Monday, July 31, 2017

Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel...

They did the reinspect of my house today and approved all repairs. My realtor was here and met with the buyers. They know my realtor as they hang out with her daughter. Turns out, the buyers weren't aware of my wanting to keep possession of my house until the movers can get my stuff out and into my new house. Their realtor was making the calls and not relaying the info to them. We now have a full agreement where I close on my old house Friday, close on my new house Monday, move Tuesday, and hand over my old house to the new owners Wednesday. Things are finally moving in a positive direction. Wouldn't have even been an issue had all the banks used the same title company. could have packed the truck, signed papers, and unpacked in one day. Wiring the money throws a wrench in the works. I will now be able to move all the odds and ends to the new house Monday and let the movers handle the heavy stuff Tuesday. I am quite anxious to get this done so life can get back to normal again. Going to have to burn the few personal days I have, but I get another one at the end of August, so I will have one for emergency use. Should be settled in fairly quick and ready to go to the Frog Follies hot rod show in a couple weeks. First project at new house, garage. Still deciding between garage and pole barn. Have to see what the city allows as well as prices and what I like. It is going to be at least a three car. Not sure of the depth as of yet. Still trying to figure out configuration. Be able to get quotes once I am in. I found a few companies different people at work have recommended.

Friday, July 28, 2017

I am extremely sick of this nonsense.....

The people buying my house hit a snag. They were slow getting money and paperwork to their bank, which delayed their loan. They won't make deadline. I had movers set up for the first as back up since they didn't have the courtesy to tell me they were having issues. They want an extension. I agree, but they need to give me a few extra days to get out as movers are busy the day they now need. They want me out that day so they can move in on a weekend. I am sick of these people. I am literally living in a room full of boxes. I packed fully anticipating the close. I had everything lined out, and now they are being stubborn on the new dates and possession. I am debating just scrapping the deal and getting my separate loan for new house and relisting mine. I have had my fill of these people. Modern day millennials think the world should revolve around them. I am tired of this nonsense. I thought all was done and looking forward to getting back to normal. On the plus side, I have Spike back home for the weekend as repairs are done. Reinspection is suppose to be Monday so he goes back for one more day, if I don't just reject their extension and go back on market.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Starting to look empty

A buddy of mine from work who drives a tow truck after work was kind enough to tow my Mustang to the storage unit I rented for it. Garage is looking downright empty. No tools or benches. Lots of empty space. When I got home, I got quite a scare. An email from the security for one of the storage units I am renting for household stuff. It was found unlocked and they put a lock on it and want me to come out and look at it in the morning. I really lucked out and made it up there minutes before the gates lock for the night. Upon checking unit, there was a lock on it, my lock. I unlocked it and did a quick check and all looks good. I will go back tomorrow and do a better check. I emailed them to check and see if they sent a warning to the wrong unit by mistake so they can check and notify right person. That was a huge relief. More than valuables, I was worried about files and such, with identity theft being so rampant. Hope to have units emptied into new house soon.

I did hit a bit of good news. Buyers for my house ran into a snag and need a few more days to close. They need an extension which requires my OK. I now have my chance to change the amount of time I have to move out of old house into new. I intend to do that with the new addendum. That would take all the pressure off the situation. I am hoping to actually be able to relax at least one day this weekend. It is one of my favorite steam show weekends. Nice flea market as well. I can look, but better not buy as it would be more to pack. Only bad part with the extension of time is I packed dishes, silverware and pretty much everything, so living is going to be very primitive for the next week and a half. Pretty much down to a tv, furniture and a few changes of clothes. Great part is, packing is pretty much done.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Purge

Sometimes I just think, how great would it be to have the ability to do a real life purge. No consequence for ridding the world of ignorant people. After a wretched day of work, I headed over to the place that repairs caps that idiots such as myself damage. I am going about my business when, some idiot speeds up the turning lane next to me, I am in the straight lane, and he decides he is going to cut in. I hear a horrible grinding on my passenger side. I look back and idiot is back behind me now, stopped and askew. I pull up a bit and over, he pulls up behind me. I get out and ask him politely what the hell the problem is. He proceeds to tell me I cut him off. He pulls out phone and calls police saving me the problem of having to do so. I inspect my truck and find he scuffed the side of my runner board. Just messed up the rubber a bit. I am shocked as it sounded like the side of my truck was trashed. I look at morons car. No real damage. It looks like he hit the running board with his rim and scuffed it up a bit. I call insurance, police show up. Police officer was nice. I explained how the idiot tried cutting in front of me by ramming the side of my truck, as you could see by the points of damage. He gave me contact info to turn into insurance and told me how to get a police report. My insurance agent told me it would not be worth turning in as it is the other guys fault. She said when he files a complaint for his car and they contact her, she will bill his insurance for a new running board for the truck.
I get done with the agent about the car, and she asks me, do you know you are closing on your house Friday. NO, no I don't know that. I talked to my banker and my realtor and they said nothing. I get home and check with my realtor and she is still not aware of such closing. My insurance agent said someone at my bank contacted her. I am being assured by my realtor and my bank Friday is not set. At what point does one finally notify the buyer / seller of the date of closing. Suppose to close by the first. They are still hee hawing back and forth. That is, I am suppose to close no later than a week from tomorrow, and still no set date. I am ready to go postal. My patience is at an end. Hard to get movers set up with no notice. I am past burned out. May have to watch the Michael Douglas' Falling Down and have a couple adult beverages to get my head right. Or as right as it gets anyway.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Not ready to go back to work

I feel like I haven't had a vacation at all. Been packing, storing and fixing stuff all week long. I am ready to get this nonsense in the rearview mirror. I am almost at the point where the contractors will do what is left, I can pack any and all I can live without, and pretty much wait until moving day. A couple expensive bills, but unfortunately necessary. Crawl space is wet since sump pumps don't work, but fortunately, no mold. Have a couple outfits coming to bid on job. Replace sump pumps and replace plastic liner. I did most other repairs I intend on doing. I am burned out. Missed out on Independence day celebrations altogether. On the bright side, my son and his girl dropped off for a short visit on their way back home up north. They hit Nashville for a few days and are heading back. Didn't get to see my grandson, but saw some new videos they took. Need to go back to work to rest up.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


I moved the mill and stand, the other heavy work bench and a few shelving units, with boxes of tools to the storage unit. Not fun. All trips, except the last one, I remembered to lower the truck cap door. The trip to take the mill, I backed into the garage so I could flip the mill into bed. I hear a horrible crunch, and feel it. I forgot to lower the truck cap door. It barely doesn't clear with no load. I mangled the cap door bad. Fortunately, the garage door got spared. New cap door is $450. Don't think it is worth turning in to the insurance, so it is just an expensive lesson on stupidity.
The home inspection on my house was today. I am still dreading the results. They nitpick every little thing. They did find the sump pumps in the crawl were bad. Most of the crawl is dry, and no mold, so that part is good. He showed me pictures of one of the sump pumps and I instantly got pissed. I can't get in the crawl with the below ground entry, so I rely on other people. When I moved in, my inspector told me the sump pump needed to be replaced. I made it part of the requirements of the seller to fix. My inspector supposedly went in and checked, and approved repair. The picture I saw today was of a plastic bucket, the type you may use to mop your floor, being laid at an angle in a shallow hole and the sump pump was laid inside of it. WTF. I am going to have to fix the mess right, which will include replacing two pumps and new visquine throughout. I paid money to an independent party to check this out. I hate having to rely on people. Not sure what else they are going to list for repairs. I just want all this done. I absolutely hate moving. I am down to mainly furniture now. I will make a couple more trips to the storage unit, but the heavy lifting is done. I am so ready to just chill out.
Tomorrow is going to be the day I hit the banks and line the financing up. I am preapproved through my bank, but I have a couple others I am going to check out. It is suppose to rain the next couple days, so I should be able to just box stuff up and get paper work and phone calls done.

Monday, July 3, 2017


Clearing the garage out now. HUGE job. I got the lathe, one of the two heavy duty work benches out. A lot of stuff boxed and moved. Two of the shelving units gone. I hope to get most of the rest tomorrow. I may get one more unit to store the Mustang in until the new garage is built and ready.

I also did some calking I have been putting off for a while. I fixed an electrical outlet that hasn't been right since I moved in. I swear the electrician that wired this place was extremely weak wristed. I have fixed many switches and outlets since I have been here. Some have loose connections, loose being I can get two turns on the screw tightening it up. Some had loose connections, that turned into burnt connections through arcing. Thus, I have changes several switches and outlets since I moved here. I was trying to fix the lights outside the garage. Dummy me. I forgot they have a sensor and only come on at night. They lit up at dusk. Problem solved :) The home inspection is Wednesday and I am hoping on a good report. Only thing I am not sure about is the crawl space. Don't think there is a problem, but it is a blind area that can have issues. I am going to be happy to get this move over with. I absolutely hate moving.