying, but, at this point, if it is Cruz or Clinton, I am out. Couldn't care less which weasel gets in at that point.