Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. It turned out beautiful today, all weekend actually. Made a nice meatloaf with potatoes and vegies. Totally lazy day today. Only five days left until vacation, and counting, down:)

Friday, March 25, 2016

New toys

Received my powder coating gun, powders and supplies today. Hope to hook up the stove over the weekend. I only have a week until I am on vacation and would like to play with some of my new toys. The end of my vacation week is the machine gun shoot so it should end with a bang. Want to get some more rearranging done in the garage. I hit a local consignment shop and scored an old Gerstner tool box and three drawer base for a really decent price. Need to clean it up a bit, but it should come in handy. Hope to do something about adding the garage to the backyard this year. Want to have the attached garage as more of a shop than a garage.

Hope to get some rock spread out around the front of the house and some bushes removed as well. With all the rain, removing the bushes should be relatively easy. Haven't decided on what to put in to replace them yet. May just put in rock and put some whiskey barrel planters around in spots for d├ęcor. Want to put in a couple more butterfly bushes. I had quite a few hummingbirds coming in last year. Am so glad to have some nice weather back again. Good to get outside and do something. I hate winter. Lawn equipment is ready. All oil changed and tuned up.

Got the flyer for this years NRA meeting. Louisville. Awesome. I can either drive there in the morning, spend the day and come home, or, get a hotel and spend a couple days. Have not decided yet. I was hoping on an artist I would like to see. Last year they had Hank Jr. This year is Tobi Keith. Not sure what he does as I prefer old country to the new stuff they call country. Outside of Reba, I don't much care for new country music. Still be nice to attend one of the big NRA banquets. I can see Trump and Cruz, for what that is worth. Would be cool to see Nugent. The banquet is on my birthday week, so I may just have to give myself a present.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Liberals suck, and get away with it, always

Not a huge Trump fan, but, why can the liberals once again, block a highway and get away with it. For hours on end. Police don't know what to do? Really. Paddy wagons come to mind. Haul all vehicles blocking the roadway away and cuff ALL protesters immediately and reopen the highway. Furthermore, prosecute the protesters and hand out jail time. Give a nice detailed report on the news of protesters being sentenced to jail for being douchebags. How many of these protests does it take for police to do their jobs. It is not free speech to stop traffic. Look at the black lives matter groups blocking traffic and getting away with it. Put an end to this mindless crap. I fail to see the problem that is keeping the police from doing their freakin jobs. It is never the people on the right or people that are moderate, it is always the liberals pulling this crap. And the media tries to justify it, and the police sit on their hands and hope the liberals don't burn too much stuff up. Pathetic. Oh well, the media can scapegoat Trump on it this time once again. Could you imagine if someone tried it with Bernie or Hillary. I bet they would skip rubber bullets and go right to live rounds. Times have really just gone to hell.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Gun show weekend coming on

Big Indy show as well as a local gun show going on. Have to see if I get drafted for weekend work or not. Haven't been to Indy in a while. Weekend before a holiday weekend, so we are probably working. Only a few weeks until the spring machine gun shoot as well as my vacation :)

It was sunny and in the seventies today. Weed whacked the yard once I got home. The mighty hunting dog I have, almost missed the rabbit in the yard altogether. Rabbit watched the dog for a bit from over by the shed, turned and headed to the fence. Almost a real life bugs bunny moment. I thought my dog was going to knock himself out on the fence when he finally noticed the rabbit and took chase. Good thing his meals come in a can or he would die of starvation.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

I did something wrong on my AR, and I just can't figure it out

I assembled an AR a few years back, and I love it. It shoots very accurately, but, I can not get it to go into full auto mode. Now, I never believed an AR, a rifle that looks like an M16 but was built for civilian use, had a full auto feature to it. However, when I hear the gun experts, today it was Hillary, braying about the idiot that shot up the school with his AR full auto assault weapon, I just had to look again. I know someone that has all the years of experience that Clinton has and wants to take on the NRA must know all the facts. I may just have to take it to a gunsmith and see if he can fix it. I can't seem to be able to insert my bayonet into the bayonet holder either, so I went back to using the bayonet holder for my sling. I really must go to a democratic school on guns so I can get the full use out of my weapons. Even my semiauto pistols seem to be screwed up. I pull the trigger, and only one bullet comes out. I have to release the trigger and pull it again to get another round down range. Hillary and her ilk keep telling me that it should spew bullets down range until it is empty with the single pull of the trigger. Maybe I just need to get some clips for them. I keep using magazines, but, they seem to think it is the high capacity clips that make them shoot faster and be able to hold more. Maybe I can sign up at the Bloomberg academy.

On another note, it was kinda depressing watching the democrats debate. As much as I hate their policies, they don't act like a three stooges festival like the republican debates. They don't cut each other off, name call, and they almost stay on topic. The moderators had to re ask questions a few times to get an answer, but they did answer. It was like watching a couple of adults talk, sort of. Senile adults, liberal socialist adults, but adults, somewhat. I hate the democrats view on a lot of things, but, I am really disgusted with the republicans altogether. I may actually sit this election out. They need to throw out all the contestants (more suitable a word than candidates) and start from scratch. And no, I don't want to see Romney come up to the plate. If Trump actually makes it through, I may just dab some vaporub under the nostrils (holding the nose like I did for Romney just won't do) and go vote for Trump. I figure at least he will be entertaining. The country will still burn, but, we can watch him walk into the Oval office and tell Obummer "You're fired".

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Laziness wins out

I am a workaholic, bigtime. Work all the hours I am asked to work. Schedule for the weekend is out, I am on it, new kid I am training asks me if I will let him have my weekend. I am now off, two weekends in a row. YESSSSS. I hate saying no to money, but it is nice to get out and enjoy life a little once in a while. And it is suppose to be nice. No rain. Snow has been long gone, the very little bit we got this year.. Suppose to rain tomorrow and then start the warmup again. Sunny and upper 50's for the weekend. Feeling much better this week than I did last week, so, hopefully get out and enjoy the weekend. Still haven't had the broomhandle out yet. May shoot at the club for a bit. Take the AR out for a bit of exercise as well.