Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Had a really good day. Weather was in the 50's and sunny. Went back to the club and shot some more at cowboy town. Met some of the people that shoot at the cowboy shoots. It was a good time. Couldn't shoot at the rifle range because it was actually full. I have never seen so many people out without an event going on. I think everyone had the same idea as the weather is suppose to go down hill from here. Suppose to be pretty chilly tomorrow so I will hit range again. Cooler weather should mean some room at the range. Happy New Year.

Friday, December 30, 2011

My Truck is back home

I am finally safe from the zombie attacks running rampant through the area. Hornady stepped up to the plate and filled the void. Now if only they had the silver bullets for werewolves in stock. Had to special order those.

I couldn't resist buying a box. Went to the gunstore to pick up ammo on the way to the club and the owner was putting these up on the shelf. Picked up some ammo and headed off to the range. When I got there, I bumped into one of the engineers from work who was out with his brother and a couple of his little kids. Kids were siting in their rifles Santa brought them. I was talking to the guy from work and we were talking about what we each had brought out. I mentioned my Garrand and one of the little kids came at a run from the other side of the range. I found out he is really in to the old military rifles. I showed him the Garrand as well as the O3A4 I brought out. He wanted to see an enfield, but I had not brought any out. Told the dad to let me know when they were coming back out and I would bring more military rifles out.

We went out to cowboy town for a while and I let them try out the little .22 single action six shooter. They loved it. The .22 doesn't have the power to trip the targets, but you can still hear the plink which they enjoyed. I told them they could try the .38 if they wanted, but they were afraid it may have too much recoil. I will have to do some loads using the cowboy load formula, which has almost no kick to it, so the kids can try the other guns out. They are around seven years old, so they are still a little small. The engineers brother liked the club so much, he filled out an application on the spot.

I finally have my truck back. They said they fixed the speed control. I wont know if it works until my next Indy trip. The speed control would work for a long while and then just cut out and would not reset. They said the brake switch was causing that and changed it out. They worked on the remote start and it seems to be working now, so that is great. As for the transmission, they could not get it to rev without engaging like it was doing for me. They did do the fluid change and filter change which is a ridiculous $360 job and requires them to split the trans case open as there is no drain on it. It is in the manual to be done at 60000 miles, so to keep the warranty in place, I had it serviced. I will see how it does. If the trans gives me anymore problems, it will turn into a chevy pickup truck. I just hope it runs alright so I don't have a car payment for a while. Hope to get a few more years out of it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Three days and counting

Dropped my truck off on Monday morning and they are still working on it. Good news is they found the problem with the speed control and fixed it. Apparently the switch on the brake pedal was bad and was kicking it out and not letting it reset. They changed it out. They also serviced the trans. I will never ever ever purchase a vehicle with a CVT trans in it again. Ford discontinued it thank God. To have it serviced,which is to change fluid and a high pressure filter, runs a little over $350 and is recommended every 60000 miles. They are looking at the speed control. They are having trouble servicing it as the dealer I purchased truck from brand new threw an aftermarket POS system on it instead of a genuine Ford unit which I had ordered. I am happy with the dealer down here as they are at least attempting to fix it. They originally told me that aftermarket items installed by dealer were not covered by warranty. The dealer that sold me the truck new assured me that it was covered. I am very pleased with the dealer down here. They are not sure about transmission problem I was having and are suppose to take it out for a test run again tomorrow now that service has been done and see if they can feel problem. Internet says this is a common problem with the CVT transmission, but the Ford web site does not show anything and people on web say that there is suppose to be a class action lawsuit coming on it as Ford does not recognize a problem.If the trans is ok, I will keep it for a couple more years and then trade in on F150. If trans keeps having issues, it will turn into a Silverado. Been driving Fords for many years now, but if they fail to fix and or recognize flaws and make right, I will go another way.Hopefully get the truck back tomorrow.Have a stripped down Ford Fusion as a rental. I miss my truck. Want to go to range and the truck would be much easier to load. Weather is suppose to be in the fifties the rest of the week with no rain until Sunday.

No matter what, I will be hitting the range tomorrow. Need to drop by bank and take care of some things as well. My old bank was shut down by the feds and I don't like the bank they picked to take over the assets of my old bank, sooo we are in the process of changing banks. Which also means changing direct deposit, setting up online bill pay again, contacting anyone getting autopay out of old account and switching to new. What a pain.. I am also going to check out refinancing the house through them. Sounds like I can cut the loan down in both length and monthly payments. The interest rates are way down from when I got the loan. Ran the calculator on it , and it looks like I will be saving a couple hundred a month.Be able to manage mortgage through my online bank account as well. Plus they give a minor percentage off their banking customers.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to all

Due to some truck problems, I am celebrating close to home this year instead of up north as I usually do. My son wound up having to work this year and my nieces wound up going elsewhere, so there would have been fewer faces to see if I had made it up.  Still would have been nice to see my brother, family and friends. Did break down and cooked up a roast and stewed some veggies for a festive dinner. Made my mom's cheese souffle. Been quite a while since I had it. Next time I am going to add some chunks of bacon. I did have some hungry eyes on me while  eating...

Couldn't help but give him some meat and veggies with his food. Weather has been warm but wet. Probably head to the club tomorrow to burn up some ammo. Suppose to be in the fifties and dry. Maybe I will bump into some of my buddies. A few of them bought guns for their spouses, so maybe they will be out playing with their new toys. Still have another week off, so hopefully the weather holds out for a while yet. This is my kind of winter, no white stuff falling from the sky.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new years.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yeah, It is vacation time

That's it. Off until next year. Thirteen days.... Tomorrow, I will finish up the reloading bench in the office. Just need to drill the  holes to mount my new dillon press. Furniture is all back in and situated. Hopefully be reloading some .38 lead ammo tomorrow and emptying it in cowboy town Thursday. Weather has been a little damp, but none of the white stuff has fallen as of yet. We usually last until sometime in January without snow, so hopefully get some decent range time in. Going to mail out some copies of my C&R tomorrow as well. I found a nice Krag at one site and a nice Schmidt Ruben K11 on another that doesn't look like a beaver has been nibbling on it.

Truck is acting up, so a trip up north for Christmas is out this year. It must have realized it is paid for now. It is acting like the trans is starting to slip a bit. Fortunately, I bought the extended warranty, so if it needs a new trans, it will be on Ford this time around. Having them fix the speed control and remote start while it is in the shop. Dealer I found is pretty decent. They will give me a loaner from Enterprise rental while my truck is in the shop. Probably drool a little over the new F150's while I am there. Use to check out the Explorer but they ruined it this year. Most people like it. To me it looks like they copied some of the ugly Cadillac features for the front. Not to mention going to front wheel drive and unibody. New Mustang looks pretty cool too. Just paid off the truck, so I am not in the market for quite a while. I do enjoy looking at the new models and if you are having your vehicle serviced, the salesmen usually don't tag team you in the lot while you are checking the cars out.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

1 1/2 days to go

Only a day and a half left to work this year. Really looking forward to some down time. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas season.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


The truck is finally mine. Mailed Ford the last payment today. Hopefully the last payment for a longggg time.  I got the trim work all done in the office, but been so busy at work, I have yet to get all the furniture set back up again. Hope to get the reloading gear set up and running soon. Went from no overtime to six day weeks, ten to thirteen hours a day. Payday should be good. A few more weeks and it is vacation, so the OT is a good thing.

Friday, November 25, 2011

carpet out, wood down, ready for trimming

Stayed on track today and removed all the carpet, under pad and staples. Cleaned up area and installed the laminate hardwood flooring. Tomorrow will be installing baseboard, thresholds and running the cable into the wall and installing wall plates. Then it is just moving furniture back in and setting up the dillon press. Hope to be loading in the evening and out at the club Sunday trying out some of the reloads at cowboy town. Take the black powder out as well.

Heat vent cover doesn't quite match color wise, but close enough for now. I can sand and stain it later. It was the closest they had for a match. Busy day, but the results were worth it. Dog did his part laying on the floor as I was laying it out holding it down. Not sure what I would do without his help.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Good time to catch up with family and friends. Got a call from my son and he is doing well. He has been working for Ford for almost a year now and is working alot of overtime. Talking about getting an apartment early next year. Things are coming together for him which eases the mind quite a bit. My brother called and got to catch up with him a bit. Some friends called during the day to wish me a happy Thanksgiving and got to catch up with them as well. Pretty nice day. I whipped up some holiday chow for me and the pup.  Just a nice relaxing day.

 Tomorrow I lay the hardwood floor out in the office. I have the baseboard up and furniture out. Should be a breeze. Baseboard came out easy so I can reuse it. The builders did a nice job coping the ends and there are no splices so it will look nice when done. I picked up some shoe molding to finish it off nicely. I can finally get my reloading equipment set up properly. Hope to be loading this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Missed the machine gun shoot.

Was a little under the weather yesterday, so I skipped the machine gun shoot. There is always the spring shoot. Felt a little better today, so in the afternoon, I went to the one at the armory. Bumped into a buddy from the club that went to the shoot. He informed me of the nice krag and the 1914 Enfield he found there. He bought the P14 and said he would bring it to the next show so I can see it. I have a Winchester numbers matching 1917 with matching bayonet. I have not been fortunate enough to come across a P14 though. The krag he said was in mint shape, but he could not buy it as the seller required a FFL or C&R licensee in order to sell. He said it looked brand new and the guy was only asking $700. Naturally they had my garrand ammo as well. I will definitely make the spring shoot.  I did pick up a swedish mauser at the local gun show, so day wasn't a total waste. Hope to get my carpet out of office this week and the hardwood down so I can set my reloader up permanently in there.

I also finished the little kit percussion cap pistol I bought last month at a show. It didn't turn out too badly. First time I blued anything. I decided to go with a brown finish. I am all set in case of pirate invasion. After shooting percussion pistol, I will revert to the glock to finish the rest off  : )  Weather has been fantastic. Managed to get my driveway sealed last weekend and it looks great. Probably throw another coat on next year. It rained mid week and you can no longer see the crack when it gets wet. Hopefully it will keep water out of crack and prevent further damage.

Monday, October 3, 2011


I come home from work to find my FFL curio &relic license in the mail box. Yeahhhh. It came in time for the machine gun shoot.  Tomorrow I will make copies and mail copies out to some of the companies I found on line. It will put me on their mailing lists and set me up where when I see something, I can just order it as they will have the license on file.

I also made it down to the gunstore and traded my .357 that I won at an NRA benefit in on a RL550B dillon reloading press. I set it up for .38 RNFP for cowboy town. Weather is perfect. Want to take the black powder revolver out as well. It's a blast to shoot. My brother built it from a kit when he was younger and gave it to me to play with. He did a heck of a job finishing it. Looks and functions flawlessly.  I want to get a kentucky rifle to play with as well. They sell them in kits. Figure it will give me something to play around with over the winter. Plan on putting hardwood floor down in office as well over the winter. Setting the reloader up in there and don't want it in a carpeted room in case of a powder spill. Don't really want to vacuum up gun powder.

Busy weekends coming up. This weekend is the big festival downtown and the 4H center gunshow. The following weekend is the machine gun shoot. Then comes the Indy 1500 gun show. October is a busy month.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Decent day

Went to the club and checked in. They had enough help for the shoots, so I was able to head down to the range. Played around in cowboy town some more. They had a cowboy shoot yesterday so there were alot more targets placed about. Put a few hundred rounds down range and then headed over to the rifle range for a while. Played around with the 1911 for a while.  Hit Coldstone ice cream on the way home. It was a nice day off. Rain held out until I got home. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's the weekend....Yaaay

Finished up today. Managed to get their hot job done in time and the next one set up and going. Day went very well. No distractions on Saturdays. It is rather peaceful and your not bothered so you generally can get alot done. After work I visited my local gun store. Owner is a member of the club and it's always fun to sit and chat with him for a while. Did a little horse trading. I am going to be trading my .357 I won at the NRA event in on a new 550B dillon loading press. Christmas comes early this year. I picked up some more ammo for cowboy town. I want to get up early tomorrow and send some lead down range before the spot shoots start up. Have not heard from my buddy at work yet as to whether or not we are going to get together to shoot tomorrow. He is bringing his wife out for a while. It's always more fun when you have people to shoot with. He bought her a .22 pistol to carry. I tried talking him into a heavier caliber. People automatically think women can't shoot anything but small caliber guns. I will take a variety of my handguns out and hopefully she can try out some different calibers and see which ones she feels comfortable with. I don't consider a .22 protection, that is a plinker. I have a 9mm that she might like. I will have my browning .380 as well as a couple .38 revolvers she can try. My glock is a .45,which is my carry, and it doesn't kick bad at all. I figured for being a light gun, it would kick harder than it does.Figure she can try that as well.  People seem to think women can't shoot. They need to come out to the spot shoots and watch the women that come out to all the spot shoots and walk away with alot of the prizes.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Almost the weekend

One more day. They managed to get the other CNC ID grinder going and mine got jealous the other one got all the attention, so it ate the B axis servo motor. I found much like the others that blew after the full rebuild a year ago, the outfit that wired it used a grommet that was too big for the cable they used, so once again water got in and water and electricity just don't mix well. I lucked out big time. The machine has two more months on warranty so the cable and motor are free. We also lucked out and the motor blew with the machine bed at the zero angle so I can grind faces and just have to interpolate all the grind angles until new parts get here.  I manage to get the machine going again, though it still remains wounded, and the other CNC ID blows the spindle motor, so we are back down to my CNC ID doing it all. Thus, I get to work tomorrow instead of going to the range. Oh well, more money.

The spot shoots start Sunday at the club. Figure I can help hang targets. It's nice and cool outside, so it should be a pleasant time. They supply free soup, coffee and beer to the workers so it's a pretty good deal. It's a chance to win some money or meat prizes as well. Suppose to meet up with one of the guys from work and his wife to shoot for a little while too. Have to try and hit the gun store tomorrow and pick up some more ammo and see if my supplies I ordered came in yet. Drool over the dillon press while I am there. Hope to buy myself one for Christmas this year.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to work

First day back after a vacation always seems a couple days long. Takes a few days just to undo damage done while gone.Naturally everything is hot and needs done by last week if not sooner. Our other CNC ID grinder went down again, so that leaves everything going through my machines. Wouldn't be so bad if they were organized and would stick to a schedule. I lost a couple hours today while they decided which hot job was the hottest.If they were a little more decisive, the machine would have been set back up and going on the next job.

 Did get some good news when I got home. The ATF cashed my check for my Curio and Relic license, so I know they have it and are starting to process it. I am hoping to have it for the machine gun shoot in October. I can almost smell the gunpowder already. Hopefully it is dry enough at this one I can park close. Spring shoot I had to street park which took a lot of looping around waiting and looking for an opening. Spring shoot is usually really wet. This year the four wheelers were getting stuck in the mess. I will check on the garrand ammo while I am there, but I am set through the CMP to order direct from them and they have the good stuff back in stock again. But I still check. Last year I bought some for less than I could get it through the CMP. The CMP also did away with their limit last I checked.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


The clubs 75th anniversary picnic went great. They had a ton of people show up. They had a silent auction with gun and bow accessories, clothing and other odds and ends. The kids were having a blast on the hayride. They hooked up a long trailer to on of the tractors and took them around the club grounds and through the acreage the club bought next door. There were hot dogs, hamburgers, brats and many side dishes. It really turned out well. I will head back tomorrow to try the Rossi again. They had the rifle range down while the hay rides were going on. The weather was decent, but crazy. Kinda like Florida weather. It started to pour when I arrived at the club. Five minutes later the sun was back out and you couldn't tell it rained. It repeated cycle a couple times, but the food is under a roof along with the picnic tables and most of the grounds have big trees that shield most of the rain anyway, so all was good. They set up a petting zoo for the kids and had a fishing contest. All in all it was a great day. Back to work tomorrow though.Six day week coming up, fun fun fun...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back to the drawing board

Went back to range to test lever action. Still doesn't feed worth anything. I also shot the .357 LCR  pistol I won a while back. I believe both guns are making a one way trip to Whitakers and I will bring back something different. Revolver is just too small for my hands. Can't beat it for free, but it is just a poor fit. I already have a snub .357  of my dad's anyway, so it is redundant. Did kick around cowboy town some more. Played with the shotguns today as well. Played til we ran out of ammo and had to come home. Ran out of daylight too, so it was perfect timing. Pretty nice day. Tomorrow is the picnic at the club. Bad timing as far as the date. September 11th is the clubs 75th anniversary. Figure I will go help out for a while. Suppose to go on most of the day with games and contests for the kiddies.

Lever Guns

Lever guns are a pain to get back together. Broke the Rossi down all the way so I could polish the carrier and deburr some of the areas I could see were rough. What a mess... The carrier along with several other components had a rougher finish than a wrought iron fence. The channel in the receiver for the locking bolt on one side was machined poorly. You could see what appeared to be where a mill had dug in and undercut in a couple spots. Burrs were left on everything. The carrier had rough bumps sticking up and the finish was rough cast. I did a little polishing on the carrier with the dremel and reblued the metal before reassembly. Deburred everything the best I could. Not impressed with the quality of their products. Can't really do anything where the mill marks are other than polishing it up a bit and rounding the sharp edges to prevent galling of the lock bolts. If it still gives me grief it will be getting traded on a winchester version. I have a 30-30 winchester I like and the quality is far better. Unfortunately, Indiana won't let you deer hunt with anything other than a pistol caliber rifle and cowboy town won't let you shoot anything but pistol caliber either, so , I will probably replace it with another .357.  They aren't bad tearing down, but lining everything back up to go back together is a pain. Wouldn't have been as bad had I not put it back together and found a piece I left out. To put it in, I had to knock the pins out and tear it all the way back down again. The action is a lot smoother now, but the snap caps are showing it still has a slight feed problem. They are now coming off the carrier smooth, so that area is no longer a problem. Now they hang a little at the two notches in the receiver where the lip of the bullet passes through. May have to take it down one more time to try and smooth out that area. There is a rough patch in there that I can try and smooth out, but as thin as the material is in that area, I am almost afraid to try and polish it out. Think I will head out to the club and try it out and see how much it improved and hopefully play with the garrand for a little while. Still have some daylight left.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cowboy town

Went to the club today to play around at cowboy town. Took my brother's black powder open top revolver out for some smokey fun. Definitely makes you appreciate what they went through in the old pioneer days. Couldn't imagine trying to reload that thing while under fire. It is a fun shoot at the range though. Was having trouble with the percussion caps. Wound up the problem is I didn't follow guy rule number one. We never read directions. I was using #11 caps that were called out in the directions which just about fall off. After some frustration, I went to the gun store down the road and took the revolver in to see what he suggests. He says #11 caps are for rifles, revolvers use a #10 cap. Tried the #10 caps and problem solved. First time shooting black powder. Man is it smokey. I shot four of the six targets I was going for and couldn't see the last two through the cloud. If you are shooting slow, it isn't bad, but if you go for speed, you can't see. It is a fun gun to play with though.

Tried my Rossi lever gun again. Ready to turn it into kindling. It keeps flipping loaded rounds and either throwing them on the ground or jamming in the action. Only shot a little over half of whatever I loaded and flipped the rest on the ground. Weekend looks pretty busy. The club is celebrating their 75th anniversary. Unfortunately it falls on September 11th. They are planning a family picnic. Figure I can go give a hand, and maybe scarf down some grub while I am there. Still need to play at the rifle range. It started raining too heavy to go there after cowboy town. Cowboy town is pretty rain proof. You can go to one of the areas that is a building you shoot out of with tables inside for staging your gear. The targets reset themselves so you literally don't have to worry about weather at all. It was a great time. Hit the Coldstone on the way home for some ice cream for later. Have chicken in the oven and guns on table ready for cleaning. Didn't work on the mustang during vacation, but still had a great time. Any time away from work is good. Take the dog in for his recheck tomorrow. He seems to have pretty much recovered thankfully. Is getting around well and I am having a hard time even trying to keep him from jumping on furniture and running around. But that is good, it means he feels better.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day trip

Day started with a trip to the Bass Pro. Not a Cabela's, but better than most sport stores. Looked at what few guns they had and picked up some cleaning supplies. They did have a couple of nice hard double rifle cases that were built nice and solid. Wandered around and checked out the store for a while, then off to the Patton Museum.

I got a picture of his Ivory handled revolver (not to be confused with pearl handled : )  )


Most of the museum is closed for renovation and expansion. What they had was very interesting. They have lots of artifacts from his childhood on up to his demise. They are suppose to reopen the whole museum in either 2013 or2014. I didn't realize how close it is to Knob Creek where they hold the machine gun shoots. Speaking of which, the fall ones are right around the corner already. October 14 through the 16th. Was going to hit the Louisville zoo while in the area, but the weather was pretty lousy. Can't decide whether I want to go to the range tomorrow, or head down to Marengo caves for a little exploring. May try and fit both in , who knows. Have to see how the weather is and let it be the deciding factor. Dog seems to be doing much better than yesterday. Still not ready for the races, but able to walk and not shaking in pain. Tail is vertical again and wagging, so that is a good sign.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vet day today

Was planning on a fun getaway today,but the dog strained his back yesterday and was in alot of pain. We spent the day at the vets and, thankfully, the x-rays came in clean. They said he just strained his back and I need to keep mister hyper from jumping up on the couch and running around for a while. Might have to see if they make dog size straight jackets as my dog is either napping or going full throttle. They gave him a shot and some doggy happy pills and he seems to be doing much better for the time being. If he is doing well in the morning, I may slip out and do a few fun things on my list. Hopefully the pills help temporarily calm him down and he will sleep most of the day. His tails up and he seems to feel alot better. The girls at the vet know him on sight. He actually enjoys going there.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vacation time

Finally put the rest of the shelving units up in the garage and organized the mess. I can actually find things now. It actually cooled off to the point you almost need a jacket outside. Hope to get the driveway sealed later on in the week. Remembered to pick up the sealer and an extra roller cover so now all I need is the ambition.

Made it down to the sheriffs office today and took care of the paper work for my C&R license. Came home and mailed it along with my check. It would be great to get it in time where I can take some papers along to the machine gun shoot in October. It will also be nice to be able to order the guns and have them sent right to my house instead of paying an ffl to handle it. I also took care of  the CMP paperwork so I can order my Garand ammo in bulk. Had the paperwork for a while now, but just never got around to taking it in to sheriffs office for approval.

Tomorrow will be the Patton museum , Bass Pro in Clarksville, and may drop off at the Louisville zoo as the weather is suppose to be nice. May shoot down to knob creek and check out the range while it is not in use for the machine gun shoot. They have a great gun shop in there.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Frog Follies Day 2

Went back for a while today. They had more vendors set up. I found a factory radio for the Mustang for $15. May put that in for looks and get one of the trunk mounted aftermarkets to actually run through the speakers. I usually listen to CD's or the Ipod , so the new trunk mount discreet units will be ideal. It will also give interior the factory look. The guy still had the pony seats, but after some research I found out the seat frames are identical , it is the foam that is different. So, I can convert my seats to pony interior, it just means I need to change out foam as well as the covers. Price was really reasonable on the seats, but they would have needed to be redone, so I may as well redo mine. Weather has been perfect. I found a company that makes an air conditioner for the Mustang that looks like the original for under $700 complete. That will be way down the line on things it needs, but I have their card so when I am ready, I can give them a call.

Tomorrow is Indy gunshow...What a weekend....

Friday, August 26, 2011

Frog Follies Part One

Today was the first day for the Frog Follies. It has to be the best car show anywhere. To enter a car, it must be pre 1949, but the sales corral and the vendors along with the used parts is open for anything. I managed to snag a full set of steel rims for my Mustang. Some of the rims on it don't  hold air too well on account of corrosion on the lip where it seals off. Thirty dollars for a set of four. The guy also has a full set of pony seats for it. I may whip by there again tomorrow and relieve him of them as well. I also spotted some chrome parts for my brother's 72 Monte Carlo. I spent ten hours there today and didn't get to see everything. Dropped by the Flaming River parts counter and priced out my steering column and linkage. They offer free shipping and quite a few $$'s off if you order at the show.

even Rat Fink showed up

I went through the sales corral where they sell the used vehicles. It is always like flashing back to the 70's again. They have old camaro's (old meaning the late 60's) and mustangs. They even had an old Ford Pinto there. They came out of the factory with rust. I honestly didn't think there were any left.

Nice cars in the corral including some ponies

and some people with a good sense of humor

Found a console that would fit my brother's Monte, but no luck yet finding one for the Stang. Week after next starts my vacation. Should be cool enough to weld on the Mustang without dying. I picked up alot of supplies at the show as well. They have boothes everywhere with just about anything you can think of. I picked up some sanding supplies, hand tools and power tools. It was a good first day. Sitting at home relaxing, trying to get the feet to calm down. Gonna hit the show for a little bit tomorrow, but have to rest up some for the Sunday Indy 1500 table gun show and blogmeet. This is a great weekend. Going to need a weekend to recover from the weekend. Five work days left and it's vacation again. Going to go to the Patton museum and hit Merango Cave on the way back on one of the days of vacation. A lot of other ideas as well, just need to decide on what all to do.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

After work shoot

One of the guys from work wanted to check out my club so he could sight in his new varmint rifle. Gave me a good excuse to break out the guns and go have some fun.  Took the Garrand out. I love the new scope and mount. It is really a pleasure to shoot now, even moreso than before the scope. I got the 03A4 sighted in again. After sealing the threads on the scope mounting hardware , she is sighted in and holding well. I am going to have to strip it down and reblue it though. NEVER EVER buy a Gibbs rifle of any type. They do a shameful job finishing their guns. The "parkerizing" as they call it, must come from a spray can as the reciever peeled in one spot. The bolt is going to get stripped this weekend as the so called parkerizing is shredding and gumming up the action. I have never seen a finish done so poorly by a  company that manufactures and restores guns. I have steered many away that were looking at them merely by letting them check out the finish on mine. It will be fine after she gets reblued, but you shouldn't have to reblue a gun that was redone a year ago.

 I also took out the savage .17HMR for a little fun. My buddy from work liked it. It's the first  .17 he has shot.  He is heading out squirrel hunting next week and needed to sight in his rifles.  Was going to take him out to cowboy town for some fun, but I didn't realize I used up all my .38 lead ammo while my son was down visiting last month. Have to reload some more. He really liked the club. Told him to bring his wife out next time and see if she likes it. They have a lot to offer for very little money. Nice getting out for a while. It has been so hot and muggy out, I haven't been getting out as much as I like.

One more week until the Frog Follies are back in town. Huge car show, and my favorite car show. Indy 1500 gun show is going on as well. A lot of things packed into a weekend. Then another week after that and it is vacation. If the weather isn't insanely hot and humid, I hope to get my sheetmetal welded in while on vacation.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Great week

Had a great week off work. My son and his girlfriend came down for the week and just left for home. We went to the Jesse James riding stables in Kentucky. Unfortunately, I found my hips no longer can tolerate being on a horse. I was looking forward to riding with the kids, but it was just too painful. While the kids were out riding, I rode around (in my truck) and took in the nearby sites. They had one of those photos taken where they wore the old western garb and they print it out in black and white. It turned out really nice.  I love Kentucky. It is absolutely beautiful scenery and alot to do. It's not too bad of a drive from my house either living just north of the border.

Kids showed me Coldstone Ice cream by my house. I had never been there before but am now a big fan. Ice cream is fantastic and they have a wide variety of flavors and calorie adding goodies to mix into it.

We went to my club and had a great time. My son liked my little .22 revolver enough, he bought one to take home and play with. Him and his girlfriend did really well. We tore up cowboy town for a while before moving on to the rifle range. The day they went to the waterpark, I spent at the range tuning a few of the scoped rifles in. My favorite ( my Garand) got  a scope over the winter and I had it tuned in until the bolts loosened up. I tightened them up with some goo on the threads to keep them from loosening up again. I got it shooting tight groups now. My savage .17 HMR  was off quite a bit as well. I started at the 25 yard range and got it shooting tight groups. The scope was way off. It was suppose to come in presighted. Not even close. She shoots nice now. I also played with the Ranger .22 I picked up on the cheap at the last gun show. She shoots extremely well and tight. It came with a weaver scope on it. I got her adjusted and shooting straight. The kids had a great time with them. My kid got his first experience with 30-06. When you go from shooting the .22 and the .17HMR to the Garrand, it gets your attention. I warned him it kicks like a mule, but it usually still surprised those who haven't shot one before. A couple of the guys fishing on the lake came over to see what we were shooting. One of them remembered carrying one in the war. He loved it. Had my springfield 03A4 out as well. He liked that one as well.

 I didn't shoot the 03 on account of I still haven't locked down the bolts that keep loosening up, and forgot to put the thread lock in my bag. Have to take care of that before the next time I take it out. I prefer my Garrand over it anyhow. Kid brought out his 9mm Smithe and Wesson and shot it for a while. I don't care for the trigger pull on it. It has that DA long pull that is uncomfortable. He shot my 1911 and my glock. Did really well with the glock. People don't seem to like glocks, but I happen to think they shoot extremely well. It is the cheapest .45 I own, and I can shoot some nice groups with it. It is my preferred carry pistol when it is cold enough to where clothing to conceal it. Summer I have a smaller 9mm that doesn't show as bad.

Yesterday, we went to the flea market for a good part of the day. The kids like flea markets. We went to the local Amish style restaurant around here, and it was great. They bring out a platter of whatever meat you choose ( each person chooses and gets their own platter of meat of their choosing) and the rest is served family style. They bring bowls of Potatoes, veggies, biscuits, and other side items and keep bringing them until you cry uncle.

We went over to Buds Harley Davidson and drooled over the bikes for a while. Saw a beautiful heritage soft tail there that I would have loved to bring home. It was exactly the way I would have ordered it. It fit me like  a glove. Not sure I have the nerve to ride one anymore. People drive like idiots. My neighbors brother is in the hospital. He was out riding when some uninsured POS blew a stop sign and plowed him down. Messed him up pretty bad. He was wearing a helmet, but still sustained massive head injuries as well as spinal injuries and bone breaks. No matter how safe you drive, you are still at the mercy of the mentally challenged, uninsured Obama  worshipers that plaque our roadways.

Had a great time. Hated to see them go. It was fun having company for a change. Said they had a great time and might do it again next year. Still a lot of things we wanted to do that we ran out of time and didn't get to.

The rest of my Mustang parts came in, now all I need is some ambition. Only thing I do still lack is the weld through primer for priming the panels before welding. It helps protect the metal from rusting after it is in place. The surfaces that are trapped after weld and unpaintable at that point. It is also suppose to help the weldability.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Corvette Museum

My son and his girlfriend arrived to spend the week, they are pictured at the entrance to the museum. We started off going to the corvette museum in Bowling Green Kentucky. It was a good time. Found a few cars I would love to add to the garage. Particularly a second generation corvette convertible, preferably a four speed. One day, I will have one.

They had a couple of 1989's like mine. I would love to have the shift plate off of one of them. The previous owner of my Vette drilled holes in the shifter plate to put a wood trim kit in it. Only problem being that the car has some rare options for the year. It was the first year of electronic ride control and the last year of that interior, making the shifter plate a one year only. Add to that the fact it was an expensive option and not too many people ordered it, they don't make it aftermarket and finding one in decent shape has proven impossible. But as I said, I did get to see a couple in pristine condition there. I also got to see the only 1983 corvette in existence. Chevy did not produce one that year, but did make a couple dozen prototypes. They destroyed all but one and it resides at the museum.

 After the museum, we hit the store at the entrance area of the museum that sells classic cars to do some more drooling. They have a wide selection of classics in on consignment. Some are ridiculously priced while others are quite reasonable for what they are.

It was a really great time followed by a trip to a steak and seafood joint. Today the kids are heading to Holiday World water and amusement park. Amusement parks aren't my thing and figure it gives them time to get away on their own for a while. I took the dog in to the groomers, but he is done now, so I am off to pick him up and drop him off at home. Then it is off to the range to play for a while. I will take the kids to the range later in the week.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

vacation time

My son and his girlfriend are coming down for the week to visit. Plan on going to Bowling Green to the corvette museum and maybe drop off at Mammoth cave. They want to go to a waterpark, so probably go to Santa Claus Indiana where they have Holiday world. Kids here say it has a great waterpark inside. Feels good just getting out of work for a while and it will be great to visit with the kid for a while. It's the first time he is coming down since I moved down here a few years back. I may check our Boone caverns as well. I will take him to the club while he is down so he can check it out. Should be a great week.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pretty decent weekend

Weather was louuuuusy but still managed to have a good time and get some things done. I took the dog to the vet and dropped him off for his vaccinations and was on my way home when I stumbled upon the gun show going on at the armory. I usually am counting down to it and somehow it snuck up on me. They had a really nice assortment this time. I came close to buying my M1A on the cheap. They had an estate sale going on and had one that looked like it had never even been fired. One thousand dollars out the door. They wouldn't take a check and it was gone by the time I got back from the bank. They had some other cool stuff as well. I did pick up a couple of heavy duty bandoleers loaded with full enclips for the garrand on the cheap. They had some other nice guns, but they were priced too high for what they were.

Next stop was my buddies booth where I acquired my garrand a few years back. He had an Enfield that was in nice shape and the rifling was like new. I picked it up along with a cheap Sears Ranger .22 rifle complete with weaver scope. The .22 was only a hundred bucks, so it will make a cool cheap plinker. It looks like new and my buddy says it's a nice shoot. I stopped and drooled over the Krag he has on display as well. He usually has some nice looking lugers and other WWII German firearms on display.

They had quite a few new vendors there this time around. I picked up a cheap digital scale from a new reloader supplier that was there. I asked him if he carried the dillon presses and he said they are just starting to carry them. His price is the same as buying off the Internet without having to pay shipping. He had all sorts of powders, bullets and gear there ready for sale. One of the nicest reloading tables I have seen at  a little show. I think he will do well. Told him to give me a call when the dillons come in.

During the week, I pulled the steering column out of  the Mustang and soldered on the plug. I put heat shrink around the solder connection and taped everything up. Once the sheet metal work is done, I will install the new under dash wiring harness and the column. I received my new carpet for the mustang. The highly intelligent people at fed ex set the box near the door in the rain. Unfortunately they were not intelligent enough to put it next to the door under the roof. No, they thought it needed watering so they set the cardboard box in the rain. When I got home, all I had to do to unwrap it was pick up  the box. Carpet inside was damp. I can't believe it wasn't soaked completely through as it wasn't plastic wrapped at all. The sheet metal was under the roof, but the box was torn and some of the metal was sticking out. I e-mailed the store about the packaging and they did get back to me and will remedy the carpet as it wasn't quite what I ordered. It was suppose to have a hole for the shifter and didn't. I could cut it out, but I prefer to get what I order. They didn't put it in the rain, but I did recommend that they plastic wrap things such as carpet before boxing it to protect it from the environment ( and ignorant delivery personnel). Hope to have it all resolved before I need it. One more week and I am on vacation. My son is suppose to come down and visit for the week, so that will be nice. He wants to go to the corvette museum while he is down. Be nice to have someone to run around with and get a chance to see him again for a while. Take him down to the club to send some ammo down range as well.

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Toy

I picked up the gun I won on Saturday. The rifle I wanted was gone. The pistol feels really comfortable and it gets really good reviews in magazines as well as online. Probably head to range with it after work tomorrow if I can keep from getting too filthy.
Had to tear one of my machines down at work today. We paid to have it rebuilt and updated a year ago. Typical white collar knuckleheads in charge. They installed new servo motors, Fanuc controller, modern scales which was great. What would have been even better is if one of the idiots in charge didn't have the guy who rebuilt the  machine reuse the original timing belts that connect the servo motors to the ball screws (which they also replaced by the way) . There are four timing belts on four of the axis of the machine. Today, the second one went out, which is located under the bed of the machine. Eight hours later, old one is out and we are waiting on new one to come in. I did order the other ones as well this time around and they will be replaced now, while I have machine down. Twenty dollars and change per belt. They lost a couple of days production to try and save eighty bucks. The old belts feel like worn out rubber bands. Week is off to a great start.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What is the best handgun?

Everyone has their own opinion of which handgun is best. Some like revolvers, some semiauto. Some prefer a particular brand. Me, I think the best handgun is the one you win in a raffle and therefore doesn't cost anything. I went to the Friends of the NRA event at my club today. It was alot of fun.  They had shooting games, raffles, and chance drawings. The club put up the dinner, which consisted of pulled pork with potato salad and coleslaw. Excellent food as always. They had some beautiful guns up for auction. I had hoped on the M1A or the WWII era Underwood M1 carbine. I missed those, but walked away with a Ruger LCR .357 magnum with carrying case and a nice Friends of the NRA coffee cup.

It isn't something I would have bought, but never turn down a freebie.This is just a pic from a website. I pick mine up Monday after work. May check and see if they may be interested in a trade. The store had a rifle I wanted and if they will credit me for all or most of value of this gun, I may bring home the rifle instead.

I also finally brought the reloading stuff in from shed. It is bolted to board right now. I will transfer to loading table on next rainy day which, unfortunately, will probably be sooner than later.

 Want to get set up on loading some .38 with lead bullets for shooting at the club. I have tons of brass, powder and bullets. Just need some ambition and they didn't have any at the store. Suppose to be sunny tomorrow. I will cut the grass in the morning and then go to the club for most of the day to play at the range. Today started out rainy, but turned out nice and sunny 72 degrees with a pleasant breeze. Perfect for the NRA event as it was outdoors.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a week

Rain every single day this week. Yesterday was sunny all day, while I was at work. Get off, go home , take dog to vet appointment. Get out of vet and it is pouring out. Enough rain already. More wet shit for three more days so they say. Hope to see some sunshine soon. They have gunapalooza going at the club next Saturday, so I am hoping for sunshine as it is held outdoors. It's a nice event put on by Friends of the NRA where they have oodles of guns as door prizes along with a great meal. You get a meal and a chance to win one of twenty gun prizes as well as a silent auction on different items. I am really looking forward to it. I did luck out and miss the tornadoes and wind damage that has been wide spread down here. My buddy at work was loading up his boat Saturday and picking up his dad. They are going to go see how bad their cabin by the Ohio river is. When you need a boat to go check out your cabin, it's bad. Last time it got this bad, I guess the porch and part of the cabin actually tore off and floated away. No insurance makes it even worse.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More rain

Weatherman is saying rain will run up to next Friday. Yard is saturated already. Didn't bother trying the range. The storms have been pretty violent and the range is probably a mud pit by now. Good reading weather. Just kinda lounged around today. Hope everyone has a happy Easter with family and friends.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Stormy weather

Looks like we are going to get the years worth of rain in a matter of a couple weeks from the looks of it. Tornado sirens are going off again. power keeps coming and going. Had some homemade sauce left over from earlier in the week, so I made some manicotti for dinner complete with garlic bread. So day wasn't total wash. Got a new magazine in the mail today. It shows the Coonan 1911 in .357magnum  is back in production again. It is a sweet looking gun. The magazine looks a little strange loaded as the rimmed ammo curves quite a bit in the magazine. I wouldn't mind one just for the uniqueness of it. Try again tomorrow to hit the range. Maybe the weather will be better. I did get an invite to dinner for Sunday from a friend at work. Home cooking is always good, especially when I don't have to do it. Hope everyone has a nice Easter.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One more day

We are off Friday, so tomorrow is it. Be nice to have an extended weekend. Go to the club Friday and help set up for the kid's Easter party. Want to get some target practice in any way, so I may as well help set up for the Easter egg hunt and party they have for the little ones on Saturday. I didn't have much luck with the savage when I had it out. It was suppose to be sighted in at the factory. I couldn't even see where it was hitting on the paper so I could adjust scope. The short ranges were busy when I was there, so this weekend, I will try to get it sighted in. My laser bore sighter is too big for the .17 . Did better with the garand. Went over to cowboy town and did some plinking over there as well. I picked up a cheap .22 revolver single action to plink with over there. I have the .38's which I use alot, but the .22s will be a nice addition and cheap to shoot for practicing. Want to get a .22 henry lever action for plinking as well. My brother has one, and it's a blast to shoot, and cheap to shoot all day. I have been working on the .357 Rossi lever action and it is starting to feed better. I was doing pretty good with it at the long range part of the cowboy area. They have rain predicted for the weekend, but I am hoping it misses us. Yard work is caught up, so I am hoping to play all weekend.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Last of the spring spotshoots

It was a great day. Mid 70's and sunny. Today, the club finished it's springtime spot shoots. Quite a few people turned out. It was very busy. Usually breaks up about four o'clock, but it lasted until almost five. Only a four day work week this week as we get Friday off for a holiday. Hope to get ambitious and start working in the garage again. Having a hard time getting started.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cowboy town

Went to the club after work for some fun. Bumped into one of the guys that runs the cowboy shoots. He was kind enough to give me some pointers. It was fun and informative. I watched topshots a couple weeks back, and thought it was clever using left thumb for cocking hammer so as to keep gun on target. It works great. The guy was giving me pointers on quick target acquisition, and it worked really well.  I was even doing well with my schofield. The opentop is a blast to shoot. He had me doing what they refer to as point and shoot. You shoot from the hip, both eyes open ( which is hard to do when you are use to closing one) gun low. I was actually hitting the heart on all the active targets. I was actually hitting the rifle targets with the pistol pretty well too. The guy is a really good teacher and is quite knowledgeable. He said he would bring some of his muzzleloaders out next time to play with. I ran out of daylight, so I still haven't been able to try the savage out. Maybe tomorrow. It looks like nice weather most of the week. Range is only a few minutes from work. I will try to make it out after work all week. It is nice having the range minutes away. I want to get the garand out some more too.The scope makes it even more enjoyable.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some people shouldn't breed

Went to the gun show today to talk to a couple of buddies and get some ammo for the krag. I get talking with one of the guys I know and he tells me of the excitement at yesterdays show. The place follows the standard procedure for firearms at show. Someone comes in and hands gun over. They remove mag and put zip tie through so mag cannot be reinstalled and they allow him in to show. Moron goes in, cuts tie, reinstalls mag, and apparently chambers a round. He was trying gun in a holster and the gun goes off. As god looks out for idiots, he is unscathed. The round hits the concrete floor (unfortunately missing the idiots foot or genitalia) and sends shrapnel (mix of concrete fragments and bullet fragments) up into crowd. Clerk got grazed  in the face by some, a young teenage accompanying his parents caught some in his leg and had to go to hospital. The police came and escorted him out in cuffs. Guess alcohol was involved as well. I don't understand why, when someone is this stupid, it is never them who get hurt by the blatant stupidity. It is always the innocent people around said moron.

I did see a few nice guns there. My one buddy has a nice krag for sale, but I held off for now. They usually don't sell that quick down here, and I am trying to back the price off some. He still has the danish krag with bayonet I want as well. He also has a couple of the leather ammo pouches for the krag ammo. It is marked US on the outside and dated early 1900's. They were in excellent condition and would be nice to have, but not at $200 apiece. He also had a couple of really old 20 round boxes of ammo for it in the army cardboard. I wouldn't shoot it, but it would be cool for the curio cabinet. I did manage to pick up my ammo and caught up with a collector there, unfortunately, he doesn't have any krag parts.
When I finished at the show, I headed to the club and helped out at the spot shoot. Next week will be the last one for the spring. They will draw tickets for the henry .22 lever action and a progressive meat raffle I have tickets on. It was a beautiful day. Mid 80's with a nice breeze. I was going to try the savage out, but the wind was really strong and they claim the .17 doesn't fair well in high wind. Figure I will try to get out after work one night during the week.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Machine gun shoot/mud pit

Day started out dark and stormy. I got up early to find thunder lightening and heavy rain. No surprise. They were predicting it all week. I went to mickey D's for a couple breakfast sandwiches and a coffee. I came home and waited to see what the weather would do. The rain subsided and the sun came out. I took a chance and headed out for the shoot. Upon arriving, there was a long line waiting to get into the parking lot. Not a good sign. Two hour drive to get there, I ain't leavin. It took half an hour to get to the parking area. The attendant in the lot (not the one directing traffic into lot, because that would have made sense) asked if I had four wheel drive. I am looking in horror at a parking lot that looks like the county fair four wheeling mud event. He says four wheelers are getting stuck and the tractors (farm tractors) can not keep up with the ones getting stuck.He then recommends going through the lot and exiting. I ask if it wouldn't make more sense using the turn around that he is standing next to and leaving area that way. He is dumb founded at the idea. Turn around and exit as opposed to sliding through the muddy pit to the exit on the other side. Who would of thought of that. After getting out of the pit, I headed back to the highway and after several laps, found a space on the highway to park and walked in. They were still directing cars down to the lower lot when I was walking in. I got to the top where you enter, and the upper lot that I was told was closed, was almost empty. It wasn't great, but better than the lower lot, as you could still see grass and there was no pooling water. Once inside, my day improved tremendously. The smell of gunpowder and the sound of machine guns in the air. It is really a great time. I always make the spring ones, usually don't make the fall one. Didn't find my hand guards for the krags. I will check tomorrow with a guy I know at the armory. This is the first show that I couldn't find my ammo for the garrand. I have a couple thousand rounds in enclips, so I won't run out for some time. But  I always pick up a couple ammo cans when I go to keep the supply up.I run low, I can always order from the CMP site. They have it back in stock, it is just more convenient to pick it up in person when you find it. They also have a supply of bayonets. Their guns aren't worth ordering anymore. You can usually do better at the gunshows than the scraps they get in nowadays. I was hoping on finding some of the match grade ammo for the 03 and the garand, but that was also missing this shoot. Usually they have skids of the stuff.

Tomorrow will be a great day as well. I can shoot the savage I picked up yesterday before working the spot shoot in the afternoon. They only have a couple left. Take the garrand back out as well. I always love shooting it, but now that I have the scope on it, I reallllly love shooting it. Suppose to be a nice day weather wise. Just need to hit the armory on the way there and check with my buddy. He may have access to a handguard for my krag, and he always has something I want. I bought my garrand and two krags off him. He has a danish krag and a beautiful enfield that I keep ogling.Since I just bought the savage, tomorrow will just be checking on parts and drooling over guns on table. That show usually has a guy that sells springfield items and ammo. So I will have to see what he has. The reloader there usually has krag ammo, so I will have to pick some up so I have some brass for loading.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Finally the end of the week. I got home and found out my rifle was in. I went to the new gun store to pick it up. It is a really cool store. They have a huge wrap around deck with chairs set up for customers to enjoy the weather. They have an outdoor area set up for shooting bows. They are working on setting up an indoor shooting range, although I prefer the outdoor ones. I would like to try my hand at archery, but I think I will use the club equipment to see how I like it. This place has a good selection of new and used bows.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, I will head for the machine gun shoot. Never have too much ammo for the garand. Hope to find a handguard for the krag as well. Usually find good deals on the ammo in enclips and bandoleers for the garand. There is a surplus store around the corner I can sell the extra enclips, bandoleers and cans to recoup some of the purchase price as well.

The armory has their show going on too. Probably hit it Sunday. Couple of vendors I like to talk to there as well. It is where I picked up my Garand as well as a couple of my krags. He may have the danish krag there. Only a couple spring spot shoots left, so I will probably work the club Sunday. Should be a good weekend.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finally on the way

The savage plinker is finally on it's way. I called to check on shipping date and was told it was on their dock awaiting pickup. Should be here by weeksend. I used the new gunstore down the road for their ffl service. It is only $15 for long guns. Most of the ones I called wanted $35 or didn't want to deal with it because it wasn't bought through them. It's a little store, but gaining popularity with the locals. Guy has really good prices and you can't beat his ffl rate. Talked to a guy at the club and found out where to take my C&R paperwork to. I live just outside the Town limits, so I get to go to the county sheriff department. He says they don't hassle you like they the police do in town. I guess in town, it takes multiple visits and you usually get the runaround. Once I get my license, I can order old military guns and have them delivered to my door. If I want newer firearms, I will deal with the new gunstore down the road. See good deals all the time, but the license will make it easier to move on them.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Great day at the club

Went out to the club to help out at the spot shoots. Got to work the .22 shoots. They have them mainly for the kids, but today alot of adults were shooting them as well. The club has some cricket .22's the little ones can shoot. they shoot bird shot, so anyone can win. It's all luck. It's cool to watch the real little ones shoot. One little kid just got his first .22 cricket, and he was grinning ear to ear shooting at the match with dad. Dad was shooting at the shotgun part, but the kid was having a blast. The weather couldn't have been better. I bought a ticket to the Friends of the NRA gunapalooza they are having at the club early in May. There are many great prizes to be had. Should be a good time. I am hoping the weather report gets better for next weekend. It is the machine gun shoot and they have rain forecast for the whole weekend. The majority of the gunshow is under a roof, but the parking out there is in a field. If they get a lot of rain, it gets almost impossible to get out. Have to see how the weather holds.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back in the 60;s again

Weather is back in the 60's and suppose to be in the 70's tomorrow. Took care of some yard work today. Felt good to get outside and do some work in the yard for a change. Probably go to the club tomorrow and help out with the spot shoot. They only have a few left in the spring season. Get the welder out tomorrow and play in garage in the afternoon. I did get the reloading gear out of storage. Try and get it set up for .38's tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where is my rifle......

I called again today after waiting a few weeks. Last time I called, I was told it was back ordered.  Called again today. This time I get the story that an employee no longer with them, took orders for guns and never ordered them. Soooo, a month later, they check and their suppliers do not have any. I then did what I should have done a month ago. I ordered it online where I was going to get it from a month ago. I generally try to order things local to support the local businesses, but after this fiasco, that will probably change now. They have them in stock and should ship immediately. Looking forward to plinking with it. I already picked up a bore snake for it. I shot my buddies and enjoyed it, and Brigid gave it the thumbs up as well.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Neat little plinker

Went to the gunstore yesterday on the way home from work. They had a couple of Krags on display. They were advertised as carbines, but they are just cut down rifles. Still look pretty cool. Price was really cheap and it's in good shape. I need to find a hand guard for it. I can check the military store down the road. I know he has garrand and 03 stocks and accessories. If not, I will keep an eye on fleabay. Weather was lousy today. Woke up to a dusting of white stuff. I am ready for warm weather to stay. It is suppose to get back to 60ish by weeks end. Just caught up on some house cleaning and made some pork chops for dinner. Good weather to just lounge around. The slight drizzle and white stuff was enough to convince me I didn't need to go to the club today to work. I am going to try to locate some 30-40 krag brass and a set of dies.My brother has a Krag, but I never had an opportunity to try it out. I just think they are a unique looking gun.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Work weekend

Have to work tomorrow, but the weather is back to blah, so may as well make a few extra bucks. Talked to my kid today. He is suppose to come visit me in July. He is doing good. Got in at the Ford plant several months ago, and is getting ready to buy his first new car. Be the first time he gets to see my new house. He wants to go to the corvette museum in Bowling Green. I went a last year and it was a nice time. They have a used car lot right by the entrance that is all classic cars for sale. It is almost a museum in itself. This time I am going to get the tickets for the assembly line tour on line so we don't miss out. Last time, I missed the last tour by five minutes. Figure I can take him by the club to do a little shooting while he is down as well.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


The rest of the wiring harness for the mustang finally got done touring the USA and arrived today. Looks pretty good. Only thing missing is the floor switch for the brights. I should be able to splice in the one from the old harness. It even has the radio plug which is unusual as they usually get hacked off for aftermarket radio installation. Winter temps are back for the time being. Hopefully the last hoora. I am ready for some steady sunshine and warmth. I cannot complain. It warmed up early down here, I am just not a winter person. I would rather have three seasons personally. Have to work this weekend, so hopefully next weekend will be back to nice weather. I am in the mood to start working on the mustang again.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Garage done

I got home and moved the mustang to the other side of the garage. Then for fun, I finished the painting up. After that, I installed the last of the ceiling lighting. Now you just about need sunglasses out there. Finished up just in time for the storm coming through. Suppose to go down to the 30's overnight. Big change from 80 degree temps we had today. I checked the tracking on my package. It went from seller in north Indiana, to Pennsylvania. Now it appears the post office figured it needed to see the state of Missouri before it reenters Indiana. No wonder the postal service is in trouble. I worked during my vacation, meanwhile my package gets the tour of the US. Sounds like winter is back for the next several days anyhow. At least I can mark the garage off my to do list.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to work

Back to work after a nice week off. Not a bad day. I got home and put up one of the lights in the garage. It brightened up the area really well. Tomorrow I will push the Mustang over to the other side so I can finnish the little area I couldn't paint, and then hang the light on that side. That should finish the garage. Then I can start working on the car. I checked the tracking number on the wiring harness I ordered for the dash. I bought it off a guy in north Indiana and I live in Southern Indiana. Three days after the guy mails it, it is now visiting Pennsylvania for reasons only known to the post office.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Finally got to the range

What a day. Weather was fantastic. Upper 70's and sunny. I went over to cowboy town and shot for a few hours. Finally got good with the schoefield. It has a weird front sight that took a while to get use to. The army opentop I always did well with, but the schoefield always gave me problems. I forgot my lever action, so I was just shooting the rifle targets with the pistols as well. They have an assortment of reactive targets in a wide variety of layouts. I also had time to go to the rifle range area and shoot the garand. What a difference it makes when you can see the target. I have a hard time with iron sights. The scope made a huge difference. Took a little while to get her dialed in, but once that was done, started getting some decent groups. Definitely like the new scope and mount. I also bumped into the guy from the club that runs the combat shoots. They just started having them last year. They set up part of the cowboy shoot area with their own targets I have yet to see. They start their shoots next Saturday, so if I don't have to work, I will swing by and check it out. They are also setting up leagues for clays, so I may check that out as well. Trying to get a little more involved with the club this year. Back to work tomorrow. Hard to believe the week is gone already.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Perfect day at the range

Went to the club to work the spotshoot. It was beautiful out. It hit the mid 70's and a nice little breeze. Everyone showed up. We did 41 regular shoots, several meat shoots and a couple high dollar prizes. The kiddies did good too at the .22 shoot they have set up for them. It ran a half hour over because nobody wanted to leave. Had to come home and put the feet up though. A lot of walking. I returned home to find the neighbor lady watching the pond. She gave the neighborhood cat an attitude adjustment when he wouldn't leave the ducks alone. The male duck wasn't too happy with the cat. Same cat that kept trying to get my koi. If it wasn't a kid's pet, I think it would have an accident, but I can't do that to a kid's cat. Just wish they would keep the fool thing in their house.

I picked up the lights for the garage on the way home. Two eight foot fluorescent fixtures. Just painting the garage white helped illuminate it well. Replacing the two light bulbs with the fixtures should really brighten things up. I should get them up tomorrow. I am going to head to the range in the morning. By the time the spot shoot was over, I was too tired to head break out the gear and shoot. I left the guns in their cases and threw them in the living room. Rest of gear I just left in truck.Should be a quick pack and go in the morning.
Tomorrow is the last day of vacation. Wish it could have lasted a little longer. Couple weeks until machine gun shoot. I may take a vacation day to head over there. May ask neighbor if she could take care of the dog so I can hit the Patton museum on the way there or the way home.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New residents

In the middle of painting the rest of the garage, and the neighbor came by to talk for a few. We look over, and the ducks from yesterday were walking from the woods back to my pond for a dip. Brave little suckers. They look up at us, cut over a couple feet and walk around us to go to the pond. They stick around for a couple hours and then head over towards the neighbor down the road who has a pretty nice size pond the kids like to fish at behind his house.

 Garage is just about done. I did all but a little of the ceiling over the mustang. I will pick out some lights and install the one on the Vette side. Then I can spin the Mustang around and push it to that side, and install the last bank of lights as well as paint the last little spot I couldn't reach. Tomorrow will start with going to the club to help out with the shoot they have going on. The Indy show fell through. Og had something going with the family, and my brother doesn't drive down to it on his own, so maybe next time. It will allow time to get some work hours in and finish up the garage, so all is well anyhow. The shoot doesn't start til 11:00 so I should be able to play with the garand for a while. The garage is looking great. I still need to get the reloading stuff in and set up. I can do that in the evenings when it is raining though. Weather is sunny and warm again. Rain finally let up a little. Hopefully weather holds for a couple more days.

Friday, March 18, 2011

More rain

Just what we needed. More rain. I did manage to get the neighbors truck running before it started raining. Truck is street parked, so that was a good thing. When I went out the front door this morning, I was greeted by two mallards that decided my little fish pond would make a nicer duck pond. They spent the morning swimming and sunbathing. They got done and started walking down the road towards the woods at the end of the street.

Since it decided to rain, I managed to put my reloading bench together after rearranging the furniture in my office. I still need to bring the reloading press and supplies in from garage. Hoping it is dry out tomorrow so I can get to the range for a while. Still have a few days of vacation left and a gunshow Sunday in Indy. The batteries came in that I ordered from e-bay. My laser bore sighter uses 3 watch type batteries at $4.50 a piece through the store. E-bay has a blister pack of 100 of them for  $4.50 with free shipping. Tried them and they are the right size and work perfectly. Should be good for a while. The laser does eat them, but I now have 33 sets of them. Good place to go if you need the coin batteries often. The price in the stores is ridiculous.

So, for tomorrow, if the sun shines it is off to the range. If it rains, I will get my reloader set up and going. I have everything I need for doing the .38 calibre cowboy loads. Sunday at Indy, I want to see if I can find some .357 magnum brass at a decent price. I can try that in the Rossi and see if it feeds any better. It is suppose to shoot .38, but it flips them and jams pretty regularly. One of the guys at the range says he uses the .38 load with the .357 brass and they feed fine. I have alot of the .38 brass, but very little.357. 

Suppose to meet up with my brother and Og at the gunshow. Have to check with Og and see if he has any recommendations of parkerizing. I have a few parts I would like parkerized and would like to try it myself if it isn't to cost prohibitive.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gender neutral?

I thought it was bad enough when they rewrite Mark Twain to remove what the politically correct thinks is offensive. I guess the bible is not off limits either. Maybe they can add a couple commandments while they are at it.

Nothing exciting

Didn't do any fun stuff today, but did stay on course and cleaned the garage up some and got half of it painted. More than making it pretty, I want it to reflect the light better and it gives it a clean look. After I get it finished, I need to find some light fixtures that aren't an arm and a leg. I got the engine hoist broken down. Makes the garage a whole lot roomier.

Tomorrow, I need to help the neighbor get his starter put in and then I hope to make it to the range. Need to try out the new scope. Still want to get some work done on the Mustang , but getting the garage organized comes first.  Still have to find out when everyone is going to the gunshow. Try to just look this time around. It's hard because there is always something cool that wants to come home with me.