Thursday, November 21, 2013

Will it be so great this time next year?

Liberals are ecstatic. They continue to erode separation of powers and corrupt the balance the founding fathers wisely installed so many years ago. Today, somehow, the senate used it's "nuclear option" to make the minority party not count. Wonder how they will enjoy that come 2014 when they become the minority party of congress. Typical short sightedness of the libtards. How do they succeed in rewriting the rules by simple majority anyhow? There should be no "nuclear option". The three branches need to function as they were intended to. What passes for a president continues to bend the rules to suit his cause with little to no opposition from any branch. Now the senate will be able to help useless do more damage untethered by set protocols. One more year of this nonsense. Hopefully, even the idiots will have had enough of this change and we can oust some of these demorats. They probably haven't even thought of how bad they just screwed themselves with their shortsighted change of the rules.

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