Monday, September 16, 2013

One of my favoriet NCIS episodes

The team was tracking a serial killer. Flash to the end of the episode, and, they do what I wish would be done in real life. The serial killer smiles and tells Gibbs he is now going to be a household name and will live on forever. In the background, the TV shows that a man was captured and is in custody, but, his identity cannot be released, the end, no fame. If in real life, the media could not live to bathe in the blood of victims, relishing the gore. Yes, it is important to catch the killer. Yes, it is important for investigators to get to the bottom of those involved. We, the public, do not need the name of the sicko. Don't make them famous. Take some of the glamor out of it that other sickos feed on.

 I did jury duty a few months back. I had to go through a metal detector to get into the court room. How does anyone get through a military installation with a weapon?  How does a military installation not have armed personnel everywhere? They are trained military personnel, right? The military had to call in police? The whole thing makes no sense at all. Prayers go out to all families. Do wish the media could filter some of the fame though.

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