Friday, August 30, 2013

A three day weekend with no particular place to go

Last weekend was a blast and very busy. This weekend is a little relaxation and hopefully get some things done in the garage. There is a fair with a tractor pull and a demolition derby, so, a little fun mixed up in there. Some cow parts will probably find their way onto the grill as well. Probably still be mooing lightly when they come off the grill.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thank goodness

Obama is finally taking a bite out of gun violence. Maybe now we will see a reduction of the thugs holding up gas stations with Garands. Holding up banks with Mosin Nagants. No more will the air waves be talking about the mass shootings from the gun nut and his K98. Way to go Obama, you really took a bite out of crime. On the bright side, my gun collection should be worth more than my 401K. Well, not sure about the bright side. Maybe if numb nut would concentrate on the economy rather than his imaginary gun problems, my 401K would be worth something.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Prime example.....

.....of what is wrong with the expanded background checks the left pushes for. What is legal today can imprison us tomorrow when they suddenly change their minds. Feds taking records from seller and going to the purchasers and demanding the legally purchased and owned products back. Confiscation, what the left swears they are not trying to do. I keep looking at the M14's at the machine gun shoot, but, the ATF may decide they are next. Don't think they would reimburse me do you? Prime example of why gun registration is very, very badddd.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to more of a norm

Today was a bit less hectic than yesterday. Machines are all back up and running well again. Much less stress. Find out tomorrow if it is going to be a two or three day weekend. Need to fill the propane tanks again. I want to run a gas line out back for the grill. Just have to get around to it. Gas meter is on the side of the house so it is not a short easy run. Not too thrilled with going in the crawl space. Too fat and not as flexible as I once was. May have to break down and hire a plumber. Plan on hitting the range this weekend. Picked up some ammo for my M1 carbine while in Indy, want to go turn some of it into brass.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The price of a three day weekend

The weekend was perfect. Friday off as an extra day at the car show, and a beautiful weekend. Then, there was Monday, wahhhhh.  I take one extra day off and the world ends. I get in this morning to one of my machines broke down and some chowder head had a pry bar and two by four over there where he had been trying to "fix it". Sheesh. I am use to the nonsense when I am gone a week, but a day????? One disaster after another today, but, hopefully a three day weekend ahead. Not a good start for the week, but, hopefully it will improve a bit. I did manage to get the machine functioning again. Can you believe it didn't involve a big pry bar and a two by four? It is much easier to fix if they would learn to just leave it until I return. At least then I just have to fix what broke and not what they did as well.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Indy day today

Got up bright and early and headed north. Gunshow and see my brother and Og. It was a terrific day. I got there fairly early and covered the show quite thoroughly. Managed to get out of there without buying anything that goes bang:(  I saw a couple I was tempted by, but, I bought my steering column for the Mustang yesterday, so, I stayed in my budget and didn't give into temptation. I did buy a few tools though. A couple of the kids at work who are still in their apprenticeship and low on funds are still buying their tools. I ran into a booth that had name brand depth mics at give away prices. Picked them up and will pass them along for what I paid for them. All except for the nice little small based Starrette, which will keep my large base mic company. I did manage to acquire a box of ammo for my M1 carbine and picked up another mag for the AR. I am quite anxious to take it out for a little exercise. After going through the show once, my brother and Og showed up. I put the stuff in the car, and, hit the show again.

 After ogling the guns and accessories, we headed to Broad Ripple for some munchies and conversation. My brother is in the process of moving into a nice house out in the country and brought me some pictures to check out. It's a really nice spread. Has several acres backing up on farmland. May have to hang out on the deck during deer season :)  The place looks great. I haven't made a blog meet in some time. It was a lot of fun. It ended too soon, but it's a long drive home.

Og informed me my brake lights were on the entire ride over as he was following me from the show. Ford changed a brake switch out once while it was under warranty and apparently, the replacement is a little out of whack. My brother is thin and dexterous enough, he kindly got down under the dash and was able to rig it enough where I could get home. Tomorrow, after work, I will have to try and stuff my fat a$$ down there and adjust it. It fixed the speed control as well. Speed control hasn't worked in some time, so, that tells me I have been driving around with my brake lights stuck for a really long time. With the lights coming on, the switch was keeping the speed control from coming on. Sure liked having the speed control for the long voyage home. Lots of speed traps down 41, and it's a lot easier setting the speed and keeping out of trouble. Many thanks to Og and my brother.

Got home to a dog who was spinning at the back door and ready to go out. After a little out time and some kibble with scraps of turkey on top, and a dab of vanilla ice cream on the side, he was ready for his evening nap. It was a fantastic weekend and I don't want to go back to work, but, all good things must end I suppose. Holiday weekend coming up. YES.....

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Frog Follies part 2

Headed back in to the Follies this morning. A little cooler than yesterday. They had some more booths set up and a lot more cars for sale than yesterday. First heading in from the parking lot, I hit the prime clump of seventies gems. They are usually in a cluster in front of the same building every year. They had a gorgeous Charger for only $5500. God if I only had another stall in the garage. It was in really nice shape for the year. Metal was in great shape. The rubber trim needed replacing and the bumpers re chromed, but, a phenomenal price. Green in and out, but, can't be too picky on a forty year old car.

Then, I hit the end of the row. My brother's dream car was there. A 1970 Monte Carlo with the bucket seats and console on the floor. Beautiful shape. My brother has the 1972 Monte Carlo he bought for his first car. He bought it off of our grandmother, who had purchased it new. He still has it in immaculate shape. He would have preferred the buckets and console though.

Found some really cool old items for sale. I purchased my Flaming River steering column for the mustang. Got a discount for buying at the show. Picked up some old records at the flea market for cheap as well. Picked up some literature for some other items for later on down the road. Tomorrow is the Indy 1500 gun show. Busy weekend.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Frog Follies-Day One

Got up and headed out to the Follies. No pictures today. I hit the sales booths and picked up some literature, tools and parts. Picked up some air tools and found some items for the Mustang. They have a nice power steering conversion kit that isn't too badly priced. Hit the flea market area and will go through there again tomorrow. Tomorrow will be spent mainly checking out the cars. Fridays, the crowds are low, so I spend my time shopping. Tomorrow, the vendor booths will be swamped. The weather was HOT. I love the used car section. All the classics lined up for sale. Of course, the prices are significantly higher than they were when I was a kid. There was a really nice cherry Mustang for sale, for a mere $30,000. They had the remnants of a 69 Chevelle, one of my all time favorite cars. Only a couple grand, but, it looked like all you were buying were the title and VIN plate. The car was so rusty and stripped of parts, it looked more like something for the crusher than for restoring. They had an old VW van for sale. Haven't seen one in years. My dad had one when we were kids. Saw a couple vintage pick ups I would really like if I had the room.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ahhhh, the weekend

I always drop by the gas station across from work to get my coffee and doughnut in the morning. Lucked out and got a heads up on the gas going up thirty cents a gallon during the day. It was early enough to fill my tank at the old price. Got to fill up next to a model T as well. The Frog Follies people are all in town and cruising around. I am so ready for tomorrow. Weatherman is giving the all is clear. Suppose to be about ninety, but for August, that is not bad at all. Hit the bank and got some spending cash.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One more day, and it's old cars and car parts...YES

Only one more day of  work before Frog Follies. I can't wait. Enjoyed a week of eight hour days, a short week at that. Tomorrow, one of the guys at work wants to go to the club to sight in his squirrel guns. Taking his wee tots out shooting this weekend. May take the AR10 out for it's first trip to the range. People are saying .22 ammo is becoming abundant again. May have to pick some more up if it is back to reasonable again. A buddy told me Whitakers just got several skids of various calibers and a mound of .22. They usually don't gouge there, so have to call and see what prices and availability are. You would thing the hoarders would get enough eventually. Hopefully meeting my brother and Og at Indy Sunday for the Indy 1500. Should be a full weekend.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Well, the break is over

Back to ten hour days and Saturdays at work. It was nice getting a short breather, especially with the wonderful weather we have been having. Next week will be short as I am going to take Friday as a personal day for the Frog Follies. It is going to be an incredible weekend. The Indy gun show is going to be going on, and my brother is making noises of heading in that direction. So, two days of the Follies, and one day of Indy.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hump day

Things are picking up again at work. Actually going to only have forty hours this week, but, next week should be back up to full swing again. The emergencies are already trickling in. I intend on enjoying the last of the lull. Finished up at work and headed to the grocery store. On the way, I found a little hole in the wall consignment store that I have driven past without noticing it for a couple years. It is awesome. They have nice furniture. Not rejects from a yard sale. Not stuff that should be put out on garbage day. Real nice old furniture at very reasonable prices. The store was packed with furniture. The aisles were narrow. I felt like I was in an episode of pickers. I found a few hutches that show promise. I am having a hard time deciding between them. It would give me some more cabinet space in the kitchen. Want to get a dresser for the guest bedroom and maybe another curio cabinet for my stein collection.

The weather is incredible. This global warming climate change is awesome. Going to hang out in the shed and empty some aerosol cans into the atmosphere. Me and the dog threw a steak on the grill and just relaxed out on the patio until the mosquitos threatened to carry me off. This weekend is the release of the latest book in the silo series. New reading material for the weekend. The next weekend is Frog Follies and the Indy 1500. It is always a challenge to fit everything in to that particular weekend. Going to use a personal day for that Friday to spend at the Follies. Not sure whether to go to Indy on Saturday or Sunday. Hoping the weather continues. The Follies are usually pretty brutal temperature wise.

A few weeks after the Follies will be vacation time. Can't get over how fast the year is going. Want to get the garage finished while on vacation and hopefully get the mustang closer to road worthy. I did get my mini mill set up yesterday in the garage. With the extra workbench space, I have more room to set up tools and work areas.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Monday

It was a gorgeous weekend, but still too short. Hit the flea market for a bit. Nothing I couldn't live without. Headed over to the new gun store. It's opening got pushed back a few weeks. Only a couple blocks from the club, so it will be a regular stop off. Hit Gander Mountain for the first time in a couple of years. They definitely improved their gun section.

New democrats are rolling across the border again full blast. The taxpayers are even nice enough to foot the hotel bill. Aren't we just special. Apparently, they are coming seeking asylum from the drug lords. Wonder how they all came to that exact get into America free card catch phrase. Hmmm. We could always rev up the boats and motor them down toward southern Mexico and drop them off way away from the nasty border. We did offer that service many,  many years ago when the government did actually deport them. They didn't kick them across the border, they dropped them way down south so it wasn't an easy task just walking back across. Not considered politically correct, but, it was called "operation wetback". It worked so well, the illegals were fleeing across the border so as not to wind up where they had no relatives. It should get them away from the drug cartels as the cartels are concentrated at the border bringing their drugs in. Nope, we can't deport them. The demorats are in charge. They are putting them up in hotels on the taxpayers dime and shipping them to other states and putting them up there. What is wrong with our government???????

Friday, August 9, 2013

Three in a row, YES

This is my third two day weekend in a row. Awesome. I can get use to this. Been on nine hours for two weeks. Seems like I am working part time. The weather is holding great. Tomorrow is a big flea market at the 4H, then, off to check out  a new gun store in town. Have a coupon for ten percent off one item. May have to see if they have a gun I just can't live without. Two weeks until the Frog Follies. I am hopeful the weather stays as pleasant as it is now.

September is around the corner, as is the Friendship Indiana muzzleloader show. Planning on taking vacation and hitting it for a few days. Can't believe how fast the year is motoring by. Every year seems faster than the last. It will be time for the fall machine gun shoot shortly after the muzzle loader show.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Fifteen dollars an hour.................WOW

I read the article of a fast food worker who thinks he and all fast food workers should get fifteen dollars an hour. For flipping burgers? For not being able to make change or operate a register so they put pictures on the keys. Fifteen dollars an hour??? Really.....I can feel sympathy for people in this economy, but, when you are in your thirties and trying to make a career of flipping burgers, you made some bad choices. The worker in the article goes on to talk about not being able to buy shoes for his three children. Three. There is a movement where they are striking for more money. Striking, in an economy where there are people waiting in line for your job? Really?

 I made the harsh choice to go to school in order to earn a living wage. I was not smart like my brother, who went to school directly out of high school. I waited a few years, got married, had a kid, and got divorced. I went to school while raising my child as a single dad. I had one child, not three. I went to school while working sixty hours plus, a week at a factory working for peanuts. I had to pay daycare and get a sitter to watch my son while I was in school. Work paid most, but not all the school bill as long as I kept the grades up. I did not expect a free ride through school, nor did I get one. I did not have a litter of dependents and expect the public to foot the bill. Why is it most of the new generation expects to be just handed everything. Burger flipping is an entry level job for kids to earn money while in high school, or to offset the cost of college. It never was meant as a career. My school days are long behind me, and my child is raised. When my parents passed away, I spent a good chunk of the money I received from the estate and put my son through college. I did not expect society to put him through school and I wanted him to have an easier time than I had starting out in life.. If you want more than minimum wage, you have to work for it. There is no free ride, though Obama and his followers are sure trying to make it so by sharing the workers wealth.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

52 years ago today

In Kenya Hawaii, a travesty occurred. Obama was born. Today, we all mourn. He was born a true democrat as neither of his parents had a job. His birth certificate has student listed for both parents occupations.

I headed back to the gun show today hoping on picking up some ammo. No ammo, but I did find a couple magazines for the carbine. Picked up another black powder revolver for plinking at cowboy town. Got a real good deal on it. Other than that, I just got some overdue chores done around the house. Weather is incredible. Only a couple weeks until Frog Follies comes back to town.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gun show day

Last night was the Friends of the NRA banquet. It was a great time. Met some new people and caught up with some friends from the club and the auctions. I didn't win anything, but it was a great time. Filet of mignon is always good and much better than what I usually make at home. Money goes for a great cause as well.

This morning, I was off to the gun show. I acquired a nice M1 carbine along with a full box of ammo for my Garand. His prices were great as was the seller. He talked a bit about his days in Korea. He had some old magazines for the 1911's he found in his old army gear. Real nice guy with a lot of interesting items as well as some interesting stories.

I also found a older gentleman with a mill for sale. Have to line up and check it out. Need to find someone to pick it up. Has power feed on the table and a quill feed as well. More than enough for a garage. Missed out on the lathe he had. Poor guy hurt his back and getting on in years. Just hit the point where he has to look at down sizing.

Tomorrow will be cooking breakfast for me and the dog, then some garage play time. May head up to the range for a bit in the morning. Wish I had remembered to pick up some ammo for the carbine while at the show. May hit it tomorrow and see if I can find some. Pick up a canister of it at the machine gun shoot in October.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The gridlock is over

Congress got busy before taking their nice long break (from what I can not figure out) and fixed obamacare. Well, for them anyway.

I can't figure out why the idiots congress critters who were chanting "yes we can" while voting the obamanation into existence, suddenly want to opt out. If anything, they should have been put on it immediately to try it out before inflicting all the citizens with it. It was amazing seeing them actually able to "reach across the aisle" and actually speedily do something. It was something that only benefits them, but, it is still amazing they were actually able to accomplish something. Probably threw a raise in for themselves while they were at it.