Friday, September 20, 2013

Oooh, a military grade assault weapon

Well, that should take gun control clear out of the picture. After all, since the feds banned machine guns years ago, apparently, the shooter must have imported it with his drug shipment. It amazes me how people still think gun control is doable when you have a place like Chicago. Chicago, land of gun control, and, it sounds like this shooting gives them back their murder capitol of the world title. For a bit, New York (you know, Bloomberg's little piece of hell) was in a dead heat for the title, but, I believe Chicago just pulled back in the lead. There are still a few months left, so Bloomberg's peaceful gun and sugar controlled residents may get their title back, maybe. Send Bloomy out in style. Not even sure a shooting in Chicago is news. It happens more than just once daily. Maybe a few more gun laws would fix it. Funny how the article points out all the gang members in the immediate area. So the police know the gang members. Why do they tolerate gangs? Would it not benefit them to work on eliminating the gangs? You know, maybe actually prosecuting them. The ones who are convicted of murder could be executed immediately, setting an example for others. Oops, that's right, the death penalty is only for civilians killed by the thugs, not for the thugs themselves. Sorry. Forgot, democrats don't like dealing a death sentence to a murderer. Just let them out of the overcrowded Illinois jails to kill more innocent people. Much better. This should get the antis chanting again. Yeahhhh,0,352520.story

Upon reading article again, they accidentally mention  "Though gun violence has long plagued the city’s impoverished neighborhoods, offenders almost never use military-style weapons."

 Really. Wow, someone should let Bloomberg, Obama, Feinstein and the rest of the forth Reich know immediately. Maybe Obama can rescind his order to destroy military weapons instead of allowing CMP and other groups to reimport them for sale to the public. Maybe they can quit the assault weapon BS.

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