Saturday, November 2, 2013

Two day weekend

I managed to get out the door without getting drafted, just barely. A couple other guys were recruited, but I lucked out. I figure everyone should get at least one two day weekend a month.  Just relaxing a bit this morning. Have two gun shows to go to in town, and then a wedding to attend.

Back to using the original non-stick pans. I picked up some cast iron pans a while back at a flea market. Took a while to season them well. They work great now. Takes a bit of getting use to, but they work out great. Just can't scour them and have to remember to oil after each use, but if you keep them up, things don't stick and no scouring needed. Great for cooking in the oven as well. Hope to get a cast iron dutch oven at one of the flea markets.

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