Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blip, just a itty bitty, blip

The recall was a huge success. Since it was against the liberal media, it is a very small blurb on the news. Apparently, $360,000 is half a million according to CNN. That is the amount contributed by the NRA. The way it was said was almost like the NRA bought the election. Funny how they left out Bloombergs $350,000 contribution to the left to try and buy his way. New York mayor contributing to a Colorado election, don't see any legitimate reason other than trying to buy his way. Sorry Bloomy, all your money, and the people were able to vote their own way anyhow. Maybe if you bribed each individual voter you may have better luck. Felt a little unreal at just how little the media said on such a huge event. Some news channels didn't even mention it at all. Two senators get ousted in a recall and nothing. If it had gone the other way, there would be a news media feeding frenzy. In reality, it would have been even greater if both Bloomberg and the NRA could have sat it out and let the people have the victory without the bribe money flowing on all sides. I do believe they had the momentum going to pull it off on their own, but, Bloomy would have been there, so, you need an equalizer. The equalizer is the NRA. A group of citizens banding together as a group to try and battle a billionaire trying to buy his way.

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  1. some other anti gunner donated nearly $200k as well.