Sunday, October 20, 2013

Laziness wins out

Sleep in, or, get up early and go to the Indy gun show. Sleeping in won out. Worked yesterday and been feeling a bit ragged lately, so, I decided to relax a bit. Did manage to get some cleaning done and make a vat of chili with corn bread on the side. Watched movies and snacked on chili most of the day. Weekend after next is gun show weekend down here. There are two that are close together. Starting to hit the point where I have just about everything I want anyway, but I still love to look and occasionally find something interesting to add to the collection.

They finally had their insurance meeting at work. I didn't make out to badly. Being single, my insurance only went up ten dollars a month. Married people got a hike. They also added a working spouse punishment. With Obamacare, a lot of employers are implementing an extra cost if your spouse is employed and chooses to use our insurance. Our company charges an extra hundred dollars a month. They did add another tier to our groups to choose from. It has minimal coverage and high deductibles, but, it offers young people an inexpensive option. I get the best coverage as I am not exactly a youngster anymore. Any problems I occur won't be cheap. Didn't get as ugly as I feared.

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