Thursday, June 7, 2018

Spring time fun

Starting my springtime vehicle maintenance. Went to charge battery on Vette, as it sits all winter. Two days on the charger, and it still wasn't charged. Not good. I pulled the battery and checked the date. June 2013. It is going to be close on warranty as it has a 5 year warranty. I hit Autozone. They check battery and it is DOA. They check records. I took it in yesterday, June 6th. I bought it June 6th 2013. It literally was one day past the end of the warranty. The manager came over and did an override. I got credited $49.99 on my new battery. It worked out great. I very much appreciated the effort. I didn't figure as far through the warranty I was, that I would get more than a couple bucks. I picked up the oil and filters for all the vehicles while there. I did get the battery installed and started the car for a bit when I got home. You have to remove a side panel to get at the battery. Not sure why GM had to make it that difficult. I had hoped to do the oil changes today, but gravity took over and I just didn't feel like doing much of anything. I hope to get that done tomorrow and start ripping the shed apart out back. It is past it's prime. More rot than wood. I painted the two I am keeping. Need to rip the old rotten one down, dispose of it, and move the small one over to where the rotten one is now. Want to get it done before the tree people get here and get trees out of yard. As soon as the tree people are done, I want to lay out where the garage will go and call the builders out to get an estimate and hopefully a build date. It is taking forever to get the trees out. All the companies have huge back orders so you have to wait in line. The guys I have coming are substantially cheaper than the rest, so while anxious for removal, I am going to wait my turn and save some money. Just can't wait until the trees are gone so I can move forward. Three month wait is ridiculous, but they should be out early July.
They have a steam show at the local 4H this weekend as well as a gun show at the armory. Lots to do all over the place, but I have to make sure I get my chores done. I have a bad habit of putting them off.