Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Market prices suck

 Thanks Biden. You have single handedly caused hyper inflation due to your sheer ineptitude. Can't believe enough idiots were offended by Trump's tweets to put this ignorant POS in office. He can't even complete a coherent sentence. He has reversed everything Trump did, which has put us back into the Obama shithole we were trapped in before. Race relations is once again being exploited by the left for political purposes. God I hate modern society and their lemming mentality. 

Lumber is so ridiculously inflated, I am trying to get a quote for the foundation of the garage so I don't have to park or work on gravel. I will build the actual building when lumber comes back down to normal. Economists are predicting two years give or take a year. Want to get the foundation and drive way put in so I can get the grass planted and curb put in so the front has a more "finished" look. Want to put up a couple flowering trees and shrubs as well. 

I found a builder. My neighbor is having his roof replaced. Contractors do a wide variety of things. May go ahead and put up my sunroom on the back patio, as the kit hasn't gone up and I have the money. I can do that and finish garage later. 

Work has been ramping up at a terrific pace. Looks like the return of six and seven day work weeks. We are scheduled out into the spring of 2022 already. Can't make and repair molds for food containers fast enough for the demand. I hope and pray the tarriffs stay in place. Before Trump put tariffs into effect, most of our work was outsourced to China. As is, we, as a company are having trouble finding enough plastic resin to make food containers. Good ole Joe. Plastic resin is a byproduct of petroleum. You reduce domestic petroleum supply, you also reduce the byproducts we depend on as well. Tree huggers should really step back and look at the mess they create. If they actually lived by what they demand, they wouldn't drink bottled water out of single use plastic. They wouldn't have the latest I-phone. They would actually try and live by what they preach. Sending the jobs back overseas is ignorant. We here in america must abide by OSHA standards, thus actually reducing global pollution. Overseas doesn't have that restriction. You can tell by looking at the cloud of pollution in China. Hate to tell tree huggers this, but, we as a people live in a bubble. If China is polluting, it is stuck in the same atmosphere we live in. Just because it is in another country doesn't mean it doesn't effect us. Keep the jobs here and control the pollution. That is real progress. I hate progressive idiots who don't think things through.