Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New toy on the way

Just bought my first mail order rifle from gunbroker. Found a beautiful Schmidt Rubin 1911 rifle to keep my carbine and K31 company. Comes complete with sling. Post some pics when she arrives home. Weekend shooting fun coming up. Buddy at work just got his first AR. He ordered it several weeks ago and it finally arrived. Several of us from work are suppose to meet at the club to blow things up for a while. Work finally eased up a bit. I actually got to work three eight hour days in a row. It has been a while. It seems like working half a day. Less than a week til we can oust the louse. Also be nice to get rid of the mud slinging ads on TV.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Almost missed it

They have really cool military shows at the armory where you can buy guns, uniforms, books, models and just about anything you can think of (including a deuce and a half). The cool jeep with machine gun mount wasn't up for sale though. Never know when you may need one to cut through traffic. They didn't advertise it too well. I just happened to catch it when I went online to get the address of the Louisville gun show. It was a great time. I picked up some books and saw some really cool items. It wasn't quite as big as it was last time, but still way cool.

Next up, Louisville gun show. It was a regular gun show verses the military one I usually hit. It was still good. They had a K11 rifle there I wanted, but the guy selling it wanted about twice what it was worth. Almost picked up another Garrand. Saw a few nice mauser broomhandles there. They had two with the wood stocks. Also had some nice P08's with stocks. Had to stop by the pork booth for a pork chop dinner before heading back. They have a few good restaurants on site. Got back and did a little yard work until I ran out of daylight. All in all, a good weekend.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Another weekend off

I am off for the weekend. I got my sixty hours in in five days, so, I get to rest tomorrow. Wanted to go to the big gun show at the Kentucky Expo in Louisville. With Obummer giving the call for a new assault weapon ban, the general populous is once again going nuts. Not sure I want to drive all the way out there to see it overcrowded. Still might go, just have to see how I feel in the morning. If it is too crowded, I can always hit one of the close by caves, or the civil war fort over near Knob creek. Have to see how ambitious I feel. Feel sort of shot at present.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Decent auction

Had a great time at the gun auction. Picked up a couple cheap wall hangers for above the fireplace. They had a few rifles I liked, but others liked them just a bit more than I did. I did manage to drive the price up for them though. Had a beautiful M1 carbine and a couple decent ones. A couple garrands were there as well. All went higher than I was willing to go. Some of the prices got ridiculous. A henry .22 went for more than they go for brand new. You have to know what you are looking at because sometimes people push the prices up too far. Picked up some cool sketches at the silent auction as well. It was a pleasant way to spend Saturday. 

I was going to hit the Indy 1500, but after talking to my brother and reading Tam's blog(view from the porch), I decided it wasn't worth driving three hours north, fighting to park and waiting in line for half an hour to go to an over crowded show. Democrats are a gunstore owners best advertising. The reject in the white house mentions assault weapons ban, and the people go nuts, again. What do they expect. Obama is a Chicago politician. I grew up in Northwest Indiana. There is nothing worse than a Chicago politician. The dense SOB's can not understand gun control has no effect on crime. Chicago has the worst crime rate, and their gun laws are the most ludicrous in the country. The only ones that have guns in Chicago are the criminals and politicians. Although the last sentence was a bit redundant. Another four years, the country can be as well run as Chicago. We can have rampant gun control, tax businesses out of the country (like they flee Chicago at every tax hike). A Chicago politicians only answer for more money is to raise the taxes. It drives companies out. The more businesses leave, the higher they raise the taxes. Unfortunately, once they drive out all the businesses, all that will be left are the parasitic democrats and they are too ignorant to see the error of their ways. I don't feel bad for Chicagoans as they elect the parasitic scum to power. They must like paying a ridiculous amount of taxes for the privilege of high crime rate, high prices, and being deprived of their right to protect themselves. The big O gets in again, I do believe the country will look like  a big Chicago.

On the bright side, next weekend is the huge gun show at the Kentucky Expo center. It is on par with the Indy show for size, but, the aisles are set up where you could stand about five adults side by side and have room. It is a very nice show in a pleasant atmosphere. Throw in a few on site restaurants, and it makes for a pleasant trip.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Guns,guns and more guns

I have the weekend off. Saturday is gun auction day down the road. Just shy of three hundred firearms up on the block along with lots of really cool firearm accessories. A gun safe is among the odd items out. No machine guns on the list, but, a few M1 carbines, some western guns, and a broomie are among the items that have my interest. After tomorrow, Sunday will be the Indy 1500 gun show. Hope to meet up with my brother and Og. It is always a good time. Next weekend is the Kentucky expo gun show that is about the size of Indy's 1500. The only weird thing with the Kentucky show is most of the vendors will only sell to an FFL licensee. Usually, I am after the older collector guns, so this works in my favor. I can usually get a really decent price as the buyers are limited.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Finally, Obama emits the words assault weapons ban. I can't believe he actually let it pass his lips before the election. Being an Illinois politician, it is usually first on their mind, but for him to actually vocalize it,,,,I would really have loved to have had someone ask him to explain his remark to Russia about his wait until after I am reelected comment . That he would have more flexibility.  I was happy to see Mittens actually not reverse his stance on illegal, I repeat ILLEGAL, not undocumented workers, ILLEGAL aliens. That he is still for no amnesty. I would still like to see one with the stones to actively deport them back across the border. Not self deportation. Obama did OK without his teleprompter. It seems if you bring your own moderator along to help you out, the teleprompter is not quite necessary. Both candidates managed to not answer most of the questions in detail, but they are politicians.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Tuesday will be another Presidential debate. Obummer has promised to do more than stand there looking stupid. That should be a real chore in it self. A lost cause once he opens his mouth anyway. He claims to be prepared this time. Must have watched the VP clown show. Now he too can smile like an idiot and interrupt multiple times like his lackey. I don't have high hopes, but I am hoping on a miracle. I am hoping to get these clowns out in a few more weeks. I am doubtful as I can see the Obama signs throughout my ride home. Some of the kids at work can't see the harm he does. They see a young guy running up on stage pumping his hand like a rockstar. He is the miracle that will get them "free tuition and health care". Today's generation just makes me shudder. They don't understand it is not free. Not a big Romney fan, but at this point, I would vote for anything but the present administration. Kind of like flushing a toilet and hoping the worst of the mess goes down. You are stuck voting on the floater. Mittt is the floater that I will vote for. Unfortunately the option of a clean flush is not an option. Three more weeks til we get to hold our noses and hit the button.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Machine gun shoot day

Hit the machine gun shoot this morning. As per usual, it was freakin awesome. They had the usual boats and cars spread out with explosives (just to add a little extra bang) in the pit. I shot some video of the canon with my camera, but I am having trouble getting it to upload properly. Have to get a video camera one of these days so I can get some quality videos out there. Usually don't have trouble uploading pictures, but, blogger seems to be giving me grief today. Have to try again later with other pictures. I saw a lot of interesting guns and toys, but resisted temptation. Not sure if that is good or not. No garrand ammo this time out. They had bulk 30-06 Korean, which runs a bit hotter than the lake or the Greek, but is good. Only problem was, there was quite a bit of corrosion on the lots they had out there. So, I took a pass this time around. I still have a good stock pile and will see about ordering more from CMP. I did see something I never found before. They actually had canisters of Lake City M1 carbine ammo in clips, in cardboard, in the bandoleers. I can usually find the garrand packed like this, but this is the first time I found carbine ammo like this.

Next weekend is the Indy 1500, the weekend after, is the Kentucky Expo gun show in Louisville. I went to a military show there that was outstanding. Hopefully, my brother and Og are able to attend next weeks Indy show. It is always nice to catch up with them. Hopefully, I am not working that weekend. I am hoping on getting a timney trigger for my AR. Didn't have any luck at the machine gun shoot in finding one.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Machine guns and flame throwers

What better way to spend the weekend than strolling through a HUGEEEEE gun show. Flame throwers and machine guns all around. I checked their website and it is a go. They had to cancel the spring shoot due to damage from severe storms. They must have gotten their new bridge finished. Should have some decent pictures tomorrow. I am hoping on finding some cans of 30-06 garrand ammo. Still have some, but I always grab several hundred rounds when it's available. Surplus has to run out eventually. Been saving brass and enclips for future loading. Threw some copies of my C&R license in the truck in case I find something I can not live without. One of the guys from work called. He took a bike ride out there and we will meet up tomorrow. Lucked out and didn't have to work tomorrow. Been going in at five and out by four or five in the evening, so a day off at a show sounds like a good break.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

No big bird

I was shocked. They made it through the debate without Biden bringing up big bird. It is too bad he couldn't get his ADHD under control. I can't believe a vice president can act so childish in a public setting. All the stupid faces, the butting in. There was no moderation. Biden repeatedly broke in while it was Ryan's turn, and the moderator, more often than not, just turned it over to Joe. Somehow Joe remembered he was white today as well. His back in chains speech, he had a forced southern drawl  to his speech which I thought was both offensive and ridiculous.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tomorrow, the debate

The only thing Obama seems to have heard in his debate was the reference to big bird. A pretty decent debate (at least from the republican side) , but the only thing Obama seems to latch on to is big bird. Probably occupy most of Bidens part of the debate tomorrow.  At least it is something he can relate to. Caught part of his back in chains speech a few weeks back. Hope he does his party proud tomorrow.  Looks to be a rather entertaining evening. If Obama gets back in, I sure hope nothing happens to him. I guess it never dawned on me what a complete blithering idiot Biden is. Be down right scary having that at the helm. Obama is bad enough, but Biden.  I think his only purpose is a life insurance policy for the big O.

 On the bright side, the machine gun shoot is coming on. Friday through Sunday is the Knob Creek machine gun shoot in Kentucky. Can't beat it for a great time at a cheap price. We are still on ten plus hours a day at work, but, it looks like they forgot to put me on the weekend schedule. Now if it can just go under the radar for two more days. I am hoping to find some more ammo for the Garrand. Last year is the first year I could not find any. Hope to find a nice M1 carbine this time around. Two more days......

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Home work day

For Indiana voters, the "who is on your ballot" is finally available for 2012. I don't vote strictly by party like most. I really like this site. You put in your name and address, it tells you exactly who is on your ballot. I always print it out, fill it out, and take it to the polls. Takes a tad longer than just hitting the blue or red button, but to me, it seems mindless to vote just by party. Sometimes, if there is a particularly bad candidate in your preferred party, you just have to hold your nose and push the democrat other button hoping next round, maybe they can take the hint and a better choice appears. As far as Pres goes, I will hold my nose and choose Mitt. He sucks, but is the lesser of the two evils that were thrown out for us to choose from. The judges will be getting a big NO on retention as well.

The gun show was lack luster. Not a whole lot of anything. Next week is the machine gun shoot, so that should make up for it. I was hoping on picking up a better trigger assembly for the AR, but weren't any at today's show. Should be a selection at the shoot. Hope to get some bulk ammo for the garrand and maybe some .223 as well.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Festival day

Hit the festival for food, food and a little more food. They have a few blocks of solid food booths lining both sides of the street. Had the normal fare, and the slightly different. Brain sandwiches, chocolate covered crickets and other odd fare. I did see chocolate covered bacon. They have a couple blocks of rides and a couple stages set up with local bands playing. It was quite a nice day. Tomorrow will start with breakfast and a gun show. Next weekend is the machine gun shoot, the following weekend, I believe, is the Indy 1500 again. It is suddenly getting quite chilly out. Hard to believe it is getting to be fall already.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Range day

Hit the club for a while this morning. I got the AR sighted back in after installing the rail extension. Cowboy town is under some renovation, so I didn't get to do any shooting over there. Probably head back in the morning and shoot some bad guys. Lunch time, I will hit the festival for some food, and then off to the gun show at the 4H center. It has been a fast week off, but relaxing.

Watched the debates last night for laughs. Obummer doesn't seem to do so well when the teleprompter isn't rolling (or his lips are moving). Next week should prove hilarious. Ryan and Biden. Biden's only function is being a great life insurance policy for the President. Everyone knows if anything happens to the Pres, the other real idiot takes over. Hopefully we can hear his back in chains speech again. That went so well the first time around. Should be quite entertaining.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vacation time

Been working tons of OT for the last several weeks. Finally get a week to relax. Went to the eye doctor and got my new glasses. I can actually see again. Broke my regular glasses a couple months back, and was wearing my old back up pair. How nice it is to actually see again. Getting use to the whole bifocal experience. It takes a little getting use to. It is nice to be able to read with both eyes again and actually see distance clearly. I have a new pair of work glasses on order as well.

 Hope to go to the range as soon as the monsoon is over. They also have a huge festival going on all week down town, so I will be eating well. It is a few blocks of solid food booths running both sides of the street. All profits go to charity. May take a mini trip to St. Louis or Louisville while I am off. Right now, we seem to be getting all the rain we didn't get in the spring.