Monday, December 31, 2012

picked clean

Went to the butcher shop today to pick up some t-bones. There is a small gun store on the way. I dropped off to check out their wares as I usually do. They are pretty much picked clean. I figured they would be out of AR's, but the handguns were down to a few .22's and the single action cowboy guns. Don't know what caused the run on handguns. Sales people said it was their busiest day since they opened the store a couple years back. Their AR's disappeared long ago as everyone elses had. Sort of weird seeing all the empty spaces everywhere. Not much coming in either. They said there are massive backorders on everything. Not sure when or what will be coming in. Their ammo shelves were picked pretty clean as well.  Looks like full blown panic kicking in with some people. Glad I am well stocked on everything I need for some time in the future. I still have a couple bricks of the primers I use the most. A few thousand of the popular bullets I load. I always buy them in bulk as I get a better deal on them and it cuts shipping costs way down. Just need to pick up a couple cans of powder and I am probably good through part of 2014. Don't imagine the panic will last too long. Doesn't mean I wont be on the lookout for deals, but not really expecting to find any for some time to come. Clerk behind the counter said that the magpul magazines are getting several times their normal price in online auctions right now. They can't get them in either. I have more than I will ever need. I have several, which I consider plenty, and have bought them over the last few years. One here, one there. I like the smaller capacity mags anyway as it lets me use a standard rest. Be nice if a small portion of the panicking people would contact their congress critters and try to avoid the newest attempts at gun control,but, they wont. Latest bill they are trying to push through has a cute part in it. It would make guns like the AR, M1A, M1carbine, SKS and all high capacity mag guns the equivalent of a class 3  weapon. Cutest part would be when you have to register your grandfathered weapons and pay their gun tax on them. Current tax on a machine gun is $200 per gun.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


For what it is worth, here is a link to a petition for impeaching Senator Feinstein. While it will go nowhere, it would send a message that gun owners are watching and how they feel. Unfortunately, gun owners and other conservatives are reluctant to get involved. Left wingers will picket and march for what they believe in. For the most part, it will be too much trouble for most people to act or pass on this link to others. The antigunners petitions for more gun control got several times the signature the pro rights ones did on the last link I posted a few days back.It really does not take much to register and vote on the site. But, there are people who can't get out and vote and rely soley on Wayne and the NRA to stand up for our rights. But, for what it is worth, here is a link.

Well, I can at least get close now

Went to the club today to try out my new rifle. I did manage to get most of the way back there, and then the tires started slipping. I managed to get out and will just try another day. It is very icy and the range is quite sloppy. I do miss my explorer. Four wheel drive with all terrain tires makes a huge difference. I keep debating on trading in my Freestyle on a F150 or a Silverado with four wheel drive. I don't have to haul people around anymore and the bed would make hauling lumber and such a bit easier. Did  pick up a burrito for dinner while out that way. The club is just off the college end of town. Lots of special little restaurants aimed at the college kids. Meant to hit the coldstone ice cream place on the way back, but I forgot. Wanted to hit the blog meet today, but wasn't sure how the roadways would be. They have been yapping about more snow,sleet and rain on the news. Figured I would play it safe and stay close to home. Few more weeks and I will head up for the Indy 1500. It should be down right packed to capacity with the latest government foolishness going on. The firearms dealers should send Obama a complimentary firearm for sending all the business their way and making 2012 their best year yet. The more they holler gun control, the more guns hit the streets. If only a politician had the mental capacity to learn or think before they acted. My favorite story was one of the gun buy backs in Chicago put to good use :)

 Still have a couple days before going back to work. First day back will be the club's meeting day. Figure I can take my rifle along and walk back to the range if it isn't too nasty. February meet will be their yearly gun raffle. Not bad. Dues are $120 a year. They give you a dozen tickets you can sell for ten dollars each, or do what I do and fill them all in and turn them in. So, you get a years membership for free, or ten chances to win prizes. Can't beat it. You have to put in eight work hours a year as well, but I do way more than that. The shoots are a lot of fun to work, and they supply food and beer for the workers.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well, I got out today

Picture from inside Cabela's. They have some beautiful displays there. Can't wait for the one in Louisville to open in the spring.

I actually left the house today. The subdivision looks like a disaster zone, but once you get out of the subdivision, things are pretty clear. I hit the gun store that I have the credit at and picked up a scope for my Ruger 77/44 . I picked up a Leupold VX1. From there, I headed out to the club to try it out. No luck there. I got as far as the driveway heading into the club. A four wheeler or a snowmobile might have made it. Looks like I will have to wait a little longer to try it out. Club meeting is Wednesday, so the care taker will probably have it dug out by then. I will give it another try Saturday. Going to load some .45 tomorrow so I will have something to shoot in my cowboy guns. I didn't realize how close the .45 colt and the .44 rem mag are in size. Picked up a few boxes of ammo for the new rifle. Will look for some used brass at the next show.

Picked up the latest Resident Evil DVD for some climate controlled entertainent. That and a pizza should make for a pleasant evening.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Who ordered this mess

Unfortunately, the weatherman was dead on. We got hammered pretty good, for down here anyway. I had to dig a path for Spike to go out. He jumped in and was up to his head in the snow and couldn't go anywhere. Managed to get the driveway dug out and made a path for the neighbors dog to get out. I don't have to be anywhere today, so, I am going to stay in the warmth and relax a bit. It is just good knowing the truck is ready should I need it. They have no idea what a snow plow is out here, so, I will let others wallow around on the streets thus clearing a pathway. I am so glad I made it home before this stuff hit. The new rifle is just going to have to wait a couple more days to get some rounds through it. Thought I moved far enough south, but, I guess not. I keep looking down toward Texas way and have not ruled it out. Spent a month down there back in 81 and really enjoyed it. Don't think they see too much of this white stuff down there.

Shot a picture of my new Hoosier deer gun. Og was kind enough to help me make my selection. Was going to get a lever gun, but, after having feed issues with the one I have and reviews showing the newer Marlins are prone to jamming, I felt the bolt action was more dependable. Last thing you need when you are out hunting is the gun to jam. Hope to get out and pick a scope up tomorrow if the weather lets up. Plan on using the $200 credit from the AR I won to buy a scope for this rifle.The AR, if I choose to keep it, will get a low end set of optics in the future. Not really in a hurry for anything for that. I am actually contemplating taking advantage of the unprepared desperate people running around scarfing up all the black guns before the ban. If someone wishes to offer me a big wad of cash for the AR I won, I may be persuaded to part with it. I really like the long barreled varmint guns like the one I built better anyway. If things do calm down without some ignorant legislation barring AR's, I will get the AR10 that I have wanted but haven't gotten around to getting yet.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Back home again

That was one of the best trips back home yet. No snow or ice. Windy and cold, but I can deal with that. My aunts lasagna was excellent as always. Throw in homemade cookies and bundt cakes and it is rather hard to stay awake for the ride home. Had breakfast with the Og clan yesterday morning. The oglet is getting big. Haven't seen her in a few years. She is into fencing now and doing extremely well at it. Hit the Og homestead and visited for a while. It was great catching up and actually not being in a rush to try and get everywhere in a short amount of time. Next year I may add a day or two. Og and my brother are thinking of coming down for the machine gun shoot this year. I am going to go up in the Huey this coming spring. It looks like a blast. Need to get a cheap video camera so I can get some shots of the pit from overhead.

Picked Spike up from doggy day care. He had a blast. Going to have to use them from now on. He did require a bath IMMEDIATELY after getting home. He was a little ripe. Must have found something special to roll in. But he was in high spirits. He has been napping pretty heavy since I got him home. During the summer, they have kiddie pools the dogs can play in. It's really a great setup. Lots of play yards sectioned off for different size dogs.

 I made a big vat of chili and pan of cornbread to munch on for the holiday. Probably take the rifle out to the range tomorrow and try it out. Definitely sleeping in a bit tomorrow. Always have a hard time sleeping away from home. Feeling pretty wiped out and ready for bed.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

First full day up north

I started the day picking up my son and hitting Blythes gun store out Valpo way. Blythes is officially an AR free zone. Not because they followed Dick Sporting goods lame move of pulling them off the shelf, but rather they were all bought out. I was looking for a decent deer rifle for Indiana anyway, so it didn't matter. They didn't have what I was looking for and I received a call from Og. Og and my brother were heading out for brunch and over to some more gun stores. After some good food and good conversation, we hit Blythes in Griffith where Og helped me find a decent rifle and helped me out in choosing a decent scope. My son bought his first 1911 there as well today. Complete with zombie logo laser grip. It was hard walking out without a broomhandle as they had several that were very decently priced hanging on the wall, but I got my deer rifle so we will call that good for now. The bonus at work was the best I ever received. The rest of the bonus is hitting the savings. After Blythes, we were off to Westforth sporting goods. Og pointed out a decent optic sight for the AR. I have a credit for one at the store down south, so I can have them order it for me when I get home. Next up, Cabela's. Hit Cabela's looking for the scope for the deer rifle. After some more expert advice from Og, we found a decent priced Leupold scope. Unfortunately, the counter was beyond busy, so I will order it online and just have them ship it. I can use the iron sites at the range until it comes in. It was a very nice day, and I really appreciate all Og's help. It really help to take someone knowledgeable along. Looking forward to getting it out to the range. Og pointed out the special antlerless season starts December 26th. May get to try out the rifle pretty soon.

My son has to work tomorrow, but suppose to meet up with my brother and the Og clan for breakfast. Haven't seen the Og wife and Oglet in a very long time, so that will be nice. Suppose to hit my Aunts house in the evening for some homemade lasagna, garlic bread and all sorts of holiday fare. My son and his girlfriend will meet up out there when they finish up at work. I have to watch out, I could get use to all the homecooked meals.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Armed guards in the school???

What is wrong with these idiots. One lunatic takes his mother's guns and goes postal in a school. The closest they can come is armed guards in the school and taking all guns away from law abiding citizens. Is there any common sense left in the country at all. One very simple precaution that would be free. Officer friendly. I have been out of school a few decades now, but, when I was in school, there was officer friendly. He occupied a small room just like the school nurse. He was a police officer. He had a gun. He typically gave the anti drug discussions among other things. You figure every town in the US has a police department. Every police department has police personnel that answer phones and do paperwork and such. What would the harm and cost be to assign one room in the school a police officer or two who could do the same paper/phone work that needs doing thus being on site should any problems surface. It doesn't necessarily have to be a gun wielding maniac. It could be students getting violent, parental confrontations. It isn't always life threatening situations. Taxpayers wouldn't be out a dime more than they are paying now and it would address the security issues in the schools. Instead, lets ban all AR's and bitch slap the NRA and all of us who make up the NRA. If politicians could put away their personal agenda and address the real problems, something can be accomplished.

The movie theater is another nobrainer. Years ago ( not that long ago) theaters were designed where you walked into the theater and sat down. The fire doors were under the screen in the front. The entry door was in the rear. The seats were in between. Modern theaters are designed where you enter from the back, walk to the front, loop around to the middle and climb up to the seats. If a fire, or another idiot with a weapon enters, you are now held captive as the only way out is down to the fire doors, or down over and back toward the entry doors. It reminds me of a real life game of space invaders. These theaters were designed by idiots. If you go back to the theater of the attack, the fire exit used by the deranged maniac is probably still not alarmed if you open it as he did to get his gear. Instead, blame the guns. Most of the instances were easily preventable, but are still problems as the anti gunners use these instances as fuel for the fire. If they want to honor the innocent, they could bench the gun rhetoric, and actually look for a plausible solution. If you are truly anti gun, go live in Mexico or Chicago. They are gun free zones.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am done for the year.....

I am officially off work until next year. I was going to work half a day tomorrow, but, I decided not to. If the storm isn't as bad as all the hype, I will head north tomorrow morning. Packed my bag for the trip. Just need to drop the dog at the doggie day care and head up. Hopefully be drooling over the gun library at Cabela's at this time tomorrow. I want to check out their smokers while I am at it. Guy at work recommended the electric model as you can cold smoke with it allowing you to do cheese as well as meat. I was hoping the weather could hold a couple more days. I have the cooler by the door. I intend on stocking up on perogi's from the meat market while I am up there. I cleared a spot in the freezer for them. The ones in the freezer section don't come close to the homemade ones.

I get back, I may look into doing some horse trading. The masses are going through a feeding frenzy on black guns. I may have to see how much the masses are paying. May look into selling the AR that I won and buying something else. Right now, they are in high demand and they are paying a high price. I like my varmint AR and not much for the tactical design. Not really after getting rid of it, unless some desperate individual is willing to fork out a big wad of cash. Most of the local stores sold out the day of the shootings and are getting overwhelmed with orders. My next gun is probably going to be a scoped out deer rifle. Just have to figure out what the best one is for the Hoosier side of the line. I have rifles I can use on the Kentucky side of the border.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Anyone interested, Guns America sent this link for signing a petition to numb nut about his latest gun control schmutz. Typical Illinois politicians answer for everything. Not sure he will be able to read it unless someone puts it on a TelePrompter. By the way, Connecticut has an assault rifle ban already. Did a lot of good. The guns were his mothers. If they were in a safe, chances are, things would have been different. If I had a mentally handicapped or emotionally damaged son (as he is being portrayed), I would not have guns laying about where he could have access to them. Still haven't figured out what happened to the second shooter they chased through the woods and brought back in cuffs. Or how the rifle that killed most of the kids walked itself back to the car while the shooter offed himself in the building. Sure would be nice if the loons just turned the guns on themselves first sparing the rest of the world their insanity.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The last Saturday I have to work this year...

It wound up being an eleven hour day, but she's done and I am home. Probably only going to work four days next week. I am leaning hard at taking Friday as a personal day so I can get up north before dark. Give me a little more time to visit with everyone. May get in early enough to hit Cabelas before they close. Have to drop by the Griffith meat market for a cooler full of pierogis. They make them in house and they are delicious. Might have to throw in a Beggars stuffed pizza as well. Down here, they have no idea what a pierogi is. On the other hand, there is no shortage of smoked critters down here. The smoked deer meat will soon be getting passed around the lunch room at work. One guy got an electric smoker and smokes his own cheese. He offered to smoke some cheese for me next time he does a batch. I told him I would give him some pierogis on my return from my trip home. Have dinners lined up all next weekend. Get up tomorrow and hit the gun show at the armory. Suppose to catch up with a couple buddies from work. Heading over to their house afterwards to do some shooting. He built a berm in his backyard. Have to pick up some tannerite for some good old noisy fun. Going to take my Krag to the show. One of the guys I always talk to, and usually buy things from, likes krags and would like to see it. I am not parting with it, just let him check it out.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

About freakin time

Looks like Illinois may actually join the rest of American society. Even if it did take the feds dragging their ignorant butts kicking and screaming through the judicial system to do it. Chicago will probably still play their games, but, this may free the rest of the state. The normal part of the state. I live in southern Indiana now and it would be nice to be able to carry in Illinois, and even nicer, go to their gun shows and purchase without the FFL nonsense. At least being able to buy a gun and carry it through the state without worry of being pulled over. They have a nice auction house in southern Illinois I wouldn't mind checking out if I can pay and carry my gun home. Maybe they can get rid of the FOID cards and all the other nonsense over time. Congratulations Illinois citizens. It looks like you may now enjoy the second amendment for the first time in many many years. You can actually defend yourselves against thugs.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's the mini weekend, yeahhh

Finally off for the remainder of the weekend. Tomorrow is the 4H center gun show, then it's out to the club to shoot for a bit. I finally reworked the wedge on the 45LC Uberti open top and got the barrel fit properly. Cylinder spins free and cycles proper now. Go down to cowboy town and exercise it for a while tomorrow. May see what sites they have at the show for my new AR. I can always use the gift card from the gun store on ammo or other range items.  If the weather is too crummy, I can fire up the Dillon and get some more ammo loaded. Want to load several hundred rounds of the 45LC, then switch over and run some .38 and .357.  When on vacation, I am going to try to load some 45acp. I haven't loaded anything for a semi auto yet. I bought lead bullets so I can load some for the wild bunch shoots at cowboy town. My buddy from work loves my Smith and Wesson 1911. He is in the process of checking trying to get one. A kid at work has a Springfield 1911 with a 3 1/2 inch barrel for sale he is trying out. He really wants a five inch barrel like I have. The shorter barrel would make a nice carry piece.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Truck's got new shoes

Nothing like a new set of tires to make the truck drive like new again. Didn't realize how bad they were getting. A little rain and it got squirrely. At least I got them before winter sets in. Right now I am just enjoying a little global warming. May go outside and empty some aerosol cans to help extend the warmth. 
Made hotel reservations for the Christmas holiday. Thinking about taking a personal day on the twenty first and heading up a bit early. Be nice to visit with family and friends. My son and his girlfriend have a new apartment they want me to check out. He also bought his first motorcycle and wanted me to see it.  Be nice to hang out with my brother again.Hope to catch up with Og while I am out and about. Have to make a stop at Cabelas and Blythes sport shop. They may be over their limit of guns and I may have to relieve them of one or more of them.
Finish off the holiday trip with a stop at my Aunts house for some homemade lasagna that is almost as good as mom's was, and meet up with the rest of the family. Fingers crossed for no ice storms or lake effect snow nonsense until I escape back south again.
Once back, I don't go back to work until the 2nd of January. May head up Indy way and hit a museum or the zoo. Have to wait and see how the weather holds. This warm weather could just stick around all winter as far as I am concerned. Oh well, back to work tomorrow and a couple more weeks until vacation time

Saturday, December 1, 2012

So much for house cleaning

I didn't have to work for the weekend and planned to clean the house. Fortunately for me, my buddy from work called and we went to the range instead. I tried out his AR and we fine tuned the scope on my AR. God I love that scope and rifle combo. Holding tight groups at the hundred yard and able to see the hits extremely easy. After shooting at the range for a while, we moved over to cowboy town to play for a while. Took out the Uberti 45 colt 1866 lever action for a little distance shooting. Blew the cobwebs out of the army open top and schoefield as well. I need to load some lead .45 acp so I can shoot my 1911 out there. I have the die sets and components. I just need to load some. They have a whole slew of new targets out at cowboy town. They added steel buzzards to the list of targets to choose from. No zombies yet. My buddies fiancee showed up for a little at the end. She really enjoyed shooting the rifle. Don't think she liked the 1911 too much. Just a little too much kick for her. But she did really well with the lever action on the 100 yard targets. She was having a really good time. It gets dark way too early this time of year. You have to stop shooting a half hour before dusk. All in all it was a great day.

I hit the gun store to check out sights for the new AR. He didn't really have what I wanted. He had a nice scope, but I am leaning towards a red dot sight. The red dot he had was priced at $480. Quite a bit more than I was thinking of paying. I will do some searching and figure out what I want. The $200 credit is only good at that gun store, but he can order whatever I want. Just have to decide what I want. My buddy had a front grip that turned into a bipod. I liked it, so it will be going on my shopping list.