Friday, October 11, 2013

Hmmm, how times and opinions change

I was wondering if memory served me. I have seen a snippet many a time on the web, but here is the whole speech.

 Senator Obama did in fact speak out about the debt ceiling, and, it is both disgusting and humorous to read the hypocrisy of his speech. Now, I worked on the south side and lived in northwest Indiana while useless was a senator. It was seldom he was in the senate, and most of the time, when he was there, he voted present, not taking sides on issues. Spent most of his congressional time running for president. This speech would be a good read for him. The debt has increased significantly since he gave it. Most of the increase has been since he has had the helm.

 It amazes me how most Chicagoans think. One of my coworkers and I would always talk at lunch. He was always slamming Obama for being useless and never in the senate doing his job. Come election time, he, like a lot of the people at work, voted for useless. Why? Well, he is a democrat and they always vote democrat. I miss my family and friends, but I really don't miss anything to do with Chicago and their liberal mindset. Voting for him solely because of his party line was ludicrous. Lots of people just vote by hitting the same party button at election time. No research. No real thought. Just vote party like your mommy and daddy did and your grandparents and all the other good little lemmings.

I have held my nose and hit the button for a few democrats over the years. This last election, I voted for one who was fighting for the constituency against a hostile takeover. Evansville was trying to annex our area against the citizens wishes. He fought for our cause by our side. He lost in the election, but he did have my vote and I will remember his name in future elections. It is hard to find a politician that is willing to actually put him or herself out there for the people. If voters actually put thought into their decisions, we would be in better shape. Obama is there because people voted for him because he is black. Because he was a democrat. Because he promised change with no laid out plan short of a chant. Hitler use to do that rather well. Watch some old war footage, then watch Obama and his fans. Not a notable difference. I always research all candidates in my district and vote on their accomplishments. Most of the time, I vote republican or independent, but, I do vote for a democrat once in a blue moon when there is one worth while. No, I did not vote for Donnelly.......

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