Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nice relaxing vacation.

Spent yesterday baking homemade bread and making manicotti with meat balls. Today was leftover day, so, it freed up time to go tire kicking. I keep looking at F150's and Sunday is a good tire kicking day as dealers are closed. If there is anything worse than a politician, it's a car sales critter. My SUV is doable, but, I really don't need the 3rd row any longer as my kid is grown and long gone. The truck bed would come in handy more than the cargo area I have now. Trying to figure out which model and new vs used. My son works for ford so I would get a huge discount, but I am leaning towards a low mileage used one to bring cost down to livable. May go test driving tomorrow as I found a couple I like and would like to see how they drive. The one is an eight foot bed with the extended cab, so it probably handles like a semi. The other is a four door with the five and a half foot bed. Figure I can get a feel for what style is more comfortable if I can keep the sales critters at bay. I can't stand the ones who have the paper work ready when you get back from driving, automatically figuring that is the one for you. If they get too bad, I will probably just wait another year and try again. I am still quite happy with what I have, I would just prefer a truck.

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