Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finally a weekend off

The gun show was very lame, but I still got to see and talk with a few buddies while there. Usually there is a lot more there and it is hard to leave empty handed, buy not so this time. I got home and managed to get the brakes straightened out on the vette. Then it was off to tear up some curvy country roads. It was a blast. She is running awesome. Think she will be taking me to work this week. I found a nice old Harley on Craigslist that has possibilities of joining my toy collection. Have to see if he still has it next weekend or not. It is old school with the stretched springer front end. Looks like lots of fun. My brother and his girlfriend should be by anytime now and it will be off for dinner. Wish they had more time, but are just stopping on their way back home from a trip down south. It will still be good to see them again. It will give Spike someone new to harass for a while as well.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

One more week

It has been very busy at work. Work keeps piling up which is good, but I am really looking forward to some down time. Start vacation on Good Friday. My brother and his girlfriend are dropping by for a visit this weekend and I am very much looking forward to that. Vacation week, I hope to get the floor done on the Mustang so it will be roadworthy. Need to look at the Vette. Drove it the other weekend and the brakes were mushy. I swear it is the biggest money pit I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I replaced the master cylinder and power booster a couple years back, so they should be fine. It is going to get on my last nerve and wind up taking space in someone elses garage. I am also going to hit the machine gun shoot that week and maybe the St. Louis NRA banquet. Plan on playing at the club ALOT that week as well. Just have to make it another week....

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bet numb nuts still gets a second term....

People that have not lived in the Chicago area have no idea how hideously devious the Chicago politicians are. Of course, I don't understand the people living in the Chicago area that vote the scum in. They now have their forth governor in the big house on corruption charges.Main reason I lived in Indiana and put up with the drive to the south side. Drive sucked, but not as bad as living there. You think Obama is bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until he is reelected. So many idiots out there that are willing to vote him in again. And then there are those who don't like Romney (who really does) and figure they will just not vote because that would be just as bad as voting for Obama. No, that IS voting for Obama. Not voting IS voting for Obama. If Obama gets in in 2012, you will see the gloves come off. No more elections to worry about, time for gun control. He can sign us up for the UN arms agreement and go after the second amendment that way. Look at his cabinet, mainly made up of his fellow Chicago scum. Not to mention he can appoint some more judges to lean the Judiciary completely on it's left side. With a little luck, Obama can try and remove his foot from his mouth and hopefully wind up with the other one in there while doing so.

Some of the kids down here that thought Obama wasn't so bad don't think so any more. They were amazed that Chicago outlawed guns. When I told them that, they didn't believe me. They had to google the laws . They were amazed that there was actually a place in America where you could not own or carry a gun. The FOID card was something else that they found unbelievable. You get away from the Chicago area, and the nation as a whole doesn't understand just how screwed up the area Big O came from actually is. Down here, people carry and think nothing of it. They hunt and there are shooting clubs all over. It is easy to take your second amendment rights for granted. All it takes is a couple bad politicians in the right places and right now, there are more than just a couple bad politicians lined up and waiting. I really hope people wake up and see Obama for the worthless two faced politician he is and get the word out, and VOTE him OUT.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

No gun show.

I didn't go to the gun show, or the club. I did get a lot of work done around the house though. Set the crock pot up for a corned beef and cabbage dinner, then did some yard clean up. I got rid of the old low voltage yard lights and replaced them with some new solar powered ones. The neighbor put some up last year and they work well. Lowes had them on sale cheap. They were only $50 per box of eight. I picked up two boxes. The lenses are actually glass and the trim steel instead of plastic. Think I will pick up another box tomorrow for the front yard. I turned over the flower garden strip by the back door and put in grass seed for now. I am hoping next year to turn it in to a concrete patio. Just need to figure out what I want first. The garden turns to weeds in the summer. I never take the time to keep it up. Always something better to do. Did some trimming in the yard and trying to get everything cleaned up and caught up. Want to pick up a decent gate to put up as well.Like to put up a wide double door. If I get a motorcycle, it will go out back. Need to have the utilities come out and mark for lines. I am going to put a drainage pipe in the ground while the ground is nice and soft. Want to connect the gutters to a drain and direct the water underground to the drainage ditch out back. Like to get that in and then get a quote for a patio. Trying to get some of the grunt work done before it gets too hot outside. Very nice day for outdoor work. I will make the next Indy gun show.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tomorrow, corned beef and cabbage

Had to work, and didn't remember to throw the crock pot on, so, tomorrow will be the St. Pats dinner. Have to see if I get ambitious enough to venture up to Indy for the 1500 gun show. If I don't go there, I will probably hit the club and help out at the spot shoots. Hope it is as nice out as it was today. Came home after work and cut the grass for the first time this year. Have to pick up some grass seed and weed killer on the way back from the club. Work has been unreal lately. Can't seem to catch up. Got the lawn cut, but then it was time for a nap. Don't mind working over, but I hate going in early. They have had me starting at five AM and I am NOT a morning person. A couple more weeks and it is vacation time. I can't wait. Need a break from the insanity. Going to try and hit the NRA event in St Louis and the machine gun shoot on vacation. They have a military gun show going on the first weekend of vacation. Hope to get some work done on the Mustang as well. Be nice to get her on the road.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Missed international bagpipe day

Not too many rockers incorporate the pipes. Had to figure out how to post videos. Only a couple days left to St Pats day. Have the veggies,just need to pick up the corned beef.

Lots of overtime

Still putting in the hours. No end in sight. Scheduled ten hour days for the foreseeable future with Saturdays as well. Should help pad the bank account. I was hoping on hitting the Indy gun show this weekend. Have to see how ambitious I am Sunday. Three more weeks and it's vacation time. Still deciding between the machine gun shoot or the NRA meeting in St Louis. May try to hit the NRA on Friday and still do the machine gun shoot on Sunday. I can always take a personal day on Monday to recover. Be nice to hit Cabela's while in St. Louis.

I have to send my M1A mount back. Leave it to me to get a bad one. I contacted them about it hitting the receiver at the sharp edge of the stripper clip guide. After sending them a picture, they told me to send it back. They had a bad batch go through that missed one machining step and I got one. Just have to find time to get to the post office to send it off. Nice part about the mount is it allows you touse the iron sights while the scope is still mounted.  Weather has been great. Need to get out to the range while the weather is so fine. May throw some guns in the truck so i can hit it right from work tomorrow.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Got the mount on the M1A

I actually remembered to pick up something at work to knock the pin out on the stripper clip guide that is in the way of the mount. I hope to get to the range after work tomorrow to see how she does. Suppose to go in at 6 tomorrow  and the second shift guy is coming in an hour early. They really need someone with a few living brain cells to schedule their work load. Surely as high as the unemployment is there is a capable person looking for a job. The job I am working on is due Monday, and the parts we are suppose to fit still are not in the building yet. Hopefully we won't have to work Sunday as well to get it out. At least Sundays are double time. All week, the leadman has been sending items we are trying to fit out to the polisher while we are working on them. I suppose it would make too much sense to send the parts to polish either after we are done, or while we are working on a different component so we can exchange with polisher and both continue to work. Not their problem though as they will be relaxing at home while we try to get the parts out on time.

Hopefully the rain will miss us and I can get out Sunday for the spot shoot and to play at the club for a while. With the clocks going ahead, we gain another hour of daylight. Anxious to try out the M1A along with the shotgun. Play with the new .22 as well. Spring came early this year. The weather has been incredible.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Overtime is back

Went from nothing at work to buried. Ten to twelve hour days, six days this week and looks like we will be staying busy for a while. Feels good to get back to normal again. Came home and found my new M1A scope mount on the stoop. Naturally I forgot the clip guide has to be removed from the receiver to accommodate the mount. I don't have a decent punch to get the roll pin out that retains the guide. Have to pick up a punch or ejector pin tomorrow to get pin out. I was hoping on mounting it tonight so I could take it out and try it tomorrow straight from work. May take the new .22 out and play for a while so I can enjoy some of the spring like weather. This winter has to be the mildest one I have ever seen. I can't believe it is almost over and I didn't even have to get out the shovel at all. It has been in the sixties all week.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just relaxing

Survived the tornadoes, round one. It was interesting at work. Tornado was heading straight our way. Fortunately for us, the worst went just north of us. Tornado sirens were going off and it was black outside. Rain was so hard it looked almost like snow.  We got a little hail, but no damage. We had to go to the tornado safe part of our building. It is a tin building, so tornado safe is a figment of the imagination. A few of the towns around us were devastated. We lucked out and it didn't touch down until it passed us by. The damage east of us was huge. Those poor people got hit hard. We just caught the tail end that ran down vertically following the main storm. I couldn't imagine being in the area that it touched down in. The pictures are horrid.

I was going to do the spot shoot this weekend, and the weather is fine for it, but I decided to stay home and take care of some chores I have been neglecting instead. Cleaning out old magazines and rearranging some of the furniture and shelving so it is more organized. Magazines and catalogs pile up quickly.This Wednesday is the club meeting so I will get out there early and do some shooting. I am waiting on a scope mount I ordered for the M1A to come in. I am hoping it gets here before Wednesday so I can try it out. I picked up a scope for it at the last gun show they had in town.